Hypnotic Seduction

© Brit-Brat 1998
This story is dedicated to the talents of Soforia the Enchantress
Hypnotic Seduction Chapter 1

Mark was shy, reasonably good looking, 19, and without a girlfriend. He was a college student. His friends persuaded him to go out with them to a night club and disco. They didn't know it then but this would be the last time that they would ever see Mark. The club was such a good place to meet people too and to have fun, but not quite the fun that Mark expected. On the bill that night for the entertainment was a hypnotist, Lola .

When the time came Lola was introduced to the assembled audience, she was striking, tall and very statuesc, even taller in her 5" heels! She had blond hair, piled up on top of her head, and boy was she stacked, a 44" bust, slim waist and broad hips. She had a beautiful and sensual face her make-up expertly applied and boy did she smell great with the heady perfume she was wearing today, and certainly when she was a little younger, her male friends said that she had "come to bed eyes". She was about 38 years old and in fact she was quite wealthy and didn't really need to work but she had a passion for hypnosis and it gave her an ideal opportunity to seek out good young male and female subjects whom she could influence very deeply indeed and convert into willing, loyal and loving hypno-slaves!! Particularly shy weak willed boys like Mark.

She had an almost sixth sense when it came to spotting potential victims who she knew would respond so well to her very special erotic brand of conditioning!

Lola spotted Mark standing with his friends, but she could see no girl in sight, she thought he might be gay, but, noticed the way that he was looking at the girls on the dance floor and eventually he looked at her , he quickly glanced away again, but she knew, he would be ideal !!

Lola sought out potential subjects for her routine asking members of the audience if they would like to join her backstage to see if they would be suitable. Mark gave a little start as he turned and was facing the gorgeous Lola,

"Hello young man" she said in a wonderful, husky, sexy voice, "would you like to try hypnosis ?" ...... Marks friends pushed him forward and told him to go on, they thought what a jerk he would be, up on the stage !! Mark really didn''t want to do this! Mark was the last person in Lola's sights and she held his hand and said, " Come on ... it wont hurt you know .. you might even like it ?" Mark wasn't sure !! But egged on by his friends he was led away by the amazingly beautiful Lola to an area back stage. Their were about ten volunteers! Lola had them all sit down and face her as she remained standing.

"Now ..... I want you all to relax, no harm will come to you and I assure you that if you respond well you will enjoy the experience, you will find the hypnotic trance that you attain will be very relaxing , comfortable and very pleasurable " All of this was said in a smooth and seductive voice, a voice like silk and indeed the intended victims, err ... subjects were already beginning to focus their thoughts on the lovely Lola's voice and actions. Lola moved from one person to the next, each one felt very different and pleasently relaxed, Lola had begun to weave her magic over them.

Each and every one could feel their scalps tingle and soon a buzzing in the head and an almost pure white light appeared within their closed eyes. "Relax my dears, enjoy the wonderful and peaceful sensations now flowing through your mind and body, relax , relaaaaaax, relaaaaaax".

Mark felt odd, yet so good, his body seemed to glow and tingle. He had never felt anything like this before. He thought he could get used to this. Little did he know just how much he would get to like this feeling and how much he would crave it!

" The more you struggle now against these feelings the deeper you will go my dears!" said Lola. Some of the subjects were so weak willed that they rapidly succumbed to the pleasure and went into trance so easily . This is going to be so easy thought Lola! She arrived at Mark's position and talked to him alone now. All the others were now in a trance, "Down deeper the rest of you ..... down deeper, deep within your own minds .... down, down, deeper, deeper, sleep my slaves, sleep". Mark's eyes were now closed, he really did like this feeling, he initially thought that this hypnosis business was all faked, but this felt nice.

Lola spoke directly to him now, "Tell me your name young man?" she asked. Mark automatically told the nice lady his name. "Good boy" she said, "Whenever you hear me say to you 'good boy' you will fall deeper and deeper into this wonderful deep hypnotic sleep, is that ageeable to you Mark?" she asked. Mark said "Yes". "Good boy" said Lola again, and Mark felt himself slip deeper and deeper into sleep and into Lola's powerful trance.

Lola worked on her subjects for almost an hour until she was sure that they would all perform well on the stage and be the stars of the show! As the show progressed each subject in turn performed some amusing act , sometimes Lola had them do things all together, silly things like have them think they were boiling kettles or washing machines! Then she had one of the women, a rather buxom lass, believe that she was the worlds greatest stripper. At the end of the show they had all performed one or more party pieces. She took the participents backstage to bring them around to their normal selves, but not all of them would ever be normal again .

Hypnotic Seduction Chapter 2

Lola stood in front of the buxom girl, and proceeded to interrogate her, when she discovered what she wanted to know she programmed the girl to respond to a suitable trigger phrase. Lola then arrived in front of Mark once again. " Good boy " she said, and Mark slid down deeper and deeper than ever before , he was now so deep and in an extremely suggestible state. "Now my little slave, you are very relaxed and deeply hypnotized ..... you will always OBEY my voice ..... and when ever you obey me you will feel waves of wonderful erotic pleasure wash across your mind, you will crave this pleasure and this will send you even deeper beneath my influence " Mark was already in raptures, just listening to Lola's sexy voice. He didn't want this to stop! Eventually Lola woke Mark up, but only to a state of alertness, to be truthful his sub-conscious was still under Lola's complete control and she could switch it on and control Mark whenever she wanted to!

The following day Mark was in his College room, when the phone rang . "Is that Mark" a sultry voice said. "Are you alone ....... Good boy" she continued. Mark froze and returned to the wonderful pleasurable state from the previous evening! "Now listen carefully Mark. You will follow these instructions and Obey them" said the sexy voiced lady. Lola knew exactly how Mark was feeling at this moment. He would be beside himself with pleasure and would be powerless to resist her.

Mark walked to the designated street, a black limo was parked up, the door opened as Mark arrived alongside. "Good boy ........... get in Mark "Said a familiar voice. Lola sat facing the direction of travel, opposite her were two other people who were also part of her act the previous evening! Lola was smoking one of her favorite Havana cigars, a very expensive 8" long double corona, she loved her cigars as much as she enjoyed collecting hypno-slaves! "Sit down Mark my dear" she said as she exhaled another long plume of the sweet smelling smoke. "Good boy ......" Mark felt so good and relaxed, he just wanted to be there, and as he continued to relax, the seat in the back of the limo molding itself around him, he thought he was in seventh heaven .

Lola told her driver to move off, her driver by the way was a stunning redhead, Babette was her name, she was very muscular. She was also Lola's bodyguard, and well and truly under Lola's complete hypnotic domination. Lola continued to enjoy the rich and powerful smoke of her cigar, Mark was now gazing at her and almost beside himself with pleasure once again. "Relaaaaax my dears, relaaaaaax". Her victims sinking deeper and deeper into relaxation, Lola was now at her most dangerous , she would drain the wills of her victims and control their sub-conscious minds so deeply, that even in their conscious state they would respond to her powerful post hypnotic suggestions.

She would be able to induce their trances whenever she wanted. Marks companions for the journey to Lola's Mansion were the rather buxom girl and another rather older male who was built like one of those wrestlers from the WWF. " Sleep, sleep my slaves , deep asleep now ...... my voice is now all that you hear, and as your sub-conscious minds listens to my commands you will slip deeper and deeper , down, down deeper within you own minds, so relaxed, so comfortable , so peaceful and so pleasurable to be able to listen to my sexy, sultry , commanding voice".

Her victims were now in a deep and blissful hypnotic sleep, all thinking had ceased, and Lola would now effortlessly condition her subjects further, they would become totally submissive and obedient to her will, they would learn to worship their new mistress , and over the coming days Lola would strip away their identities and she would have them phone their friends to explain that they had been offered wonderful career opportunities that were just too good to miss. They were blissfully unaware that their new careers as hypno-slves to the masterful Lola had only just begun. Lola sat back as her new slaves slept, deeply hypnotized, she puffed contentedly on her cigar and sighed, this is the life she thought, I do so love to teach people just how good it is to be hypnotized !!!!!

Hypnotic Seduction Chapter 3

The journey to Lola's mansion took over three hours, the limo stopped to refuel and for Lola to stretch her gorgeous long legs. Her three subjects were blissfully unaware of the stops and where they were, as Lola kept them deeply hypnotized all the time. She had to do this to the poor dears as she intended to complete their brainwashing over the next few days, so they had to be deprived of food somewhat and only sleep was to be their comfort. Deep hypnotic sleep where they would dream of only Lola and of obeying their new hypnotic mistress and goddess.

They arrived at their destination, Lola's mansion . It was time to awaken her guests form their deep slumber! " Listen to my voice slaves. You will on a count of five open your eyes, you will seem aware, able to see and hear all around you, but you will in fact remain deeply hypnotized. Your faculties are now totally subservient to my will, my will is your will from this moment onwards and you will obey my will as this brings you great pleasure. Wave after wave of erotic pleasure will wash over you every time you hear and obey my voice, and my commands now control you completely". Lola said in her most dominant and seductive voice, and as she did so wave after wave of pleasure did indeed wash over their minds, a little moan could be heard from all three as they felt the thrill of hearing Lola's commands.

Lola and her chauffer led the three hypnotized subjects into the large house and took them immediately to Lola's conditioning chambers. Here she would let her powers reign supreme and would soon erase the personalities and memories of her new slaves. Lola would mould each mind to suit her needs.

Lola and Babette left the slaves in their blissful state and went to Lola's large bedroom, here they both changed into more suitable apparel for the next phase of Lola's plan. Both would soon be wearing a superb boned leather corset, sheer, seamed nylon stockings and 6" high heels. Both women pulled on exquisite long leather gloves. To finish off, Lola put on her favorite black mink, but Babette was commanded to wear an elegant black silk negligee.

She looked out of sorts in these clothes due to her rather muscular appearance, but it suited Lola, and it mattered not as she had no choice in the matter anyway! Lola decided to wear her large sapphire pendent, large sapphire earrings, and made her muscular slave wear something similar, Lola put large rings on several fingers and then made sure that her make up was applied to emphasize her gorgeous hypnotic eyes, now everything was in place and she was ready to complete the transformation of her new victims and to re-educate their minds! Only one thing remained to do, and Babette knew the routine.

She went to Lola's large humidor and selected one of Lola's favorite Havana cigars. She carefully prepared the end of the cigar with a cutter and then kneeled in front of her hypnotic mistress, carrying out this task was in fact giving Babette quite an orgasm, as that was precisely how Lola had programmed her to respond to the aroma of the unlit cigar !!

Babette lit a long match and allowed the sulphur to burn away before letting Lola hold the end of the cigar in the flame to warm the end. As the cigar began to smolder Lola started to puff gently until the cigar was well alight, she drew upon the cigar and filled her lungs with the aromatic smoke and blew the smoke into Babettes face . Babette moaned as another orgasmic wave of pleasure coursed it's way through her body. "Ah!" sighed Lola, all is ready now she thought !

Soon Suzy would believe that she is a French maid and would be kitted out with the desired uniform, however she would be heavily corseted to emphasize her large tits, Lola would love that ! Lola thought that black silk stockings and 6 " heels would complement the effect. Followed by a short black maids outfit, apron and short black smooth tight fitting leather gloves. Yes Lola thought, that would do nicely.

"Now my dears, sit here please, and look at me, gaze deeply into my eyes, my hypnotic eyes, relaaaaaax and go into deep hypnosis for me". They sank deeper into their trance, Lola put Mark and the other male into deep sleep. She was going to concentrate on the girl first. Her name was Suzy and she was 22, she was also a blond and had the most curvaceous body, which Lola liked. "Come with me Suzy". Suzy obeyed as the waves of pleasure washed over her mind again. She got up and followed the voluptuous Lola to a room where she would eventually surrender totally to Lola's power.

Suzy was naked and reclining on a large soft couch, she was restrained by the wrists and ankles, but she was oblivious to this fact. The reason for the restraints was to prevent Suzy from falling off the couch when she writhed in pleasure from what Lola was about to do in her mind. Lola took up a position close to Suzy's head, she sat on a high chair and crossed her legs, her nylon stockings made that wonderful rasping sound, as nylons do, when gently rubbed together.

Lola drew more smoke from her cigar and turned and whispered in the girls ear, " Relaaaaaax, and go even deeper Suzy, you know you want to do this for me, you trust me now and will do anything for me, wont you Suzy? " Suzy moaned and felt her mind being drawn ever deeper, it was Lola's intention to switch off her conscious mind completely and then she would be able to condition Suzy's subconscious mind and mould it to her needs. Suzy would then find it impossible to resist Lola's commands even when she was conscious and seemed to be in control, but she would not, she would be Lola's puppet !

Hypnotic Seduction Chapter 4

Lola had completed Suzy's conditioning, she had progressively brought her out of trance and sent her even deeper with her trigger words, until Suzy accepted that she was Suzy the french maid and that Lola was indeed her Mistress. The combination of hypnosis and induced sexual pleasure was too much for Suzy's mind and now all that Suzy craved was to obey Lola and feel delirious waves of pleasure every time she did so! Lola was pleased with the progress that Suzy had made. Now it was the turn of the two males for erotic, seductive, hypnotic domination and pleasure! Lola returned to where she had left the two males. Both were still deep asleep and deeply entranced.

Lola went to Mark first and spoke to him, "Good boy " she said. " Mark open your eyes and awaken, but remain in your hypnotic sleep, you will be aware of me and will want to please and obey me .... good boy " . Mark followed Lola's commands to move into the other room where Babette and her new maid Suzy stripped Mark and then secured him to the couch . Here Lola would deepen Mark's trance and condition him further so that it would not be possible for him to resist her commands. He would have any last vestige of resistance drained away and would be programmed to Lola's hearts content!

Mark felt wonderful, so relaxed and comfortable, he gazed into nothingness and his mind was blank. "Now ........ close your eyes my good boy " said Lola. Mark slid down deeper again into hypnotic sleep. " You are deep in hypnotic sleep now Mark, but you hear my voice echoing gently in your mind, gently brainwashing you, gently brainwashing, so pleasurable to hear my voice and to obey my commands. You will obey , wont you Mark? " asked Lola. Mark could only reply in a meek and compliant voice, he was lost, he couldn't think for himself any longer as the waves of pleasure washed over him as he obeyed the skilled hypnotist. It was so wonderful to hear her voice, to follow her suggestions.

"Now Mark my dear, such a good boy, I want you to focus all of your attention on your cock. You are so turned on by being my hypnotized slave , you are becoming aroused now, just for me, good boy". Mark couldn't resist, he was indeed aroused now and his cock stood rigid, as hard as rock. " Now Mark, my good boy, I want you to begin to focus your thoughts of arousal into your cock, I am going to help you to transfer what is left of your mind into the head of your cock, your little penis head will just tingle with pleasure when we have achieved this together " intoned Lola. Up to one of her most widely used diabolical schemes for focusing a slaves attention.

" Mark, you will want to obey me, whenever you are in my presence , and in addition, if I am holding one of my Havana cigars, stroking it and caressing it and preparing it for smoking, you will start to become aroused and you will then transfer your complete attention to the head of your little cock and it will tingle with pleasure. So much pleasure , orgasmic pleasure to the point of cumming. However my good boy, you will not be able to cum, you can only cum if I command it, only if I command it. Do you understand me Mark? " Mark could only moan in agreement, he was so far gone now that he would agree to anything. Lola was conditioning his subconscious mind now, he was so deeply entranced.

" Babette, fetch me a fresh Havana cigar my dear " Babette brought Lola a cigar, she was trembling in orgasmic delight herself as she carried the cigar to the voluptuous Lola. " Mark on a count of five you will awaken, you will seem aware, but your subconscious mind will retain all of my commands and will follow them completely.

" .... three, four, five ", Mark opened his eyes, he was still restrain on the couch but did not struggle against them. Then his eyes were drawn to Lola's leather clad fingers, for she was holding a big cigar. Wow, the pleasure just hit him, what a turn on this was, he just could not look away from her fingers or that cigar. He could not help but become aroused, he moaned as his cockhead throbbed and tingled with all the pleasure, he couldn't stand this pleasure for long. His subconscious conditioning kicked in, " How can I please you Mistress Lola , I will obey you Mistress". He couldn't help himself from saying those words, as he would do anything just to feel this pleasure for ever! He wanted to cum, he couldn't cum. It was almost like exquisite torture .

Lola proceeded to caress the cigar more and more, knowing what this would do to Mark, she loved it! She commanded Suzy to hold a long match for her and she lit the cigar. Babette was ordered to release Mark from his bonds. " On your knees Mark commanded Lola, now lick my shoes .... good boy .... and keep your eyes on me slave". The sight of Lola smoking that huge cigar excited him so much, he was in a delicious state, his cock was quivering in the pleasure that Lola had so skillfully induced in him. When Lola was satisfied from his shoe cleaning duties and from the pleasure of smoking her cigar, she decided that it was time to put her conditioning to the final test. " Stop Mark, and stand in front of me my slave. Now .... look at me .... and CUM NOW". The command caught Mark by surprise, his mind was now thrown into overdrive, his cock throbbed and trembled, out of control, he cried out in pleasure and exploded , cum flying from him. He had surrendered completely to his Mistress.

Lola was pleased .

Hypnotic Seduction Chapter 5 ....... Lola's pleasure.

Lola was pleased with the days work. She had entranced, deeply hypnotised and conditioned three more victims. Their future for the time being was now one of worship and obedience to their Mistress. The final brick in the wall was in place when Lola had conditioned the last subject . He was Bill, the one built like the WWF wrestler. His mind was no match for Lola's brand of pleasurable conditioning. It didn't take long for her to tease and tantalise Bill into submission, he was soon beside himself with pleasure and conditioned to Lola's hearts content. Resistance was futile and Bill, Mark and Suzy were unable to fight off Lola's seductive voice, the voice of the Mistress hypnotist! Her powers reigned supreme and before the night was out Lola had added three more hypno-slaves to her little collection! She had Babette feed and water her new charges and then packed them off to bed like little children. Leaving their subconscious minds to absorb the new post- hypnotic suggestions, so that when they were awoken the following morning they would be changed people forever.

The following day Lola had the slaves call home and their friends, explaining that they had wonderful new jobs. Opportunity too good to miss, that they were very happy and that they would be in touch again soon. Lola was very pleased with how all had turned out, instead of one hypno-slave she now had four devotees of her hypnotic arts!

Lola's slaves performed their allotted duties and other daily tasks. When the evening arrived it was time for Lola to have some wicked fun with her loyal subjects. Lola felt horny and it was time to exercise her powerful control over her subjects. She assembled her slaves in her boudoir. They stood silently before her, gazing at her beauty, they were in awe of their Mistress.

"Now my darlings it's time for you to entertain your Mistress .... gaze at me and feel yourselves relaxing as you listen to my voice .... Babette bring me a cigar from the humidor".

Babette's attitude changed immediately, she trembled with orgasmic delight, and soon Mark would do the same. Babette brought Lola the cigar and Marks eyes were drawn to it and his cock twitched into life and grew rock hard, it seemed to him that it had a life of it's own and that his erections were getting harder and harder, sadly for him he could not cum or experience pleasure unless Lola so deemed it necessary. Babette was now highly sexually charged also as she was feeling wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her body too. Suzy and Bill looked on impassively, their conditioning sexually was not as powerful, but, they too were affected by the total eroticism of the present situation.

"Suzy my dear, fetch the lighter for me ", commanded Lola. Mark and Babette watched transfixed as Lola lit the huge cigar and began to puff on it's strong smoke, they were beside themselves with delight and becoming hornier by the second.

" Come closer to me Mark and Babette ...... O my ... look at the state of Mark's cock Babette! .... My is he horny, kneel before him Babette!".

Babette obeyed Lola and knelt down before the entranced Mark, his boxer shorts well tented with his erect cock. The sight was rather incongruous, as Babette was so strong and muscular and Mark was only a thin youth! He had hardly any muscle at all! Babette was wearing the same outfit as before, a leather corset, sheer stockings, high heels and the long leather gloves.

"It's time to give Mark some pleasure Babette. Mark focus all of your attention to the head of your cock, focus all thought's there and all pleasure there, but, you will not be able to cum until I command it . Now Babette, you horny bitch, give him head my dear! "

Lola crossed her nylon clad legs and settled downto watch as Mark's cock received the most wonderful of blowjobs he would ever experience . Babette steadied his cock with a leather clad hand and proceeded to lick and suck the head of his cock, Mark moaned in heated response! Lola now had Mark where she wanted him. She commanded Suzy and Bill to remain rooted to the spot and to gaze and learn, to feel hornier and hornier themselves as they watched Babettes mouth and skillful technique working up and down on Mark's cock.

" Mark, such a good boy, you know my dear I think you would make an excellent assistant for Suzy, you have quite delicious feminine features and with a little attitude adjustment would make such a good maid! " , intoned Lola.

" Yesssss, Mistress Lola", replied Mark.

He had no choice in the matter anyway, what could he do, he was lost and so deep under her spell.

"Now my dear as you experience the wonderful pleasure form Babette, I want you to go deeper and deeper for me into your trance, you want to go deeper Mark? Yes, go deeper for me, deeper and deeper, down you go , all the way down now".

Mark could only mumble as he slid rapidly down deeper into Lola's powerful spell, her powerful trance. He was losing himself in what was left of his mind and Lola knew that she would soon be conditioning his subconscious mind once more.

"The pleasure controls you now and you will experience the sensations as I command them. Feel yourself become more feminine, the feminisation of your body will begin now. Feel your breasts grow, feel the weight of them, lovely 38" breasts growing on your chest, you can feel the weight of them can't you Mark, feel the weight of them".

"Yessss Mistress Lola", replied Mark in heated response.

"Good boy ... now feel your hips widen and your waist narrow, your legs feel wonderful and think how they will feel when we have your legs encased in sheer nylons and your body in a beautiful corset, you want to wear these items don't you Mark?"

"Yes Mistress!" Mumbled Mark as Babette continued to her devils work on his boner. Babette was oblivious as to what Lola was doing to Mark as she could only think about the amazing aroma of Lola's huge Havana cigar and was having orgasm after orgasm!

"Suzy my darling, go and get these items my dear. Sheer black hose , a tight black corset, tanga briefs ,6" high heels and another maids dress and apron .... go now!" Commanded Lola.

"Bill my dear ... I forgot about your pleasure my dear ... jerk off now .. and go deeper into your trance as I need to program you a little more deeply soon!"

Bill obeyed his hypnotic Mistress immediately.

"You will stop now Babette, and help Suzy dress Mark when she returns".

Mark was still in deep pleasure, his penis swollen and quivering in delight as he heard Lola speak to him, although the words seemed to be of no consequence to him, as they conditioned his mind to suit Lola's devilish plans!

Suzy returned with the clothes as ordered and as Mark stood in raptures of pleasure she and Babette dressed Mark in them as commanded by Lola.

"Wonderful my dear Mark or should I say Margery the French maid ... Mark you will now respond to the name Margery.

"Yesss Mistress Lola", answered Margery.

To be continued.

Hypnotic Seduction Chapter 6

Mark was now Margery, totally feminised in the mind at least, Lola was satisfied with his looks after he had been dressed and had his makeup applied by Suzy and Babette. Bill stood before Lola and was tossing off slowly and going into a deeper trance and loving every moment of it as he listened to Lola’s silky and seductive voice. "Stop masturbating Bill and come here a little closer to me please".

Lola snaked out her leather gloved hand and grasped Bill’s cock and began to caress it in the most sensual way she knew how! Bill was in ecstasy, but could not cum until commanded. Lola continued to massage Bill’s cock, providing maximum pleasure, Bill’s mind was in absolute turmoil as he absorbed Lola’s words, deep into his subconscious mind.

"You will become more and more devoted to me Bill as only I can provide you with the pleasure that you crave. You crave to be hypnotised by me Bill, you need to obey me Bill ,you need to worship me and to carry out all of my commands, you will do this wont you Bill?" said Lola as she increased the speed and friction of her wanking technique on his cock. "Yes Mistress Lola", he replied, as he moaned from the attention that she was giving his now very swollen cock. "Very good Bill, you please me so much, and you feel absolutely fabulous dont you Bill?" "Yesssssss !", he moaned. Lola smiled as she watched Bill’s face in contortions of pleasure, beads of sweat pouring down his forehead as she worked faster and harder on his cock!

"Deeper and deeper Bill, feel the pleasure in your mind Bill, the pleasure that only I can give, you obey my commands and suggestions, and as you do so you will feel this pleasure Bill, feel this pleasure as you serve me as a devoted slave and bodyguard!" Then as suddenly as she had started to work on Bill, she stopped, leaving Bill in mid air, swollen and almost begging for release, not that Bill could even ask for that !!!

Suzy was commanded to come forward. "Kneel before Bill Suzy, gaze deeply at his cock my dear, and as you gaze feel yourself slipping deeper and deeper into a wonderful pleasurable trance. Good girl Suzy, down deeper and deeper, now you will please me very much if you give Bill a superb blow job !" commanded Lola. Suzy obeyed her Mistress and began working on Bill’s rather large cock. Again the sight was incongruous as Bill was built like an ox, and Suzy apart from her large breast was much smaller. Lola puffed on her cigar with a grin of contentment across her lips. She commanded Babette to repeat the blow job she had give Mark earlier, but now it was Margery who received the attention.

After several minutes she had the couples reverse positions so that the girls received pleasure too, then she had them swop again. Babette went to work on Bill and Suzy on Margery. Several times she made them all freeze so that she could study the expressions on their faces, or to take some photographs! Then she had them continue their merry dance of pleasure , in body and soul! She made them swop again so that Suzy now had Babettes powerful legs wrapped around her and Bill and Margery tossed each other off or gave each other blow jobs. Lola continued the variations for a few hours until finally she lined up her hypno-slaves before her and commanded that they masturbate and then to have one final almighty orgasm, moaning out louder and louder until she commanded their reward!

Lola reigned supreme !

Hypnotic Seduction Chapter 7 ......... Lola’s diversion

A few weeks had passed by and Lola was a little bored after her work on her new slaves. They had settled in well to their newly assigned roles as devoted hypno-slaves to their Mistress Lola. Mark was now Margery, Suzy was a wonderful maid and Bill a bodyguard who just couldn’t resist doing whatever Lola told him to do!

Lola needed a break in the sun. So she decided to have her bags packed and she and Babette would head to the sunshine state Florida, she liked Miami, and hadn’t been there for a while and she was sure that past hypnotic antics there would be well forgotten now by any of the hypno-slaves she had made there before!

So it was then that Babette and her Mistress Lola found themselves booking into a nice hotel on the seafront, close to the beach, but not that it mattered as it had it’s own large pool, where Lola and Babette could lounge around all day topping up their tans and laze about watching all the other beautiful people. It must have been quite a sight to behold, two devastatingly attractive women clad only in their swimsuits, glistening with sun -tan oil, soaking up the rays. Particularly as one was built like Cory Everson and the other like the Goddess! Lola looked her best in the one piece swim suit and Babette in her small and tight bikini! Lola commanded Babette to go to their room, to fetch a couple of Lola’s favourite cigars as she wished to smoke beside the pool, it was fine to do so as this private exclusive hotel had no smoking restrictions , as their were in other establishments in the area. After Babette had done her Mistresses bidding she was further commanded to lay on the sun lounger and ... "Go to sleep, deep sleep and dream of worshipping your Mistress!"

A while had passed and as the late afternoon sun was getting a little lower in the sky Lola lit the second of her large double corona cigars and out of the corner of her eye she noticed a fine specimen of a young man approaching where she and Babette were stretched out on the loungers , Babette still deep and blissful hypnotic trance! His name was Brad, a good looking attractive male, rather egotistical, and just out of medical school where he had qualified as a doctor of general medicine. He didn’t approve of smoking, but the sight of these two voluptuous women before him slightly took his mind off that particular emotion.

"Hi, I’m Brad", he said to Lola. "Hello, I’m Lola and this is my companion Babette, we wont disturb her at the moment!" replied Lola. Brad asked "Do you mind if I use this lounger, beside you?" He thought what the hell, there was very few people about now to talk to and he couldn’t let the opportunity pass to chat up this gorgeous mature woman now, could he? Lola took more smoke from her cigar, Brad just had to say, "Sorry to ask this Lola, but would you mind not blowing that smoke in my direction?"

Lola as we know is very passionate about her cigars, so this request did not go down too well with her. However, she did not let herself get angry, she bit her tongue and thought to herself that this young man may need taking down a peg or two, perhaps even an attitude adjustment! "My dear young man I happen to enjoy my cigars and in fact find them very soothing and relaxing to smoke, one needs to relax sometimes". "I am sorry Lola I didn’t mean to offend you!" Lola continued, "What could be nicer than sitting here with the sun on your body, enjoying the tranquillity and unwinding? Letting the breeze cool you and watching the ripples and the sunlight twinkling on them!

"Look at the ripples Brad, watch the never ending pattern in them, forever changing, never the same, see the patterns Brad, dont you find them fascinating? Yes, thats it Brad look at them, they are so fascinating, holding your attention now , so fascinating that you cannot look away. You find the patterns so soothing, as soothing as you find my voice."

Lola did not give Brad the chance to stop and realise what was going on here, she now had his attention, he felt strange, his scalp tingled as she spoke and it seemed to him as though he wasnt really listening to what Lola was saying anymore. Her words washing over him and embedding themselves deep within his mind. He felt good, this felt nice.

"Relax Brad, feel yourself relaxing deeper and deeper as you gaze at the patterns in the water, relaaaaaax ... relaaaaaax, deeper and deeper, you love the feelings of the deep relaxation washing over you, feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper in this relaxation. Feel it Brad, feel yourself surrendering to my hypnotic spell, so good now, you feel so good Brad .So good to relax and to follow my suggestions, no resistance Brad, if you start to resist me you will only go deeper, resistance takes you deeper", intoned Lola as she coaxed Brad into a deep hypnotic trance. Brad had no chance now, he tried hard to fight but couldnt win the struggle, as he rapidly slid down deeper and deeper under Lolas sway.

Her powerful knowledge of the hypnotic arts were succeeding yet again and soon she would have Brad where she wanted him, completely under her deep hypnotic spell! Then it would be time to condition his subconscious mind for servitude and worshipful obedience. She intended to help him to overcome his dislike of her Havana cigars!

Brad was now deep asleep, a deep hypnotic sleep where Lola was the centre of his universe! Brad you will obey my every command, now listen closely to your Mistress. "Later this evening you will come to suite 111 . You knock the door and when you see me again you instantly look at the emerald pendant that I will be wearing, it will fascinate you and you will be immediately and completely deeply hypnotised, immediately and completely deeply hypnotised, do you understand me Brad?" "Yes Mistress Lola", he said in a quiet monotone! "Very good Brad, you are doing so well, you please me very much! Now Brad my dear in a moment I am going to count to five and when I reach five you will be wide awake and we will be continuing our conversation, you will have no recollection of being hypnotised by me, but your subconscious mind will retain my commands and post-hypnotic suggestions. Do you understand me Brad?" "Yes Mistress Lola", he replied. "One ... two ... three ... four ... eyes and mind clearing ... five .. wide awake!

So it was that Brad found himself outside suite 111. He raised his hand to knock the door, he thought for a moment, why the hell was he here? He knocked the door a couple of times and it was soon opened by Lola, she looked incredible in a skin tight black latex dress which hugged her voluptuous form like a second skin. The dress served to emphasise her large bust, it stopped about mid thigh and under her dress she wore a thin latex corset, attached to this were delicate sheer nylons ,on her feet were 6 high heels. Lolas arms were sheathed in a pair of long black latex gloves. Babette had been awoken about a hour before Brad arrived and had been programmed with instructions as how to act at this time. Babette too was dressed in very similar attire.

Lola wore the large emerald pendant and as soon as Brad caught a glimpse of this his eyes were drawn to it like paper clips to a powerful magnet! His eyes were locked onto the emerald and immediately his eyes glazed over and his entire world shrunk into oblivion! He stood there in front of Lola.

"Come in Brad, sit here my dear, now inhale deeply, exhale and relaaaaax. Feel yourself relaxing deeper and deeper, so good to hear my voice again, so good to be hypnotised by me again, relax and go into deep hypnosis for me!"

Brad s breathing become slow and easy, the chair moulding itself around him, he was glowing inside, his body melting away into deep hypnosis. His nervous electricity switching off as he relaxed more and more by following Lolas suggestions, it felt so good!

"Now my dear you are in a deep hypnotic trance, nod your head if you can hear my voice Brad." Brad nodded his head, Lola commanded Babette to stand behind Brad and to massage his temples, sending him deeper and deeper down within his own mind, Lola was going to take him very deep indeed and then talk nonchalantly to his subconscious mind.

"Close your eyes Brad and relaaaax and enjoy your trance, so pleasurable to listen to my voice now, you can feel the erotic pleasure washing over you, it arouses you Brad, you feel so sexy, so horny."

Brad responded and his cock twitched into an erection as Lolas words entered his numbed brain! Excellent thought Lola as her plan was falling neatly into place. Lola had Babette stop from massaging his temples now as Brad was deeply hypnotised.

"Open your eyes now Brad, but remain in your pleasurable deep trance. Brad its so warm in here and you are so horny now my darling, so remove all of your clothes!" Brad did as he was told, he would do whatever Lola suggested. "Sit down again Brad and gaze at your Mistress! Lola crossed her nylon clad legs and swung her high heel shoes around in a small circular motion. Brad get down and lick my shoes. Babette bring over the box of my cigars please." Babette moved over to the large coffee table where a box of twenty five, fresh, double corona cigars. Babette started to get wet between the legs, as her conditioning took over and began the sequence of events that would result in her having orgasm after orgasm. She returned to stand beside Lola , Good, now prepare two cigars for smoking Babette. Lola took the cigar from Babette, she ran the cigar under her nose and revelled in its aroma . Babette my dear, hold the cigar under Brads nose.

"Brad smell the aroma from the fresh cigar my darling and as you do so you will fall deeper into your trance, becoming more and more submissive and obedient to me. The aroma makes you more and more aroused and horny, associate this aroma with your sexy feelings, the aroma drives you wild with desire, deeper and deeper now Brad. Stand up Brad and come here and stand in front of both of us."

Babette and Lola sat up in their seats. They proceeded to stroke Brads cock with the cigars, exciting him more and more.

"Brad, feel how smooth the cigars feel on the head of your cock Brad. So smooth, feel how cigars can give you so much pleasure." Lolas plan was in full swing now as she intended to remove Brads hatred for smoking and for cigars in particular. Lola then had Babette hold a large lighter and she lit the cigar and as a special treat she let Babette light her cigar too , Babette was so pleased that her Mistress let her smoke a cigar, and as usual she was very turned on now and was experiencing wonderful pleasure , orgasmic pleasure in her mind and body!

"Stand up Babette and gently blow some smoke in Brads face my dear, thats it my darling! Now Brad open your mouth and let Babette blow some smoke there, and I want you to inhale when she does so!" Brad did as he was told, and Babette did so too. He breathed in the thick aromatic smoke.

Lola began caressing Brads swollen penis with her latex covered fingers, tracing her finger tips in a smooth motion over the head of his cock, she continued to condition his mind effortlessly, as he was trapped in her hypnotic, erotic, web! She was getting her own back on this upstart of a young man, who had interrupted her personal smoking pleasure.

"That's it Brad, feel the pleasure of the smoke, let him puff at the cigar Babette, thats it, I want you from now on in your life Brad to associate the pleasure you feel sexually with the pleasure from holding, touching and from smoking a long, thick Havana cigar, you will not be able to achieve sexual satisfaction without the additional stimulus of a fine cigar. When you are alone at home you will remove your clothes, light up a cigar and you will masturbate while you smoke the whole cigar, you will see my emerald pendant in your mind and you will think of me, Lola, your Mistress, and when you cum you will call out my name and pledge you worship for me and for my Havana cigars. You are a slave to me and to my cigars, so pleasurable, so relaaaaxing, so wonderful!"

So it was that Brads life changed from that moment. He would become a secret cigar smoker. Lola eventually allowed Brad to leave, she removed the memory of the days activities from his mind, except for the post-hypnotic suggestions planted deeply in his subconscious mind. Well, one never knows when the services of a good doctor might be needed?