Deeply Hypnotized Now


to the
Private Club
Soforia the Enchantress

being drawn in deeper and deeper now

You are now Completely Helpless and Deep in My Hypnotic Control

I love hypnotizing you...

It is important that you know that my work isbased on a mutual love of hypnosis

and my own inner craving to be slightly dominant.

I love hypnotizing you!

And in turn, having fun!

Some of the newer areas that I am exploring are incrediblesensations of physical control.

through mental control..and hypnotizing and re-hypnotizing veryrapidly

Each time I hypnotize you and re-hypnotize you go deeper anddeeper

faster and faster.

As many of you are aware

I am in a hypnotic state with you..

and I am in control!

In some cases, I have allowed sessions with YOU hypnotizingme...

and I find this an incredible sensation.

If you would like to schedule this type of session..

let me know.

The Best Way to Serve ...

is to Please.

Drift away...on the sound of My Voice

You have already taken a very deep breath ..it happenedautomatically...the first time you heard *My Voice*..as youlistened to the sound of my voice..fascinated by the sound of myvoice..and as you listen to it more and more intently..it isswirling and penetrating your subconscious....and as it does..it isestablishing a link...a permanent and incorruptible link betweenyour mind and my voice..between my voice and your mind..andeverytime you hear my voice and every time you feel yourselfresponding to me ..even as you view my pages you are responding tome now..again and again and again..and the link becomes strongernow .. stronger and stronger now...

You choose to obey me completely now..as every word takes youdeeper and deeper into hypnosis now ..every breath relaxes you moreand more..feeling completely compelled to obey me now..onlyme..only my words and my voice take you so deep..deeply excitednow..as you continue your journey deeper and deeper..

into my hypnotic control now..completely controlled now..helpless..powerless.....

unable to resist my suggestions .....

Soforia's Hypnotic Spell

Deep Trance

Going Even Deeper Now

Imagine Hypnotizing Me..


Hypnotic Seduction

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Let the Swaying Pendualum Hypnotize You..


Adults Only Please

This is the place for Roleplay for the
the completely & deeply hypnotized imagination..

Feel free to contribute...

18 and over only....

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