The GQ Experience - Missing 30 Minutes

There has been a lot of interest in the thirty or so minutes that are missing from david macfarland’s GQ article. For those of you who are unaware, in the article Soforia asks david if he’s ever noticed how lovely the candle can be. The next thing he knows he’s in his hotel room unable to move and Soforia is reading his notes…

Recently, Soforia granted me permission to interview Her about that missing half hour and to record Her Comments here.

pa pet james: So, Y/you are at dinner. He’s been listening to Your Recordings for hours. In the article david says he keeps trancing out. What was it like from Your point of view?

Soforia the Enchantress: his eyes glazed over at the softest whisper from Me and he would lose his train of thought.

ppj: So he was already thoroughly entranced by the recordings?

Soforia: Yes, it was obvious he had been deeply hypnotized all afternoon. As he wrote in the article, he wasn’t even capable of taking any notes at dinner.

ppj: Except for “Blackstone Merlot”

Soforia: Yes, Blackstone Merlot,…which was the wine he had ordered for us. I have a very good friend/client whom I enjoy sharing frequent glasses of Merlot as I hypnotize him at the table …..but that’s another story…..Anyway - It was interesting that when I arrived at the hotel, I drove around the parking lot in my Maxima deciding where to park. Usually I like to park a significant distance from an entrance – and as I walked towards the hotel, feeling the cool fall breeze on my face, listening to the drone of the freeway – I wondered what was going to happen that night. Since I prefer a spontaneous approach, I never know what I am going to do exactly – I was smiling as I contemplated david’s fate for the evening. As I walked into the hotel, I noticed he wasn’t in the lobby yet. I was so excited, so nervous. Then I heard the gentle “ding” of the elevator arriving. I turned and saw a diminutive man wearing glasses. I knew right away it was david – and, as I was wearing shoes with 3 inch heels – I was significantly taller than he was. I wondered if he had an amazon woman fetish, too.

ppj: So after he paid the check, You asked him to look into the flame.

Soforia: Actually, I just asked him if had ever noticed how lovely the candle was. Just a simple, innocent question. Of course, once he focused on the flame, he was deeply hypnotized in a matter of seconds.

ppj: And that’s when You decided to see his notes.

Soforia: I am a wonderfully curious woman. Everything is such an adventure to Me – I always try new things – always willing to take the big risks! Soooo..I wanted to read them. David was responding so well to my suggestions, that I just couldn’t resist. So I told him that he wanted to show Me his notes.

ppj: And he complied.

Soforia: <Laughs> Oh, yes he complied.

ppj: So how did You get him from the restaurant to his hotel room?

Soforia: There were very few people in the small lobby of the Doubletree. It was interesting as I led david back to the elevator - he was walking in a shuffling motion - and, I glanced over to the desk clerk to see if he noticed - perhaps he is used to hypnotized men walking to the elevator - perhaps he thought david was drunk or drugged...either way he wasn't really paying any attention. We moved on - shuffle by shuffle...I had suggested that david become My robot slave - so this was how his imagination believed a robot would function - Since he was walking rather stiff legged, it appeared as if he had an erection. Perhaps we were awakening a hypnofetish in him as well. It took a significant length of time to get from the dining room to his hotel room as I reminded him each step he took was taking him deeper and deeper into My Control...

ppj: How does it make You feel when You’ve got someone in a trance like this? Got them so completely In Your Control.

Soforia: Like a snake charmer. <giggles>

ppj: Wow. So Y/you eventually get upstairs and he lets you into his hotel room.

Soforia: he couldn’t let me in. he kept fumbling with his key-card. I had to let us in. Once inside, I commanded him to lie down on his bed and decided to deepen his trance for a while, suggesting that he is so deep in hypnosis and so relaxed... I test his eyes, he is unable to open them, I test his arms, heavy and relaxed, I was wishing I had a pin - so I could test him like they tested hypnotic subjects back in the 50's...instead I suggest that he is stiff, that his body is like a wooden board, his arms & legs like steel rods.... and as I lift his feet off the bed - then thinking I should suspend him between two chairs - wishing I had a camera to photograph him! I put his legs down and turn my attention to his notes.

ppj: But You couldn’t read his notes. They’re in his own special shorthand. So you seductively ask him to read You his notes and he happily complies.

Soforia: Not sure how happy he was about it - but he rationalized and complied.

ppj: So you got his notes. What happened when he went to see Krystal?

Soforia: he told Me he remembered looking into her eyes - then she got up and left the room...and came back in wearing a black satin cape of sorts...that she proceeded to twirl around - sounded a Gilda twirl to Me....which I thought at the time was either very creative of her to remember he had a thing for Rita Hayworth in Gilda or his imagination was projecting what he had wanted to experience. Like he said - he wasn't sure anymore either.

ppj: That’s really something. You are certainly the Most Hypnotic Woman in the World.

Soforia: Well not according to him at the time, but he did have the courage to venture out into a world very few people have the courage to try. he didn’t exactly understand that what happened to him is what makes it so much fun to be hypnotized by Me …... Who knows? – The next slave might end up at the Marriott Desert Springs when he wakes up…so I guess that makes Me ….

ppj: The Most Dangerous Woman in the World.

Soforia: <Laughs> you got that right. Good Night.