Hypnotic Fascination: Chapter 1

by Soforia

As told to Me by Will

Chapter 1

Will has been coming to see me for the last three years. We session together aboutonce a month, and each time, refreshingly enough, is like the first time - full of passionand zest combined with tenderness and trust. Amazingly, he still comments on the moment thatI returned his call. As he was driving in the Arizona desert, his cell phone rang.Casually, he answered it in a most professional tone. When he realized it was I,he actually pulled over and stopped the car in the blistering heat to listen to My Voice,Live, for the first of many times to come. Will is very special to Me.

Will and I are a lot alike in many ways - we both value our privacy and our familiesare sacred to us. I'm accessible, more of a natural introvert, but friendly & outgoing,and so is he, and that is why, I believe, Jeanine noticed him.I'm going to stop here andtell the story as Will related it to me.

Recently, Will was attending a conference at a major Los Angeles hotel…

Sitting in the lounge of the hotel with co-workers, watching as a woman was gentlywaving her hand at me, touching her hair, her legs, her face, she seemed familiar to me in a way.As though I should know her from somewhere…she was fascinating to watch, the way the lightreflected from her nails, and hair. A pleasant distraction, a curious satisfaction as itseemed as though she was directing her attentions at me.

Later, she came over to me, and asked if she knew me from somewhere... I didn't.She wanted to know if I'd like to join her in another section of the lounge, and I agreed.To the jeering of my friends, we walked over to a leather booth in the outer circle of the lounge.She sat next to me and casually stretched her arm so that the tips of her fingers could gentlystroke the back of my neck. She told me I seemed tense, that all I needed was to relax a bit.She said in 15 minutes that I'd feel so much better. She told me she had been watching me asI had noticed her hand, and she held out her hand for me to take a closer look.

Her nails, perfectly manicured and covered with a glittering light green polish, her eyes,an emerald green, with green eye shadow on her lids, nicely fitted suit with a greenV-neck top and a teardrop shaped diamond or crystal pendant delicately resting in her décolletage.As we introduced ourselves, I told her my name was Will. She said her name was Jeanine.She continued chatting with me, as she ordered a drink, a Sambuca, and I sipping my half-fullMerlot watched as she toyed with her pendant.

She mentioned she was warm, and asked if I minded if she took off her jacket. Underneaththe jacket, the v-neck and bare back of a halter-top caught me by surprise. Her pendantliterally jumped out at me, She mentioned that she noticed me looking at her pendant and suggestedI watch it as she was breathing, inhaling deeply, exhaling completely, her pendantrising and falling in compliance with her breathing and that in 15 minutes I'd feel so much better,that I didn't need to worry about my friends, that I was completely safe with her,that I'd find this green color staying strong in my mind.

I immediately recognized an induction, and I became very uncomfortable - like Ishouldn't be here. My relationship with Soforia was now in the forefront of my mind.Jeanine asked me if I had ever tasted Sambuca, as I hadn't, she dipped her fingertip intoher glass and thrust her finger into my mouth, the pungent scent and taste of licorice almostoverwhelmed me.

She told me that she was an erotic hypnotist and was very interested in helping me to relax a bit,as I seemed very, very tense now. I told her that I didn't think that was a good idea - thatI was married, and I had already found a woman in Orange County that was allowing me to behypnotized in that manner. She pouted a bit - asked me whom. I told her I didn't want to say -but her name started with an S.

She hissed, Soforia. Yes, I agreed.

She asked me for my room number - I gave her a phony one - and my business card,I didn't have one. At this point, I excused myself - I needed to make a call to my family-tosay good night to my children & wife. Leaving my drink on the table,I told her I'd be back shortly.

I got to my room, quickly shut the door, sitting in the dark, catching my breath, my heartpounding as though I had escaped with my life...

Will stirred. He had related this most unusual encounter to Me before his session started,and I had decided to investigate further while he was in trance. Stretched out and relaxeddeeply at My office, he had calmly recounted the early part of the encounter, responding easilyto my inquiries. Now though, he was becoming slightly agitated, seeing the green color asJeanine had suggested.

I was very amused, slightly annoyed, but always thankful for opportunitiesto learn…to see where I can become stronger, to identify My strengths.As I mentioned, Will has been Mine for three years, and a strong bond of trust exists between us.It was in my gift to lift this green veil of anxiety from him, and so I decided to suggestivelyseduce him with certain sensuality that I previously refrained from using on him.Usually, I simply whisper his trigger word into his ear, and hear a deep welcome sighof submission as he succumbs to My command, however this time I decided to take My time withthe induction so that he could re-experience all the pleasure of being hypnotically overcome by Me.

As he was stretched out on My soft sofa, I placed both My hands on his shoulders and blew gently into his face as he inhaled, and pressed downward on this shoulders as he exhaled, in a tantric-like rhythm, a rhythm of deepening his hypnotic bliss, a rhythm of spell-casting. Suggesting that the green was becoming dull colored and unpleasant, and getting smaller and smaller just like a mud puddle evaporating when exposed to fresh air and warmth of a new day, that it was a new day now and everything was nice & bright & pleasant, that he was back where he belonged for he belongs to Me, that belonging to Me fills him with bliss, and that My voice always, always, always fills him with bliss wherever, whenever he is, I am with him. As I continued the sensual tantric breath play- a hazy smile of brainwashed satisfaction of his face, and I began to soothingly trace my fingernails up and down his chest in time with his breathing so that my hands were in position on his shoulders for every exhale, and I continued this deepening process for several moments. Then I began to symbolically unzip him...running My hands down the center of his shirt from his chest to his pants, opening him to a deeper acceptance of My control his mind & body. He sighed and I watched his body melt more deeply into My control. Next, I began to run My fingernails in a figure 8 pattern encompassing each of nipples within the inner circle of the infinity pattern, repeating over & over, "you're Mine, your mind, Mine, forever & ever, forever & ever, forever & ever" over and over again, weaving My words and magic into his flesh. He was deeply, deeply hypnotized and I mentioned his pleasure was beginning to intensify as he drifted deeper and deeper into My control. Moaning, his lips parted, his eyelids fluttered, as I told him to take a deep breath and go even deeper as he exhaled.

Slowly I began to trace the a spiral around each of his ears, centering around his earlobe and beginning again at the top of ear, widening to include his temples in this gentle fingertip massage suggesting he was always open to My commands, always open to My words, every day and in every way going deeper and deeper into My control.

Even as I think back to the way Will told Me the story, I am so glad that I install suggestions designed to deepen My Hypnotic Hold on My subjects and keep them secure in My Bliss... because sometimes reality happens.