by agnar alrekson

(Disclaimer: While Matthew is a fictional character, some of his hypnotic adventures may represent non-fictional occurrences.)

Man, am I beat. My very rich uncle had just passed away, leaving everything, apparently, to me. I had not slept well in about a week, spending so much time working on cleaning up my affairs and preparing to move across the country, that I was certain I was forgetting something. Oh, did I forget to mention he lived in southern California, and that’s were all of his property was, so I decided to just pack up my life and move there. I’m young and single, and my uncle was basically the last of my relatives, so I’m not leaving too much behind. I still needed to arrange for my house to be sold, have my belongings packed or sold and then ship them all the way to the Los Angeles area. Plus of course, resigning my position and having a few going-away parties with my friends. But finally, after all of that stress and hard work, I’m here, in LA, stepping off the plane, and I’m very much worn out. My uncle’s executor was supposed to send a car for me, but I don't see one. Great, well then I guess I’ll fetch my luggage and catch a cab.

Finally standing outside, after an awful 30 minutes of searching for the luggage pick up and waiting for my bags to show up, standing here waiting for a cab, and feeling ready to just about pop from the tension and fatigue, I see a free cab pulling up. As I start to move toward the door, I’m bumped by someone from my left. In my weakened state, I, of course fall right on my ass. Okay, now I’m really pissed off, and I’m going to let this jerk really have it. But just as I’m preparing to stand, I’m frozen by the softest, sexiest voice I have ever heard.

“Oh dear, I’m so terribly sorry, I just didn’t see you there. Please say you’re all right?”

Looking up to see who this amazing voice belongs to, I’m frozen yet again, as I meet the most lovely, deep, perfect blue eyes ever created. After staring into her eyes for what seems an eternity, she smiles and reaches out her delicate hand, and just as my first urge to take the hand and kiss it nearly overcomes me, she asks, in that lovely voice

“Can I help you up?”

I nod dumbly and take her hand, which is lovely and so soft, and rise to my feet.

“I’m sorry, I just got back home and was in such a rush to get myself a cab, I didn’t notice you there. Are you from out of town or returning home?”

“Uh, I’m just moving here, um, just today.” I manage to fumble out, sounding only slightly moronic.

This lovely woman just has an aura, something about her that makes me nervous and makes my heart race, that voice, those eyes

“Well then, perhaps I should help you find your way around a bit, where do you need to go?” She asks, again, breaking me from my reverie as I am becoming lost in her eyes again.

So I proceed to tell her I’m headed to an area called “Lake Forest” to meet with my uncle’s executor, giving her the address.

“Oh well that’s perfect, dear, that happens to be right where I’m going. That office building anyway, I have my practice there. We should share this cab. Come along, let’s get our bags loaded.”

By that I took to mean I should help the cab driver load her bags and then my own, which I quickly jumped to do, before getting into the back seat next to Her.

Well the cab ride turned out to be rather a long one, but I wasn’t really aware of most of it. Shortly after the cab ride started, She began talking to me in a low, quiet voice, one only meant for me.“So, I’m Ms. Macy, and you are?” Her soft silken whisper

“um, Matthew, or Matt if you prefer” I fumbled out.

“Wonderful, Matthew it is then. You know Matthew, you look a bit under the weather, as if you haven’t been sleeping well. I can help with that, if you allow me to.”

By now I was quite taken with her, as her soft, soothing voice had taken on an even greater sing song sort of effect, but I did manage to nod my head a bit and say “yes, please.”

She smiled, lighting up her whole face, a stunning sight to behold, and then continued “Very good matthew, now just sit back in your seat, maybe prop yourself in the corner a bit for better support, and listen to my voice and just allow yourself to relax., that’s it, just let yourself go, forgetting about all the tension and troubles you have had lately, leaving all of that behind, and RELAX for me. Very good, and as you continue to listen to my sweet, soothing, sexy voice, and you continue to relax for me, you will begin to drift away, all sounds but my voice seeming to fade away, all of your thoughts seeming to fade away, leaving only this moment, in this cab, with me, with my voice, relaxing for me, letting go, that’s right. And now, as I will count down from 5 to 1, and as I reach 1, you will completely relax, and go into deep hypnosis for me. Good, 5, drifting away on the sound of my voice, soothing your troubles, easing your mind, relaxing you so deeply, and 4, going deeper now, your eyes so heavy and tired, and now 3, you’re feeling so wonderful, and your heavy eyes are going to close now for me at 2, that’s it, so very deep for me, your tired eyes closed and doing so well, and 1, relax, relax, relax..deeper deeper deeper”

And then what seemed only a minute later, I woke up as She said “we’re here sleepy baby, time to get up”

I opened my eyes, and smiled at Her “Wow, thank You, that was simply amazing, I feel so well rested! And thank You so much for fitting me into Your busy schedule tomorrow. I won’t miss my appointment.”

She smiled, and her eyes flashed merrily at me, and my knees melted and my crotch stirred all at the same time as my mouth went dry and my stomach did flips, She was so beautiful!

“Of course dear, I was happy to help, and I look forward to our session tomorrow, just remember, be on time. I’m very busy and you must be prompt.”

With that last word She eyed Her own door and I realized I was being terribly rude, so I hopped out of the cab and raced to the other side, and opened Her door for Her, grinning stupidly. She stepped out of the cab and reached out to caress my cheek as She looked into my eyes and said simply, “Thank you for paying for the cab ride dear, remember tomorrow at 5pm.” I nodded dumbly and handed the cab driver $100 without thinking twice about it and then watch Her walk into the building. The cab driver was glad to help me unload and get my bags into the lobby after my $40 tip and then it was on to the executor’s office.

Well the rest of the day was taken up with awful, boring legal mumbo jumbo, most of which I don’t recall, but basically, after all of my uncle’s bills were settled and his final wishes for giving this to charity and that to long standing employees, I was suddenly a very rich man. Not at all what I’m used to. I worked through college, and started at the bottom rung of the corporate ladder, and had managed to reach a lower middle rung through hard work and knowledge. And now, all of a sudden, all of that didn’t matter very much, I was a wealthy man and would likely not have to work at much of anything if I didn’t want to. My uncle’s executor took me out to a nice dinner. Actually I guess I paid, it was on the estate. But he went over the various holdings and his recommendations, one of which was of course, keeping him on as my own lawyer. Well I could go on for hours, but it was all tedious and boring, and I frankly only half listened. I wanted to finish the business, sign the papers, get the property into my name and move on. I’d only barely known my uncle, and I suppose he left it all to me simply because I was his only remaining relative. But after all of this business talk, the day was weighing upon me again and I was ready to get some rest and get on to my appointment with Ms. Macy the next day. The executor drove me to my hotel, said his good byes and promised the paperwork would be finalized within the week and that would be all. I checked in, got to my room, showered and fell asleep right away. I am pretty sure I dreamt of beautiful blue eyes all night, and I awoke with maybe the largest morning wood I’ve ever had. Luckily I wasn’t going anywhere soon, so I stayed in my room most of the day, ordering in room service, then showering and changing for my 5pm appointment.

I stepped from the cab at 4:30, being certain to be prompt, tipped the cab driver well and proceeded to Ms. Macy’s office. Her secretary welcomed me, and had me fill out a few forms while I waited. I’m glad I’d come early. I was so nervous, my hands were shaking as I filled out the forms, but the music in the waiting room was very soothing, and soon I was able to focus totally on the forms. They seemed to be mostly normal medical type forms, but did have some odd questions, like asking my net worth and how soon would I be noticed as missing, then it began to get into sexual habits, which I thought far too personal, and told myself I didn’t need to answer them. But answer them I did, it just seemed like the right thing to do, answering all of Ms. Macy’s questions truthfully. Questions like was I seeing anyone currently, no, did I have any fetishes, no, well okay, yes, I’d better be honest with Ms. Macy, have I always been a submissive, no, I’m not a submissive, am I? Well, let me think, I do seem to like strong, Dominant women, and I do seem to be fantasizing lately, just last night in fact, about kneeling before a strong, beautiful woman, okay, I guess that’s a yes then, I’ve always been a submissive. This music sure is soothing, I could listen to it for hours. What, oh! It’s time for my appointment, I guess I spaced out for a little while there. Her secretary tells me to take my forms on in with me, so I stand up and walk on into Ms. Macy’s office.

She is standing near the door, and smiling brightly as I enter. “matthew dear, I’m so glad you could make it today, and so very prompt. I do like my boys prompt and polite, just like you. Come now, let’s go sit down and talk.” I blush and grin shyly and reply “yes Ma’am” as I follow Her to the couch. She sits very close to me, and I notice Her lovely perfume begin to wrap itself around me, seemingly everywhere at once, I look up to find Her amazing blue eyes upon me, and I look no further, any words, thoughts or ideas suddenly drifting away and my mind going totally blank.

“That’s right matthew, you remember how much you love My eyes don’t you? How deeply hypnotized you are by My lovely blue eyes, one look and you are sooooo deeply under My spell, that’s right. Now relax, and go into deeeep hypnosis for Me, deeper, deeper, and deeper. You’ve done so very well, coming to Me today, just as I told you. And I’m sure you’ve brought all of the documents I asked for, we’ll look them over later, together My pet. For right now, we’ll just work on furthering your training, making you more and more Mine. I know that since we met, you have been having dreams and fantasies about this, about being owned by Me, worshipping Me, and I’m very flattered. If that is what you need to be truly happy, then I will be glad to help you dear matthew. I would not normally do this, but since it is something you need so deeply to be complete, I am willing to become your Owner, to hypnotize you again and again, to re-shape your mind as I wish it to be, all because this is what you truly long for. Now pet, the first thing we must do is get you out of those clothes and on your knees before me, that is the position you wrote down here as being where you longed to be, naked on your knees before Me. That’s good pet, and then we can discuss the transfer of assets and power of attorney to Me, so that I can take over all of these difficult decisions for you. Then you will be free, free to submit to Me completely pet, and have no worries or concerns but fulfilling My desires and needs. Now pet, I’d like a sweet thank You Mistress for all the wonderful things I’m doing for you. Then you may sink even deeper into the blissful spell I have put you under, learning to serve and obey.”

Yes, I understood now, She was giving me all I had desired. No money, no property, no worries or concerns, except for serving my Mistress totally and keeping Her happy. Of course! All those years wasted, when this was all I really desired. I must thank Her properly. I knelt before Her, looked into Her eyes and whimpered adoringly “Thank You Mistress!” Then lowered myself forward and gently kissed Her foot. Yes, this is where I truly belong, and it took Mistress Ms. Macy to show me that.