June 18, 2007

Last night, Janet Macy succumbed to her battle with cancer and passed away.She was a talented hypnotist, a patient teacher, and a caring friend.Janet was an active member in the hypnosis community for many years and was a greatinfluence on all of us who knew her, both professionally and personally.

She was truly respected by her peers. Many hypnotists and hypnosis studentshave had the great fortune of receiving her kind words of encouragement and herquiet words of advice. She was a wonderful teacher, therapist, and friend, andwhat many will remember most was her sincerity and her genuine caring about others.People who were taught by her and attended her workshops were aware of her desire for their success.It is rare to find someone who has such a gift to teach and heal.

In the profession of hypnotherapy there are lives that are changed forever fromthe work that we do. Janet has left a permanent and positive impact on theworld for so many people, in so many ways. Janet's spirit can stay with usto remind us to live a beautiful life every day, make a difference for others inevery moment we can, find our own sincerity in our words, thoughts, and actions,and in the genuine love in our eyes.

In Memoriam

May you all find your peace in the memory of our dear friend Janet Macy,and Janet, may you find your Peace in the transformation to the ever after.

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I am so very sorry to hear of the passing away of Soforia.

I find it difficult to express the amazing difference that Soforia has made to my life.It was many years ago when i searched the internet over and over, not realising exactly what i was looking for, but when i found Soforia's site and Her introductary charmed words, it was suddenly transparently clear. i had found my destiny, i had come home.

It was only through Soforia's kindness and understanding of confused submissives like myself, that gave me the confidence to express my truee feelings for the first time to anyone! and to accept and embrace Hypnosis. Since then, hardly a day has gone by for me without trancing, without falling and enjoying the wonderfully positive life changing influence that Hypnosis has.

i remember many like me visited Soforia's world and She welcomed us with Her time and attention.

i only wish i could have thanked Her just before She passed away but i'm sure She knew from all the feedback She received from Her mesmorised subjects the good She was working.

My best wishes go to Her family - Soforia will live forever in my memory.