Spreading Her Word

by agnar alrekson

(Disclaimer: While Matthew is a fictional character, some of his hypnotic adventures may represent non-fictional occurrences.)

I sat nervously in Mistress’s waiting room, looking up occasionally at Her office door, but mostly looking at the floor, so anxious to see Her again, but nervous that She would be displeased for some reason. I’d only been Hers now for a few weeks and was still being trained properly. Then finally, Her door opened and out came a well dressed, older fellow, who would have looked very distinguished except for the goofy, dreamy look upon his face. He handed a check to Her lovely assistant, thanked her for accepting his payment and sort of wobbled out of the office on shaky legs.

Then Her silvery, silky voice came to me "Come in Matthew, dear. Hurry along I’m very busy."

And of course I hopped up immediately and hurried into her office, my stomach filled with butterflies and my palms sweating. But just inside her office, as always seems to happen when I actually see her again, I froze, my jaw dropped open and my brain seemed to shut down, and the mantra she had given me began to play over and over in my mind. ‘I belong to Ms. Macy, I belong to Ms. Macy, I belong to Ms. Macy, I belong to Ms. Macy’ I would have stayed there for hours, except she is a very busy woman, and so she interrupted me.

"Come along Matthew, wake up dear, you simply must stay with me today. I know how I affect you, but I need to hear of your progress. Have you done as I asked?"

I shook my head to clear it a bit, dropped to my knees and smiled "yes Mistress, I’ve only today completed the purchase as you commanded. You are now the owner of a local network affiliate television station. I can begin making the changes you desire in programming, the name of the station, whatever you wish."

"Excellent my pet, you’ve done very well. You will remain the owner of the station, as I must remain behind the scenes. You may name me your President of Public Relations, as I will be handling any outside problems that might come up. Now, I have already had my very special programming put together by other pets of mine, and will have it all sent over shortly. You will have the station changed to WRLX, and will call the station, the Relaxation Station. I have already put to paper the schedule for the programming and a list of personnel changes we’ll be making. Also, any current employees may stay, but they must go through my special training course. Those materials are also being sent over shortly. You will make very sure that all employees do this or release them, understood Matthew?"

I nodded my head eagerly "of course Mistress, it will be done exactly as you say. I’ll go get started now, if you wish it Mistress?"

"It can wait an hour pet." She smiled charmingly, "right now, I want to reaffirm your programming and play with you a bit, as a reward."

I don’t know what really happened then, she spoke a few words, and I dropped, and then I was coming awake an hour later, and standing in her waiting area, with her lovely assistant smiling at me. I thanked her for accepting my payment, though I did not recall writing the check, and I left to get back to work.

The next 6 weeks went by quickly and very smoothly, Her station went through the changes, airing only her special programming, and going commercial free. We hired an all new news team who were all very lovely women, with powerful eyes and smooth, sexy voices. I myself can never recall the entire newscast, but I know it’s a great show and the only real choice for news in the area. The ratings for the channel have jumped dramatically upward since the changes and Mistress was very happy. She was having me investigate the possibility of selling our special, original programming to other stations, a sort of syndication deal, at a very reasonable price. But then we ran into a problem, I got a letter notifying me someone from the FCC was going to come by 2 days from now. Apparently they had gotten a few complaints about our programming, from I suppose a few very strong-willed people. I called Mistress right away and told her, but she calmed me down, and said she would handle the meeting personally. She then gave me instructions to have certain things prepared ahead of time, so I got to work.

The meeting day came, and Mr. Tom Davis of the FCC was shown into my office, only to find Ms. Macy, President of public relations waiting for him.

"Hello Tom, may I call you tom? I’m so very happy to meet you, please, come in and have a seat on the couch next to me."

Tom was struck speechless, he’d been expecting a younger man, but instead was greeted by this lovely, mature woman, with the most amazing blue eyes and a voice like warm honey. He just stood and stared for a moment, until he realized he was staring, and shook himself a bit. "um, yes, uh tom is fine, but I don’t know your name Ms.?"

"Ms. Macy. Please tom, come and join me on the couch, and we can talk about why you’re here."

Tom began moving toward the couch and speaking at the same time "uh, yes Ms. Macy, thank you. Now, I’m here about your programming. We’ve had some complaints about odd side effects of your shows, so I investigated a bit. And what I found was quite disturbing. Why I…uh, I found….." he stuttered, as he finally sat down near her and was overwhelmed by her wonderful perfume and her amazing blue eyes, so much stronger this close.

"What’s wrong tom, suddenly forget your place?" She smiled slyly with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes "that’s all right tom, many men seem effected that way by my presence. Please, continue on."

He shook his head to clear the cobwebs a bit, then continued "Yes, of course, I found subliminal messages, audio and video tracks, placed through out your programs. These tracks had all sorts of what seemed to be indoctrination language. Telling viewers to relax, submit, obey, and going more in depth as the shows go on, with specific instructions to send monetary donations to the station, to tell all their friends to watch your station, to stop watching all other channels but yours, all very disturbing. Now I cam down here personally to give the new owner a chance to explain, before filing any charges, as it is possible he was unaware of this despicable programming tactic."

"Oh sweet tom, let me stop you right there. The new owner, he’s really more of my puppet, he’s aware of the subliminal messages, but I’m really the one making those decisions. And everything you found, was quite intentional, but you won’t be doing anything about it. Now don’t bother getting into a huff Tommy, just relax, and let me explain it to you. that’s it, sit back, stare into my lovely blue eyes, which have been holding your attention since we met, and listen to my sweet, soothing voice as I explain."

Tom had little chance, as Ms. Macy slipped a bit closer to him, and began speaking even more softly, her eyes, her voice, her perfume all overwhelming him at once, too hard to do anything but as she asked, just at this moment. So he sat back and listened intently.

"That’s a good boy , tommy slave, now, we both know you didn’t come here for the reasons you said. You came here because what you found excited you, turned you on. It was like some dark fantasy come to life, mind control signals through the TV? Oh maybe there was a beautiful, dangerous woman behind the scheme, and maybe, if you went to investigate it, she would take you, control you, make you her slave. Isn’t that why you came personally, alone, dear, sweet Tommy? Hoping I would make you my toy?"

Tom was feeling so good, and it was so hard to think, this close to her, her eyes, her voice, her scent, all wearing down his resistance, seeping into his brain, weakening his will. With a last bit of defiance he managed to mumble out a barely heard "no, no, I don’t want…"

But she interrupted him again "to resist any longer. Isn’t that right Tommy? You have no interest in trying to resist me any longer. You simply want to relax, and submit, and obey. That’s it," She said as she reached out and began to caress his temples in slow circles "just relax for me, and so easy to submit to my control, and you know how good it feels to obey me. That’s right, just feel yourself letting go, and giving in, and very soon you will go completely in trance for me, so deeply relaxed, so very submissive and totally obedient to me. And now sleep for me Tommy, sleep, sleep, sleep. Good boy!"

She smiled and patted him on the cheek, then stood and walked to the office door, opened it and signaled me over. I’d been waiting outside as instructed with several of the new hires for our news department, Sonia and Sondra. Sonia was a breath taking redhead, large green eyes and a traffic stopping figure, and Sondra had a darker look, long black hair, an elfin face with large, dark eyes that seemed to have endless depths, and she also had a somewhat astounding figure. We all three stood and went to my office door.

"Everything went perfectly Matthew, of course." She turned to Sonia and Sondra "I want you to take our good Tommy to a training room and work on him. I want him totally programmed and trained quickly. I need to know who else in the FCC might know of this or soon find out and how we can best get to them. You’ll be able to get that from him, just use all the techniques I’ve taught you ladies. Now get to work."

They went in, got tom up and walked him off, supporting them between them, then she turned to me.

"You’ve done a very good job for me Matthew, I’m so glad I picked you up at the airport that day. Your inheritance will allow me to more quickly spread my power, to bring in so many new slaves and toys. You just keep up the good work pet, and someday I may allow you to come live with me full time and be my personal toy. I’m quite sure you’d enjoy that. Now go on back to work for me, make me more powerful, spread my word."

And then she walked off, my eyes following her swaying walk down the hall. I stood that way for a time, lost in imagining myself serving her full time, her personal servant, my erection growing. Then I knew I was the luckiest man on earth. I had the chance to serve my Mistress in so many ways, my life is simply perfect!