Femdom Hypnosis and Mind Control Stories

Hypnosis and Mind Control Stories

Fact or Fiction? Did these events happen? Could these events happen? Will these events happen? And Who, What, When , Where, & Why? As you enjoy the erotic mind control intentions of each author, allow yourself to be swept away in a series of sensual suppositions as your mind deeply absorbs each word, each sensation, each command. Place yourself in the protagonist's shoes as the I, the Hypnotic Antagonist takes them deeper and deeper into My Control blotting out all need, want, desire to ever escape again.

These stories are written by Me or my wonderful submissives. In general stories can be listed here if there is a connection. to Me - Soforia the Enchantress and My Hypnotic Silken Web. Feel free to contribute... Don't read these hypnotic stories if you are under the age of 21 or are offended by stories dealing with hypnotism, femdom mind control and female supremacy, else .....

Relax ... and go into deep hypnosis for Me.....
and enjoy.

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