A true story

It *was* an awfully powerful experience. when i finally realized whathappened, i still couldn't believe that she'd gotten that deeply intomy mind. i still think about it from time to time. Anyway, here's the story again.

...and thanks to soforia for giving me an excuse to send this.

i must warn you that, by the standards everyone is used to seeingin a.s.s. and a.s.f.s, this will be very tame. it doesn't involveany Mind Control rays or will-weakening spells. it's a true storyof an experience i had with hypnosis with my girlfriend.

A few years back, I was dating a girl who was willing to experimentsexually. We spent a lot of evenings trying things and sharingfantasies. It turned out that we had several fantasies in commoninvolving the exchanging of power. She was very dominant sexually,and I was more than willing to allow her to experiment on me, becausethe rewards were always more than worth it.

One night, she told me about a fantasy she'd had since junior high:She fantasized about hypnotizing her class and then making them dothings for her amusement. One particularly vivid image that stays withme today is one involving her teacher. She imagined making her teacherbelieve that she was a horse, and attaching reins to her nipples. Thenshe would climb on her back and ride her around the school while allthe other students, her slaves, followed obediently.

I was floored. First, the idea of giving conscious control away wassomething I'd always found attractive. Second, the fact that she washaving such sexually explicit fantasies when she was twelve yearsold!

I agreed to let her hypnotize me, and we started that night. Itturns out that she had a small library of books dedicated to hypnosisand methods of induction. The first night, things were pretty tame:She just had me relax and she guided me through a few (sexual) imaginationexercises. I don't think I was hypnotized deeply, if at all. But itfelt great.

Over the next few weeks, she experimented with different types ofinduction. The one that seemed to work the best was to imagine thatI was walking slowly down a winding stone staircase into darkness.The sound of the echoes of my footsteps in my mind, the darkness,the moving in circles, they all combined to help distance me from theroom around me. After a few weeks, she felt she had me deeply enoughto try some experiments. Some worked, some didn't. When she told methat I was thirsty, I spent the rest of the afternoon drinking downwater like a fish. When she told me to forget my middle name, itdidn't work at all. I think the problem was that, while I reallywanted to give her control, she would have to take it from me. Iwasn't willing to just hand it to her without any fight at all.

On saturday afternoons, we usually went for a bike ride. We wouldride out 10 miles or so, rest, and come back home. I loved ridingand she did it for exercise. One saturday before our ride, shetold me that she'd like to hypnotize me. This brought about theusual physical responses: quickened heartbeat and breathing,erection, and me saying "okay!" almost before she finished asking.

She put me into a trance slowly, repeating the deepening suggestionsover and over, bringing me back to concentrate on her voice, andthen releasing me into the swirling darkness again. I have no realgauge of how deeply I was under, but it *felt* deeper than usual.While I was under, she gave me a single posthypnotic suggestion: Whenwe were out on our ride and stopped at the midway point, I would becomevery aroused. As soon as I was aroused, I would be desperate to makelove to her. I would ask, and if she refused, I was to get down on myknees, take off my shirt and begin to beg her to allow me to pleaseher. I would beg her until she agreed or ordered me to stop, but I wouldbe desperate to please her until she allowed me to. She then told me toforget everything that happened while in trance, and brought me back out.

Well, the amnesia didn't work. I of course remembered it all. It wasexciting to think about, but I was sure it wouldn't work.

We went for our ride, and at the halfway point I was waiting to seeif anything happened. It didn't. I didn't get aroused (but I *wanted*to!) and I didn't beg her to let me give her pleasure. We were bothkind of disappointed, and she even talked about giving up on hypnosis.When we got home, she went into the bedroom to get ready for ashower while I put the bikes up in the living room. As I turned towardthe bedroom door, I caught sight of her naked body as she stepped outof her shorts. As always, the sight of her filled me with desire.

That's when something weird happened. Suddenly, I absolutely had tomake love to her. I couldn't think of anything else. I walked intothe bedroom and asked her if we could make love before the shower.She was tired and a little peeved that the hypnosis hadn't worked,and she refused. Suddenly, without any conscious awareness of it,I was taking off my shirt. Slowly, I fell to my knees and beganbegging her to let me please her. I was promising her anything. Iwas absolutely in tears with the need to please her.

If I didn't realize what was happening, she caught on immediately.She made me beg for a few more minutes, making me lick the sweatfrom her armpits, making me clean the bottoms of her feet with mytongue, before she lay back on the bed and allowed my tongue toobey the commands she'd given to me earlier.

Even after she'd come, I couldn't stop. I began begging her againto let me please her again. The only way she was finally able tostop me was to let me come inside her. Once sated, the desperationhad somewhat faded, but I still felt a need to nuzzle and lickher body. She was eventually able to get me into the shower, whichwas a "real" enough activity to break the spell.

I still hadn't realized that I was following her orders, but inthe shower, she reminded me of what had happened. I rememberedmyself ripping off my shirt and falling to my knees, almost asif it were someone else doing it. We never really knew why thesuggestion didn't work when it was supposed to, but that afternoonconvinced us that hypnosis worked!

Okay, like I said: tame stuff. No zombie slave rays, I didn't become hermindless obedient body slave for the rest of her life. We eventuallysplit up and I haven't (explicitly) played with hypnosis sincethen. But a man can dream...