by slave rowdman

He had been having a couple drinks after a long day, and wasjust trying to unwind. Before he started his 3-week vacation onFriday. He was sitting in his favorite seat at the corner of the bar,where he could see the whole bar and the two doors. He liked to watchthe people when they came in.

A tall redhead walked through the door and was looking around. He hadseen her in the bar a few times before, but she was with another girleach time. She usually sat at the other end of the bar. They exchangedeye contact many times before, but had never talked. "Is anyonesitting in these two seats," she asked? "No, there all yours if youlike", he said. "I'm waiting for my girlfriend and she is a littlelate". "My name is Michael", he said. "Hi my name is Chris, nice tomeet you".

They talked for a while and had a few drinks. Michael told her aboutstarting vacation and that he couldn't wait. She told him about hernew Salon then the door opened and in walked her girlfriend. "HiCindy, any luck" asked Chris? "We don't have enough money left toafford the security system", said Cindy. "The lowest one was $2,500.00and we only have about $1,500.00 in the budget", she continued. "MaybeI can help", said Michael. "Cindy this is Michael, we had a few drinksand have been talking for a while," said Chris.

"Hi Michael. How can you help? Do you do alarm systems", asked Cindy?"As a matter of fact I do," said Michael! "Just tell me what you needand I'll do my best for you two ladies" he said. "We wanted to get thealarm in before our clients started coming Monday morning", saidCindy. "It's Thursday and I would have to order the equipment tomorrowto get it in by Saturday" he said, "I would need to take a looktonight". The girls looked at each other smiled and said, "Follow us".

They drove about a mile out of town to an old Victorian house with along driveway. They turned in and as they did Michael noticed the signin front. It read, "Hypnotic Fantasies Salon", "What your mind canperceive we can achieve", "The total mind and body reconstructionSalon". He followed them around to the rear lot. The girls got out andopened the door.

Michael followed them in. "What's with the sign out front", "I'venever seen a Salon like this before", "Is it a franchise", he asked?"No, It's our own idea", said Cindy. "Chris is a Cosmetologist, andI'm an Plastic Surgeon ", "And we're both Hypnotherapist" she said."We help you live out your fantasies. Molding you into them. Buyhypnosis, cosmetology, and plastic surgery. We can do anything to makeyou the way you really want to be".

They walked through the Salon while Michael looked to see what heneeded. "Maybe you would like a try at it Michael ", asked Cindy? "Iwould be afraid to explore my mind. I have to many crazy thoughts ",he said. "We'll just have to find out about that. Maybe you'resuppressing the true you," she said. "I never thought about it thatway", he said.

They went into 4 treatment rooms. Each had a control panel by thedoor. A couch was in the center. A barber's chair and restraints infront of a mirrored wall. A shampoo sink and chair. A mirroredceiling, with a bench along the wall. The fourth had another door offof it. "All part of the treatment" asked Michael? "It all depends onwhat is in your mind," said Cindy. "Don't you mean on your mind" askedMichael? "No in your mind" said Chris. "We bring your inner self out.The one you suppress. That's our specialty. When you can't, we can.Like the sign says, what your mind can perceive we can achieve", shefinished. "What's in that room", he asked. "That is our specialservices room. We only allow our special clients in there", saidCindy. "Can I take a peek", he asked? "Only if your one of our chosenfew", said Cindy.

They finished the walk through and sat down in the kitchen. Cindyfixed some drinks and Michael figured what the system would cost. "Icome up with about $1,490.00 ", he said. "Deal, they said, when canyou start". "Saturday morning," said Michael. "I'll hold off on myvacation for a couple days". "Great," said Chris "Let's drink to along relation ship". "Here's to that," said Cindy.

Michael showed up about 08:30 Saturday morning. Cindy greeted him atthe door in her robe and invited him in. Michael noticed her long legsand shapely body through the light robe and became a little aroused.She asked him if he wanted coffee and caught him starring at her."Like what you see," she asked with a smile. "Sorry just zoning," heblushed. "Still early for me," he said. Chris came in dressed in herrobe too. "Mornin everyone," she said with a smile. "Michael noticedshe had nothing on under her robe. Cindy said to Chris, "Michael iszoning this morning so don't mind his stare," She watched, as Michaelblushed even more.

" I think he's a little shy and needs to loosen up. With one of ourtreatments", she said. "I think we should help him with his problemthen," said Chris. She walked behind him and started to massage hisshoulders. "How dose this feel", she asked? "Not now," Cindy said hehas work to do and so do we. Michael didn't know what to think. All heknew was he wanted to finish and to find out what was next. Theyfinished their coffee and went to work.

Michael worked all day and into the night. About 8 p.m. he finished.Cindy said, "You must be totally exhausted by now". "I am," he said."But the job is done with time to spare". Cindy told him to go findChris and she would fix the drinks. Michael washed up and startedlooking for Chris. He found her setting up candles in the 4thtreatment room. "Cindy sent me to find you, she is fixing drinks forus," said Michael. "I know. That's why I'm setting up candles. Werehaving them in here".

He sat down with Chris on the bench. Cindy in walked in withthree drinks and a pitcher. "Here you go something to help you relaxand clear your mind after a hard days work", said Cindy. "Mmmm, that'sgood what is it", asked Michael? "A little home brew to help yourelax", said Cindy. Michael had finished his drink and started on thepitcher. "Those were great, I feel so relaxed and warm", if you knowwhat I mean" he said. "That's what we want, you to feel good". "And torelax and open your mind for us", said Cindy. Michael headed for thebathroom. Cindy and Chris smiled. Do you have everything set Chris?"asked Cindy? "Yes the program is set to run on the ceiling", saidChris.

Michael returned to the room. "Why don't you be our first clientMichael ", asked Chris? "OK, what would you like me to do", he asked?"Well first sit in the shampoo chair and let me wash your hair torelax you". "A good shampoo will do wonders for you. It will get allthat dust out of your head, I mean hair", Chris smiled. She startedthe water and leaned him back to the sink. Cindy went over to thecontrol panel and turned some switches.

He could feel her working his hair and massaging his scalp. "Michaeldo you see the lights on the ceiling"? "Yes", he said. "I want you toWatch the lights and set your breathing to their pulsing", shecontinued. Breathe in when they are bright and breathe out when theygo dim. In and out, in and out, Bright and dim. "Michael how are youfeeling", Asked Chris? "Very relaxed", replied Michael. "Goood, nowits time to relax and open your mind to the lights and to my words. Iwant you to watch the lights and go deeper for me. I want you to watchthe lights and notice the words inside the lights". Cindy tuned thecontrols. "Do you see them", she asked? "Yes" came a flat reply. "Canyou tell me what they say", she asked?

"Yes, they say, relax and open your mind. Give in to your innerfeelings and go deeper, deeper then you have ever been. Go deeper forChris and Cindy. As you go deeper remember Chris and Cindy take careof your wants and needs. You will do anything for Chris and Cindy whenthey ask you. Remember Obey Chris, remember obey Cindy, you want toobey, it feels good to obey. You are compelled to tell Chris and Cindyall your inner secrets. When you do you will feel wonderful andrelaxed. With each breath you take you become more and more tired.Tired of suppressing your true feelings. Tired of resisting your urgeto be more submissive. Tired of resisting relaxing and going deeper.You crave Chris and Cindy and their control, their words and theircommands. Now breathe in deep and hold it, now let it out slowlyallowing your free will to go with the breath you exhale. Breathe inChris and Cindy and there will. Breathe out your free will. Cindy'swill is stronger then your will. Chris's will is stronger then yourwill. Their will is your will", he said. "Gooood, now continue towatch the lights and absorb all the words, and give up your free will.Give up your control. "Yeees Chris", he replied.

She finished washing his hair and put a towel around it. "Obey thelights and I'll be right back", she said. She went over to Cindy."I'll take the controls you work on Michael", she said. Cindy walkedover to Michael and took the towel off. "Ok Michael I want you tostart to return from your deep place and remember to obey me andChris. Remember the lights control you and Cindy and Chris controlyou. Each time you see the lights you will return to this moment andbe totally hypnotized again. Do you understand", she asked? "Yeees",he said.

"Goood then start to come back and remember the lights and how theymake you come back to this place and our control. Slowly coming backfully relaxed and feeling wonderful. Wanting to tell us all yoursecrets. You're breathing returning to normal as the lights dim".Chris turned the controls and the lights went off. "Remember wecontrol you and the lights control you. Do you understand", askedCindy? "Yees", Michael said. Cindy continued bringing him out. When hehad returned Cindy asked him how he felt after the shampoo. "Great",he said. "You were right it did relax me".

"I have something to tell you. I don't know why I want to tell you butI do. It is that I'd love to have my hair styled and colored"? He feltfunny saying this but he felt wonderful after he did. "Goood, thatgives us a place to start", Chris said. "What other secrets do youhold within"? "I like to be made-up to dress and act like a woman fromhead to toe", he blurted out, feeling wonderful.

"Very good, you have done well. Now its our turn", said Chris. "It'stime to bring Michelle out of Michael. "Cindy what color they shoulddo his hair", asked Chris? "I think a hot-Pink or very liteStrawberry-Blonde shade should do. It will bring out his true feminineside much more", said Cindy. Chris put two hair dyes in her hands."Pick a hand Michael". "The right one", he said. "Strawberry-Blonde itis. Now lean back again and I'll get started". She colored his hairand rinsed it.

Cindy had noticed the wet spot forming on his pants. "Why don't youtake your dirty cloths of Michael? They're getting all wet from you.I'll get you a robe and be right back. Chris will start on your hairwhile I'm gone". Cindy left the room. Michael removed his cloths."Come sit in the Barbers chair so we can start", said Chris. Chris wasstanding by the control panel and turned on a switch. Michael stoppedand stared at the mirror on the wall.

"Do you see the lights Michael", asked Chris. "Yeees". "Good nowrelax and go deep into the lights. Deep into the words for me". Hecontinued to stare at the mirror. Transfixed on the lights and words."I want you to answer to Michelle from now on. Do you under stand",she asked? "Yes, Michelle", he replied. "What is your name", sheasked? "Michelle", he said. "Good now come back to me as Michelle.Come back now", Chris said. With that she flicked the switch and heblinked his eyes and continued toward the chair.

Cindy brought the robe in and handed it to him. "Here Michael put thison", she said. He looked puzzled. Chris told Cindy to hand the robe toMichelle. "Ohh, Michelle I get it", said Cindy. "Here Michelle putthis on", said Cindy. He put it on and sat in the chair.

"How do you think we should do Michelle's hair Cindy"? "Let's go forthe total feminine look and give him a permanent. They both giggledand Chris started to work.