Movie Buff

by Hypnotic Flower (Soforia) and the Red Guy

As the movie house lights dimmed in preparation for next show, Steve felt a rush of excitement. He’d seen this movie, ‘The Woman in Green’, countless times – but he always felt a surge of adrenaline whenever the familiar soundtrack started and the black and white images began to flicker across the screen. This was more than just his favourite movie – this was THE movie. The one that had started his fascination with hypnosis in general, and dominant hypnotic women in particular.

He vividly remembered first seeing the movie back when he was ten (now some twenty or so years ago). He hadn’t really been paying much attention; his father was a bit of a movie buff and was taping an old Sherlock Holmes feature from the 1940s. His dad had been excited all week about this movie finally showing up on TV. It seemed to Steve that the movie had prompted his old man into buying a VCR, which was a very expensive piece of equipment back in the mid-80s. Steve had been flipping through a comic while the movie played but had been drawn to the mysterious woman at the centre of the criminal conspiracy that Holmes was investigating. Always filmed in soft focus, the woman was attractive enough, but it was her air of quiet control that got Steve interested. He’d been noticing a new teacher at school (a gorgeous twenty-something woman who knew very well how much the younger boys lusted after her). The figure in the movie (Lydia) reminded Steve of Miss Sinclair… especially the way she spoke in a soft soothing voice in one of the film’s early scenes. She talked about being tired, like children who have played too long, and need sleep. As the film progressed it became clear that the earlier scene was supposed to represent the start of Lydia hypnotizing one of the victims in an elaborate blackmail operation. The movie challenged the view of hypnosis as a fraud and led up to a scene where Lydia hypnotized Holmes (the great detective himself). This was the scene that blew Steve away.

There was something about the whole set-up: the woman in control, the man doing as he was told and being put to sleep by this beauty - who then had him at her mercy. The film had barely finished when Steve found some excuse to rush to his room and relive the movie’s climax with one of his own.

In the years that passed Steve had read some books on hypnosis and always kept an eye out for films and TV shows that included hypnotic scenes. Usually he was disappointed. Very few scenes could match the eroticism that Lydia and Sherlock Holmes had generated. He didn’t think of himself as in anyway submissive (actually he was considered something of a jock at Law School) but he always got more of a kick out of scenes where the woman was hypnotizing the guy.

Steve had managed to track down a copy of ‘The Woman in Green’ a few years ago, but he still tried to see the movie on the big screen whenever an occasional special showing occurred. Something about sitting in the dark, with the movie projected to such a size, reminded him of that first encounter with the thrill of erotic hypnosis all those years ago. It had been a while, but a season of Sherlock Holmes movies was running at a local art house theatre, and so here he sat, once again re-united with the movie that launched a thousand fantasies.

Suddenly a sharp pain shot through his foot

‘Oh, I’m so sorry’.

He looked up and, even in the gloom of the movie theatre, the beauty of the woman struck him whose high heel had just speared his foot.

‘That’s okay’, he lied, ‘no permanent damage.’

She returned his smile and sat down a couple of seats away.

He noticed the trail of perfume that she left in her wake. Quite subtle, but very alluring. He inhaled deeply. Not fully realising that he was doing it, he turned his head to look at her again. Her eyes met his and, smiling, she ventured, ‘I love this film’.

‘Me too’, he whispered.

They exchanged another smile and he returned his gaze to the screen.

After about 40 minutes of watching the movie, Steve began getting excited. His favourite part of the film was approaching. Lydia’s induction/seduction of Holmes was only minutes away now. The two characters were having a drink in a bar, discussing a case that was bothering the detective. Holmes was confiding that the case was so perplexing that he was having problems sleeping. Lydia smiled to herself and ventured, ‘I think I can help you’ – Steve was once again aware of the perfume from earlier and looked around -

‘Sorry. May I?’

The woman clearly needed to visit the rest room.

‘Sure’, Steve whispered, making way for her.

She slipped past him, much more gracefully than before. The perfume filled his nostrils once again and, since his eyes were now adjusted to the light, he was able to study her figure as she squeezed past. He felt a thrill of excitement as her leg brushed against his.

The key scene was about to begin when Steve sensed her returning. He began to rise to his feet but she gestured him to remain sitting – ‘I’ll sit here’. She sat just one seat away from him, smiled, and then looked up at the screen. Following her eyes, Steve looked up, just in time to see his favourite part unfolding before his eyes.

Lydia had persuaded Holmes to take a sedative, which she described as an ‘oriental soporific’. She sat on a sofa beside the detective and began her induction:

‘You’ll feel yourself going drowsy, don’t fight it. Give in to it.

Because you do want to sleep you know.’

Lydia turned from the detective and looked at a large ornamental bowl on the coffee table in front of them. The bowl contained a single, perfect flower blossom.

‘Just fix your eyes on this one white flower…. Floating on the water.

Empty your mind of every other thought.’

Lydia gently pushed the flower away from the edge of the bowl and towards the centre. At this point Lydia dipped a finger in the water and started a slow circling motion, pulling the flower along a steady circle around and around as the water built up speed.

‘Follow the motion of the water. So smooth. Not a ripple.

Waters of forgetfulness.

Steady. Deep. Strong.

Strange isn’t it, how the light is reflected. Little specs of light that moves. And move.’

Holmes’ gaze remained fixed on the flower as Lydia turned to face him. Her voice took on an even softer, more seductive tone as she raised her hand and began to gently stroke the back of his neck with her index finger.

‘It’s restful here. Peaceful. Friendly.

And you’re very close to finding what you’re looking for.

You’ll find them soon now, the guilty ones.

When you’re rested.

Gentle waters closing over you.

Steady. Deep. Strong.

Drawing you down…. Down…. Down.’

Lydia’s beautiful face filled the screen as the music swelled and her induction reached its inevitable climax.

‘Sleep…… Sleep……. Sleep.’

Holmes’ eyes were closed and his head fell slightly forward. A smile – a wicked, supremely assured smile – flickered across Lydia’s lips.

Steve’s erection would have been obvious to anyone who had bothered to look, even in the dim light of the movie theatre. Lost in his fantasy, Steve didn’t realise that his arousal had been noticed by at least one member of the audience.

A few minutes later and the house lights went up as the movie ended. The picture’s finale always left Steve rather disappointed – Holmes was faking it; the evil Moriarty was killed and Lydia led away to prison. A genuine anti-climax. Steve knew what would happen next. He’d go home, watch the DVD and have a climax of a different sort when the scene replayed.

He started to walk to the aisle but found the woman still seated, partially blocking the way. She looked almost in a trance – staring straight ahead at the now blank screen. Steve took the opportunity to look her up and down properly before offering a polite cough and venturing, ‘Em… Excuse me’.

‘Ohh.. I’m so sorry’. The woman looked around; she seemed a little flustered and quite embarrassed to have been caught unawares. ‘I get so engrossed in that movie. I’m sorry’. She started to stand. ‘I tend to get a little carried away when I see it. It’s very special to me and the chance to see it is so rare….’

‘You’re right’, Steve agreed, ‘If it wasn’t for my copy at home I don’t think I’d have seen it in at least a couple of years’. Steve gulped – in an instant he realised he’d said too much. The woman looked at him in surprise: ‘You have a copy at home?’

‘Err, yes…. I… er…’ Steve was desperately trying to think of an explanation but the woman broke his chain of thought, ‘Oh, you are so lucky’.

‘What? Er, Yes. I suppose I am?’ He was relieved that she hadn’t questioned why someone would pay good money to view a film that they already owned.

The woman stood and began to walk to the exit, turning her head to continue the conversation, ‘I’ve looked everywhere for a copy. I got one once through E-Bay but my machine chewed the tape after a few days and I er - ’ Now it was the woman’s turn to be embarrassed.

‘You must really like Sherlock Holmes’, Steve joked.

‘Well, yes, but this movie’s very special’. She looked away from Steve’s gaze.

There was a moment’s uneasy silence. Steve wanted to keep her talking; it wasn’t everyday he spoke with such a stunning beauty.

‘I’d gladly make you a copy’, he blurted.

‘Really?!’, she was very excited, ‘That would be wonderful – ’ she broke off in mid sentence, as if trying to contain herself. ‘Can you do a tape-to-tape copy?’

‘No need’, Steve beamed, ‘I have it on DVD. I found it in a bargain bin in a store in Toronto.’

‘Toronto?’, she quizzed, ‘Don’t tell me that you went all the way to Toronto just to find it?’

Steve laughed and explained that it had been during a business trip. The conversation moved on and somehow they ended up in a restaurant, a nice old place with lots of booths. He wasn’t quite sure whose idea the restaurant was; it just seemed to be a natural place to continue their conversation.

A couple of hours – and an excellent meal – later, Steve and Stephanie (as he now knew her) had got to know quite a lot about each other. Both were currently without partners: Steve was separated and, although he was on good terms with his ex, he felt pretty sure that his attempts to patch it up were failing. Stephanie’s husband had died in a traffic accident two years before. They were getting along very well when Stephanie raised a topic that Steve was half hoping for, but also half-fearing:

‘So….’, she smiled, ‘The Woman in Green’.

‘Yes’ Steve interrupted, ‘I’ll make you a copy as soon as I get home’.

‘No silly’, she laughed, ‘I mean, how come you go all the way into town to view a movie that you already have on DVD?’

Steve felt himself blush, ‘Well… I err. It’s better on a big screen… and er….’ He could tell that Stephanie wasn’t buying his story. But he felt reassured by her smile and the twinkle in her eyes. ‘I….’ His voice trailed off and he wondered whether he dared tell her the truth. Stephanie took a sip from her wineglass and offered her own explanation.


‘What?’, Steve was shocked. ‘What did you say?’

‘I er’, just as Steve felt he’d messed up again, it was Stephanie who seemed to have somehow placed herself in the embarrassing position – just like in the movie theatre. She looked away and began fiddling with her handbag, as if searching for something, trying to distract attention from what she’d let slip.

Suddenly very sure of himself again, Steve lent across the table and placed a reassuring hand on Stephanie’s arm. She looked up into his gaze, worried she might have spoilt what was developing between them.

‘Did you say hypnosis… because it’s okay if you did. I’m interested in hypnosis.’ Steve felt her relax as his words sank in.

Gradually, the conversation resumed and (helped by the bottle and a half of red wine they had consumed) the pair soon fell into an excited discussion about hypnosis and its treatment in films and TV. Once she was over her initial embarrassment, Stephanie was very open about her own fascination with the subject. Steve played it cool, pretending to be interested but not fixated. Underneath his calm façade, however, Steve’s mind was racing. Here was a beautiful woman who seemed to share his deepest and most secret obsession. It got better.

Stephanie explained that she’d seen the movie on TV when she was about 14. There was something about Lydia’s poise that appealed to her. She’d almost forgotten about it when, years later, she’d found herself taking a psych course in college and took to it like a duck to water. She’d since established her own small practice catering mainly to couples and stressed out executives. Now Steve was ready to burst. She was a hypnotist?

‘So the film kind of inspired me for life. That’s why I love it so much. How about you?’

Steve was on the spot. Stephanie’s explanation now had a legitimate angle on hypnosis while Steve’s was much less well defined but much more sexual.

‘I… well.. What I mean is…’

‘Have you ever been hypnotized?’ Stephanie asked.

Steve decided that attack was the best form of defense, ‘Me? No. I’m not sure I could be.’

Stephanie looked quizzically at him.

‘Well’, he continued, ‘I’ve read a couple of books on hypnosis myself… and I know that not everyone can be.’

Stephanie looked intrigued.

‘Isn’t all hypnosis really self-hypnosis’. Steve knew he was playing with fire and he wasn’t sure what he hoped to achieve. He’d always fantasized about being hypnotized by a beautiful woman. But now that the possibility was becoming real he wasn’t sure that it was such a good idea.

‘Maybe you’re right.’ Stephanie drained her glass. ‘Shall we go and do my copy?’

Steve was a little surprised by her forwardness – especially when she insisted on paying for the meal. But it wasn’t long before they were back at his place, setting up the VCR.

They started the movie playing and Steve hoped that they’d move into a different room (say, the bedroom) while it taped. A little to his annoyance, however, Stephanie settled down on the sofa to watch the movie all over again. She patted the seat at her side and, obediently, Steve sat where she indicated. She snuggled up to him and tucked her feet under her body.

Soon the first induction scene was playing; Lydia was seducing a London gentleman by telling him to watch some flowers in her ornamental bowl. The scene faded to black before her true purpose was revealed but its erotic nature certainly stirred something in Steve. He imagined Stephanie snuggling a little closer and wondered whether she was aware of his mild discomfort.

‘It’s very well done you know’.


‘The induction, it’s quite realistic.’

Steve was puzzled; she wanted to discuss the induction? ‘Is it? I’ve always thought it would have been better without the water. You know, using her eyes, or a watch. Something like that.’

‘Oh no’, Stephanie insisted, ‘The water is perfect. So original’.

‘It’s original’, Steve laughed, ‘ but how many people have been hypnotized by a bowl of water!?’

‘Careful Steve, I know about this stuff.’ Stephanie’s tone was playful, almost daring Steve to continue. He swallowed the bait.

‘Come on… you can’t hypnotize someone with a bowl of water.’

‘Steve’, Stephanie said with the tone of a caring tutor explaining something to a favoured, though rather dim student, ‘I could hypnotize you without using anything more than my voice. Don’t you see? That’s the beauty of the movie. Whoever devised the hypnotic content realised that the fixation point itself is not important. What matters is getting the subject to focus their eyes on something while the hypnotist puts their conscious mind to sleep.’

‘But you just said you could do it without using anything except your voice’ Steve felt he was winning this argument. Stephanie was very attractive but he was a little annoyed by her arrogance. He’d read books on hypnosis and he’d viewed almost every free site on the Internet at one time or another. She wasn’t going to baffle him with talk of ‘fixation points’: she’d made a claim too many and he wasn’t going to let her off the hook. ‘Well?’ Steve looked at her; ‘Cat got your tongue?’

Stephanie looked back at the screen, a little annoyed; ‘You’re just being silly now’.

‘No I’m not’, Steve protested, ‘You’re the one who doesn’t need any thing… no bowl of water, no watch.. No nothing.’ He smiled, knowing he had won.

Stephanie rose from the sofa, walked over to the TV and switched it off. ‘Alright, I’ll show you, but you have to play along.’

Steve was a little worried by Stephanie’s sudden air of calm. ‘What do you mean, play along?’

‘Well’ Stephanie explained, ‘remember that Holmes is pretending to be hypnotized, so that he can trick Lydia and her gang. That means that he has to pretend to be a willing subject. He has to look at whatever she wants to use as a fixation point and he has to pretend to be hypnotized. That means that he has to follow her words very carefully. He can’t just shut his eyes and pretend to be in a trance – Lydia is a skilled hypnotist and she’d know he was fooling. So, Holmes has to follow along with the induction in exactly the right way. He has to focus on the flower and listen to her voice. He has to listen to Lydia and let her voice relax him. Remember that she’s watching him very closely, and even stroking the back of his neck, so she has to be able to see and feel him relaxing. All the while that she’s stroking his neck and lulling him to sleep, he has to concentrate very hard on appearing to fall asleep exactly as she wants him to.’

Steve looked at her, wondering what her point was. ‘So what?’

‘So, Mr I-know-about-hypnosis’, Stephanie laughed, ‘think you can do it?’

‘Do what?’ Steve genuinely didn’t know exactly what he was being asked anymore.

‘Do you think you could pretend to be hypnotized?’

‘Yes…’ Steve almost laughed, ‘then what?’

‘Well….’ Stephanie’s eye’s glinted, ‘if you can’t pretend, I win. If you can pretend, you win.’

‘What do I win?’ Steve was already smiling anticipating the answer and now more sure of himself than ever.

‘What would you like?’ Stephanie smiled and slowly lowered her gaze to focus on Steve’s erection, still making a tent of his trousers.

‘You’re on’ Steve laughed.

A few minutes later and the scene was set. Steve was sitting in the corner of the sofa with Stephanie by his side. She’d lowered the lights still further and had him do a couple of deep breathing exercises, ‘to clear your mind’.

‘Alright Steve. Now I said that I could hypnotize you without using a fixation point and so I’m just going to talk to you. If you like, you can start with your eyes closed straight away.’

‘No thanks’, Steve knew that trick – get the eyes closed and a moment’s loss of concentration would be enough to lose the bet. ‘I’ll be fine’.

‘Whatever makes you feel most comfortable Steve. All that matters is that you’re comfortable. Just sit back, relax and get comfortable. All you have to do is listen to my voice and pretend that you’re going along with me. I’m Lydia – the beautiful but evil femme fatale – and you’re Holmes, the strong, implacable detective who’s going to end my wicked plot.’

Stephanie had arranged them on the sofa so as to perfectly re-create the scene from the movie. Except, of course, for the missing bowl of water. In its absence, Steve let his eyes settle on the mirror image of the two of them in the TV screen.

‘Now remember, Steve’, Stephanie continued, ‘you must pretend to let me hypnotize you. That means that you have to pay close attention to my voice and pretend you are following my instructions. That’s it, just listen to my voice and let the sound of my voice help you to relax.’

Stephanie lent in a little closer and he could feel her breath against his cheek. Steve couldn’t believe he was actually getting to act out what to him was the single hottest scene in movie history. He knew his part very well and stared ahead, Holmes-like, and prepared for Stephanie/Lydia to try to put him to sleep.

‘That’s right ...’ Stephanie’s voice was softer now, very comforting, ... ‘That’s right.

Look straight-ahead Steve and let your eyes relax. Remember that Holmes is pretending to be hypnotized by Lydia. Pretending that he’s let her trick him into taking a sedative, and now he’s pretending to give in. Remember Lydia’s instructions…. You’ll feel yourself going drowsy, don’t fight it. Give in to it.Because you do want to sleep you know.’

Those words always turned Steve on and his cock twitched as his mind made the immediate connection between what was happening now and the scene that he’d viewed so often over the years… a scene that was etched into his brain.

‘Yes… you’ll feel yourself going drowsy….. Drowsy.It must have been difficult for Holmes to pretend to be drowsy. I imagine he let his eyelids droop just a little bit lower than before’.

Steve did as instructed and pretended to feel drowsiness. He let his eyelids droop but in the dim light he couldn’t see the change in his reflected self on the TV. He wondered if his acting was good enough.

‘Very good Steve… you’re doing so well’, Stephanie reassured him and a faint smile played across his lips: he knew he’d win this bet.

‘And you do want to sleep you know. Everyone needs sleep. Wonderful, gentle, sleep. It restores our strength and clears our minds. Yes…. We all need sleep. You need to sleep.’

Steve thought how clever Stephanie was to integrate the movie script with her attempt to get him thinking about the need to sleep. She was good, but not good enough.

‘I don’t know what you’re looking at, and it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that you listen to my voice and relax. Listen to my voice and relax deeper…. deeper… and deeper. And as you listen to my voice your senses may become a little confused. Your eyes are staring ahead but you’re not really paying attention to what you see. At the same time you’re listening carefully to my voice, and the sound of my voice is helping you to relax. I wonder what your sense of touch is like…’

Steve felt the gentlest of caresses as Stephanie began stroking the back of his neck, just as Lydia had stroked Holmes’ neck in the movie. Steve jumped a little at the unexpected touch, but then relaxed into her gentle, regular stroking.

‘That’s right, let my touch relax you even more now. Relax you even more now…… even more now. And the soothing sound of my voice is helping you relax so deeply … so deeply …. And my fingers stroking your neck, help you to relax more deeply … more deeply …. Everything is helping you to relax…. relax….. relax.’

Steve felt his eyelids droop still further and was surprised at what a good actor he was. He hadn’t even intended that one but he could tell from Lydia’s response that his acting was fooling her. Had he thought ‘Lydia’, he meant Stephanie… that’s right Stephanie… Stephanie who was being Lydia… Lydia hypnotizing Holmes.

‘And the drowsiness is settling throughout your entire body now. So drowsy.

Warm, heavy, sleepy.’

Steve’s mind was wandering now. Partly listening to Stephanie’s singsong, lullaby voice and partly thinking of the reward he’d claim after she failed to hypnotize him. Her voice was very easy to listen to and he imagined she must be quite a good hypnotist for those who wanted to give in. Those who weren’t pretending.

‘A warm, heavy, sleepy feeling is flowing through your whole body now. A warmth that makes your body melt… relaxing and melting….. relaxing and melting. Like candle wax before a flame, your body and mind are melting as this warm, heavy, sleepy feeling is washing over you…. Washing over you…. Washing over you.’

Steve felt strangely detached. He could see his reflection in the TV screen but the image was getting blurry… his eyes were watering. Despite the blurred vision it appeared to him that he was slumping lower and his head was falling forward. He could feel himself sinking into the soft sofa. He wasn’t sure where his body ended and the sofa began. How long was this going on for? His eyes were hurting now and he wanted to claim his prize. He just needed to be patient a little longer.

‘Poor Holmes…. He must have struggled so hard to resist. Struggling so hard to resist and yet all the time having to play along…. Submitting but resisting… resisting but submitting…. Submitting… and giving in…. Giving in. Growing so very sleepy… feeling the heavy sleepy feeling washing over him. Letting the sleepy feeling grow stronger and stronger… as you drift away on my voice… drift away on my voice. My voice… pulling down those heavy sleepy eyelids and taking you deeper and deeper into hypnosis… deeper and deeper into hypnosis.’

Steve’s head fell forward and the bump stirred him, like a man falling asleep at the wheel. He blinked his eyes and tried to re-focus, jerking his head upright.

Stephanie realised that she needed to distract him quickly – still stroking his neck with her left hand, she moved her right hand to his thigh and began to massage the slightly tightened muscle….‘You are doing just fine, Steve; you are completely safe…”.

Instinctively Steve looked down, watching as Stephanie’s bright red nails flickered in the softly lit room.

‘Look at this….’ Stephanie’s right hand began a slow stroking of his thigh, perfectly timed to coincide with her left hand’s massage of his neck. Each stroke ended just short of his cock, now straining even more under the taught fabric. ‘Look at My nails, and my soft gentle hand…giving you what you want…. giving you what you need, making you want more and more of this…. You want more of this, don’t you?’

Steve’s mouth was dry and his mind was whirling. He knew she’d asked him a question, but his vision was full of her hand on his thigh, his senses were deserting him, but he knew enough not to say the word ‘no’ when a woman was stroking his leg. He desperately wanted her hand to move the extra fraction of an inch so that her stroking would envelope his cock. He needed more…. ‘Yesss, more’ he could barely form the words, but it was enough.

‘Yessss.’ Stephanie echoed his assent, ‘yes… this is what you want. You want to lie back and let go. Let go completely now. Let go and let me do all the work. Give in and let me take control. Your eyelids can close down all the way now, closing all the way as you slip into a wonderful dream. A wonderful dream of sexy, sleepy submission. That’s right…. Such a sleepy boy now…. So sleepy’.

Steve’s eyes were shut and the vision in his brain was of him lying there, letting Lydia tease him… letting Lydia hypnotize him…. wanting to surrender.

‘Sleep.’ Stephanie’s voice was a soft purr as Steve’s head fell backwards onto the cushion. ‘Sleep for me…… Sleep deeply, just for me.

‘Drifting deeper… and deeper… and deeper for me now.Every breath takes you deeper asleep.Every stroke makes you submit even more to me now…. Submit even more to me now.’

Stephanie continued to deepen Steve’s trance until she was ready to finally assume complete control. For what she had in mind, Stephanie needed his total surrender and that required his willing submission.

‘Soon I will give you total pleasure Steve, and in return you will drift into a deeper sleep. I will give you such pleasure that your entire mind and body will submit to me. Once I have given you this pleasure you will do exactly as I instruct, because you accept that only then will you be able to experience such pleasure again. Do you agree to this?’

‘Yeessss’… Steve was so deeply entranced that he would agree to almost anything, but having him agree to his enslavement was the final piece of the trap.

‘Good boy… very good. Now as I count from ten to zero, you will drift deeper and deeper asleep. As I count from ten to zero, your pleasure will grow more and more intense.

“Deeper asleep with each number… more and more pleasure with each number.”

“And when I reach zero…. When I reach zero your pleasure will be overwhelming.

When I reach zero, your sleep will be so deep that all your muscles will just let go completely and your release will be complete. And as you release you will accept that you have surrendered completely…. Deeply… Willingly.”

“You want Me to begin counting, don’t you?”, Stephanie whispered.

‘ahhh…ssssss’ Steve could no longer form the words out loud but Stephanie knew he was hers.


Deeper… and deeper.


Deeper asleep. Deeper asleep.


Feel your pleasure building… building.


Even deeper. Even deeper.


Drifting, falling, sleeping.

Deeper asleep.. deeper asleep.


Sleeping so deeply as I take care of you now.

You’re my sleepy boy.

You need me to take care of you.


Such a sleepy boy. Sleeping sooo deeply now. So deeeep asleep.


Letting go, drifting away on my voice.

Ready to come for me and surrender completely.


Relaxing and melting, drifting and sleeping.

Relaxing and melting, drifting and sleeping.


Relaxing, releasing & letting go now Steve.

Unable to resist surrendering… unable to delay any longer.

No more resistance…. Just deep sleep… deep sleep and total pleasure.. With Zero.


Steve’s body convulsed as wave after climatic wave of pleasure hit him, sending him spiraling deeper and deeper into trance.Just as his orgasm seemed to subside a single word drew yet more pleasure from the entranced man.



Steve’s face was contorted in the exquisite pain of total pleasure.

“Obedience to Me is bliss”, She whispered at the precise moment.

“To Me & only to Me”, She commanded.

His body slumped, exhausted, as Stephanie granted him several more mild convulsions before finally permitting him to rest and sink to the deepest state of hypnosis.

She smiled to herself.

Her dress was stained, but her fee for this job was more than enough to continue to sustain her in the style to which she had become accustomed, in addition to gaining her an introduction to many high profile people.

She hadn’t lied when she said that she had a hypnotherapy practice. But she omitted that Greg - Steve’s business partner, a less intelligent but much more ambitious lawyer than Steve - had arranged for their ‘chance’ meeting.

Greg had gone through the history cache on Steve’s computer and the frequent visits to hypno-erotic sites had left little to the imagination. Greg had done some research and also noted the movie clips that Steve had stored on his hard drive. A look at Steve’s schedule suggested that the film club’s presentation of ‘The Woman in Green’ would offer the perfect opportunity to put his plan in action. The rest was easy. Greg found Dr. Stephanie Nelson with an obscure link from her erotic hypnosis site to her clinical hypnotherapy practice. It was obvious she was an expert at what she did – and who could resist an attempt to twist her by mentioning the connection. So Greg had decided she was perfect for this job. But Greg didn’t realize that this was exactly how she lured unsuspecting men into her hypnotic web.

Keeping Steve from suspecting had been tricky at first, but she’d appealed to his masculine ego and pretty soon she knew he was walking straight into her plot.

Stephanie placed a pair of headphones over Steve’s ears and played an MP3 loop designed to take his brainwashing to even greater depths. Having cleaned up and removed all traces of her visit, she put Steve to bed and gave him his final instructions. He would forget all about her and dream about ‘The Woman in Green’: in vivid, wet dreams. When he woke he would summon the courage to visit a Hypnotherapist. Stephanie’s ad would catch his eye and he would arrange an appointment first thing in the morning. From there on her work for Steve would be child’s play. Her work on Greg, however, would take a little more preparation.