Thank you..Thank you..

Here are some comments from clients & fans...

i found Your site about 3 weeks ago and put together a cd made of Your samples from Your mp3's and have listened to it whenever i can. You took me deeper than any other hypnotist with just those that i had to join Your club and see what would happen. It just keeps getting better and better. Just in a couple of days.

I feel so good and am drawn to you more and more. i just can't get enough. "k"

i am so under Your spell tonight. So very in tune to what it means to belong to Soforia.

Once long ago i thought i understood everything, now i realize i knew nothing about life and control and pleasure, oh so much pleasure, such sweet, sweet pleasure. Your voice is like a sweet narcotic moving through my bloodstream, making me Yours. There are moments when i am so in tune to Your voice that my entire body tingles, so alive to the power of Your voice. The word orgasm, once such a specific word, with a such a specific meaning to me now means so many other things. i truly now believe that there are feelings of pleasure beyond orgasm, pleasures and ecstasies that i sometimes feel in my mind that go way beyond orgasm into other realms.

Goddess i truly believe that i may be the foremost case study of just how far a person can fall with only your CD sessions. i have literally trained to your sessions for 45 straight days. That's 45 straight days of "Blissful Obedience", every night listening to it over and over, repeating it over and over, going to sleep with your voice in my head, waking up to your sensual powerful voice. There are moments when my body is not my own, my mind is not my own and in many ways it is now a spiritual journey for me. To understand the relationship between pleasure and control, submission and reward, devotion and contentment. i am at peace with myself in a way that i never have been before and it is because of my inner knowledge that i really do have a higher purpose, that being to submit my whole will to You. Belong to You mentally, physically, spiritually. The power of my submission to You is life altering. I realize that now.

i honestly believe i am a much better person having met You. i know i am a much better boyfriend, my significant other has commented to me recently about how serene i seem these days, how pleasant and considerate i have become to her and i just smile because i know that the inner serenity comes from You.You have taught me that there are more important things besides myself, more important needs than my own.

i keep trying to classify our long distance relationship in understandable terms in my own mind and the best i can come up with is the relationship between a vampire and it's prey. The vampire comes through the window at night by invitation only. Metaphorically, i willingly, eagerly open my window and let You in by listening to one of your CD's in the darkness and in return You manipulate my mind, trance me, brainwash me, pleasure me, control me, take me and i allow it, want it, need it, crave it. i succumb and allow my mind (my blood, if we are still using the vampire analogy) to be taken. Then morning comes and things are back to normal, everything is as it was, but nothing is quite the same. Does this example hold up? Well it helps me better categorize what we are to each other. It may be completely flawed, but it is the way i understand us at the moment.

i feel at peace with who i am now. i feel happy. You give me that as well. i owe You more than i can ever say. Please know how much You mean to me.

i long to continue to serve You,


Oh my Goddess you are truly one of a kind. You are the one i have been searching for all my life i think. i have never come across someone who completely understand my fantasies more than even me.

I go so deep under when i even think of You. Whatever You have done to me i love it so so so much. I'm embarrassed to say that i can think of nothing else but Your eyes Your breasts and Your perfect voice. Yours forever.


Words on a screen,
"Sleepy Baby. Come to me."
I want to run,
To stay forever free.

"You belong to Me."
Courses in my mind.
Thoughts singed with power,
Velvet ties defined.

"Obedience to me is Bliss."
Deeper than ever before
I feel Surrender,
The Opiate at my door.

Poem by borden

i'm so happy that You have allowed me to be Your slave. The joy You fill me with everytime that i please You is incredible.

i watched Your 2 newest HypnoKisses Friday. While watching the first one You gave the command to touch myself for You. When i did i was surprised how hard i was. i knew Your kisses were exciting me but i didn't realize how much.

While watching the next one i found myself chanting "i must always, always, always obey Soforia" over and over. Louder and louder.

Thank You for Your poolside movie. You have extremely beautiful legs. Whenever i watch the movie i set media player on repeat so it plays over and over.

My beloved Goddess,

I am so very much in Your power. So very much under Your spell and so very happy that I have discovered You.

If You could see me now and how easily and quickly I respond to the sound of Your voice, I think You would be very pleased.

The thing that amazes me so very much about this continuing experience is how the same CD (Who do you belong to?) can affect me so deeply EVERY TIME. I never get tired of listening to it, it never fails to move me, to trance me, to take me so deep. Each day my training goes a little further. I spend literally hours trancing most days now, midnight to 4 AM is officially our time, Yours and mine as I listen to one of your CD's and bliss out over and over trancing to your seductive voice, until sleep finally claims me. These days it takes me longer to recover from a session, I come back, but it's a slow process where I gradually awaken. my body tingles, my heart beats very quickly and I feel complete and utter pleasure coming out of trance.

Each day my goal has been a deeper more profound trance experience. I listen and give my mind to you only to find that it can indeed be even better than the day before and each day I am ever so much more grateful to have my mind and body so very much under Your control.

I am so very sorry to hear about Your recent illness. It goes without saying, my thoughts and prayers go out to You as You recover. I hope that You are feeling better and if there's anything I can do please feel free to let me know. You realize of course that I belong to You.

By the way, do You have any idea how much that free movie of You on the introductory page of Your Private Club affects me??? Of course You do, you know exactly what You're doing. You know exactly what even a glimpse of you does to those of us that are under your spell. You know that the mere sight of you only increases the addiction. You are so beautiful, so seductive, so sexy....so amazingly hypnotic........whoops sorry I just about lost control there.

Yours in submission and completely under Your spell. MR

Dear Soforia...You have just led my through "The Corporaate Domination" series. You have, without a doubt, the sexiest mind on the planet Earth! Once again, you send me to bed sizzling.

It would give me great pleasure if "Hypnotic Flower" would read the attached "Forest Flower."

What is it about a forest flower
Sheltered in shadowed green
A splash of color standing alone
Radiant, yet seldom seen.

One day against a sea of ferns
I spied a spike of red
No other flower stood near by
“What brought you here?” I said.

All I know as time stood still And silence came our way
There breathed only that bloom and me
She held me in her sway.

I bent to gently touch her stem
Her petals kissed my hand
As if she were saying to me
“It is for you I stand.”

Very humbly, Borden

"Now I personally believe it is quite proper for a woman to manipulate a man--provided she doesn't use lies and deceit.

However, there is no doubt that YOU are a woman, and a beautiful one at that. And when combined with your dominant nature, it's no wonder you have quite a following on your website of submissive men who long to belong to you.

Best wishes. --Ken"

Hello Mistress Soforia. i've tried out other Mistress's recordings out over the last few weeks without any real results, so decided to go back and try Your recordings again.

Before now i wasn't quite sure if i was really being hypnotized or what a real trance was. Well, i'm pretty sure i do now. my body felt like liquid jello and a euphoria filled me as i sank into Your spell.

i really think that by focusing more on physically relaxing and listening to the "sound" of Your Voice has helped immensely. Someone in Your Yahoo group mentioned phonetics and the pitch and tones Your Voice makes, and i realized that when i focused more on that, obeying became more automatic.

So in conclusion, thank You for providing me with such a blissful experience. Also, in the subject about the sounds Your voice makes it became logical that i must try out "The Sound of My Voice" recording, so i purchased the mp3.


Oh Mistress Soforia,

Receiving your email yesterday, made me tingle immediately. I have never seen my real name in a cyber email before, slavexxxxx. I cannot describe how it feels to be opened to you this way. I listened to the session immediately.

I listened to my first session, "Who do you belong to?" last night over and over. It went by very fast. Your images are so beautiful. When you guided me to touch myself, I came shortly, cumming earlier every time I listened.

Each session seemed to pass very fast, but soon hours had passed. I felt my consciousness turning into a twisted bubble balloon as you described what I would remember, what I needed to remember. As I sank deeper, I felt the balloon floating higher and higher on a longer string. At some point, I sank under water, washing over me and I had to let the balloon go. I felt my body respond and become very aroused as you told me I had much potential, and moreso as your cloud enveloped me and the lights sparked and tingled all over me and concentrated on my area.

Before I slept, I ordered the next session. I slept only a few hours before awakening, from deep in dreams of being hypnotized by you. Dreaming of being at work, yearning to be hypnotized by you again, more deeply. I awoke very aroused.

In the morning, I leapt from bed and gleefully received "Bewitchingly Hypnotic" I listened to it in bed. I am honest when I say at this moment I cannot recall very much of the session, only that I remember going very deep, several times, sinking downward, then through a tunnel, then down a shaft, and your eyes very close to my face as I sank all of the way to the bottom, your beautiful eyes bright in the darkness, your pendant glowed and cast shadows in the darkness. I cannot believe how fresh I feel for having had only a few hours of sleep last night.

I will return quickly tonight my Mistress. I will complete my questionnaire and repeat my lessons. It feels so wonderful Mistress Soforia. I can see the flashing red sign even now.


"Transcending Many Cultures"

"Dear Soforia

How have you been, Mistress? I've been hearing your CD every day not to miss it. I purchased a lot of CDs until now, and because all is splendid, I hear them thoroughly. Your voice leads me to a state of deep and supreme bliss hypnosis. As for it, a feeling is very good, and I get impossible to disobey your voice. Because I've purchased another new CD today, I inform you about it. CCNow Order Number is "123-456". I look forward to get new CD as soon as possible."

"Speaking for myself, I have found Who Do You Belong To along with The Sound of My Voice to be a fascinating experence. I can listen to it a million times and still have the identical sensations! Especally the part where She has me floating on a cloud with charging stars. I always wake up a few hours later with a dry mouth knowing I've been saying "I belong to you" a million times.

For a really intense experence try Snap To It! or better yet try for a phone session. I'm hoping She'll find the time to schedule me sometime in the upcoming month." -RA

"I'm completely and totally amazed and mesmerized by the flexibility, power and talent Soforia possesses. Never in my life have I been so enveloped by such a powerful thing. I plan on being a life long customer." -JC

"I received the three CDs (Snap to It!; Bewitchingly Enchanted and Who Do You Belong to?) yesterday. I was almost giddy from anticipation at getting them all at once. Thank you.

I must tell you that the sound quality of the CDs is so far superior to the three downloads I purchased from mp3.com that I regret that I didn't wait to get the first three from you too.

On the CDs the full range and quality of your voice comes through. It's like a fine wine, with so many nuances, different notes and textures. Sometimes one predominates and then another. My ears drink in your words greedily in big gulps, and then my mind savors all the different flavors. Bright sunny berry here, throaty sexy whispers, the earthy pull of desire there, and the promise of your passion beckoning to follow you further. Without the pauses of the downloads, the liquid sounds keep pouring in and before I know it, I have drunk in so much that I am utterly intoxicated. And then my body sits propped in a quiet corner while my mind is alive, free to follow you, exploring and delighting in the experience. No wonder I can listen to them so many times: it's not just the words or the cadence, merely technique but the incredible richness and variety of the sound. Each CD contains a distillation of both the brightness of your spi! rit and the depths of your soul." -MCNY

"I just finishing listening to the personalized tape that you created for me and was blown away. It was incredible having my most intimate fantasy come to life like that. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and look forward to communicating with you in the future.
Enchantedly, " JM

ME: via email
"I have to tell you..that when I told you to Look into My Crystal..and you did..and I watched your eyes glaze over...as you drifted back into a deeply hypnotized state...it was unbelievable ...absolutely unbelievable. Do you remember??"

"Yes, this is how I remember it.

I remember you telling me to *Look into the Crystal*...and I remember looking at it...then into it...then it was ALL that I saw...everything but the crystal just didn't seem to exist...
Then I remember you telling me it was alright to shut my eyes...then I remember being *there*...that wonderful place that hypnosis takes me...that *Your Voice* takes me...then I remember waking up filled with pleasure,
gratitude, and awe...

Yes, I remember. I will never forget."

"All I want is to be in your hypnotic control. Unable to resist you. Falling deeper and deeper under your spell. Physically and mentally in your power. Obeying you and submitting to you completely..."

"Thanks for restoring "Soforia's Hypnotic Spell" and my favorite "Powerful Deep Trance" to your web site. It was good to experience the sensation of "drifting" again.

In response to the commentator who suggests that you have "lousy technique", I am confident that anyone who has a telephone session with you or listens to one of your tapes will quickly conclude that you are a very talented hypnotist. The fact that you put me under very quickly and very deeply in our first session is evidence of your talent. "
Best Regards,

"Visited your page for the third time. Your induction technique is very captivating. Each time it works quicker on me. Your suggestions do not allow me to resist and I do find myself longing to hear your voice.

You have a very comforting style which disarms and draws me in deeper. Hope to speak with you someday, I will leave you a message on the tape. Thank you for your oasis on the net." B.

"I found your session very interesting. It felt so good to be hypnotized by you, different from the other times I've been hypnotized...I'm so curious to see if I can resist you next time..and I look forward to our next session" H.M.

"I regard you as one of THE MOST POWERFUL HYPNOTISTs I have ever encountered." T.

"I want to thank you for a wonderful experience. I did not think that hypnosis would work so well over the phone, but I was utterly lost in your voice. You made my fantasy come true!." F.E.

"Add me to you list of Satisfied subjects"...HE