The Winning Story

by the winner

It’s February 10, 2004 a couple of days before Valentines Day and I though I was going to be stuck working, but I was in for a surprise. My name is Jason and I am a network engineer. My supervisor came up to me and asked me if I would be willing to work on the 14th. I was disappointed because I had planned to spend time that evening with Mistress Soforia, but I needed the money.

You see I have been a servant of Mistress Soforia online for some time now. My only problem was that money was very tight and I wasn’t able to buy new inductions that often. I had hoped to save up enough money for a phone session this Valentines Day but unfortunately had to repair my car and didn’t have enough money. So I agreed to work and asked what the job involved. It’s nothing complicated, a potential out of town client wants to meet the engineer that would be working on the project they have in mind. They could only make it up here on the 14th and would like to ask you some questions about setting up their network.

So it’s now the 14th and I am going into the city to meet this client at their hotel. I arrive at room 314 and knock on the door. A very sexy sounding voice says to come in. I enter the room and stare in shock for the woman in the room is Mistress Soforia. She is standing there in this tight blue dress that barely contains her sexy breasts. Just above her cleavage is a small pendant and she is wearing this sexy perfume that makes my head spin.

“Hello lover”, she says, “you are surprised that I am here?”

“Yes Mistress Soforia, i was expecting to meet a client”

She laughs and says, “You weren’t supposed to remember, I planted the suggestion that you had a client tonight to surprise you”

“Last week you won a contest for which the prize was an in person session with your mistress and since you couldn’t afford the ticket I decided to come see the city and meet you here.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening; I came here expecting a meeting and am having my fondest wish come true.

“Speechless”, she said, “well now the fun begins”

“Relax, and go into deep hypnosis for me”

I couldn’t fight the sleepy feeling that came over me and my eyes locked shut and I found myself getting very aroused.

“Very good my slave”, she said, “We are going to have some fun tonight”

The next thing I knew I felt a slight breeze on my face. I looked around and found myself in a glade surrounded by trees near the side of a cliff. I then noticed that I was wearing an outfit made of hides, like a mountain herder might wear. I heard the sound of running water and followed the cliff to a waterfall. Under the falls was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, showering under the cascading water. This all seemed very familiar but my mind was spinning too much at the moment to place it.

She came out from the water and said, “Good I summoned you and you came:”

“I don’t know why I’m here”, I said.

“You are hear because I called for you and you couldn’t resist answering that call”

By now I was getting very confused and then I noticed her break off a piece of a nearby bush.

She waved the plant under my nose it had a pleasing scent that made my head spin even more.

“Can you smell this fragrance?”, she said, “Some men find it pleasing”

At this point my head was spinning so much all I could do was inhale the fragrance and listen to her sexy voice.

“Some men find it soothing”


“You can’t resist my voice”

She then started rubbing it along my arm and the arousal I was feeling increased 10 fold. My erection was straining thru my pants. All I wanted to do was listen to this beautiful siren and do anything she said to feel more of this.

“You will do anything I say! Wont you my love?”

“I love you!”, I said, “I’ll do anything you want.”

“Good my pet, kneel down and worship me”

I had no resistance. I found myself on my knees kissing her legs. She dropped her skirt and I could see her incredible pussy and I found myself kissing her all around it. It fell so wonderful worshiping her and I could he her moans of pleasure as I went deeper and deeper into her. I was so aroused now and my erection was straining so much that I knew I would not be able to resist releasing very soon. Finally she moaned with a strong orgasm and smiled down at me.

“You have done well my pet”, she said, “Now for your reward”

She pushed me down onto the ground and opened up my pants. My erection stuck straight out as she drew her finger along it.

“Look deep into my eyes!”, she said, “Will you always obey your Mistress?”

“Yes Mistress!”, I said.

“Will you worship me and no other?”

“Yes Mistress!”

“Then prove your devotion and cum for me NOW!”

At the moment she said now I came like crazy. I had never felt such a powerfull release before. It seemed to go on forever. Finally totally spent I found myself so sleppy and I could barely keep my eyes opened. I felt her lay down next to me and I smelt that scent again. Then she spoke to me.

“You will remember this scent and whenever you smell it you will return to this place and see me here and do whatever I tell you to do.”

“Yes Mistress”, I said.

“Good”, She said, then she put her soft breast to my lips and I her her voice again, “Close your eyes and sleep now”

I had no resistance I drifted off suckling on her breast…

…”At the count of 3 you will awaken refreshed and alert…1…2…3!”, I heard.

The next thing I knew I was wide awake back in the hotel room where I met my Mistress Sofora.

“You did well”, she said, “I hope you enjoyed that session. I took our mutual love of Star Trek and adapted the episode A Private Little War to give you a special treat. You may not remember but you told me when we discussed your like of science fiction that it was your favorite episode. I conditioned you to forget that you told me about it so that what you encountered tonight would be a surprise. How do you feel?”

“Wonderfull Mistress!”, I said, “I really felt that I was there and had no resistance to you or your suggestions. How much of that was real?”

“That’s my secret”, she said, “If you are a good slave maybe I will tell your some time. I suggest you go home and get some rest you will need it for our next session.”

I got off the bed I was sitting on and for the first time noticed that I was completely naked and was getting very aroused again. I then saw her holding a vial of perfume.

“Before you go I want you to take this vial home with you but don’t open it until you are alone and in private. When you do open it you will get my final Valentines Day surprise for you.”

I got my clothes on and started for home I knew I would take over an hour to get there so I took a cab to Penn Station to speed up the trip. The whole ride home I had this huge erection and it was getting harder to think straight the more time that passed. Finally I got home and went into my office and closed the door. I wanted to be near my computer so I could write to Mistress Sofora after I opened the vial. I took out the vial and removed the top. There was a very familiar scent coming from it. I leaned closed and inhaled deeply. It was the same scent from my fantasy and the next thing I knew I came hard. It was increadible. I didn’t think that I could feel anything like that outside of being under her spell. Once I had finished and cleaned myself off I noticed that my email indicator said I had messages. I checked my inbox and there was a letter from Mistress Soforia. I opened it right away. There was only one sentence in it.

“I hoped you enjoyed that, you’ll never know when I will be wearing that perfume!!!”

I quickly booked another telephone session with her. I could only hope that I would be able to have another in person session with her soon.