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By MindBender

I recently purchased a used computer system from "the friend of afriend". He explained to me that she had recently taken a job with acompany that provided each of its employees their own state-of-the-artcomputer system for free. Although her system was just out of the box,she no longer needed it and wanted to recoup some of the money shespent.

This deal seemed too good to be true; the computer was the fastestavailable commercially, and had a huge storage capacity. It came with alarge monitor, printer, and modem--it had all the bells and whistles. Myfriend estimated that I had saved over $1000 by buying this systeminstead of buying a new one with similar capabilities. And since I wasa young executive in training, a thousand bucks was still a lot of moneyto me.

When my friend dropped the system off at my apartment, he passed thename of the former owner and her phone number, scribbled on a piece ofpaper. "Sarafina..." I muttered, "Sounds European". Say, are you sureshe wouldn't mind me calling if I have any problems?"

He shook his head. "She emphatically told me that you shouldn'thesitate to call if you have any trouble at all." The words, spokenwith a peculiar formality, seemed somehow funny coming from his mouth.

Anyway, I hooked my new computer system up and it ran beautifully--forall of two days. On the third day, I booted it up, and it hung up onthe start-up script. Being semi-computer literate, I tinkered around,and finally got it to run a few programs. But it was obvious thatsomething was seriously wrong.

"No wonder this Sarafina wanted to get rid of this lemon" I thought,feeling stupid for apparently having been taken. I dug around the messon top of my dresser and found the scrap of paper. Picking up thephone, I dialed the number on it. After a few rings, someone answered.

"Hello." The voice on the other end was deep and sensuous. For amoment, I forgot how angry I felt, The moment passed. "Hello, is thisSarafina? Well, this is the guy who bought your computer system. Guesswhat? It doesn't work! What are you gonna do about it?"

"Just calm down, relax" Sarafina replied reassuringly. "I know thesystem has some minor bugs, and I was trying to work them out when I gotmy new system. I thought I had it fixed, but obviously it needs morework. I'm pretty sure I know where the problem is, and I'll be happy totalk you through the trouble-shooting steps. Please, will you give me achance to help you?"

Sarafina's words seemed so genuine, so sincere, that my anger wasmollified. Maybe I had been a little harsh with her; after all, Icouldn't prove she had intentionally sold me a bad system. While I wasstill a little peeved at her, I agreed to let her try to help.

At her direction, I sat down in front of the computer, the phone in myear. Sarafina instructed me to reboot the computer. She then had mecarry out a series of rather monotonous steps, explaining that I had torelay detailed information on the system's settings and performance.This would help speed the trouble-shooting process along, she said.

Each of the tasks took a minute or two to run, and Sarafina and I madesmall talk while they did so. For the most part, she asked thequestions, and I gave the answers.

Then from out of the blue came, "So, are you married?"I was a little taken aback at her directness, but I decided the questionwas basically harmless. "No, how about you?" I replied, trying to puther on the spot like she had done to me.

She gave a small laugh. "No, no, not enough time... my new boss saysI'm married to my job. He may have a point." Her answer was followedby an awkward silence, as neither of us seemed to know what to saynext.

Then just as I thought the conversation would shift back to thecomputer, Sarafina offered, "So, have you got a girlfriend?" Just whatwas she getting at? I came close to telling her that my personal lifewas none of her business, but I reluctantly decided to keep theconversation polite. After all, she was trying to help me. "Yes, Ido." I thought it best not to encourage her further by turning thequestion back on her.

Thankfully, the computer finished running the task I had given it.Sarafina told me to reboot it again, which I did. While we waited, sheagain filled the void with a few questions, much to my chagrin.

Is your friend there now? I mean, I hope I'm not taking you away fromanything important." I pondered the likely sincerity of her concern formy social life. "No, I'm stuck here all alone here," I replied as thebooting process continued.

Despite my doubts, I noticed how soothing her voice sounded, so caring."I know this is taking a long time. If you have anything else you reallyneed to do, I can get back in touch with you later."

Soothing voice or not, I began to wonder if she was really concernedabout imposing or was just getting tired of holding my hand. Since Ididn't have anything planned until that evening, I was determined to getthe computer problem solved then and there. My voice resolute, Iresponded, "No, I'd rather just take care of this now."

"OK, there's not all that much more to do anyway." Did I detect a touchof eagerness in her pronouncement?

I ran a few more programs according to her instructions. The computerwas clearly running more smoothly now, and its processing speed hadincreased substantially.

I was glad we seemed to be finally nearing the end. Glancing at mywatch, I was surprised to see that I had been on the phone for over andhour. Granted, the work was often very tedious. In fact, on severaloccasions I had found myself stifling a yawn.

But, at last, the computer seemed to be working as advertised. Figuringwe were finally finished, I thanked her for her help and prepared tohang up.

But we weren't done. Sarafina had other ideas.Her deep voice turned insistent. "Before you go, I'd just like to checkone last thing. If we really fixed the bug, you should be able to geton the net more easily." Try as I may, I couldn't repress a sigh as Iwondered if this would ever end.

Reluctantly conceding to one last test, I hit the icon for the programthrough which the computer accessed the Internet. As it loaded, I toldher it appeared to be working work just fine. Somehow, I wasn'tsurprised that she had yet another request. "Why don't you try myhomepage; it's "www.sarafina.com." It's got some advanced graphics thatwill let you see if your video driver is configured properly. Besides,I like showing it off."

I really wanted this to end, but since she'd spent all this time helpingme, I decided to humor her. I input the URL in the address block, hitthe enter button, and waited. The computer was really humming now, andSarafina's homepage loaded up in a matter of moments.

I stared at the screen. This page was the strangest thing I'd everseen. No words. No pictures. It contained nothing but a big black andwhite spiral image that filled the entire screen. As the page finishedloading, the spiral began to slowly turn.

Sarafina's voice returned, quiet, soothing. "Is my spiral up?" I toldher it was. "Good. Is it turning yet?" Again, I respondedaffirmatively.

"Good, good. Now, please watch the spiral closely. If your driver isconfigured right, it should start spin faster in a few seconds. But youhave to watch very closely or you might miss the change."

I watched the spiral intently. For about 30 seconds, it seemed to spinat a constant rate. Then, much to my amazement, it did indeed seem tostart turning a little faster. "Yeah, I see it... it's definitelyspeeding up."

What I didn't realize was that the disk wasn't speeding up at all; whatwas really happening was that I was being coaxed into a hypnotic trance,and I was beginning to accept Sarafina's suggestions.

Sarafina's voice was filled with satisfaction. "Very good. Just keepwatching it. Watch it very closely and soon you'll see some other neateffects."

Incredibly, I found myself becoming totally fascinated by the disk,which seemed to be spinning faster and faster. "Yes, keep lookingclosely at the spiral. Look very close at it. Now, see how it'sstarting to change colors... green... blue... purple... red... orange...yellow. Do you see all the different colors of the spiral?"

"Yes, yes, I see them, I see all of them..." I replied, my voice flat.Of course, the disk had really not changed colors, just as it had neversped up. Watching the spiral intently had left me utterly mesmerizedand quite receptive to the strange woman's words.

Sarafina's soft and soothing voice continued. "Now I want you to listencarefully to my words as you watch the spiral. Listen to my words andwatch the spiral. Listen to my words and watch the spiral. Listen andwatch. Listen and watch. My words. The spiral. My words. Thespiral."

My voice seemed possessed by another body. "Yes..." Her words suddenlyseemed to come from far away. "Tell me, what do you want to do?""I want... to listen to your words and watch the spiral."

"Very, very good. You're doing just fine. Now, as you watch thefascinating spiral, you are learning many new things. You know that Iam very smart. You know that I am very powerful. You know that I amvery beautiful. You know these things now, don't you?"

"Yes. I know them..."

"Watch as the disk spins faster and faster, always changing colors. Asyou watch, you know that I am all-knowing... and that you should alwaysobey my instructions. You know you will always obey Sarafina. You knowthis, don't you?"


"Tell me, what do you know about me? Who will you always obey?"

"I will always obey Sarafina."

"Who will you always obey?"




"Excellent. You're doing so very well. So well that you've earned areward for learning your lesson so quickly. You already know howbeautiful I am. But my beauty encompasses not only my body, but myvoice as well. As you listen to my beautiful voice, you find thatyou're becoming sexually excited. Very excited... You now feel yourpenis growing larger... larger... larger... larger... And now, you justhave to open your zipper before it breaks."

With my eyes still frozen to the image on the screen, my free hand movedto my zipper. As I slid it down, my huge erection emerged.

"Now, take your penis in your hand... feel your marvelous erection. Itfeels so big, so good. The pressure inside it is growing more andmore. You want to cum so badly. I know you do. And as a reward foryour obedience, you may now masturbate as you watch the spiral." Almostimmediately, I began pumping away.

She continued to speak as I mindlessly banged away. "Every time you tellyourself that you must always obey Sarafina, your masturbation willbecome even more pleasurable. The spiral will spin faster as you gofaster. You will go faster and faster until you attain what youdesire."

Incredibly, each time I said, "I must always obey Sarafina," my swollenpenis seemed to become more sensitive. Before long, I was repeating thephrase over and over again.

After about 45 seconds, my pumping reached a frenzy. My hand was movingwildly, and I was nearly screaming the phrase "I must always obeySarafina!" Though it all, my eyes remained glued to the spiral, whichnow appeared to be turning so fast that it seemed like a whirlingmulticolored blur.

Finally, with a tortured yell, I exploded all over the computer, thedesk, and me.

No doubt listening for my climax Sarafina's calming voice returned."Verrrry good. You're very happy now, very satisfied. Now, close youreyes as you continue to return to a state of calm."

As my breathing became more regular, my eyelids slid slowly downwarduntil all I saw was darkness. Through that darkness came Sarafina'svoice. "Have you closed your eyes?"


"You have done very well, and I am very pleased with you. I know howhappy it makes you to know that. You have learned many wonderful thingstoday. You have learned that I am all-knowing. You learned that I amthe smartest, most talented, most beautiful woman you've ever known.You know now that you should always obey me. Always. And when you hearmy voice, you feel a tremendous desire deep within you. The only wayfor you to satisfy that desire is to obey me. Only through yourcomplete obedience to Sarafina can you find satisfaction andhappiness... Do you understand your lesson?"

"Yes, I understand completely."

"Good. Soon I will instruct you to open your eyes. When you open them,all that you will remember is that whenever you're alone and working onyour computer, you'll want to call me at this number. You do not needto remember anything else. I will refresh your memory when I need to.Through my guidance you will achieve total happiness. Do you understandthis?"

"I understand."

"Excellent. When you open your eyes, you will realize that yourgirlfriend cannot satisfy your most intimate needs. Only I can do thatnow. As soon as you hang up, you will call her and explain you can'tsee her anymore. Make up an excuse to spare her feelings. Do youunderstand this?"

"I understand."

"One last thing. If you have any more trouble with the computer, youshouldn't hesitate to call me."

"Yes... of course, call you."

"Good. Now, on the count of five, you will open your eyes. One...two..."