Erotic Hypnosis

Welcome to The Hypnotic Silken Web

I am Soforia ..the Ultimate in Hypnotic Enchantment As an exceptional Hypnotist, I am new to the BDSM World. I don't always understand the role playing and forced dynamics. I believe its much more fun to make the rules. And train you to love the way I do things. That's seems the more dominant approach to Me. To make you forget what you came for..... and make you come back for and more of Me!

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The Hypnotic Silken Web

Erotic Hypnosis

contains over 100 pages of pure hypnotic enjoyment for you to explore. Each page using subliminal hypnotic language patterns and NLP to further enhance your desire for your mind to be controlled by Me, as well as deepen your submission and devotion to Me, Soforia your Hypnotic Mistress.

Inside you will be pleased to discover Erotic Hypnosis MP3 recordings available for immediate download, Hypnosis & Mind Control stories, PLUS, an opportunity to join My very sexy Private Club, a secret BDSM and Brainwashing club.

Like an inner circle or backstage pass, My Private Club members section is filled with FLASH animations, AVI movies, retro hypnosis fun from the Original Private Club, including a Full Length MP3 tour of the Original Private Club, you'll be mesmerized, hypnotized, and craving for more of Soforia's hypnotic domination.

Whether you explore My Private Club now or not, ENJOY My Hypnotic Silken Web and time will pass by so quickly, with every word, you'll find it easier and easier to slip deeper and deeper into trance for Me. And you'll be transformed into a world of sublime hypnotic bliss everytime you enter My Hypnotic Silken Web online or in your mind.

Female Domination

Femdom Hypnosis

Everything about Me is Hypnotic to you... My Nails, My Crystal, My Breast, My Eyes, My Lips Yes, just give in to Me that's right.... you've found what you seek I've given you a peek... and as you continue to stare your eyes locked on My image your mind open to My words you will always always always obey Soforia Repeat... "i will always always always obey Soforia" again "i will always always always obey Soforia" and again Good- Now - you must please and serve Me...

Erotic Hypnosis Fetishes

Erotic Hypnosis Fetishes

Before you know it you will be My completely Hypnotized & brainwashed slave, My pet, My foot slave, My panty slave, My feminized slave, My breast slave, My adult baby slave, My money slave, And More!