Hypnotic Spells

Magical Hypnotic Spells

Time passes and you are unaware as you look deeper and deeper into My Crystal Ball Focusing your mind on the sensations you experience when you look deeper and deeper into My Crystal Ball, times passes and you are unaware that My words are having a deeper and deeper effect on you, that every word is taking you deeper and deeper into My control. your fate is sealed... I am your fate, your future, your destiny.


The Hypnotic Silken Web

HEAR and OBEY the Commands of Soforia, your virtual mistress
As soon as you hear My soft soothing Voice,
you'll feel My gently persuasive whispers
caressing your fears into oblivion
suggesting to you
that the *Sound of My Voice* puts you in a trance.
The Sound of My Voice puts you in a trance
deeper and deeper
you'll gladly go
as you feel charmed
by the hypnotic images
tantalizing your subconscious mind
and the *Sound of My Voice*
constantly calls to you.
And...reminding you
now, 'You need to be hypnotized by Me'
again and again and again."
Here you are
welcome back..
for you have been here before..
your mind, body, and soul longing to
Surrender Completely once again
to the Deep Relaxation that being
Hypnotized by Me can bring you..NOW
you read every word that I have written...
and every breath relaxing you more and more...
as your mind opens to the images and
words that will be presenting themselves
to your subconscious mind...
deeply absorbing My Commands.
Now...Breathe in deeply and begin to float..
Breathe out completely and begin to drift,
Breathe in deeply and begin to float..
breathe out completely and begin to drift,
floating upward....
and drifting downward ..
floating upward....and drifting downward..
continue now..
drifting deeper and deeper each time you exhale..
Deeper and Deeper into My Hypnotic Control..
Your Mind craves My Words..
You are unable to resist My Hypnotic Control..
Every day and in every way,
you are becoming more and more submissive to Me..

You have to obey

Mistress of Deep Hypnotic Sleep
Celebrating the Glory of Divine Feminine Power

Your heart beats for My Control

Relax and go into deep hypnosis for me...
Soforia is the only one you want..
You are very interested now...
You find yourself longing
for the *Sound of My Voice*...
Inhaling as the orb expands..
Exhaling as the orb contracts...
every breath relaxing you
more and more now ...
Hear *My Voice* in your mind.....
Go 1000 times deeper for *Me*...
My Words are impossible to resist

Oath of Obedience

Feel the true power of this spell
after obtaining and while listening
Soporific Euphoria II

Hypnosis is so wonderful, isn't it..

allowing yourself to deeply relax,

feeling so peaceful...safe...&...tranquil

*My Voice* ...

so compelling,



drifting deeper and deeper now....

Ahhhh... the joy of hypnosis..........

as you allow the sound of my voice to
take you deeper and deeper into my hypnotic
control.."the *Sound of My Voice* puts you in a Trance"..

Hypnotic suggestion is like an open ended pathway
guiding you to a relaxed, yet
occasionally unaware state of mind.

As you allow yourself to go deeper and deeper
and focus on the soothing sound of my voice,
as you deeply relax...completely comfortable,
so safe,
so peaceful,
so tranquil.
Feels so good to be so deeply relaxed..
you want to stay hypnotized by Me..
Being hypnotized by Me is....

so exciting
so stimulating
and arouses your desire to be hypnotized by Me
again and again and again...

You find yourself longing for my control.

Confess Now
Go to the Interrogation Chamber and Confess Now.
Confess your interest in being immediately
and completely deeply hypnotized...
with My hypnotic suggestion ...
My Compelling Commands...
The *Sound of My Voice* will stay with you.