An Unbelievable Transformation

Author: Ravsmr

i have written several small articles on the glory of thehypnotic power of Mistress Soforia before. When i had this article in mind,initially i thought i would once again give a methodical treatment on hypnosisand mind, dwelling more on the poles (a lesser known substitute for the oftquoted ‘singularities’) of the mind, which i am quite used to, being aphysicist, that too a theoretician. However, i have decided to give a morecomprehensive account of my true experiences with Mistress.

Here, I would like to add that i am writing this articlewith the belief that Mistress would put it up on Her site. Again, i feel it ismy duty to emphasize that the entire narration is truly real and NOT a fantasylike most stories on the site now.

Firstly, i start by relating some of my background. i ama Physics Professor (not from US) at a university and am quite recentlymarried. my field of specialization is primarily Crystallography and a bit ofBiophysics. i am primarily a theoretician and have about 7 papers until now. ibelong to a rather orthodox family. As most physicists are, (atleast early on),i was rather overtly dogmatic and proud of being a physicist and my readingincluded Feynman, Dirac, Mossbaeur and the like. i adored Physics and it wasthe be all and end all in my life, until recently.

To be precise, i stumbled on Mistress’ site when i wasbrowsing about hypnotism following an argument with a colleague. i was of theopinion that all this is farce. One night of the site (about 2 hours)transformed my life – from a physicist to a slave. i could not resist seeingMistress’ site daily and now it has reached a level where i see the site overand over again for atleast 4 hours daily. To be true, if one were to examine myInternet bills, it has risen sharply and the only site i visit is Mistress’site. And i have to do all this without causing my wife to suspect. i haveconvinced her that it is college work i am doing. But i don’t know how longthis would work. Anyway, i’m not in a position to decide all this.

And my work at college has not remained unaffected. ispend more time reading hypnotism than doing Physics. i must admit that it isMistress whom i think about all day. Once, i even dreamily attested a roughdraft of an Undergraduate student’s laboratory record where he had obtainedprominent axes intercepts instead of an asymptotic curve. Thankfully, irecovered quickly and asked him to check his observations again. i am usuallyvery concerned about my students.

Now, i switch over to a more relevant topic of my presentstate. i’ll continue on specific incidents later in other parts of my article.

Presently, i don’t see any purpose in my existence otherthan serving Mistress. i’ll be visiting US sometime around 2007 when i plan tovisit Mistress. From then on, there would be no looking back. All my effortswould be to serve Mistress every hour, day, week, month and year. i also dreamof laying down some gifts on Her wishlist at Her feet. And my only ambition isto lie all day at Mistress’ feet, worship them and slave for Her all day.

‘Go deeper for Me’, She says and i obey faithfully everyday. To be able to get a glimpse of Her, one must be blessed by Her. To serveHer is all i can hope for. i beg Her for this. i hope She would answer. Here isa short poem, with which i would like to conclude Part I of this article.

The stretch is lovely and deep,

Enticing me to sleep,

i walk and crawl my way

Further and further away

Not knowing what Mistress has in store for me,

Before her, on my knee,

‘Mistress’, i plead,

No reply.

i continue my journey,

Not knowing how far this will take me

Right now, my lips are dry

Before i fade into darkness

i manage to mutter ‘Mistress, Please reply’

Please…., please…., please….

To be continued……..