A Gift

from a friend.
Thank you.

Walking into the room, I didn't know what to expect. Sure, I had been hypnotized before, and relished the experience. But I had never been hypnotized with someone else, and was fairly self-conscious about it. What would I look like? Would I be resistant? What if it didn't work?

"Thanks for coming," she said. She was different than I expected. Medium height, dark blonde hair, and a soothing, welcoming smile that highlighted her beautiful blue eyes. She shook my hand and guided me in. "Don't mind the mess, it is usually crazy around here. Would you something to drink?"

"Um, sure," I said. She handed me a Diet Coke, and led me into another room. "I would like you to meet Amy," she said. As we walked in, a young Asian woman rose slowly and shook my hand. She had long, black hair, and a mousy appearance, and a pleasant, relaxed smile. "Amy has expressed an interest in hypnosis and will be joining us today. Won't you both sit down?"

As she motioned us to nearby chairs, I was surprised to find myself feeling pleasantly surprised. I thought I should be terribly nervous, but I realized that I felt pleasantly relaxed, even warm. Amy also looked comfortably relaxed, sinking into her chair and the hypnotist spoke to us.

"You have both joined me here today to experience deep hypnosis, and the pleasure that it can produce. In fact, I think you both find yourself very relaxed and comfortable. I enjoy hypnotizing people, and find satisfaction in giving people the pleasure that they desire. You both wanted to experience this pleasure don't you?"

I found myself nodding in agreement. I did enjoy being hypnotized, to lose myself in the voice of the beautiful hypnotist, feeling her control my emotions, my feelings, my body, and my reactions. I was looking at her as she was speaking, and felt very pleasantly at ease.

"Neither of you will do anything you don't want to do. You know you can trust me. You can tell by looking into my eyes. That's right, just look into my eyes and see the sincerity as I'm looking at you. Just look into my eyes. See the color. You know that you can trust me. You know that you can relax with me. That's right. Just relax your mind. Relax your mind and let me guide you. Relax and guide you into hypnosis."

She removed a small pendant from her neck. "You are already sinking into hypnosis as I speak, and it feels so wonderful. Sinking deeper and deeper, letting my voice guide you, guiding you into hypnosis. Look at the crystal and listen to my voice, as you relax, and go into deep hypnosis for me. Relax, and go into deep hypnosis. Deeper and deeper. Deeper and deeper.

I felt myself slipping into trance. All my worries and fears had vanished. There was only the beautiful, soothing voice, guiding me gently into a very pleasantly relaxed state. Relaxed and without any cares, letting her guide me, deep into hypnosis. Letting her relax my mind, relax my body, control my mind, control my body. She was controlling me now. Controlling my thoughts, controlling my mind, deeper and deeper.

Feeling deeply entranced now. Feeling, knowing that I was deeply entranced. What I wanted to be, where I wanted to be. Deeply in her control. She is telling me that she controls me completely, and I know it is true, and I'm delighted it is true. Controls me completely. So comfortable. So relaxed.

She is telling me to stand, and I feel myself obeying. My body seems to move on its own, feeling numb. She tells me I'm feeling warm all over. So warm. I'd feel better after I had disrobed. No need to be embarrassed. We are all friends here. That seemed reasonable. No need to be embarrassed. So comfortable and relaxed.

Deeper and deeper. Eyes open now, but deeply hypnotized. Looking at the crystal. The magic hypnotic crystal going back and forth, back and forth. I'm lying on the bed, and looking at the crystal. Lying naked on a bed, my arms are at my sides, staring at the crystal. I feel another hand holding mine. The soothing voice suggests that I look to my right, and lying next to me is Amy. She is also naked, staring at the crystal. Her face was relaxed, blank, as the shadow of the crystal swept back and forth across her features. obviously deeply hypnotized. I was fascinated looking at her face. I was sinking deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper, watching Amy as she was hypnotized.

"Yes she is beautiful, isn't she? She is so relaxed, so deep in hypnosis as you are. She will do anything I say, won't you Amy? Go ahead Amy, tell me."

"I will do anything you say."

"You'll obey me completely."

"I'll obey you completely."

"That's because you are my slave, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am your completely hypnotized slave."

"Oh, and John, what will you do?"

"Anything you say," I heard myself mutter. Did I say that?

"You will obey me completely."

"I will obey you completely."

"Your are my slave, aren't you?"

"Yes, I am your completely hypnotized slave."

"Good. You know that I have hypnotized both of you. Amy has told me that she wouldlike to experience great pleasure while in her hypnotic trance. She is very attractive,and you can feel a very strong attraction to her, can't you? You can sense it. Look ather, beautifully in my hypnotic spell. You would like to give her the pleasure shedesires, wouldn't you? You can feel your desire, your attraction, growing stronger,as you look at her shape, her beautiful body. You can feel your body responding,the intense erotic feelings growing stronger. Stronger and stronger. Feel the desire inher hands. No need to be embarrassed. Feel her respond to you as you stroke your handagainst her cheek. She is deeply hypnotized, as if she were in a dream. A deep, veryerotic dream. I want you to make her dream come true.You can do that for her, can't you? The attraction is so strong now.She wants you to arouse her completely. Completely. You must obey. You must obey me.

I felt such an intense wave of pleasure as I pulled myself close to Amy. She seemed to be sleeping, and yet, as I brushed my hands lightly over her body, she slowly moved away, and let out a sigh. Her eyes were closed, as she rolled on to her side, pressing her body next to mine. I let my hands caress her back, as I kissed her cheeks, her neck, and her forehead. I cupped her breast in my hand, and she let out a small gasp. Her eyes closed, she pressed her body next to mine, and slowly, rhythmically, moved her body up and down, up and down. I slowly licked the underside of her nipple and she let out another gasp. Her arms wrapped around the back of my neck, and I let my hand slowly massage her stomach. She seemed to move in waves, as I slowly let my hand massage lower and lower. Her breathing was coming in irregular gasps, as my hand found her soft wetness. I was feeling intense pleasure, and was completely intent upon providing her with the satifaction that she craved. My mouth was kissing her on the stomach, kissing and sucking. I held her hips in my hands, and began to slowly move my tongue over her vagina and clitoris. She was moving her body intensely. I looked up, and as I moved my tongue in and out of her, I saw that she was staring at the pendant. It was being held above her eyes, hovering and she couldn't take her eyes off of it. And neither could I. A voice was telling me to complete her satisfaction, and I found myself sinking into her. We began to make love, rhythmically, perfectly attuned and in harmony. We were both feeling intense pleasure, pleasure in beauty, pleasure in each other's body's, and pleasure in the crystal. The crystal swinging back and forth, back and forth. As our bodies moved back and forth, back and forth. Pleasure. Pleasure in movement. Pleasure in obeying.

It was time said the voice. Said the crystal. Time to let go. Let go completely. You are my slaves. My deeply hypnotized slaves. You must obey, you crave to obey, your bodies obey. Like an explosion, I felt the complete release of control. The complete release. I buried my head on Amy's shoulder and closed my eyes. Kissed her on the head. Kissed her on the cheek. Sleep. Kissed her deeply on the mouth. So sleepy. I held her close to me. So relaxed. So peaceful. Sleep. Sleep. Three, the number three. Sleep.

"Thank you for a wonderful evening. And Amy, it was so nice to meet you."

"Thanks, it was nice to meet you."

"Are you sure you two don't remember being hypnotized?"

"No, I don't think so. How about you, Amy?"

"No, I just feel pleasantly relaxed."

"Well, I'm sure it will come back to you. You do have dreams at night sometimes, don't you? Maybe tonight before you go to sleep, you should count to three. You never know, it might come back to you."