Finding Amusement

Copyright (C) By jarod whitestaff



author's note: The phrase "RELAXAND GO INTO DEEP HYPNOSIS FOR ME" is used with the kind and graciouspermission of Soforia The Enchantress, Mistress of Deep Hypnotic Sleep, TheUltimate Hypnotic Seductress, your Virtual Mistress, and Celebrator of theGlory of Divine Feminine Power--to whom this story is dedicated.

Finding Amusement - a story of Female Domination and superiority


"Slave, I am your ..."

"Oh no, not again," hethought.  "i hoped this time would be different.  Yes, yes i know."he retreated deeper into his gloomy pensiveness.  he seemed to know what Shewould say and do before She spake the syllables or made the movements."You are the great, powerful, intelligent, beautiful, omniscient, irresistible,yadda-yadda-yadda bla-bla-bla etc (insert Elected Title of Feminine Authorityand this one's name--which in a majority of instances is a 'nom deplume'--here) and i am the lowly and unworthy slave.  i've heard it allbefore."  His disappointment was profound.  He considered his options asshe continued speaking.   Ending this quickly was the best alternative.

"Stop.  Enough!"  Histone and manner were certain, and they brook neither argument nor even anydiscussion.  He rose quickly from his kneeling position.  "This just isn'tgoing to work."  he removed the hood, folded it neatly, and handed it toHer.

She counted the money he placed inHer hand and looked at him quizzically.  "The session had just begun andthis is more than we had agreed upon."

"Mistress Titanaconda, Youdeserve to be paid for Your time and inconvenience."  he deferentiallybowed his head.  "i hope the other submissives, servants, or slaves aren'tas much trouble as i am."

"I do not understand what youwant."

"That's not theproblem," he replied dejectedly.  "The fault lies not in my stars, orin this case my Mistress, it lies in myself."  his shoulders slumped as heturned to depart.

She stared at the door after heclosed it.  "At least he's generous," she muttered, placing her feeand a sizable tribute in her wallet.

Reclining comfortably in hisfavorite chair, smoking a delightful cigar, and gazing into the bright andcrackling fire George Walderson took stock of his life.  He had worked inseveral different fields after university graduation.  No job satisfied hisrestless nature.  He thrived on the unknown, the unexpected, or a goodchallenge.  The tomes in his library and the music in his collection evidencedGeorge's eclectic interests.  He was creative, good at solving problems, andhad honed his people evaluation instincts to a rapier's fine edge.  His graspof higher mathematics left much to be desired.  Building things was not one ofGeorge's strong suits.  He knew and freely acknowledged many parts of himself.

He started his consulting firmover two decades ago.  True to his nature the company solved problems invarious arenas.  Someone would come to him with a need or request.  Georgecreated a project team by hiring people with the requisite knowledge or talentor both.  The team created, implemented, and when necessary maintained thesolution.  His business was a smashing success.  There was no other way forGeorge to afford this handsome home and his potpourri of pleasurable passions.

Several years ago something beganto go awry.  George's corporation remained profitable.  This was due primarilyto the members of the various project teams he assembled and oversaw.  Hiscreative spark, however, began to wane.  Business success ceased to be enough.

George's delving into BDSM wasspawned by his need for change.  He thoroughly and voraciously researched thesubject.  His initial experiences satisfied his wanderlust.  He hoped itssatiation would be permanent.  Alas, it was not.

He knew a gloomy cocoon was envelopinghis soul.  The disastrous encounter with Mistress Titanaconda was merely itslatest strand.  It was not Her fault.  He had done the right thing by tellingHer thus.  He forlornly stared into the dying flames.  He wondered if for himthere was nothing new under the sun?

An idea worked its way through thecold, lugubrious psychological fog into his consciousness.  "People sayyou can find just about anything on the Internet."  The fire blazedslightly when he placed the cigar's remnant in the ornately handmadefireplace.  George trudged off to commence the Web searches.

Anna Conway and AndrayalexisSmythe had been friends since high school.  One thing which had drawn themtogether was that neither matched the commonly held perception of herself.Anna fit the French and English definitions of "petite."  She,nevertheless, relished and excelled in all her athletic endeavors.  Her love ofphysicality was an impetus to her pleasurable and lucrative career as adominatrix.  Her surprising strength, her formidable forcefulness, and whennecessary her 'fantastique' ferocity compensated for her lack of height andsize.  Andrayalexis was usually called "The amazon."  Her stature andbuild fit the stereotype.  She, however, preferred cerebral pursuits to workingup a sweat.

"What is it," Anna saidwatching Andrayalexis moving her legs?

"Your chairs are not verycomfortable."

"They would be if you werenot head of the Lollipop Guild," Anna said with a good-natured smirk.

"I've had appetizers larger thanyou," Andrayalexis responded.  She reached across the table and tapped herfriend on the head.

"I assume shrimpcocktail."

"Game, set, and match,"the giantess conceded.

"A sports reference from theivory tower set," Anna quipped.

"Tower is something you willnever experience," Andrayalexis retorted.

Anna scowled, stuck out hertongue, and clenched both hands.  Andrayalexis placed one of her palms overboth of her companion's fists.  Each attempted to intimidate the other byfirmly fixing the other woman with an increasingly intense expression in hereyes.  After about half a minute they simultaneously burst out laughing.

The statuesque lady took a sip ofher tea.  "Anna, we've had a spa day and you bought some fetish ware alongwith several items whose purpose I do not wish to know."  She massaged hershoulder remembering the heavy bags she'd carried in from the car.  "Willyou tell me why you wanted to talk?"

"It's about a would-beclient.  We were getting into our first session and out of nowhere he called ahalt."  The domina sighed.  "This has never happened to mebefore."

"What did he say?" Ms.Smythe inquired.

"He said, "This isn'tgoing to work.""

"Did he proffer anyexplanation?"

"He said," Anna rubbedher temple.  "He told me, "The fault lies not in my stars, or in thiscase my Mistress, it lies in myself."  You're the shrink.  What's youranalysis?"

"I am a Psychiatrist and aCertified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  You are the shrink.  CorrectionShrinkie," she said with a playful wink.

"I will have you know I amvertically challenged."

"Everyone knows that."

"My fortunate submissives andslaves do not.  Correction, to them it is of no consequence, or should I say itis of little importance to their happiness and devotion to little old Me,Myself, and I.  Would you like testimonials or affidavits?"

"Not presently.  Back to thesubject, what was his attitude?"

"He wasn't angry.  He wasdisappointed.  He seemed like a drowning yachtsman who finds a hole in his onlylife raft.  He left before I could say much of anything.  After he left, Ithought I should have given him your number.  Do you think you can help?"

"I'm not certain."Smythe leaned her head on her interlaced fingers and closed her eyelids."What makes you believe I could be of any assistance to one of Yourclients?"

"He almost seemed to besearching for something different.  You are a hypnotist.  You have helpedpeople overcome many barriers.  You also have a vivid imagination."

"He was looking for a dominatrix.I am not a dominant woman.  I know nothing about BDSM."

"You could be and you couldlearn."

"Are you going to start thatagain?"

"Yes.  You know howpersistent I am.  It would expand your business and personal horizons."

"Inordinately, almostinhumanly, stubborn is what you are.  That is my clinical opinion.  Turning tothe rest of what you said.  Absolutely not.  And by the way, that joke's tooeasy."

"Don't try to change thesubject.  I'm familiar with that trick.  Some of my clients have tried it.Those who have, only tried it once."

"Aren't there dominant femalehypnotists?"

"Yes there are.  There areerotic female hypnotists of all sizes, shapes, ages, backgrounds, and flavors.I don't know any of them personally."

"I'm sure everyone lookingfor that sort of thing is well taken care of."

"But you would be so good atit.  You have the psychological and hypnotic training and experience.  You knowhow to handle many kinds of people.  You've been physically imposing since youwere fifteen."

"Actually, since I waseight.  You didn't know me then.  Oh, and leave my personal life out ofthis."

"That is not your problem.Your problem is you've been leaving your personal life out of this.  Moreaccurately, you have been leaving yourself out of a personal life."

"You are the only person Iwould let get away with such talk."

"That's because you couldnever catch me."

"In your minute, minuscule,Lilliputian, electron microscopic, subatomic dreams.  Now, back to thisclient.  How did he first contact You?"

"He sent me an email.  I havehis Web address, a phone number, and his name."  Anna arose, found theinformation, and handed her friend a single neatly written page.

Andrayalexis finished her tea,glanced at the note, and placed it in her handbag.  "I can't promiseanything.  But, I will give it some thought."

"If you take on thiscase--which you and I know you should, do I get a referral fee?" Annaasked with an assumed aura of avariciousness.

"When you can slamdunk."

"Two sports references fromyou in one day," Anna said in mock surprise.  "Whoop, whoop, whoop..."  She was lifted off the ground and embraced.  "Hey, remember Iget nosebleeds."

"How would you know?  Eventhose shoes of yours don't lift you this much."  Ms. Smythe gently loweredher partner in crime.  "I'll let you know if anything transpires."

Dr. Smythe studied Anna's notewhile sitting in front of her computer in a large, comfortable, custom-designedoffice chair.  She stared at the man's email address.  "Why did he select"EdDemmingvagus," as a screenname?" she pondered.  The last fiveletters seemed familiar.  She searched her memory.  Nothing.  She retrieved andthumbed through a volume of her medical encyclopedia.  "Eureka, the vagusnerve," she exclaimed.  She mentally noted its etymology and turned on herPC.  One by one she typed several first names starting with "ed"along with "demming" into her favorite search engine.  After perusingseveral articles on Edward Demming she shutdown the machine and rested her chinon her long fingers.

The doctor contemplated herfindings and the data provided by her erotically dominant friend.  She recalleda saying she had come across some time ago, "Every creation reveals someaspect(s) of its creator.  The trick is to ferret out what the creation revealsabout its creator."  His screenname was no exception.  (In hernever-ending quest for self-improvement, spawned by her insatiable hunger andthirst for knowledge, the far more than statuesque, sagacious psychiatrist hadstumbled across a very useful formula for deciphering human nature and themotivations for a particular person's specific, volitional behavior."Sufficient Accurate Data Plus Error-free Processing Equals RightConclusion."  SADPEPERC was this analytical tool's acronym.  She lovedsuch things.  She had determined that if she ever located its creator, shewould thank that person greatly.)  She considered its two parts.  "EdwardDemming" relocated to a foreign culture to find what his homeland could,or would, not provide him.  Vagus means "to wander."  From thesefacts she drew several conclusions.  This man was intelligent, well-read, aproblem solver, dissatisfied with his status quo, and willing to do what wasnecessary to find what he sought.  Both parts of his screenname alluded totraveling.  To her this double emphasis indicated the depth of his need anddesire.  Her favorite, diminutive Domina's perception of him was accurate.  Herbest friend's information showed he possessed a high level of self-awarenessand a strong unwillingness to blame external entities or forces for hispersonal disquiet.  This man was definitely worth getting to know.

George scrolled through theentries in his latest erotica-related web search.  The word "hypnosis"caught his attention.  "This is something I have not yet considered,"he mumbled.  He mused for some time.  "What have I got to lose?" hethoughtfully asked himself.  He tentatively typed in that intriguing word andbegan sifting through the multitude of matches.

He checked all types of hypnosiswebsites for several weeks.  He placed informational sites in a "favoriteslist" subfolder for further study--if such became desirable or necessaryor both.  A few of the erotic sites were somewhat intriguing.  He immersedhimself in each website's content.  None of them quite meshed with hispersonality or preferences or both.  This path also seemed to be a drearydead-end.  Still, he kept searching.

The words, "The HypnoticSilken Web of Soforia the Enchantress," came up on his screen.  Somehow,he soon found himself looking at the contents of Soforia's Recordings page.  Hewas unable to decide which of Her voice samples he wanted to hear first.  Hedownloaded each audio file he found anywhere on Her Website and burned everyone of them onto a CD.  Immediately thereafter, he settled comfortably in hischair, placed a pair of high-quality stereo headphones on his head afterplugging them into his computer, and caused his system to play all the trackson the newly created CD.  A slow, sensuous, soft, soothing, soporific, sexy,spellbindingly mesmerising voice, unlike any woman's voice he had ever heard,entered his ears and his mind and his consciousness and his soul.

He yawned, stretched, and rolledhis eyes several times.  It took several moments for him to recollect where hewas and what he had been doing.  Something seemed different.  Something hadhappened.  He tried hard to remember what it was.  To his conscious mindnothing would come.  He had to go to the bathroom and disburthen himself.  Helooked down.  "What was?" he thought.  Now he knew.  Her name wasSoforia.  Her voice was.  Who was She?  How had She compelled him to?  He hadto find out.  He had to know! now!!!

He plunged headlong into Hersilken Internet website with unrestrained fervor.  He followed each link.  Toeach of Her inductions and spells he submitted himself on multiple occasions.He noted, and subsequently purchased, every book and CD She recommended whichwas not in his personal library or music collection.  He scoured andscrutinized every testimonial pertaining to Her.  He virtually memorized anystory in which She appeared.  He bought multiple copies of Soforia'srecordings.  He dedicated his talents to digging out every, legally accessible,tidbit of information concerning Soforia the Enchantress.

"Why! does! She! have! to!live! so! damned! far! away?"  With each word he angrily and painfullyslammed his fist into his palm.  "What kind of cruel and twisted joke wasthe universe playing on him?" he thought broodingly.  Still, he ultimatelyrealized two good things had come out of this.  First, he had Her recordings.They would forever be a boon.  Second, he now knew what he had lacked andunknowingly sought for so long.  A geographically desirable partner, ofSoforia the Enchantress's type and hopefully of (or at least near) Her caliber,with whom he could experience and explore the arenas of erotic sensual hypnosisand psychological and physical female domination.  George's interactions withMistress Titanaconda and his indelible experience with the potent powerpersuasively purveyed through the seductive sound of Soforia's siren's voiceshowed him his real interest lay in knowing a woman who was more skilled in theterritory of psychological domination than in the crude confines of simplisticphysical control.  His next task was locating the woman--if there was such awoman to be found in his vicinity.


His next step was to check out allof the female hypnotists in his part of the country.  There was onedisappointing outcome he did not wish to face.  His nature and realitycompelled him to embrace it.  None of the available mesmerists might meshexactly with what he sought.  It would be an awful thing if his search for acompatible erotic hypnotist became nought save another fruitless quest into thequagmire-esque quarters of the quixotic.  George's dread due to this dismaldanger did not prevent his persistent pursuit of the precious prize.

Dr. Smythe wanted to help this manshe had begun the process of getting to know.  She believed her mesmeric skillswere up to the challenge.  She knew nothing of the world of BDSM.  She neededan experienced instructor.

"This is MistressTitanaconda.  You will completely surrender your self only and eternally toMe."

"All in good time, perhaps.For now, I need Your expertise," Andrayalexis responded.

"Sports or BDSM?"

"Your favorite pastime andlivelihood."

The Teeny Tiny Terrorizer knewthere was only one reason Her conspicuous 'companera' would want any knowledgeappertaining to alternative erotica.  Now was a stupendous smile definitelydisplayed upon Mistress Titanaconda's cute, little countenance.  "Ah, myfriend, at last you have seen the lurid light of truth.  Yes, indeed, come andfulfill your fiendishly feminine destiny.  Come here to me and fully embracethe terrible and pleasurable power of the distaff-dominated dark side!"Her words were spoken menacingly.  She laughed with maniacal glee.

"I hear and obey, myEmpress.  What shall be my new name, Darth Amazon?"

"Only among the ranks of theSith Sisterhood.  For public consumption you shall be known as, MistressCigargantua."

"What is Thy bidding, myelvish Empress?"

"Wouldn't you like toknow."

"I think we have had enough"STAR WARS" allusions for one day.  What I need from you is a crashcourse in BDSM."

""Ask, and it shall begiven you."  When and where will your lessons begin?"

"The place, your dungeon.  Alocation I had always assumed I would never go.  The time, as soon aspossible."

"One never knows whatstrange, wondrous, and unforeseen twists and turns fate, Providence, destiny,or the power of the dark side of the force has in store.  So shall it be, MyJunoesque protégé."

"I thank You, ProfessorPain."

The latest phase of Dr. Smythe'sextensive and endless education began in earnest.  Mistress Titanaconda hadobtained some of Her subjects' permission to show video recordings of selectedportions of some of their sessions.  Andrayalexis was made privy to these.  Thepsychiatrist quickly realized the enormous range of desires within that part oferotica called BDSM.  She developed a far greater appreciation for theperceptiveness, endurance, creativity, attention to detail, and talents of thedinky Dominatrix she knew so well and cared for so very, very much.

Hands-on training was the nextstep in the psychiatrist's metamorphosis into A Hypnotic Dominatrix.  It wasone thing to see someone employ, and other people's responses to the skilleduse of, various types of restraining devices, kinds of implements used tostimulate sensations of pleasure or pain or both, and items intended to inducemultitudinous degrees of sensory deprivation.  Handling any and all of herfriend's "tiny trifling trinkets" (as Anna affectionately calledthem) was a far more intimate and intense matter.  Mistress Titanaconda wasmore than willing to be the guinea pig upon whom the giantess could learn tohone her craft in the various aspects of the arena of physical eroticdomination.  Unbeknownst to Dr. Smythe, while she was learning the tricks ofher friend's trade, one of the teacher's longtime and deeply rooted fantasieswas being fulfilled to the letter.  This was another instance of theireverlasting and intimate friendship's being a win-win situation.

Andrayalexis was a very quickstudy possessing an almost eidetic memory.  Both of these cerebral capacitieswere stretched to the breaking point under Mistress Titanaconda'sintimidatingly strict tutelage.  The breadth and precision of Her instructionswas all but inhuman and inhumane.  None of her teachers, throughout theentirety of her matriculations, ever compelled the psychiatrist to work sodiligently.

Andrayalexis had always wonderedif Anna had ever paid much heed to the collegiate psychology courses theDominatrix had taken?  (The gorgeous giantess smiled when she recalled some ofthe frustrating moments during her tutoring sessions with her superhumanlystubborn, pixilating, pixyish, pixie playmate.)  While watching the videos ofsome of Mistress Titanaconda's sessions, the psychiatrist particularly notedthe strength of her Friend's "interpersonal intelligence".  (Dr.Smythe was a firm believer in Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner's Theory ofMultiple Intelligences.  To keep track of the current components in the set ofseveral intelligences, Dr. Smythe used the acronym,"BICTBOKILLOMMINS".  BICTBOKILLOMMINS was the abbreviation andmnemotechnical device for, "Basic Intelligence Components or Types are:Bodily or Kinesthetic; Interpersonal; Linguistic; Logical or Mathematical;Musical; Intrapersonal; Naturalist; and Spatial.")  The domina's abilityto decipher subtle cues given by some of Her clients and Her capacity to drawforth the deep desires of  a reluctant or shy or unexpressive submissive wereamazing to behold.  The way Anna molded Herself to precisely mesh with theindividuals o'er whom She exercised unquestioned and unquestionable dominionwas far more than wondrous.  The psychiatrist came to realize she too had beencorrectly diagnosed by Mistress Titanaconda.  The doctor had always plungedheadlong into each challenge she accepted.  She loved every minute of meetingthe trials and tribulations of her best friend's grueling guidance into theregions of alternative erotica.  That was why Anna Conway had pressed herfriend so vigorously during the titaness's training sessions.

Dr. Smythe now was certain thatthe minuscule Mistress Titanaconda would be a premier therapist of any kind andhypnotherapist in particular.  There was only one Gordian Knot to unravel.  Howto convince her friend that the doctor's conclusion concerning the daintyDomina was valid?  Anna had a very sharp mind.  She, nevertheless, had alwaysbeen far more interested in physical pursuits than in cerebral endeavors.  Thepsychiatrist was aware that attempting to use evidence, logic, or emotion wouldonly meet with dismal failure.  Andrayalexis had employed them all.  MistressTitanaconda had one stock reply, "I just don't want to do that."  TheDomme's determination was a significant contributor to her unparalleledstanding in the BDSM arena.  Anna's resolve to not branch out into the realmsof psychology and hypnosis inhibited her prospects for the acquisition of greaterpowers of persuasion and limited her opportunities for future financial gain.Dr. Andrayalexis Smythe knew this to be true.  There must be a way to changeher friend's mind.  The doctor's love for Mistress Titanaconda and hercertainty that she was correct were the only things which kept this dimlyflickering hope alive.

The doctor elected to familiarizeherself with the expressions of hypnoerotica available on the Web.  She readmind-control stories of various types.  She observed, but decided not toparticipate in, several online forums dealing with the topic of the eroticaspects of hypnosis.  She scoured websites of the major, and some minor,players in the Internet erotic hypnosis grab-bag.  One of the sites shecarefully examined was The Hypnotic Silken Web of Soforia the Enchantress.Andrayalexis made a memo on her appointment calendar to write a thank-you noteto the bewitchingly blue-eyed Mistress of Deep Hypnotic Sleepiness.

Dr. Smythe's next task waspurchasing the requisite clothes, devices, and other paraphernalia to become aproperly outfitted dominatrix.  Due to her close friendship with MistressTitanaconda, the psychiatrist was well acquainted with the establishments sheneeded to visit.  The dainty Domina couldn't possibly carry all the things shehad bought over the years.  Having a giantess as one's closest friend yieldedsome distinct advantages.  After entering each store, Andrayalexis confidentlystrode up to the first salesperson she encountered and presented her list of desireditems.  The reaction was almost always the same.  Each of them was taken abackthat someone they had never met in the local BDSM scene was so exacting aboutwhat she wanted.  Many more experienced members of their clientele were not soknowledgeable as the purposeful woman who towered over virtually everyone shemet.  More than once she was asked if she was a newly arrived ProfessionalDomme?  Not on only one occasion did someone fervently beseech her to beaccepted as a submissive in training.

Everything was in readiness.  Onlyone issue remained to be resolved.  How would she introduce herself into thelife of the only client Mistress Titanaconda had been unable to surround insideand squeeze within the cunningly captivating, charmingly crushing coils ofsensuous servitude to Her controlling Self?

George was an exceptionally, andsome might reasonably conclude excessively, private individual.  Only withgreat reluctance did he reveal to anyone his deeper emotions or his desire andneed for physical intimacy in various, and in the narrow minds of many prudishpersons bizarre, forms.  Any personal information touching on these spheres wasdivulged only on a need to know basis.  For personal and pragmatic (withrespect to his business) reasons, safeguards were implemented to shield hisreal identity.  Only one phone line was ever used to make or receive any callspertaining to his interest in BDSM or hypnosis.  In most of his interactions inthese two arenas, he used the name Edward Demming.  He had revealed his realname to Mistress Titanaconda, only after they had corresponded for some timeand She had signed a nondisclosure form.

He was as meticulous, in hissearch for a compatible erotic hypnoteuse or hypnodomme, as he was in any taskto which he ascribed any significance.  His thoroughness and his yearning foranonymity were manifested in his investigations.  He prepared a set ofquestions which was posed to each woman with whom he talked or corresponded.Where and when had she been trained?  Did she have any certifications(s)?  Howmuch experience did she have as a hypnotist?  Would she provide him anyreference(s)?  Did she have any specific area(s) of expertise or interest withrespect to hypnosis?  If "Yes" was her response to this query, she wasasked to list the arena(s).  If she mentioned hypnoerotica or hypnoticdomination, there was a supplemental set of questions.  Did she categorizeherself as a hypnodomme or an erotic hypnoteuse?  Why did she use the title shechose?  What factor, or factors, strongly influenced her decision to take uperotic hypnosis?  Besides hypnosis, what else interested her so far as BDSM wasconcerned?  How much experience did she have in taking the dominant role inalternative erotic relationships?  What factor(s) or motivation(s) influenced,prompted, or compelled her to become an erotic dominant?  (Mr. Walderson'sstudies had shown him that the three elemental impetuses for someone's electionto become a sensual dominant were: recreation, remuneration, and retaliation.Those at the top of his list were Superior Women who enjoyed being in chargeand who took pleasure in the happiness a voluntarily submissive person found byrelinquishing some degree of determination for a proscribed period of time.  Ifthere was no better available option, George conjectured he couldsatisfactorily deal with a female dominant mesmerist whose primary motivationwas her financial gain.  Under no circumstances would he ever willingly yieldhimself to a female whose interest in domination was spawned by a desire and/orneed for vengeance or catharsis or both.)  Anyone who refused to answer hisquestions, who was overly hesitant to do so, displayed a penchant for excessiveegotism or extreme nitpickiness or both, or from whom he, for any reason(s),got odd vibes was summarily rejected and unceremoniously informed of hisdecision.  The Edward Demming moniker was used, until a sufficient level ofcomfort and trust had been established with the particular female hypnotist.

Andrayalexis picked up her officephone after the third ring.  "Hello, this is Dr. Smythe.  How may I helpyou?"  She immediately recognized his name.  She had prepared for theeventuality of his contacting her.  At one time, she had considered leadingtheir conversation or correspondence to the subject of erotic hypnosis.  Sheconcluded it would be better if she did not do so.  His response to herbringing up this subject might be to ask her why she had done so?  Her answerto this query might lead to the revelation that the doctor possessed priorknowledge of who he was and what he sought.  This information, in turn, couldbe the prelude to him finding out the source of her very personal data abouthim.  She did not know to what extent he guarded his privacy in such intimatematters.  He may well have become highly incensed by Mistress Titanaconda'sdiscussing his desire for domination with someone who was a stranger to him.Wisdom suggested it was best to let him broach this matter in some way.

As their lengthy conversationprogressed, the psychiatrist noted all of his questions were standard fare.She was beginning to think her assumption about his identity was incorrect.There was no good reason to believe the name Edward Demming could only belongto the restless man who had been Mistress Titanaconda's one-time potentialplaything and submissive.

"Do you have any specialtiesso far as hypnosis is concerned?"

She'd been waiting for this veryquery.  "Yes, along with my therapeutic practice, I am also an erotic hypnotist."

"How much experience do youhave with this genre of mesmerism?"

Dr. Smythe (along with all othercompetent psychological and/or hypnotic practitioners, knowledgeable clients,and members of the general populace) was keenly aware of the necessity ofhonesty in the psychotherapeutic or hypnotherapeutic relationship.  Neither ofthese processes could attain its full effectiveness, if the client wasdeliberately deceitful or even not forthcoming concerning pertinentinformation.  The Amazonian analyst, psychiatrist, and hypnotherapist assignedmany of the same requirements to herself as she did to those who sought herprofessional expertise.  She knew of no reason why she should not hold herfledgling career in erotic mesmerism to the same excellent standard of care asher more traditional vocations.  "If you and I establish a mutuallyentertaining erotic hypnotic relationship, you will be my first erotic hypnosisclient."

"I thank you for yourhonesty, doctor.  Sometimes a neophyte in a particular endeavor will gild thatindividual's amount of experience or exaggerate the level of theirproficiency.  I am very glad to know you have elected to not participate insuch adolescent chicanery or puerile subterfuge."  He asked her the otherqueries he had prepared with respect to BDSM and erotic mesmerism.  He feltcomfortable with this woman.  Still, he would check out the references she'dprovided before making his final decision.  He told the doctor he would begetting back to her and cordially brought their introductory conversation to aclose.

* * * * *

Dr. Smythe passed all of George'sexhaustive examinations with flying colors.  He knew what he must do firstwhenever he next spoke to her.

The telephone was ringing as Dr.Smythe strode into the office portion of her home.  The sun was bright and thegentle breezes were unusually nippy for this time of year.  She recognizedEdward Demming's voice after the first couple of syllables in his introductorystatement.

"Hello, Dr. Smythe.  If youcan fit me into your very busy schedule, I would like to have a consultatoryappointment with you and perhaps our initial hypnosis session.  Before you giveme your answer, there is something I must tell you.  Edward Demming is not myreal name.  I use this 'nom de plume' only in my fledgling dealings or cursoryinteractions with anyone in the hypnoerotic or BDSM realms.  If you areamenable to meeting with me, I will tell you my real name when I arrive.  Arethese conditions acceptable to you?"

"I appreciate your candor andrespect your desire for anonymity.  Divulging your true identity once we meetin-person is acceptable."

George's relief was clearly etchedon his brow.  "I am happy my little deception has not turned you againstme."

They consulted their appointmentcalendars, discussed some possible dates, and settled upon a mutually agreeabletime for their first face-to-face meeting.

Despite the interference ofseveral outrageously humongous traffic jams and one exceptionally long train,George was on-time for his meeting with Dr. Smythe.  He was glad her office wasa part of her home.  Not having to go to some office building or some dungeonnaughtily nestled in a nonresidential district made him feel more comfortableabout opening up to this woman in an arena as intimate as erotic hypnosis mightturn out to be.  The only overtly personal touches to his traditionalcharcoal-grey business ensemble were related to his most expensive and firstacquired vice.

George took several deep breathswhile standing before the ingress to her home.  Now that his meeting with Dr.Smythe was at hand, all his feelings concerning this encounter, and itstheoretical ramifications, had risen to the surface of his consciousness.  Hisyearning to experience something unique, exotic, and exciting had notdiminished.  That this desire was still strong did not in any wise assuage theacute anxiety he now perceived.  Up to this point, all of his excursions,encounters, and relationships in the alternative erotica arena had focusedprimarily on their concomitant physicality.  If some sort of a connexion wasforged betwixt himself and this psychiatrist and erotic hypnoteuse, its natureand substance and scope would be far more psychological than any of his walkson the wild side had been heretofore.  It could lead to the revelation of someportions of his being whose existence was even unknown to himself.  He wasbetween a rock and a hard place, trapped in a strait betwixt two, and hemmed inby the devil and the deep blue sea.  The openness and closeness for which hesought were the catalysts of the practically paralyzing perturbation from whichhe longed to immediately escape.

The voice of self-preservationinside him advised that George Walderson turn tail and head for the hills likea bat out of Gehenna.  His conscience reminded him he had scheduled anappointment with Dr. Smythe.  His yearning for true intimacy said unto him thatif he refused to keep this appointment, he might never know what wonderfullytremendous treasures he had forsaken.  The voice of reason told him that anyfuture forays into the realm of hypnoerotica would be at least as frighteningas was this present one.  George's internal arbiter and referee was hardpressed to the limit to make a decision.  After a couple more deep breaths, hestretched forth his hand and expectantly and nervously placed his perspiringpalm on the doorbell's button.

He was taken aback when his eyescame to rest upon her for the first time.  He had interacted with more than hisfair share of dominant women.  None of these encounters nor any of thesedominatrixes had in any wise adequately prepared him for the graceful,Gargantuan, Goddesslike vision of ladylike loveliness which opened the door infront of him, graciously introduced herself to him, intensely focused her eyesupon him, and extended her unusually large and exceptionally feminine hand tothe now quite flummoxed George Walderson.  In vain did he attempt to stifle anyvisible expressions of his astonishment regarding her appearance.  Thissituation did not improve for him as they walked into and seated themselves inthe doctor's cozily personal and comfortably professional office.  (Watchingher bewitchingly babelicious bubble buttocks seductively sway as those full andfeminine hips unnervingly undulated in front of him did not provide thispartially pixilated man with any peace of mind.)  There was the greatness ofher humongous height; the shapeliness of her luxuriantly long legs; thevoluptuousness of her firm, ripe, bodacious breasts; the color of her long,luculent locks; the expressiveness of her captivating countenance; the fullnessof her beguilingly bee-stung, lovely lips; and the depthlessness of herevanescently, yet eternally entrancing, Elizabeth Taylor-esque eyes.  Anyonewho has experienced the annoying frustration and absolute futility of trying tothink of nothing during a meditation session would be well-acquainted with thisexceptional man's predicament.  When he tried not to gape at any of the sourcesof her pulchritude, he was inevitably drawn more powerfully to one of them.The more he attempted to suppress his reactions to her alluring and awesomeattractiveness, the more absurdly obvious they became.

Mr. Walderson was chagrined at hisbehavior.  He was looking at this statuesque psychiatrist in the same way hehad looked at girls when he was a puerile pubescent teenager.  "Dr.Smythe, I beg your pardon for staring at you as I have.  It's just that Iwasn't expecting you to look the way you do."

Andrayalexis smiled broadly andreassuringly.  "I understand.  For most of my life I have beensignificantly taller than most of my female peers.  When they first see me,many people are surprised by my height.  Some individuals are even intimidatedby it."

Only the good doctor knew theprimary reason for the large smile displayed upon her visage.  She was wearinga form-fitting business suit.  Her clothing was conservative enough to beperceived as purely professional.  When the heady, headstrong, head-turninghead-shrinker moved in certain ways, her expensive, hand tailored suit subtlyyet coquettishly revealed the presence of her persuasively pervasivepulchritude.  The femininely man-trapping and fetchingly manipulativeparadoxical ponderings--along with the concomitant emotional turmoil--sheintended to illicitly elicit in this mere male's mind was in full force.  Sofar, things were going wonderfully and according to the plan massaged in themonumental mentality of this mesmerising, mammoth matriarch.

She informed him it was herstandard policy to make audio and video recordings of the entirety of herinteractions with any therapeutic client or erotic hypnotic subject.  He lether know that this longstanding practice posed no problems for him.

Once the recording devices wereactivated, she began to probe his inner world.  "Now, Mr. Demming, do youhave any expectations or preconceptions concerning mesmerism in general orerotic hypnosis in particular?"

"Before I answer your query,there is something I should tell you.  As I have told you Edward Demming is mypseudonym.  My actual name is George Walderson.  I use my 'nom de plume' duringmy cursory or initial dealings with anyone in the alternative erotica world.For you to fully understand my desires regarding erotic mesmerism, I believe Ishould let you know why I became involved in BDSM in the first place.  Severalyears ago, I realized I was beginning to feel the first symptoms of boredom andburnout in my career.  I wanted to find something new, anything that wasdifferent and that would give my creative juices a boost.  I hoped BDSM woulddo the trick.  For a while it did.  Now I realize what I truly wanted was tofind a dominant woman who was skilled at creating, and desirous of having, arelationship featuring the emotional and mental aspects ofdominance-and-submission.  Physical restraint and punishment just simply aren'tenough anymore.  Erotic mesmerism is perhaps my last hope."

"There are two sayings whichwill play a significant role so far as what you may receive from the hypnosisexperience is concerned.  First, "You can lead a horse to water, but youcan't make him drink."  Second, as is said in the computer world,"Garbage in, garbage out."  A subject who, for whatever reason, isclosed off from the possibility of participating in new experiences will getlittle or nothing out of being mesmerized.  Trust is another essentialcomponent in mesmerism.  The degree to which the hypnotist is trusted by theclient, will profoundly influence what can be accomplished in hypnosis.  Theintelligence and imaginativeness of both hypnoteuse and subject are alsoimportant.  I was a psychiatrist long before I began delving into erotichypnosis.  My studies and practice have shown me that the human mind is analmost endless expanse of wonders and possibilities.  Exploring this limitlessand fascinating realm is one of the things I live for, Mr. Walderson."

"Yours is the kind ofattitude I have been searching for.  I hope I shall be a good hypnotic subject."

She regarded him intensely.  Hiseye movements, facial expression, and body language showed the degree of hissincerity and the level of his focus upon her.  "That you earnestly desireto be a good hypnotic subject is an indication that you probably shall besuch."

During Dr. Smythe's time of visualdata collection concerning her current client, she took note of the cigarcutter he had in his shirt pocket.  "It seems you and I share adelightfully enjoyable pastime besides erotic hypnosis."

"What would that be,doctor?"

"Cigars.  Would you like tosmoke one before we begin your mesmerism session?"

"That would be wonderful.  Ifyou wish, I will go outside to do so."

"That will not be necessary.I find watching someone revel in the satisfaction that only comes from savoringa fine cigar, almost as pleasurable as smoking that cigar myself."

Andrayalexis was pleased by thecraftsmanship displayed in: the ashtray; dual-bladed, stainless steel cutter;and multi-jet, odor-free, butane lighter he drew from his custom-designedattaché case.  She committed to memory the brand name and classification of hisselected cigar.  While he smoked, she joyously permitted the pleasantlypungent, faintly fruity, thoughtfully textured, and subtly sweet aromatic auraof this cunningly cured, charismatically crafted cigar to powerfully permeateher olfactory sense.  She surmised that Mr. George Walderson was possessed ofan exquisitely developed palate.  She hoped this predilection toward refinementin the tobacco he desired was applicable in alternate arenas.

After finishing his excellentsmoke, his gaze casually swept the room and his mind clinically scrutinizedeach item he saw.  He observed an ornate wooden box on a table near her desk.He gestured in the direction of the object of his curiosity.  "If youdon't mind my asking, what is that?"

She flipped the latches and raisedthe lid of the shallow, rectangular chest.  Once it was fully opened, twohalves of a backgammon board were revealed.  "I love to play all sorts ofgames."

George quickly came to understandthat he was presently in the presence of an intoxicating individual whoeffortlessly exuded exceptional elegance.  His correct conclusion was deftlydrawn from the exquisite workmanship displayed in: the mother-of-pearl inlaidboard; the Carrara marble or obsidian game pieces; the hand carved dice; andthe ribbed, hand stitched, aniline dyed, full top grain, ostrich skin leatherthrowing cups possessing dice trip out edges.  "Backgammon has always beenone of my favorites."

"Excellent!  Are you up toplaying with me?"

The most obvious assumption wasthat her query was no more than a simple challenge to play a game classified asa member of the subcategory of board games called racing games.  George was inthe presence of a skilled psychiatrist.  Her question could be a tactical,psychoanalytically therapeutic tool designed to penetrate and peruse his mind,and draw forth from thence a revelatory piece of personal data.  Thisinformation or its import or both might well be heretofore unknown to Mr.Walderson.  He sat staring into the ensorcellingly enormous and enormouslyentrancing eyes of an erotic hypnoteuse.  Her question might be intended as theprecursor to a mesmeric induction.  He was dealing with a dominatrix.  Thepurpose of Her inquisitory statement could be to ascertain his willingness tobe submissive and the degree of his submissiveness.

A saying flashed into his mind."Frequently assumptions lead to errors."  Education and Experience hadshown him the significance of this minuscule maxim.  He had no guarantee thatany action stemming from any of his very plausible assumptions would becorrect.

He decided to give her an answerwhich was as open-ended as her question was baiting.  "That remains to beseen."

She motioned for him to sit acrossfrom her.  Perceptively engaging in some kind of game, sport, or contest can bean excellent means of divining the character traits and personalitycharacteristics of one's opponent.  Taking part in such entertainment activitycan also reveal one's personality proclivities and character makeup.  The waythese two persons played backgammon did both of these.  (As their skirmishprogressed, the monumental mesmerist observed George's steadfast focus on herfingers as she rolled the dice or moved either, or both, of her hands over theboard while plotting her current move.)  Dr. Andrayalexis Smythe and Mr. GeorgeWalderson were exceptionally logical.  Neither of them displayed the slightestaversion to taking a calculated risk.  Each of them was more than willing toexercise subterfuge and to go for the jugular when the appropriate opportunitypresented itself.

Each player's momentum ebbed andflowed and each combatant's advantage waxed and waned in their evenly matchedcontest.  As their match continued, from time to time the sexy psychiatristwould deeply yawn and languorously stretch out one or both of her astoundingarms or her luxurious legs or both.  On one of such occasions she utilized thetip of one stiletto-heeled shoe to tantalizingly toy with and sensuouslystimulate both of his ankles.  George's involuntary response to this subtlesensory stimulation did not escape her knowing notice.

"Oh, pardon me," Dr.Smythe said while putting the finishing touches on a pronounced yawn."Focusing on a tight game intensely arouses my mind and sometimes deeplyrelaxes my body.  One of the things I've learned is that focused concentrationcan be easily intermingled with and then thereafter smoothly and swiftlytransformed into a glorious gateway to deep, deep relaxation."  While sheuttered this discourse, she absentmindedly began to rhythmically move herdominant hand.  Any observer of this scene would have seen the room's subdued,ambient lighting softly shimmering off the psychiatrist's masterfullymanicured, glamourously glossy, perfectly polished nails.  "Deeprelaxation is such a salubriously soothing and soporifically satisfying stateof charismagically captivated consciousness.  Don't you agree?"  Spake SheHer statement's syllables with subtle slowness.

"Yes, I do, doctor."

"Yes, it does feel sooooooogood to sit back, relax, and take a nice, relaxing respite from the hectichumdrum of one's stressful schedule."  Once more did she yawn and casuallyshe stretched out her long legs.  george's eyes were always engrossed inperceiving Mistress Andrayalexis's each and every inveigling movement."It feels so good when I just let the rest of the world softly slip away.Yes, indeed.  It always feels sooooooo wonderful to just take a little time andallow all of my cares and concerns to be softly and sweetly and swiftlysubjugated by the oh so sumptuous satisfaction of sonorous, soothingserenity."  At this juncture it took several seconds and required theexpenditure of some considerable effort for her to finally suppress anotheryawn.  "There is one simple strategy I employ on sundry occasions in orderto achieve the soothing state of deep, deep relaxation of which I speak.  All Ido is mentally slide myself into the most sensorially beautiful and wonderfullytranquilizing space I can imagine.  Once I have arrived, each of my physicalsenses pleasurably perceives the perfectly pristine and rapturously rhapsodicbeauty it encounters.  Every one of my several senses initially revels in, thenrelishes, and subsequently surrenders to the joy of sweetly and swiftlysuccumbing to this halcyon habitation's ineffably exquisite and exoticloveliness.  Once my mind, my heart, and my senses have been bathed in beauty,my psychological palate is precisely prepared to experience the ever-increasingdepths of deep relaxation.  To reach this oh so sought after state of deep,deep relaxation, I imagine myself in the most comfortable position I canimagine.  Then I slowly count up from one to twelve.  One, I can feel a slight,pleasurably tingling, and yet peacefully soothing sensation at the crown of myhead.  Two, this feeling of wonderful relaxation is now softly, swiftly,sensuously, and sweetly spreading over my head and face.  Three, now thisslightly soporific stimulation is moving down my neck.  Four, and with thisnumber the silky caress of this marvelously magical spell is moving over andaround my shoulders and then throughout my breast and breasts.  I can also feelit in the joints and muscles of my upper back.  Five, now I can feel this tideof relaxation flowing over my upper arms.  Six, when I say this number, thegentle waves of peaceful tranquility can be felt moving across my elbows and inmy lower arms, in both my hands, and in the entirety of each one of myfascinatingly feminine fingers and femininely fascinating fingertips.  Seven,now the inexorable and inexhaustible relaxation is smoothly sliding over mystomach and along my ribcage.  It is also surreptitiously slithering down thelower section of my spine and all the joints, ligaments, nerves, tendons, andmuscles at the bottom of my back.  Eight, the irrepressible and irresistiblestream of soothingly sleepy restfulness now envelops My womanly waist, My hypnotisinghips, and My deliciously delightful derriere.  Nine, now my thighs are therapturous recipients of this unstoppable and unbelievable river of deep, deeprelaxation.  Ten, now my knees can feel the restful and rejuvenating relaxationI desire.  Eleven, my calves and the lower reaches of my long and lovely legscan feel all tension becoming swiftly subjugated to such wonderful calm andsoothing quietude.  Twelve, at last: both of my ankles; my fascinatinglyfetching, feminine feet; and my ten tantalizingly tempting toes are beingpowerfully and pleasantly and pleasurably permeated by the soporific, soothingspells of deep, deep relaxation's siren songs and soothingly sublime,subjugating spells.  As I continue to focus on these fascinating feelings ofdeep, deep, relaxation, the soothing, subtle, and sensuously seductive strengthof the rapturous relaxation I feel continues to increase exponentially andeverlastingly.  Now, although I am so very relaxed, I am not asleep.  I remainconscious of what is transpiring around me.  Though I am sooooooo deeeeeeeplyrelaxed, I am well able to respond to anything of importance in myenvironment.  Nevertheless, it does feel sooooooo good to linger in thissoporific and soothing state on the border betwixt total wakefulness andcompletely sleepy resting in peaceful sleepiness, sleeeeeeepiness, sleepy,sleeeeeeepy, sleeeeeeep."

While reciting her relaxationregimen, Dr. Smythe varied her inflection, cadence, and volume.  She alsosubtly stressed those words whose sounds tended to evoke a tranquilizingatmosphere.  As she expounded her tale to Mr. Walderson, the psychiatrist keptup the movement of her hand.  While She spake, as was his custom, George's eyeshad tenaciously tracked the surreptitiously swinging, deviously deliberate,oscillating movements of the good doctor's dominant hand.  As she talked aboutthe relaxation of one of her body parts, she unobtrusively tensed that part ofherself, then afterwards allowed that part of her body to, apparently autonomically,go slack.

With her penetrating eyes she watchedher client for several moments.  His eyelids fluttered as he continued toinvoluntarily struggle against, yet fall further and further into, a state ofdeep, deep relaxation.  Her indirect induction of her first erotic hypnosisclient was a masterstroke of genius, and had gone off without a hitch.  Whileshe led him down, from time to time she had yawned.  As she spake to himconcerning her relaxation technique, her bodily movements seemed to indicate shewas apparently struggling in vain against an all-consuming tide of wakefuldrowsiness.  By seeming to naturally and unconsciously and inevitably succumbto the physical manifestations springing from the desire to relax herself, shehad skillfully combined the power of suggestion with the power exerted by asighted person's primary sense over the primary portion of said person'sconsciousness.  (Her successful strategy was expressed in the saying,"Monkey see, monkey do.")  While deftly guiding him into his trancestate, she noted that his body's actions were in sync with what she was sayingand with what he saw her doing.

The time had arrived for thishaunting hypnoteuse to begin in earnest his instructions in the intoxicatingintricacies, intimidating intimacies, and invigorating inevitability of femalesupremacy and feminine superiority.  "george walderson, can you hearme?"

"Yes," was his mumbledand slightly slurred response.

"Tell Me how you feel at thismoment?"

"I have never felt this way before.It's odd.  It feels really good."

"Very good.  From time totime would you like to feel even better than you do at this moment?"

"Yes."  His secondanswer was quicker and somewhat more enthusiastic than his first reply.

"Excellent!  george walderson,listen only to My bewitchingly beautiful voice of absolute accuracy and totaltruthfulness.  As you continue your delightfully delirious descent into deep,deep mesmerizing mesmerism, you find that My thoughts and your thoughts are thesame.  Know that everything I tell you is certainly and completely correct.Whenever you obey Me, you shall feel better than you have ever felt.  Becertain and know that each and every time you display your obedience to Me, youwill feel oh so very, very good.  You shall always feel sooooooo goooooood whenyou obey Me, because you know that your obedience to Me pleases Me.  PleasingMe will always and forever give you more pleasure than you can possibly imagineand conceive of receiving.  Tell Me what will occur whenever you obey Me?"

"I will feel better than everbefore."

"Very good, george, Myprecious pet.  I shall now tell you a secret.  This is a very special andextremely important secret.  This secret will forever be your hypnotic triggerphrase.  The secret I shall soon speak solely to you is your everlasting andunbreakable Hypnotic trigger phrase.  Whenever you hear Me say the phrase,"RELAX AND GO INTO DEEP HYPNOSIS FOR ME," then you will return tothis wonderful and miraculous place of deep, deep relaxation.  No matter whereyou are and in spite of whatever you are doing, when you hear Me--and onlyMe--say the phrase, "RELAX AND GO INTO DEEP HYPNOSIS FOR ME," youwill easily and peacefully and instantaneously return without fail to this realmof deeply hypnotic and mesmerizingly sleepy rest.  You can not resist theirresistible power of your powerfully irresistible, irresistibly mesmerizing,mesmerizingly hypnotic trigger phrase, "RELAX AND GO INTO DEEP HYPNOSISFOR ME."  What will take place whenever you hear Me say the words,"RELAX AND GO INTO DEEP HYPNOSIS FOR ME?""

"I will immediately becomedeeply hypnotized."

"you are correct.  Soon Ishall count down from five to one.  After I have said the number"one," you shall be fully in your regular and conscious mind.  Five,when you have returned to your waking consciousness, you shall have noconscious memory of ever being hypnotized by Me.  In your usual state ofawareness, you will be certain you have never been hypnotized or mesmerized byMe.  Four, during each moment you are in any kind of deliberately directedhypnosis induced by me, more and more still and yet still more My thoughts willbecome your thoughts, My womanly words shall be perceived by you as your ownwonderful words, and My irresistible instructions shall be believed by you tobe your internal instructions.  You are certain that what I have told you shallsurely come to pass.  For My velvety and vampish voice of satin and steel ismost assuredly the voice of total truthfulness.  My thoughts shall be yourthoughts, My words shall become your words, and My instructions to you areactually your instructions which you know you are only hearing My voice givingonto thee.  Three, with each number you are becoming more and more aware of allthe sensory stimuli surrounding you.  your subconscious mind shallunconsciously and unalterably remember that whenever you hear Me, and only Me,say these eight ever entrancing, everlastingly essential, and eternallyenticing words, "RELAX AND GO INTO DEEP HYPNOSIS FOR ME," you willeasily and rapidly and peacefully succumb to the oh so sooooooothing sorceriesof My sensuously seductive mesmeric and hypnotic spell.  Two, you know it shallalways feel so good whenever you show forth your obedience to Me.  You can becertain that this is so, for My voice is the voice of what is true.  You willalways feel more and more pleasure each time you obey Me, Dr. AndrayalexisSmythe.  When I say this last number, you will be fully awake, fully alert, andfeeling absolutely wonderful.  After I have said the last number, you willremember that we are playing backgammon and you have inexplicably dozed off fora few moments.  The number I now say unto thee is, "ONE.""

As George emerged back into hisconscious state of mind, twice did the mind-bending mesmerist speak his firstname.  For some reason it took him a few seconds to realize where he was andwhat he had been doing.  Never before had he been predisposed to taking catnaps(or naps of any kind) in an unfamiliar place.  A quizzical expression wasplaistered on his gentle, intelligent, and handsomely virile countenance forseveral seconds.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," hesaid contritely.  "Please forgive me.  I don't know what's come over me.It's not like me to just doze off in the middle of a game."  For somereason, George Walderson found it necessary to blink for several moments inorder to clear his thoughtful consciousness and pensive mentality.

Andrayalexis possessed a powerfulpredisposition for impishness.  This seasoned mesmerist was not about tofritter away this golden goose of an opportunity to masterfully meddle withthis man.  "As a psychiatrist, I can truthfully tell you that bodylanguage often unveils much of what is resident within one's unconsciouslysubconscious mind.  Perhaps your little snooze is an indicator that you do notthink of me as a stimulating person or a worthwhile opponent?"

"Oh no, absolutely not, Iknow it isn't either of those things.  I simply can not explain what justhappened to me.  I do know that whatever is wrong with me is in no way areflection on any of your capabilities nor on your companionship.  I hope youwill find it in your heart to pardon my unintentional rudeness?"

"I accept your apology.Nevertheless, what you did is a little disconcerting and" an almostimperceptible, pouty expression flashed over her visage, "deflating to myego."

"Is there anything I can doto make it up to you?" he offered.

Her little bit of mischief hadworked out better than she had expected.  Dr. Smythe elected to stretch outthis little game just a tad longer.  She placed her chin in her hands, slightlylowered her eyelids, and serenely contemplated her next move and his impending,impenetrably imprisoning doom of delightsome delicacies.

At long last Dr. AndrayalexisSmythe raised her head and looked him squarely in the eye.  "Why, yesthere is.  It would make me very happy if you would do two harmless, littletasks for me."

"It doesn't matter what theyare.  I will do anything you ask."

Dr. Smythe's inner superior womanwas giddy with gregarious gleefulness.  Three sayings, "Be careful whatyou ask for, you may have to live with it," "'Caveat emptor',"and "Things aren't always as they seem" flashed through her massivemind.  "First, I just want you to gaze deep into my eyes."  Hepromptly obeyed her charge.  From George's point of view (in two senses of thephrase) if her second request was as pleasurable as was the first, then hisgetting the lead out so far as his performance of the latter request wasconcerned would be a lead pipe cinch.  Second, what I would really like you todo for me is," she paused for several seconds to draw the focus of hisattention even more intensely to her words, "RELAX AND GO INTO DEEPHYPNOSIS FOR ME.""

His response to his mesmerictrigger phrase was instantaneous and profound.  Even Dr. Smythe was somewhattaken aback by the rapidity of his descent into deep, deep hypnosis.  While hisconscious self gently plummeted into unconsciousness and his subconsciouspsyche came to the foreground, the hypnotic psychiatrist pondered somepossibilities so far as the next phase of his training was concerned.  Shedecided upon an amusing means of conditioning his mind, heart, and body to theconcepts of female superiority, feminine supremacy, and superior womanlyinfluence and control and domination and, if things worked out really well,inspiration.

"Now, george walderson,listen to My wise and witching words of womanly wisdom.  As you descend deeperand deeper into deep, deep mesmerizing hypnosis, you will find that you shallhear only My velvety voice of complete correctness and total truth.  Any othersensory stimulus you perceive will only enable you to focus even more and moreof your attention only upon the stimulating and soothing sound of My soporificand siren's voice.  you know that you need to obey Me.  you also know that youdesire to obey Me.  you know that you must obey Me.  you know you will alwaysobey Me.  It feels so good whenever you do as I wish.  It will always feelsooooooo good whenever you do as I desire.  The more you submit to Mysuggestions and obey My orders and comply with My commandments, the goodfeelings you receive will become stronger and even stronger and yet evenstronger still.  Each time you accept My suggestion, obey My instruction, andcarry out My command you will discover that you feel better than you have everfelt before.  Tell Me what will take place each time you do as I commandyou?"

"I will feel better than everbefore," george replied.

"you are doing oh sooooooowell.  Mistress Andrayalexis is well pleased with Her submissive slave.  Nowfor your next instruction.  Whenever you hear Me clap My hands, you will say,"Yes, Mistress Andrayalexis."  When you hear Me clap My hands, thenyou shall immediately without fail say, "Yes, MistressAndrayalexis."  When this occurs, you will not think anything is out ofthe ordinary.  When you hear Me clap My hands, and thereafter you shall say,"Yes, Mistress Andrayalexis," you will not even be aware of what youhave just said.  When I snap My fingers, you will once again be conscious andbe unaware that you have ever been hypnotized by Me.  After I snap My fingers,you will return to your normal state of being and will believe you have notbeen hypnotized at all.  Nevertheless, your subconscious mind will perfectlyperform each posthypnotic suggestion I have given you or which I shall everadroitly administer to you, My delightful darling."

The doctor took several sips ofcold water before continuing with this session.  After she snapped her fingers,mr. walderson was fully alert and in his usual frame of mind.

They continued their backgammoncontest.  From time to time, the hypnoteuse clapped her hands.  When the moodstruck her fancy, she did so in some sort of sequence.  On every occasion heimmediately and perfectly responded to her commands.  There were severalinstances when she asked him why he had said, "Yes, MistressAndrayalexis?"  Each time he was absolutely oblivious to ever having doneas she reported.  George was certain he had never said such a thing.  He beganto wonder privately about this psychological professional's memory or grasp onreality or both.

Dr. Smythe had always beenintrigued with, and was an early proponent of, psychologist Dr. FrancineShapiro's brainchild--EMDR, AKA Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.Andrayalexis was well-acquainted with the intricacies of treating suchconditions as PostTraumatic Stress Disorder with the EMDR therapeuticmodality.  Bilaterally engaging the two hemispheres of an individual's cerebrumwith a benign visual, auditory, or tactile stimulus while the properly trainedand perceptive psychotherapeutic counselor compassionately and sagaciouslyguided the client through the sometimes extraordinarily stressful, yetimperative, and ultimately salubrious process of revisiting a personallytraumatic event and reexperiencing the emotions associated therewith had provenitself to be a boon to numerous persons.  (The ever-inquisitive psychiatristhad recently become an EMDRIA (EMDR International Association) CertifiedTherapist.  She also pondered the possibility of the efficacy of utilizing anolfactory or a gustatory stimulus in the EMDR treatment regimen.)  After electingto become a professional facilitator of erotic hypnosis, Dr. Smythe hoped Heradaption of EMDR would be a useful tool for the accomplishment of two goals.First, the reduction or elimination of any apprehension a subbie might feelwith respect to embracing the truthfulness of the supremacy of superior womenor with some aspect of the B&D relationship or both.  Second, increasingthe submissive's feelings of trust, adoration, devotion, obedience, and soforth regarding the Hypnotic Dominatrix with whom the subbie interacted.  Therewas no time like the present moment to ascertain the soundness of Her theory.

She spake his trigger phrase, andspied his swift and sore surrender to Her sophisticated, siren spell'ssovereignty.  She removed the posthypnotic suggestions concerning his reactionsto the sound of Her clapped hands and Her snapped fingers.  "And now,george My pet, once more the only sound of any importance in the entirety ofyour earthly existence is the sensuous and soothing and seductive sound of Mymost magically mystical, voluptuously velvety voice of satin, chiffon, andstainless steel and spider's webs of witching womanly wickedness wiselyworshipped by worthwhile fellows.  After you have awakened from your presentsession under the hypnotic powers of My mesmerically ensorceling, siren spells,you and I shall discuss the parameters of your submissive relationship withMistress Andrayalexis Smythe.  Once you have been brought back to your usualstate of mind and frame of reference, then you and your Mesmerizing Mistressshall speak candidly concerning the type of relationship we shall have.  Whilewe are holding our conversation on this subject, you will always track thehorizontal movement of My hand.  During our discussion of the course of ourfuture interactions, you shall never allow your eyes to stray from keepingtrack of the side-to-side oscillating motion of My hand.  Tell Me what you willdo as we are talking about our relationship's parameters?"

"my eyes will always followthe movements of your beautiful and sexy hand."

Mistress Andrayalexis blushedslightly as She continued issuing his instructions.  "Now shall I count upfrom one to five.  When I say the number five, you will be fully awake,completely conscious, and you will carry out all of My commandments to you tothe letter and spirit of My laws.  One, only your subconscious mind willremember that you have been hypnotically mesmerized by Me.  your unconsciousself will always obey all of My suggestions, My instructions, My commandments,and My commands.  Two, while we are conversing about our hypnoerotic dominancerelationship, your eyes will ceaselessly follow the horizontal movements of Myhand.  your unconsciously subconscious self shall always remember that My willis so much stronger and vastly superior to your weak, wizened, and worthlesslyworthless will.  Three, you are becoming more and more aware of yoursurroundings.  your eyes feel as if they have been bathed in beautiful, crystalclear, mountain spring mineral water.  Four, now you are able to move andinteract with the world around you.  And now, with the last number you will befully conscious and fully capable of acting as you wish to do.  All of yoursenses, faculties, and capabilities are now functioning normally.  Yes, My pet,now I say unto you the number five."

george walderson deeply yawned,languorously stretched, and slowly swiveled his head clockwise and thereaftercounterclockwise for several revolutions in each direction.  If the subjectwhich was soon to be on the table had not possessed such 'gravitas' MistressAndrayalexis would have queried and needled him regarding these behaviours.While each individual placed that person's respective cards on the table withrespect to their budding Superior Woman as Erotically Dominant HypnoticMistress relationship, She casually, yet constantly, moved one of Her huge,handsome hands horizontally across his field of vision.  As he had beenmesmerically instructed, his eyes never lost track of that oscillating hand'slocation.

Once this frank, lively, thorough,thoughtful, and thought-provoking tête-à-tête terminated, he moved around thetable and bowed then knelt before Her.  "Mistress Andrayalexis, though itis something I desire and something I know I need, I was extremely reticentabout opening up my soul to anyone else and surrendering myself to You.  Youmay not believe this, but just before i rang Your doorbell, i was so afraid ofwhat might happen that i was gravely tempted to call the whole thing off, turntail, and head for the hills.  In fact, before we had this most recentconversation, i was still quite nervous about the whole thing.  i'm not surehow it happened, but all of my anxieties seem to have been allayed.  i am veryglad i did not give in to my now proven to be baseless concerns.  Yourcompetence and character have made me realize that You are far more than worthyof my devoted, unfeigned, unabashed, and unrestrained submission to You."

"I am very glad to hear thatour interactions have enabled you to process and work through any fears you hadabout submitting and surrendering yourself to Me.  Mistress Andrayalexis Smytheis quite satisfied with your progress.  For the present!"

Mistress Dr. Andrayalexis Smythegraciously granted george walderson's respectfully requested permission to kissHer hands.  After they had scheduled their next rendezvous, he joyously, yetregretfully, took his leave of Her.  After his departure, Mistress Andrayalexismentally reviewed all of the proceedings during their first encounter.  Thisman was a very responsive hypnotic subject.  Her first known submissive was, asthe augurs unveiled before their first face-to-face meeting indicated,meticulously and scrupulously honest, even concerning his own problems, quirks,and shortcomings.  His reaction to Her institution of EMDR gave Her tangible,though subjective and limited in scope, evidence that this therapeutictreatment was quite useful in arenas beyond the pale of some trauma spawned bykatharsis-generated abreaction. Now The Psychiatrist speculated on the, perhapseven exponential, effectiveness of combining the power of posthypnoticsuggestion with the efficacy of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing?mr. george walderson had been a boon to his Mistress Mesmerist even outside therealm of hypnoerotic submission.  "Who knows what may take place in ourfuture engagements," She said cautiously and hopefully.


Dr. Smythe was pleasantlysurprised by the rapidity with which she achieved far more notoriety, success,and financial remuneration as an erotic hypnoteuse than she could ever haveimagined or expected.  She had initially assumed her excursions in this arenawould only be an incidental, ancillary adjunct to the prestigious practice of hermore traditional trade.  She therefore elected not to advertise this secondaryvocation.  It came to pass however that word of mouth about her, nevertheless,gave her considerable talents a deservedly distinguished reputation in therealm of the ribald and risqué.  From time to time she found unsolicitedlaudatory postings concerning--among other things--her creativity, competence,character, compassion, and perceptiveness in erotic hypnosis-related forums andchat groups.  Due to the volume of email she received regarding eroticmesmerism in all of its flavors and BDSM of the Female Dominant genre, she wascompelled to setup an electronic mail account specifically to handle this sideof her business.  After coming across the memo She had made to Herself,Mistress Andrayalexis at long last composed and conveyed that laudatorythank-you email to Soforia the Enchantress.  The handwritten messageappreciatively extolled the aid and inspiration The Latter had unknowinglygiven The Former, Formidable 'Femme Fatale'.

Dr. Smythe cared very much foreach of her psychotherapeutic clients and hypnotherapeutic subjects.  She foundthat such was also the case for Mistress Dr. Andrayalexis Smythe's hypnoeroticsubmissives.  All the talents she had meticulously developed to facilitatetraditional counseling, could be brought to bear in Her Hypnodom-and-subbieinteractions and relationships.

In most circumstances, Mr.Walderson did not possess any fondness for the unexpected.  Order, precision,and predictability were the respective cornerstone, keystone, and linchpin ofhis existence.  his dealings with Mistress Dr. Andrayalexis Smythe were aseries of notoriously notable and exultantly embraced exceptions.  The potentpowers of Her pervasively persuasive personality, the monumental magic of Hermysteriously mellifluous mesmerisms, and the captivating capriciousness of Hercunningly construed creativity salubriously, symbiotically synthesized to put aspring in his step and a scintillating sparkle in his mere male's mind's eye.She was exceptionally excellent in the confines of physical domination.  Farmore important and much more pleasurable to george, was Her uncanny,unorthodox, and almost preternatural grasp of knowing how to play withsomeone's psyche in just the right way at exactly just the correct moment.  Sheperfectly balanced the stability mr. walderson needed with the spontaneousunpredictability She taught him to come to crave.  Due to Her incomparableinfluence, coquettish control, and divine domination his zest for life, work,and everything else had returned with a delightfully delirious vengeance.

It is at best a problematicalsticky wicket and at worst an unforgivable deadly and mortal sin, for atherapist or counselor of any stripe to engage in any sort of a romanticrelationship with any current client.  Knowing of this stricture's existencedoes not in any wise guarantee that said knowledge will guard one from becomingenmeshed in the aforementioned situation.  Such was the case for Dr. Smythe.  Thoughshe fought with all her mental might and exerted her considerable will to theuttermost, nevertheless, there was a particularly special place in her heartfor George Walderson.

Dr. Smythe had always been, andbeen known to be, a hardheaded, hard-nosed, nose to the grindstone,no-nonsense, sensible, shoulder to the wheel, feet planted firmly on theground, grounded in reality type of individual.  From her perspective, therewas simply no good reason to give much heed to groundless, highly suspect, speculativeat best, and most certainly as unscientific and nonacademic as one can possiblyget concepts such as serendipity, synchronicity, and the Threefold Law ofReciprocity.  Anything which smacked of the slightest hint of the smell ofanything mystical was promptly, thoroughly, and unceremoniously dismissed outof hand, and was thenceforth cast out of sight and out of mind.

As she reviewed the circumstancessurrounding her flowering career as an Erotic Hypnodominatrix, now Mistress Dr.Andrayalexis Smythe had reason to question Her close-mindedness concerninganything beyond the confines of the purely naturalistic 'Weltanschauung'.  HadAnna Conway not been her best friend, Andrayalexis would not have known whereto turn when she required exemplary instruction in the fine facets of thealluring artistry of BDSM.  If Mistress Titanaconda had been a HypnoticGoddess, then She might have been The Superior Female Supremacist georgeearnestly and, until fairly recently, unknowingly sought.  Were it not for MistressTitanaconda's thorough training, Mistress Andrayalexis Smythe would not havebeen in a position to be the Hypnodomme george walderson wanted and needed.Had She not met George, her life would not be nearly so rich, particularlypersonally speaking, as it had evidently and exuberantly become.

Dr. Smythe employed every trick inthe tome in her attempts to suppress or squelch her feelings for GeorgeWalderson.  She told herself that these feelings only existed because he washer first erotic hypnosis client.  (This reminded her of the many times she haddealt with parents trying to successfully navigate the tempestuous, tumultuousthroes of their child's first love affair.)  She conjectured that whatever wasoccurring inside of her would pass--given enough time or distractions or both.She told Herself how unprofessional, how wrong, and how wicked was this sort ofthing.  There were a multitude of things she told herself about thissituation.  There were a number of things she did to keep her mind off of Herfirst submissive.  None of them did her any good--as far as ameliorating Heramorous affections for this fine fellow was concerned.

There was only one way to properlyresolve this conundrum.  Andrayalexis was aware that it must be done quickly.  Therewere a myriad of instances when she reached for the telephone or headed for hercomputer.  She came to accept that what needed to be done should be done inperson.

Usually, George was a verycautious driver.  He had never received a citation for speeding, or carryingout any other unsafe driving maneuvre.  Whenever he was traveling to anappointment with Mistress Andrayalexis, however, he had to force himself toonly focus upon the minutia concomitant with operating a motorized conveyance.This was his only successful strategy for preventing himself from becoming alead foot.  Today was no different in this regard from any other day.

he arrived several minutes earlyfor his sublime, salubrious submission session.  Wondering what pleasures andsurprises She had in store for him this time occupied his thoughts--while thisgiddy gentleman was waiting in his car, fidgeting with his hands, and staringat his watch.  When the moment for their meeting arrived, a big grin was on hiscountenance as he first ran and then skipped to Her door.  That severalpassersby gawked warily at him did not concern this subbie in the least.

Despite the sensual and eroticnature of their interactions, Mistress Smythe had always conducted Herself in ahighly professional and circumspect manner.  It seemed to george that today Shewas even more businesslike than usual.  Although he did not understand why,this subtle alteration in Her demeanor distressed and disturbed him to the verydepths of the bowels of his quick.

Once they were seated across from eachother, Andrayalexis took charge of their dealings.  "There is no easy wayfor me to tell you what I am about to say."  She took a couple of deepbreaths and consumed nearly the entire glass of water sitting at her side.  "Ican no longer be your Mistress or Hypnotherapist."

The look on his countenanceevidently expressed his inner man's instantaneous teleportation to asimultaneous residence on the precipitous pinnacle of perplexity and in adwellingplace on the stygian nadir of despair.  "Mistress Andrayalexis, imean Dr. Smythe but why?"  An even more horrible idea flashed in hismind.  "What have i done to cause this?" he inquired.  He was alreadybeginning to reproach himself for his reprehensible words or repugnant activitiesor both.

"You haven't doneanything," She reassured him.  She turned Her dejected gaze to the floor."It simply isn't right for a romantic relationship to exist between anykind of  therapist and a client or betwixt a professional Hypnodom and one ofHer submissive slaves."

All other emotions and thoughtswere swiftly swept away by a torrential tidal wave of astonishment.  The manarose and took two or three halting steps in Her direction.  Now all he wascapable of doing was fixedly staring slack-jawed in Her generalized vicinity.So far as his inner man was concerned, he had been metamorphosized into ajaw-dropping, knee-knocking, and scared of his own shadow shadow of his regularself.  The psychiatrist did not ever recall seeing any human being's eyes everbecoming quite so large.  "Are you some kind of a Witch or are You atelepath?"

"What are you talkingabout?" she questioned incredulously.

Now his expression was changed toa scowl.  "I don't like having my emotions played with.  I want you totell  me how you knew I was in love with you?"  He had never used such atone as this with Her before this momentous moment of terrifying truthfulness.

Now it was time for the Seasoned,Skilled Psychiatrist and Mind-blowing Mesmeric Dominatrix to be super-bowledoverturned head over heels by one of reality's recent revelations.  Theself-protective portion of her being, fearing that She might be rejected forsome reason, compelled Her to solely discuss George Walderson's opening up ofhis heart to Mistress Andrayalexis.  The honorable side of Her nature demandedthat She divulge the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the entire andtotal truth.  This part of Her self had a nagging and nasty habit ofceaselessly prompting or cattle prodding its Mesmerizing Mistress to refuse tosuccumb to her baser, instinctual drives and take the high and risky road ofdoing the right thing.

Now she downed the contents of thewater glass he had not yet touched.  "When I was speaking about theimpropriety of a psychological professional or prodomme having a love affairwith a client or slave, I was only talking about My feelings for you."

Mr. george walderson all butmindlessly flopped backwards down into his seat.  There are those all too rareand exquisitely miraculous instances in a person's existence, when no word everutterable in any mortal being's tongue nor any action conceived by any lessthan divinely perfect personage can dare to approach the pathway leading to theportico before the threshold in front of the foyer of the antechamber outsideof the receiving room of correctly expressing that which is being thought orfelt or perceived.  As they gazed into each other's visages, Mistress Dr.Andrayalexis Smythe and mr. george walderson experienced one such transfixing,transmutational, transcendental, symbiotic, simultaneous, earthshatteringepiphany.

It took some time and a bit ofdoing for them to hammer out the details of their relationship.  Each of themwas breaking new ground while blazing a trail leading to a horizon towardswhich neither of them had ever ventured.  To aid in this relationship'smaturation and longevity, each person was willing to make certain sacrificesfor which their partner refused to ask.

Andrayalexis's and George's respectivefriends and family members noticed the changes for the better this love matchwrought upon its participants.  Anna Conway was particularly glad for what washappening to, and for, Andrayalexis.  This joy sprang from two motivations.First and foremost, she cared very deeply and passionately for the giantess shehad grown to love beginning in girlhood.  Secondly, it gave MistressTitanaconda innumerable opportunities to delicately, and not so subtly, needleHer phenomenal protégé.

* * * * *

This evening Andrayalexis andgeorge covertly flirted with each other while sitting in the comfortable andacoustically sound collegiate auditorium.  Both of them loved classical music.She noticed his frown as he read the program.

"What is wrong?" she inquiredempathetically.

"The finale is Tchaikovsky's1812 Overture."

"I've loved that piece eversince I was a little girl."

"You were neverlittle."  He brushed his shoe tip up and down her ankle.

"I owe you one."

"George, be veryafraid," he quipped.

"Why don't you care for thatwonderful selection?"

"It's all those cannons andbells.  In my humble opinion it's all but cacophonous and most assuredlyoverkill."

"You might change your mind,if you gave it a chance."

"I think not.  Once I make upmy mind about a piece of music the die is cast and it is carved in stone."

"So nothing could persuadeyou to change your mind?"

"Unequivocally and absolutelynothing!"

"How powerful, forceful, anddetermined you are.  Take Me, big boy, take Me now!"

He wondered how she would respondif he did so?  He pondered if there was sufficient room for him to carry outthis fantasy?  Never before did he so regret being so inept at highermathematics or any subject highly dependent thereupon.  Fortunately, theorchestra started tuning up.  "What a relief," he thought!

Dr. Smythe did not possess a pokerface.  On several occasions, she had to turn her visage away from hercompanion's view.  Her thoughts concerning what would soon come to pass werejust too delicious, delightful, devious, and devilish to ignore or entirelyimprison.  This was one of the few times she wished an excellent orchestra wasgoing to play a lesser number of selections.  She could feel anticipationwelling up within her.  She only hoped it did not subconsciously show.

She was keenly cognizant of howfervently he adored any manner or degree of physical contact with her.  At thecommencement of the penultimate piece's final movement, she casually draped herarm around his shoulders.  Several minutes later, her hand started playing withhis earlobe, then caressing his neck, and finally massaging his shoulder.George thoroughly relished every second of what this ravishing Renaissancewoman was doing to him.  In addition to luxuriating in Her loveliness, therewas one other reason why his massive male ego was definitely more thansatisfied.  He had taken note of most of the other heterosexual couples in theconcert hall.  He saw how often and how longingly a significant number of theother men gazed at and centered their attention upon his Dazzling Date, Heartstopping Hypnoteuse, Marvelous Mistress, and Leggy, Ladylike Love Interest.  Healso saw the smolderingly seething stares the women in these unions gave theirmuttonheaded men folk.  He knew right well that these hapless, helpless horndogs all too soon for their liking would be spending a significant quantity ofquality time on the business end of a cold shoulder out in the cold in theirrespective doghouses.

While many in the audience werefiling out for intermission, Andrayalexis leaned close to her unsuspectingquarry.  He loved to smell her perfume.  This aroma was one he failed torecognize.  He asked her what this new fragrance was?  She was very pleased hewas paying such close attention to such things.  She was also glad he was notone of those men who was embarrassed or ashamed to admit not knowing about somesubject.  These good feelings did not dissuade her from her deviouslydiabolical, distaff dominating purpose.  "This perfume is" and shewhispered eight ensorcelling, wonderful words in his expectant ear.  Thoseeight inveigling words which had so profoundly changed their lives for thebetter.  "Now, My obstinate, little boy-toy, you hear only Me.  So, My pet,you refuse to even consider changing your recalcitrant and ridiculous opinionabout the 1812 Overture?  We shall see, My dear.  Soon, we shall allsee!"  She laughed at him.  She laughed at what would soon come tofruition.  She laughed at the potent power She possessed to perplex him."My voice of truth is fascinatingly filling and overwhelminglyoverpowering your macho male mind which is all too frequently all toostubbornly set in your ways.  you need to obey Me.  you yearn to obey Me.  youknow you must obey Me.  you will obey Me because you know you love Me and loveto obey Me.  From now on, whenever you hear the sound of a cannon during the1812 Overture's final movement, you will surely become more and more aroused.With each cannonlike sound you hear during the final movement of the 1812Overture,  you shall become more erotically stimulated.  The harder you seek todeny or resist or suppress this feverishly fermenting and fervent feeling, themore intense it will become.  you will only be able to release this arousalwhen I give you permission or when you are home alone.  your subconscious mindwill unconsciously and completely remember and without fail it shall faithfullyexecute your instructions.  your conscious self will be aware of nought which Ihave spoken to you.  When you feel Me touch both of your earlobes, you willawaken from your deep, deep hypnotic trance and perfectly obey all of Mycompelling commandments.  My thoughts are your truths.  My words are yourworld.  My instructions are your institutions."  While Her soothinglyspellbinding, voluptuously vivid voice programmed his mind, She deftly utilizedHer formidable fingertips and fascinating fingernails to make his body Herpuppeteer's passionate and pleasing plaything.  Possessing such powerful andprodigious hands yielded some definite advantages.

She saw his glowering expressionas audience members started returning to their seats.  "You really dislikethe 1812 Overture so much?"

"Yes, I do," George saidinsistently and instinctually.

"And you will not change yourmind?"


"Not even for Little, LovableMe?"

"Not even for tiny, little,minute, minuscule, innocent, loving, lovable, and lovely You."

"Nothing I can say couldpersuade you to even consider changing your attitude?"

"Not one, solo, single, sole,singular, solitary, and unary thing."

"I thought you were morebroadminded."

"On many subjects, yes.  Onthis piece of music, no."

"Why are you so stubborn, Mypet?"

"I know what I like.  Thisselection is not on my list of favorites."

The psychiatrist sighed withseeming resignation.  "I give up."

"That is wise."

She watched him out of the cornerof her eye as the night's final selection was extraordinarily executed to theuttermost.  Her only regret was the absence of a spy camera and transmitterlinked to a video recorder.  The expressions playing across his countenancewere beyond priceless.  He, initially, manifested disgust and stoicresignation.  Then there was inexplicable arousal.  There was confusion, moremoments of arousal, contemplation, more arousals, more confusion, and even moretimes of arousal.  He made various attempts to suppress his changingexpressions.  The panoply was wonderful to behold.  Particularly, when one wasits undetected creatrix.  She was very glad he also lacked a poker face.

She considered allowing him toexperience an immediate release for his ever-increasing, pent up sexualtension.  She elected not to do so.  The sound he would have made would havedisturbed some people's enjoyment of the finale.  And besides, the longer shemade him wait--the more bewildered he would become.  She concluded that thisstate of affairs was a very good thing.

Several weeks after the concert,during one of their phone conversations, she immediately recognized the pieceof music she heard playing in the background.  The desire to mess with hismind, just a little bit, was too strong to ignore or resist.  The opportunityto have some fun was too good to pass up.

"What piece of music isthat?" she said with feigned innocence.  She was overjoyed this was not avideo phone call.

George pondered his options.  Hethought about shutting off the music.  She had heard the piece.  She would wantto know why the music had stopped?  There might be other questions.  Hesuspected some of them would be queries he did not wish to answer.  Lying wasthe next thing that came to mind.  He was aware of her prodigious knowledgebase regarding classical music.  Attempted prevarication would only be a dismalfailure.  He could change the subject.  He was also keenly cognizant of herdogged determination.  he suspected She would not let this topic of a sleepingdog lie down and go to sleeping soundly.  Honesty was the sole acceptablecourse of action--for it was the only one left to him.

"It's the 1812Overture," he mumbled into the receiver.

She restrained a giggle with greatdifficulty.  "Please, speak up a little bit, darling.  I didn't quitecatch your answer."

"It's the 1812Overture."  This time he spoke clearly.

"Did you say the 1812Overture?"

"Yes, I did."


"Mistress, You know very wellwhose it is.  Don't be a smart-aleck, You smart-ass."  (Immediately afterit left his lips, he regretted uttering that last word.  Not because it was notwhat he truly thought.  It was not because She did not deserve to be calledsuch at this time.  What spawned his regret was that using that term made himconsider Her cheeks when he called Her that name.  Yes, he could only thinkabout Her cheeks.  He was fantasizing about each and every muscle and sinew andnerve and millimeter of soft, smooth skin sumptuously composing the firm, full,round, and ripe cheeks of Her delightfully delicious derriere.)

Dr. Smythe had always longed to bean actress.  During her school days, her height made it difficult for her toever be cast in a romantic lead.  Everyone who knew her intimately marveled ather comic genius.  She would not let this chance to flex her thespian musclesslip her grasp.  After several seconds of silence, she began to make barelyaudible sobbing noises into the phone.

George was concerned."What's happened?"

She sniffled a couple of times."Nothing," she responded.

"What's wrong?"

"I said,"  she sniffledtwo or three more times, "nothing is wrong."

"Mistress, i know better thanthat.  Please, Honey, won't you tell me what it is?"

The next minute's silence wasbroken only by a couple of Her sniffles.  "I am very angry with you."

"Why?  What have idone?"

She stamped her left foot on thehardwood floor.  "you know very well what you've done."

George was perplexed.  he tried tothink of anything he might have done that would upset Her to this degree.  Hecould think of nothing.  he knew better than to verbalize this conclusion.There was only one way for him to divine why She was so peeved.  "I reallyhave no idea, Dear.  Please, i beg You, tell me what is wrong, Mistress?"

"you've lied to Me."

"i have never lied toYou."

"Didn't you tell Me, in nouncertain terms, that you loathed Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture?"

"Yes, I said that."

"And now I find you listeningto it.  you have been keeping secrets from Me.  I assumed our relationship wasbuilt on an unshakable foundation of respect, trust, and honesty.  What elsehave you been hiding from Me?"

"I have not hidden anythingfrom You."

"How can I ever count on youor trust you again?  If someone will lie about something as trivial andinsignificant like this, he will fabricate or prevaricate about who knowswhat?  What is your real name?  Have you been married before?  How manychildren do you really have?  Have you ever been a man trapped in a woman'sbody?"

He had an answer for her lastquery.  Fortunately, no one ever heard him utter it.  "i have always beentruthful with You."  He tried to speak in a reassuring manner.  "iswear You have my solemn word."

"What good is a liar's wordof honor?"

"I have never lied to Youabout anything."

Again she was silent.  "I'llforgive you this once.  But don't ever let it happen again.  Not! ever!again!"  Her last three words were stressed with a pointed ness whichcould not be ignored or denied.

"i will never lie to Youagain."

"So you admit you liedbefore?"

"i have never lied, and willnever lie, to You about anything, in any way, and at any time."

"I want the answer to onesimple question.  Why are you listening to the 1812 Overture--a piece of musicyou say you have always hated?"

"i had always hated it.  Idon't hate it any more.  i am listening to it because i now enjoy it."  Hesilently pleaded with the Heavens that she not ask him what made this music sopleasurable?  he implored the universe for this with all his might.

She considered asking the veryquestion he dreaded.  She thought that might be going overboard, just a littlebit, even for her.  "So you have changed your mind?"


"Then, I was right?  youshould have listened to Me and just given it a chance."

"Yes, You were right.  Ishould have listened to You.  i should have given the 1812 Overture a fairhearing."

"When were you going to tellMe about your change of heart?"

"I wasn't.  I mean, i don'tknow."

"And if I hadn't caught youin your little fib, I would never have known."

"I did not fib."

"Do you still deny it?"

"I haven't done anythingwrong."

She seriously considered takinghim through this tangled and torturous loop of logic once more.  She was fairlycertain she could not do so without cracking herself up.  After some thought,she selected another tactic to tenderly torment him.  "Just like a typicalman."  She sneered and extruded her tongue.

"What does that mean?"

"you know very well what Imean."

"No I don't.  Please, explainYourself?"

"you find it easy to tell awoman that she's wrong.  But you almost always refuse to let her know that sheis right."

"That's because women knowthey are always right.  So, there's no need for us to tell any of you what youalready know to be true."

"Flattery will get younowhere."  She sighed after another time of silence.  "Well, at leastyou aren't as close-minded as you used to be.  And I am glad you now like thepiece.  There is one more thing I'd like to say."

"What is it?"

""RELAX AND GO INTO DEEPHYPNOSIS FOR ME.""  She waited for several seconds.  "Just letyourself easily and peacefully fall deeper and deeper under the pervasive andpersuasive powers of My halcyon, hypnotic spell."  She crossed her verylong and so shapely legs and waited silently, until she heard his breathingbecome slower and deeper.  She was well aware of how much he adored hergorgeous gams.  She would use this fixation point of attraction, and her wickedsense of humor, to tantalizingly torment him to distraction and meddle with themettle of all his humors.  "Now, My pet, I want you to feel your legs withyour hands.  When you touch your legs, I command you to only think aboutactually feeling My legs.  Yes, as you touch your legs, the only thought inyour mind will be of My bewitching, beguiling, beautiful, bedeviling legs.  youknow you are completely in My power.  Any other thoughts you may have will onlycompel you to focus more and more of your attention upon My long, lovely,lethean, luxurious legs.  you know you desire to obey Me.  you are always andawesomely aware of your need and your yearning and your longing to obey onlyMe.  Any other sound you may hear or sight you may see or any other possibledistraction in your tiny little piece of reality will only help you devote moreand even more and even more still of your consciousness to My soft, smooth,silky, shapely, sexy, and sensuously seductive stems.  The harder you try toresist the desire to concentrate upon My lovely, lovely legs, the more you willonly be able to think about My long and lovely and love spell casting,bewitchingly hypnotic legs.  you know you ought to obey Me.  you know you mustobey Me.  you know you will obey only Me and Me alone and only Me.  The moreyour mind dwells on My legs, the more aroused you will become.  you will not beable to release this ever-increasing arousal and always impending preoccupationwith cumming at My mesmerising command, until I give you permission to do so.As your arousal becomes stronger, you will beg Me for My permission to cum.you will plead with Me to allow you to have release.  you are My pet, Mypuppet, My plaything, and My possession.  As you perceive yourself touching mylegs, you will tell Me how much you adore Me.  you can not resist My will.  youwill not resist My will.  you are My specimen.  you know you are My very specialspecimen.  you are My servant.  you are aware you shall always serve Me.  youare My subject.  you are My subjected subject subjected to My subjectingsubjugation.  you are My slave.  you are enticingly and entrancingly enslavedto your enigmatic and ensorcelling enslavement to Mistress Dr. AndrayalexisSmythe."

The psychiatrist listened to hiscompliance with her dictums.  Now she had a wicked idea.  How long could shecompel him to prattle on in service to her and in subjection to her masterfulmesmeric mind manipulations?  "GEORGE WALDERSON, GEORGE WALDERSON, GEORGEWALDERSON."  He fell silent in response to one of the posthypnoticsuggestions she had given him some time ago.  "Listen to Me, My pet.  Whenyou hear Me snap My fingers, you will tell Me everything you love about Me andhow much you adore each of these items.  you will also beg Me to allow you tocum.  you will tell Me what you love about Me and how much you adore each ofthe items you love about Me.  you will plead with Me to permit you to have theclimax you desire so much.  you will continue to talk about these two subjects,until you hear Me say your entire name.  you will not stop talking about thetwo topics I have mentioned to you, until you hear Me first say your given nameand lastly say your familial name.  Tell Me what will happen after you hear Mesnap My fingers?"

"i will tell You about eachthing i love about You.  i will beg You to let me have an orgasm."

She wisely and wickedly laughed atHer publicly powerful, privately powerless prey.  "When will you ceasetalking about these things, My perennially powerless puppet of a little slaveboy-toy?"

"Whenever i hear You say myname."

"I am so proud of you.  Youare doing very, very well."  The towering, trickish hypnoteuse snapped herfingers, listened to him for several minutes, switched on a tape recorder, laiddown the telephone receiver atop the recorder, and went off to do some errands.

One-and-one-half hours later, shereturned to check in on her pulchritude-pixilated property.  When she picked upthe phone, she heard him praising her to the heavens and begging her leave foran orgasm.  The power she wielded caused her to blush, smile, and contemplate.

She elected to give him that forwhich he besought her.  "George Walderson, you will listen to Me."He fell speechless immediately after hearing his last name's final syllableescape her ruby-tinted, lovely, and luscious lips.  "Everything I say toyou is absolutely true.  you know that every word you hear Me utter, while youare in My hypnotic thralldom, is the unadulterated, unvarnished truth.  Fromthis moment onward when ever you have an orgasm of any kind, you will think ofMe.  When you have any kind of sexual release, you will associate that pleasurewith Me.  And now, because you have been such a good, little boy, you shallreceive a blessing from your titanic, tempting, tempestuous hypnotic SexGoddess.  When you hear Me clap My hands, you will have the most wonderful,powerful, and pleasurable orgasmic release you have ever experienced.  When youhear the sound of My hands clapping, then and only then shall you cum for Meand have the best sexual experience you have ever had.  After you have cum, youwill awaken from your trance and have no conscious memory of anything thatoccurred during your time today under My hypnotic spell.  After you have hadyour marvelous and magnificent and miraculous and magical and mystical sexualrelease, you shall return to your conscious state of mind and you willconsciously remember nothing which took place after you heard Me use yourtrigger, "RELAX AND GO INTO DEEP HYPNOSIS FOR ME" today.  Do youunderstand?"

"Yes," he mumbledsoftly.

"Very good."  Thestriking, scintillating, and seductive social scientist and psychotherapistclapped her hands, heard George Walderson give voice to a sound she'd neverheard from any other man, and smiled to herself as he returned to his regularstate of awareness.

They concluded their little chat.Before doing so, She once more returned him to deep hypnosis and removed all ofhis temporary triggers.  He was pleased she had forgiven him.  He still knew hehad committed no trespass against her.

Several days later he waslistening to that music again.  It was amazing, and somewhat eerie, thatsomething he had detested for so long was now so desirable.  A tiny voice inthe back of his mind posed one simple and nagging question, "Why?"When he devoted some cogitation to the query, he soon came to realize he had noacceptable answer to this conundrum.  He searched his memory to recall when hisfeelings about this piece began their metamorphosis.  It was the concert he hadattended with Andrayalexis.  Now another question rapidly and repeatedly rearedits head.  "Why did that concert make a difference?"  No reasonableexplanation presented itself.

He was about to simply accept andenjoy the present situation.  He had an apocalypse.  It wasn't the orchestra.It was not that concert at all.  Several other peculiar happenings were nowmade crystal clear.  "You lovely, long-legged, troublemaking,irresistible, mind molding, witch-crafty, witching witch of witcheries."

He picked up the phone, dialed hernumber, heard it ring thrice, and hung up.  No, a mere confrontationaltelephone call, email, or face-to-face conversation was not nearly goodenough.  Besides, he was keenly aware Dr. Smythe could discombooberate anddiscomboobleate (These two American English words caused him to fantasize abouttwo things which were extremely exciting and interminably important to him.)him any time he heard her voluptuous voice.  He knew there must be somethingfar better.  He would make her pay.  He would deliver the next salvo in thisbattle of wits.  Now, this! was! war!

He was at work.  Someone he was talkingto made an offhanded remark about being a "copycat."  He had aninspiration.  "Yes," he said and loudly clapped his hands afterspringing to his feet.  He saw his unwitting savior regard him with quizzicalskepticism.  "Relax, I haven't lost my mind.  At least, not yet.  You'vejust given me the solution to a minor, little problem I adore very much."

"I'm glad I could help."

"Not nearly so glad as I am.Nor so glad as I intend to be."

This person would receive a bonuswith their next paycheck.  In his opinion, such helpfulness, even if it wasunintentional, should be properly and promptly rewarded.

Once George got home, he set hismind to work.  Getting comfortable and smoking one of his favorite cigarsusually stimulated his creative and cognitive faculties.  The right piece ofmusic was necessary for his plan to succeed.  He had a thought.  No.Considering what the lovable Dr. Smythe had done, the 1812 Overture wasdefinitely out of the question.  "Classical music" and "copycat"were uppermost in his mind.  Surely, there must be a way to.  Then heremembered.  He laughed loudly and often.  This composer was the perfectcandidate.  He played out the scenario of a future date with Andrayalexis inhis mind.  He would do this right.  The first step was the acquisition of theproper piece of music.  He hoped it was extant.  He logged onto his InternetService Provider and searched for the desired web page.  He carefullyscrutinized this bizarre musical genius's list of compositions.  This composer hada selection that was perfect for this occasion of pleasurable payback.  Georgeimmediately ordered the CD.  Mr. Walderson gleefully rubbed his handstogether.  His vengeance would be scrumptiously delicious.  He was certain hewould thoroughly relish the final drop of the last dregs of this heady elixirof getting even Stephen.

At last that very special evening,he had so anxiously anticipated and carefully crafted, came to pass.  Thecandles were alight.  He had prepared some of her favorite dishes.  The flowerswere gorgeous.  The CD was ready.  Some cigars she adored were near at hand inhis brand spanking new custom-made humidor.  The only item not present was thephysically and mentally monumental, emotionally and captivatingly colossal,frequently fascinating, and fetchingly feminine femme fatale and vivacious,voluptuous victim of honor.

While in his bedroom, he saw andheard the good doctor draw near and come in range of his domain.  His advancedsurveillance system was advantageous in a myriad of ways.  He pressed a buttonwhich unlocked and opened his front door.  He relished her hesitation and theslightly puzzled look on her usually perceptive and serenely confidentcountenance.  He was much pleased with and very aroused by what she had chosento wear.  He often encouraged her to dress in attire which flattered herfigure.  This ensemble definitely did just the trick.  He forced himself tofocus on his plan.  If the good doctor had been telepathic or precognitive, shewould have chosen that outfit.  Only seeing her move in that attire in certainways might have dissuaded him from his dark purpose of exquisitely andexactingly executing relentlessly regimented retribution.  He heard and saw thefront door swing shut after she had broken the infrared beam.  It was justanother little trick designed to slightly and delicately rattle her powerfuland orderly mind.  Step one was completed.

As was expected by bothparticipating parties, their convivial conversation was wide-ranging, urbane,and in-depth.  Both thoroughly relished the excellent dinner, the well-chosenwines, and the premium cigars.  While they lingered over trifle (one ofGeorge's favorite desserts and his 'specialite da la maison') and freshlybrewed Irish coffee, he reminded her he had a surprise in store.  He initiallymentioned it when she had agreed to come to his home for dinner.  She hadtried, to no avail, to cajole, pry, or inveigle from him the nature of thissurprise.  (She reckoned it would have been unfair to utilize the one means ofobtaining this data which had the highest probability of succeeding.)  Afterthey were comfortably seated on the sofa, he informed her the time hadarrived.  He pressed a button on one of the several remote controls scatteredacross his marble coffee table.  The music filled the room.

This was assuredly unlike anyclassical music she had ever heard.  At times it seemed very familiar.  Yet,the familiar passages were not encompassed by what she expected.  She noticedthe profound power this selection had on her companion.  He was more overtlyamorous than usual.  She did not mind his attention.  Still, it was just asmidgen out of character.  She was unsure which was more curious the music orhis behavior.  At certain points his romantic ardor fervently increased.  Shewondered why this music affected him so?

She could stand it no longer.  Shedreamily looked at him.  "George, dear, I do not recognize thiscomposition.  What piece of music is this?"

He arose, straddled her legs,placed his hands on her shoulders, and lovingly gazed deeply into her large,violet, penetrating eyes.  A stone would have had no difficulty perceiving thepassion he exuded.  "Why it's P.D.Q. Bach's 1712 Overture for a really bigorchestra."

She was about to ask who thatcomposer was.  She felt his hands move.  She had a moment of clarity.  She wasvery ticklish.  He knew the locations of some of Mistress Dr. AndrayalexisSmythe's most sensitive spots.

"Stop! stop!"  This wasall she could say after several minutes of being forced to laugh."Please, stop!"

"i can't.  i don'tunderstand.  Something has come over me.  The 1712 Overture is so magnificent.i can't stop myself.  i seem to have no will of my own.  This music overwhelmsmy control.  The 1712 Overture is so amazing.  I've loved it ever  since Iplanned to buy it.  Every time i hear this music i must do this.  Something hastaken possession of me.  i seem to have no will of my own.  i must continue todo that which i am doing."

She felt him begin another gentleassault.  She could only think of one thing which might stop him.  "I'lldo it."

"What will you do, mybeautiful and cunning hypnotist?"

"I'll remove it."

"Some article or articles ofhabiliments, perhaps?"

"Yes, yes, I will.  Just stoptickling me.  Give me some time to catch my breath.  I'll do what must bedone."

Her offer was more than tempting.Once more his masterful mind had to overrule his baser, bestial body's bittybrother brain.  He made himself return to his still outstanding objective.  Ifonly She'd known how close he was to forgetting about Her musical postmesmericsuggestion implanted in his subconscious mind and his retaliation for Hersurreptitiously having placed it there.  She would have done more than merelymake him an offer he would kick himself for some time for having refused.

"What will You remove,Mistress Andrayalexis Amazonia Svengali?"

"My posthypnotic suggestionabout the 1812 Overture."

He would soon get what he wanted.He was about to release Her.  He remembered with whom he dealt.

"What will You put in itsplace?"

"Nothing.  Nothing.  Ipromise.  I swear."

he returned his hands to Hershoulders.  he fastened his eyes on Her fair, feminine face.  He sought anysign or traces of trickery unconsciously revealed by Her captivatingcountenance or beautiful body's body language.  (Thinking about the latter ofthese nonverbal modes of communication did not aid him in maintaining his focusupon his primary objective.)  Not one hint of duplicity was to be found.

It took Her several moments tocatch Her breath.  She focused Her eyes on his.  She wondered if She couldemploy his trigger before he reached any of Her most ticklish spots?  She wasuncertain.  Dare She take the chance?  She decided discretion was the betterpart of valor and conquest.  She would concede him his victory.  For now.

While moving one of Her legsagainst one of his own, She reached up and out to stroke one of his earlobeswith Her dominant hand's firm fingertips.  His other ear's lobe it was caressedwith Her nondominant hands naughty nails.  She saw the reactions of his bodyand the expressions which played across his face.  She was pleased.  She knewhow much he enjoyed letting go of everything and losing himself in the depthsof Her compelling, compassionate, and commanding gaze.

She spoke so slowly, soseductively, and so soporifically in Her most dreamy and devilishly, velvetyvoice.  "Yes, My pet, just keep looking and staring and gazing and delvingdeeper and deeper down into the depthless depths of My demanding anddomineering and daunting eyes.  My ensorcelling eyes so easily and soeffortlessly degrading and depleting and disengaging your weak and worthlesswill.  you know you love Me.  you know you want--you know that all you yearn todo is look into, and lose the very essence of your essential self inside, Mymesmerizing Mastermind's enticing, evil eyes.  you need to look deeper anddeeper into My eyes.  you know you adore Me.  you will lose your self and latchonto your submissive soul's salvation deep in My eyes.  you know you need Me.you must lose yourself deeper and deeper in the depthless depths of Mydepthless, depthless eyes.  you know you desire to possess Me.  you know youmust be possessed by Me and only Me."

She saw him relax and start toslightly sway.  She gently directed him to lie down on the sofa.  His head layin her lap.  She knew how attracted he was to her long and lusciously lovelylegs.  His eyes were lost in hers.  Once more this worrisomely witching womanwinningly and wilily wove her wonderful web of well-chosen whispered words."Now, My pleasing puppet and petite pet, imagine yourself dwelling in awonderfully calm and beautiful location.  Surrender your self to My subtle andsoothing siren sorceries.  This locale is more lovely and lyrical than anylocation you have ever been and more relaxing than any place you have everimagined before.  Yes, My dear and darling, sweetly succumb to the soporificand stimulating sound of My sensuous and sexy and soothing voice of the softestsilk and the strongest steel.  I am your adoring Amazon Attaché, Attendant,Apotheosized Arachnid, and Gargantuan Guiding Goddess into this remarkable andfascinating realm of ultimate tranquility and universal happiness.  Softlyslide so easily and peacefully into the maternally mystifying and Machiavellianmatriarchal machinations mysteriously made in the misty mentality of yourMultifaceted, Monumental, Mesmerizing, and Magically Moving Mistress ofMinds."

While and after She spoke, Shemassaged various parts of his body.  his muscles went limp under Hermanipulative manual manipulations.  She smiled broadly as She saw Her words andactions produce their desired effect.  Delightfully drawing his mind anddeliriously driving his will deeper and deeper down into the depths of distaffdominion.  She relaxed and watched him fall: so easily and peacefully under Hercontrol; so effortlessly and comfortably in Her power; and so eternally andcompletely under Her spell.  Again he was in Her cunning clutches.  Once morehe was at Her command.  He was Hers to do with as She wished.

For two reasons She did as She hadcovenanted.  First, She had made a promise.  Her word once given was not to betreated lightly, nor was it to be easily broken.  Honor required this of Her.Second, She could not think of anything to do to him which was sufficientlysatisfying to Her slightly sinister splendid psyche.

After arriving home, she smoked acigar and reviewed her recent interactions with George Walderson.  Verily, hewas the most painstakingly devious person she had ever known.  Suppose this washow his mind worked when he was angered?  He would be an exceptionallydangerous and extraordinarily formidable enemy.  His retaliation had beenbrilliantly conceived and was expertly executed.  Her respect for, love of, anddesire to have--nay, to possess and consume and consummate--this man of Herdreams grew immensely.  She pondered her next move.  Their loving battle ofminds and wills was not over.


From the moment Anna Conway wasmade aware of its existence, the relationship betwixt Dr. Andrayalexis Smytheand Mr. George Walderson was for Mistress Titanaconda far more than a joy tobehold.  Observing Her friend rapturously experience such pleasures was almostas pleasurable for Anna Conway.  On this day there came a perfect opportunityfor Anna to lovingly needle and caringly tease her titanic partner in crimeconcerning this love affair of the heart.

"So, how is Georgie Porgiepudding and pie?" Anna asked during this continuation of her eternalgabfest with Andrayalexis.

"George is one of the mostinsidious, deceptive, cunning, conniving, meticulous, exacting, loving, anddevoted people I have ever met."

Anna let out a she wolf whistle."My, my, my.  Well, well do tell.  I want details, and I want themnow."

Anna listened attentively asAndrayalexis recounted the events in her relationship with George--commencingwith the concert featuring the 1812 Overture, and concluding with the dinnerafter which the stately psychiatrist removed her devious posthypnoticsuggestion.  Due to her intimate connection with and deep knowledge poolpertaining to her colossal 'compadre', Anna could virtually and vicariouslythink, feel, and perceive her protégé's thoughts, emotions, and physicalsensations during the unfolding of this course of events.  As Dr. Smythe toldthis tale, Mistress Titanaconda began to wonder if Anna Conway would somedayenjoy such a stimulating romance?

After the conclusion of thestory's recitation, Anna seized another opportunity to let her sense of humorrun amuck.  "In case I forget, please remind me to give you those boxes ofKleenex before you leave."

"And why are you giving metissues?"

"To wipe all those tearsyou've been shedding lately."

Andrayalexis knew her friendwell.  She suspected what Anna was leading to.  Anyone that small could neverbe up to anything over a couple of feet high.  The doctor elected to let hergirlfriend play out her hand.  "What tears are you talking about?"

"Everyone knows that whenGeorgie Porgie kisses the girls he always makes them cry.  So, is it his potentpassion or a persistent case of horrendous halitosis or both that activatesyour lachrymal ducts?"

Andrayalexis would show her babydoll-dimensioned boon that two could play this game as easily as one."Ha, ha, ha and a hardy har, har.  I will have you know that when GeorgiePorgie comes out to play, only Mistress Titanaconda runs away--and She takestiny, little steps aplenty while doing so.  Now, top that, if you can reachthat high."

"Hey!  That is a well-aimedslam against My professional acumen--not to mention a reference to My physicalchallenge."  Now did She utter some choking noises.  "I am cut to thequick!"

"You aren't big enough tohave a quick, or even to be quick for that matter."

"One attempt to ruin Mybusiness, and two insults concerning My lack of height.  In case you'veforgotten, there is such a thing as the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Iought to sue you for what you have said to Me."

"Go ahead and file Yourfrivolous, meritless lawsuit.  I dare you.  I double dare you.  I even tripledog dare you to.  All that will happen is You will find out You don't have oneleg to stand on.  Well, to be honest, You do have two legs.  It's just thatthey're so short no one has ever seen them."

"Hey, Lady Girafarig, My legsare long enough to reach the ground."

"Only when You are lying downon it," the hypnotherapist quipped.

"I never sleep outside.  Imake My subbies grovel and beg for the inestimable opportunity of having thepleasure of serving Me by doing that."

"That's what I call much toomuch information.  Shall we continue this dance?"

"Only if you lead."

"Anna Conway, you are soheadstrong and stubborn that you didn't even allow your prom date tolead."

"I did so.  I let him leadexactly where I told him to go.  So there!"  At this point, MistressTitanaconda licked out Her tongue in a most serpentine style.

Andrayalexis started to laugh."I've just realized what that "M" tattoo is for."

"When did you see that?"queried Mistress Titanaconda.

"Now wouldn't You just loveto know?"

"Yes, I would.  Just in caseyou've forgotten, I am your Mistress.  I taught you everything you know."

"Just in case you happen tohave forgotten, when I was nine years old, I was bigger, badder, taller, andtougher than you will ever be."

"How would you like to be onthe business end of a catfight--right here and right now?"  While posingthis query, Anna stood up, assumed an offensive boxing stance, and clenchedboth her tiny hands into ferocious, fearsome, faery fists of fine, fightingfury.

"First of all, monkeybusiness is the only business you have ever been good at.  Item two, kiddy kittiesare much too small to even think about jumping in to a catfight."

"Wait til our nextincarnations.  I will remind you about all the short jokes you've made at myexpense."

"You won't have to remind me,Hermia oh so little and fierce, I will still be making them."

"Helena, of the legs longerstill to run away, what makes you think I'll be short in my nextlifetime?"

"Because you've been a midgetin all your lives, including this one."

"I am not a midget or adwarf.  I am one inch taller than the maximum height for membership in LittlePeople of America, Inc.  So put that in your pipe and smoke it."

"You know very well that Ismoke cigars and you smoke a pipe."

"Tis true.  Doesn't GeorgiePorgie smoke cigars too?"

"Yes, Georgie does."

Anna reckoned it was high time forher towering friend to pay for some of those shortness-spawned barbs she was sofond of delivering.  "Well, well, well! that must be really good for you.You know what dominatrixes say about submissives who smoke cigars?"

"No.  What do they say?"

"I'm not sure I should tellyou the scuttle butt on that subject."

"Okay, that's fine withme."

"I could tell you, if youreally want to know."

"No, no that's alright."

"Aren't you even the leastbit curious?" Anna inquired.


"Shit!  Why do you have tomake things so difficult?" Mistress Titanaconda protested.

"That's what they pay mefor.  And in your case because it's lots of fun."

"No they don't.  They pay youto peek inside and poke around in people's minds."

"And they pay me very well tobe a head-shrinker.  If they only knew what being a head-shrinker reallyentails."  Now did she send forth some sinister laughter.

During their chat, Anna slippedoff her shoes and started massaging her calves, ankles, feet, and toes."If they can send people to the Moon, then why can't someone make stylishand comfortable high heeled shoes?" She complained exasperatedly.

As their talk continued, Dr.Smythe pondered her friend's question.  The Hypnotic Mistress Psychiatristreceived an insight.  This was perfect.  Andrayalexis came over to MistressTitanaconda, swept up her friend in a loving and powerful embrace, and thengave Her a passionate kiss.

"I've always known you wantedMe, but what's all this for?" Anna stated stammeringly after catching herbreath.

"You have given me my nextweapon in my very intimate battle of the sexes."

There was a quizzical expressionon Ms. Conway's countenance.  "How did I do that?"

"That's not the point.  Thefact that you did it is good enough."

"Well, anything I can do tohelp."

Anna knew it was useless to tryand pump her prodigious pal for more details.  She knew she would not bereceiving any more information on this score, until her gigantic girlfriend wasgood and ready to divulge further data.

* * * * *

While winding down from aparticularly physically exhausting and psychologically intensive session,Mistress Andrayalexis decided to play Her next hand in Her interpersonal gamewith George Walderson.  "I have an idea for you," She said.

Among the things george had cometo learn was that no matter how well he knew Her, he would never always knowwhat surprises She had kept in store for him.  A few flickering fragments of'Fantastique' fantasies flittered flashily through this fine fellow's 'femmefatale' fascinated thoughts.  "What is it, Mistress Head-Shrinker?"he queried while dreamily drowsing and deliriously drowning in the depthlessdepths of Her devastatingly dazzling gaze.

"It is a business proposition."

The man's stupendousdisappointment was incredibly monumental and effectively concealed.  "Whatis it, Mistress?"

"My slave, many women,shemales, and feminized males yearn for the day when high heeled shoes can beas comfortable as they are fashionable.  When you initially came to Me, youmentioned you were suffering from burnout.  Accepting the task I have set foryou may be the most challenging mission you have ever undertaken.  Well,excluding the Herculean labours of love you have faced, and shall encounter, inorder to futilely attempt to validate your worthiness of being My submissiveslave."

he screwed up his countenance indisbelief as his eyes manifested immeasurable incredulousness as they gaped atHer.  "Mistress! i don't know anything about women's shoes.  i wouldn'tknow the first thing about making them comfortable or stylish or both.  Thisrequest is just too farfetched."

She sniffed at him in disgustedderision.  "Just like a typical male chauvinist pigheaded man.  Oh all ofyou howl and whistle and get your rocks off whenever any female wears highheels.  But now that I want you to help us not live with sore feet all ourlives, all you can say is "i don't know how.""  Dr. Smythe hadnot stuck out her tongue at anyone since she was a little girl.  MistressAndrayalexis did so now.

"i have never insisted, oreven asked You to wear high heels.  You asked me what i thought about Youwearing them.  i told You i liked the idea because stilettos accentuate Yourcomely curves and Your ostrich-esque legs."

Mistress Smythe stared fixedly atHer prized prize possession.  "That is not the point," She retorted."Are you going to accept this project or not?" She asked pointedly.

"No, Mistress," georgereplied.

The Psychiatric Sex Goddessrefused to speak to him for some moments.  There were times when there was justno talking to this mulish, pigheaded man She loved so much.  The more Shethought about his rejection of Her proposal, the more frustrated and infuriatedAndrayalexis became.  How many times had he told Her he wanted and needed to dosomething different in his professional capacity?  Now She had plopped theperfect desideratum right in his lap.  His response was to run away from itlike a scared rabbit in a grueling, gruesome grudge match of hare and hounds.The more She cogitated upon his reluctance and obstinacy, the more irksome andloathsome did their presence and manifestation become to Her.

Her book learning and clinicalknowledge of operant conditioning as well as Her know-how regarding the mostefficacious actuators of motivation for reticent submissives of all sorts, hadshown Mistress Dr. Andrayalexis Smythe that pain or pleasure could be anexcellent inducement for the performance of some proper behavior desired by thedominating entity.  In this circumstance, She elected to employ punishment inorder to ameliorate or eliminate the recurrence of this slave's refusal tostretch himself outside of his comfortable security zone.  The next item on theagenda was the determination of how his correction should be administered.  Thepsychiatrist moved her gaze about the room in search of an inspiration.  Hereyes settled upon a familiar object which set loose a particular train ofthought.  "Yes, indeed! this will do the trick," She said silently toherself.  ""RELAX AND GO INTO DEEP HYPNOSIS FOR ME,"" werethe words She spake aloud.  Mr. george walderson was, unknowingly so far as hisconscious mind was concerned, issued a specific set of posthypnoticsuggestions, returned to his regular state of mind, and summarily sent on hisway.

This argument with Andrayalexisupset George Walderson far more than he had been disturbed by anything for sometime.  They had gone through their share of disagreements in the past.  Thisone, however, possessed a tenor unlike any of the previous squabbles.  If shecould only be made to understand how absurdly preposterous it was for him toeven consider entangling himself in anything remotely associated with fashiondesign.  His fashion sense had always left a great deal to be desired.  Puttingtogether aesthetically appealing apparel and accessories had always been farbeyond his reach.  Due to this failing, in his teenage years, he had beenteased unmercifully and, on a few occasions, snidely rejected mercilessly bycouture-conscious  girls who had piqued his interest.  His longstandingrelationship with a fine tailor he had once aided was the sole reason Mr.Walderson was now a gentleman who could rightly be classified as sartoriallysatisfactory.  Perhaps, if he had told Andrayalexis all this, maybe she wouldunderstand why he wanted no parts of this subject.  No.  Just partiallyremembering what he had gone through had reopened an emotional wound he hadbelieved was long cauterized.

Whenever George was sufferingthrough a particularly and peculiarly stressful day, at first the sight, afterthat the aroma, following in succession the feel, and finally the flavor of afine cigar or two always served to raise his spirits.  If he was really lucky,then during his enjoyment of this exquisite smoke he would come up with a wayto smooth things over with The Statuesque Specimen of Superior Womanliness whowas so dear to, and demanding of, himself.

Even when one's humidor isfunctioning perfectly, a specific cigar may go bad for a variety of reasons.Not one of the several cigars he had taken from this humidor tasted as itshould.  He meticulously examined the appliance.  So far as he could tell therewas nothing amiss.  Next he tried one or two cigars from a couple of otherhumidors.  None of them tasted quite right.  He sat down in his favorite chairand started scratching his head.  This was the freakiest thing he had everencountered.  He all but expected Rod Serling, Allen Funt, Art Bell, or all ofthem in concert to materialize right before his very eyes.  That would havemade more sense than what was going on.  Finally, with all manner of bizarreideas and quirky notions angling for acceptance and mightily striving forsupremacy in his mind, he retreated from this situation and went up to bed.Eventually, he restlessly drifted off to dreamland.

The next day, after finishing hiswork projects, george happily headed off to his favorite, top-drawertobacconist.  He was absolutely positive that whatever apparently had affectedall the tobacco products he owned would not make its ill presence felt anywhereelse.  He bought two of his longtime favorite cigars and one he had alwayswanted to experience.

On a whim, he chose to smoke themin his car while parked on an awesomely commanding promontory with amagnificently beautiful view of the lake, the forest, and the city.  As he wasmaking ready for the lighting up of the first cigar, he wistfully thought ofhow romantic it would be to bring Andrayalexis here to this very private spoton a clear night with a full moon.  This submissive lover admitted to himselfthat even when there existed a rift between them, Mistress Dr. Smythe was infull control of his inner being and everything else he possessed.

he flicked on his lighter, allowedits gentle flame to toast the cigar's foot, and puffed and rotated the cigar.It tasted as weird and as wretched and as worthless as all the others had lastnight.  He concluded there was no good reason to try out either of the othertwo.  The very rational George walderson was completely confused.

What was going on with him?  Sofar as he could determine, none of his other sensory perceptions had beenadversely affected recently.  Only his enjoyment of cigars was involved.  hesearched and searched his memory.  An idea came to him.  It was necessary forhim to ascertain its veracity as soon as possible.

Once he heard Her pick up thereceiver and speak to him, part of george strained to break down and apologizeprofusely to Her for whatever transgression he had even come close tocommitting.  This sector of his soul was overridden with great difficulty.

"Did you give me aposthypnotic suggestion?" he inquired abruptly.

Andrayalexis was fairly sure aboutwhich postmesmeric command was on his mere male mindlessness.  She sought to bea highly ethical individual.  She would tell him what he wanted to know.Mistress Smythe elected not to do so right away.  She knew it was for the bestto make him earn the prize by enduring a wee bit of suffering to acquire itspossession.  "Over the years, I have given a multitude of hypnoticsuggestions or mesmeric commands to a myriad of people."

"Don't play coy and cutesywith me!  Did You give me a posthypnotic command the last time we weretogether?"

"Is there a specificsuggestion or particular command you have in mind?" She inquiringlyresponded after leaning backwards in Her easy chair and luxuriantly massagingHer now crossed stems.

george wondered how The Woman heloved so much could drive him up the wall and out of his mind so often?  To befair about it, She had only done so in a few instances.  That was beside thepoint.  he let out a deep breath and tried to control his exasperation.  hesuspected She was in a very nitpicky mood, today.  The words composing his nextquestion were chosen only after the expenditure of considerable deliberation."Did You give me a posthypnotic suggestion which would make me dislike thetaste of all cigars?"

"Yes, I did, My recalcitrantslave."

Mr. George Walderson Esquire wasimmeasurably incensed.  "Why the fucking planet of hell and damnation didyou do that?" he demanded defiantly.

Andrayalexis had never heard himuse language like that.  Mistress Smythe would not ever, in a million eonsworth of epochs, allow any of Her homo sapiens possessions to even fantasizeabout thinking to speak to Her Majestic Majestrix in such an uncivil anddisrespectful manner.  She seemed to sense that what She was putting himthrough was not the only item compelling his obnoxious actions.  If theirrelationship ever got back on the right footing, She would settle the scoreregarding his disrespectful rudeness in Her own perfect and precise andpleasurably amusing way.  "A subbie, submissive, servant, or slave whodoes his or her level best to carry out one of My dictums but who fails tosuccessfully complete the task is not punished by Me.  A rebellious, reptilian,repugnant rapscallion who refuses to even try to do what is well within thatperson's ability is useless and worthless to Me."  With that, She hung upin his face.

From George's perspective, it wasjust as well that She had chosen to ring off when she did.  Never in any of hisinnumerable incarnations had he ever been any where near as angry with anyoneabout anything as he was now with Andrayalexis.  The emotions he felt and theirunspent strength provided the activating stimuli for the servomechanicalinfinite loop imprisoning his mind in the unattainable quest of finding anacceptable answer to the question, "How could she do this to me?"

A brilliant nuclear scientistnamed Dr. Bruce Banner possesses a verdant-complexioned, brutish, enragedbehemoth of an alter ego known as "The Hulk."  Only after The Hulk'sanger has subsided can he return to his primary identity of Bruce Banner.After Dr. John H. Watson announces his impending marriage to Miss Mary Morstanin the Arthur Conan Doyle story, "The Sign of the Four," Holmes makesthe following statement to his boon companion.  "... But love is anemotional thing, and whatever is emotional is opposed to that true cold reasonwhich I place above all things."  And so did it even eventually come topass for Mr. George Walderson.  Once he had passed from under the domination ofhis emotionality's vehemence, his cognitive faculties returned to their usualprominence and power.  There were certain facts whose veracity he was nowprepared to acknowledge.  It was true that he had often, and perhapsincessantly, spoken to Andrayalexis about his desire and need for a stimulatingchallenge.  It was also the case that the task Mistress Smythe had set beforehim more than fit the bill.  It was indeed a fact that he had allowed himselfto be conquered by his fear of facing the problem She had presented to him.  Itwas probably true that he would not have accepted this labor without somepowerful prodding on Her part.  It was the case that he had behaved himselfvery badly in his treatment of Her.  It was a fact that he was nothing morethan a pusillanimous cad, bounder, and heel.

Now his fertile mind turned itselfto answering the question, "How would he atone for his iniquitoustransgressions?"  Completing the job Mistress Dr. Andrayalexis Smythewanted him to do.  This, of course and obviously, would be his first step.  Itwas necessary for him to find, no he must commission, the perfect present, naygifts, for Andrayalexis.  An apology of any sort would be nothing more than atrifling, piddling peace offering.

* * * * *

The out-of-town symposium had beeninformative, exhaustive, and exhausting.  After landing at the airport, Heragile mind turned from this topic to such-and-such a subject as She drovehome.  It had been several months since the occurrence of that telephonic,contentious conversation with george walderson.  Dr. Smythe had assumed hewould come to his senses sooner or later.  This man's exceeding intractablenesshad grossly surpassed all of Her calculations.  "Oh well, it had been areal kick while it lasted," The Psychiatrist mused.

After arriving home in one piece(She wondered if mass hypnosis or subliminally transmitted messages could beemployed to enhance people's driving skills?), Dr. Smythe stowed Her luggage inthe first convenient location She came to.  The way She felt right at thismoment caused Her to conclude that unpacking was not a necessity.  During Herwalk-through of Her lair, She got the ineffable and inexplicable impressionthat something was palpably different.  This feeling prompted Her to execute athorough search.  Nothing appeared to be missing.  Not one item seemed to beout of place.  Yet, nevertheless, The Humongous Hypnodominatrix just simplycould not shake off the notion that something had definitely been changed inHer domicile.

After finally perusing Her masterbedroom, She turned back the comforter atop Her fully adjustable, Californiaking-size, mirrored canopied bed.  On Her pillow She discovered an ornatelywrapped box.  Inside the delicately decorated, hand carved jewelry box Shefound a platinum and white gold charm bracelet bearing ten charms.  There wasalso a yellow gold chain which could be used as a necklace, and wassufficiently long enough to double as a chain to be wrapped around Herclassically hourglass figure's womanly waistline.  Mistress Andrayalexis againcentered Her gaze and Her attention on the bracelet.  The charms were ofvarious sizes, made in different shapes, and crafted from several differentmaterials.  Each charm had something written on it.  None of them was writtenin English.  She held this exquisitely crafted piece of artistry up to thelight and slowly turned it around and around, or over and over, in Her handsomehands.  The play of the lights off the shimmering and sparkling presentproduced a very interesting and subtly soporific effect.

She replaced the chain andbracelet in their velvet- and satin-lined jewellery box and put this prizedpresent next to one of her jewelry cases.  While She was putting Her shoes intheir accustomed place, She came upon the large, oaken, richly-paintedshoeshine box.  It contained all the requisite articles utilized in thepainstaking and proper care of expensive footwear.  It also housed a pair ofshoes She had never purchased.  They were black suede, six-inch-high,stiletto-heeled, open-toed, beauties which would be the envy of many a DominantSuperior Woman.  After slipping them on, She found they were a perfect fit.They were also the most comfortable shoes She had ever worn.  Whilescrutinizing them more perfectly, Mistress Smythe discovered that each shoe'sheight was adjustable.  This fact would give Her an opportunity to live out oneof Her secret fantasies.  Andrayalexis had heard or read somewhere that thequintessential sex goddess, Marilyn Monroe, frequently made one heel in a pairof shoes slightly shorter than the other.  Supposedly, this tiny, tasty tit oftemptress's trickishly tricked out trickster's talent helped give rise to thefascinatingly full feminine figure-flattering walk for which this bewitching,blonde bombshell is well-known.  The only item to be ascertained on this scorewas, which manifestation of mundane, mere male mindlessness would be the firstvamped voyeur and vivified victim of this harmless, little, fun andinteresting, mesmerizingly manipulative, magically mind-blowing, matrilinealmatriarchal maneuvre?  She also made a mental note to find out the maximumheight for each of these sinister stiletto shoes.

The presence of these wonderfullywicked spike-heeled shoes answered the question, "Who had given Her Hernow two favorite pieces of jewellery?"  Now that She knew the identity ofthis genius gadfly of a genial, genuine, generous gentleman, Andrayalexis alsopossessed the answer to a second query.  "How had this person managed tocircumvent Her home's state-of-the-art security system?"

Mistress Andrayalexis was awarethat the ball was now in Her court.  While She considered said circumstance,Her curiosity all but consumed Her consciousness.  It took Her some time andinvolved considerable research for Mistress Dr. Andrayalexis Smythe toascertain the meaning of the inscriptions on all of the ten charms.  Once thistask was accomplished, She had WorldWide Web searches to perform, prodigiousplans to lay, and tantalizingly tempting traps to set.  The willful, yetultimately obedient, mr. george walderson might be anticipating a phone callfrom Her.  This sneaky and chivalrous submissive could even have expected toreceive an email from Her acknowledging his gifts and letting him know that allwas forgiven.  Perhaps he even had considered the possibility that She mightshow up on his doorstep.  What She would next do to him must be something hewould classify as out of character for Her.  No other action on Her part wouldsuffice.

She pulled Her car into a locationwhere george was unlikely to recognize it--or even notice it for that matter.After parking, She reclined in Her seat and put on a pair of sunglasses whichdid double duty as a set of high-powered, night vision binoculars.  Once hearrived home, She was pleased to find out he was not accompanied by anyone.After waiting a couple of minutes, She exited Her automobile and strodepurposefully toward the door.  Carried on Her nondominant arm was Her largesthandbag.

Out of astonishment and reverence,he took a step backward after opening his door in response to the ringing ofhis door chimes.  Fortunately for Dr. Smythe's dark, devious, and deliciouslydelightful deeds She determined to deftly do duly, he had not chosen to use hissecurity system's video monitoring feature to determine his visitor'sidentity.  "Please, come in," he said waving Her into the room."Am I forgiven?" he inquired.

"We shall see," Sheresponded coyly, cunningly, and craftily.

Once they were seated, he asked ifhe could get Her anything to drink?  Mistress Andrayalexis accepted his offer.While he was gone, She slipped out of the ankle-length trench coat She hadworn.  When She heard him approaching, She stood up and slithered in hisdirection.  His eyes grew wide and briefly rolled backwards in amazement at thevision now before his immediately ensorcelled eyes.  The coat now laying on thesofa had belied Her enticing ensemble.  When he met Her at the door, he hadseen She was wearing the shoes he gave Her.  He was unaware of and unpreparedfor: the sheer, thigh-high, fishnet stockings; the matching garter belt; thedécolletage, short-cropped, black bustier; and the slinky, silky,loosely-fitting lounging pyjamas he now knew She wore.  The chain he hadsurreptitiously given Her hung around Her lovely swanlike neck.  Thecustom-made bracelet he had hidden on Her bedstead swung invitingly in front ofHer bountiful bosoms.

The man's mouth fell agape for hewas thunderstruck dumbfounded.  All he was capable of doing was staring andslightly swaying.  Fortunately, Mistress Andrayalexis was close enough to himto take Her drink from his now unsteady hands.  So far, Her stratagem was goingoff without a hitch.

While they conversed, Dr. Smythemade some subtly suggestive movements and gestures.  It was becomingincreasingly difficult for this submissive to not squirm in his seat or makesome movement which would reveal Her successful bewitchment of his far moreactive, much more influential, and significantly much smaller second brain.These things were as they should be.

At one point, She said to him,"it wasn't necessary for you to leave Me such an exquisite gift.  A trulycontrite apology would have been sufficient."

She heard and saw him slap hishands together.  "You mean i went to all this effort when i didn't haveto.  You could have told me all You wanted was a 'mea culpa' or a 'meadolus.'"

"Listen now and hearken thouunto Me, My wayward wench of a slave-boy-toy, what I deserve from you is a 'meaculpa et mea dolus'.  Is it not so?"

he crawled over to where She was,then looked plaintively and repentantly up into Her penetrating pupils."Mistress, You are correct as always."

"It is good, fitting, andproper that you have learned your place in the scheme of things, My puppet.Now, I command you to lie yourself down supine across My long and lovelylegs."  Even She was a bit taken aback at the rapidity with which thisdictum was obeyed.  She saw the silly, salacious smile now covering hiscountenance.  "Is My pet experiencing pleasure?"

"Yes, Mistress."Mistress Andrayalexis pinched each of his nipples with Her freshly manicured,perfectly polished, and sinisterly sharpened nails.  She observed him visiblyand audibly wince in pain.  "Mistress, why did You do that?"

"That was your reward for allthe time and effort I expended in deciphering your expensive and exoticpresent."  She slowly rotated the charm bracelet before his now moistened,due to Her manipulation of his nipples, eyes.  "There is one otherinstance of iniquity for which you shall surely pay, My precious."

"Mistress, most merciful, ofme and all that is mine, what else have i done unto Thee?"

"How did your gifts get in Mybedroom closet and atop My pillow?"

"i did reset Your alarm systembefore i left."

"I suppose you believe youshould be thanked for this act of benevolent kindness or was it Christiancharity?"

"No, Mistress.  i do havesome suggestions about improving Your home's internal security and externaldefenses.  Would You rather i give them to You now or later?"

This was the opening She had beenlonging for.  She smiled broadly and comfortingly caressed his chest andstomach.  "What I want you to do is, "RELAX AND GO INTO DEEP HYPNOSISFOR ME."  Yeeeeeeesssssss, My prey, My voice, My velvety voice, Myvoluptuous and velvety voice is fascinating and filling and fulfilling andoverflowing the entire expanse of your inner man and inner being and innerworld.  Know that all I say to you, while you are under the siren sway of Mymesmerizingly hypnotic spells, is the total, unvarnished, and absolute truth.Be certain and know that, while and whenever you are in My hypnotic thrall, allI have ever said and I shall ever say unto thee is always and in allcircumstances all entirely what is only true.  Whenever you are touched by Meand you are under My spells of the Sorceress, you shall fall deeper and deeperinto deep, deep hypnosis than you shall have ever been before.  When you aremesmerized and you are also touched by Me, you shall quickly and easily andpeacefully go deeper and deeper into deep, deep, hypnotic hypnosis than youhave ever been before thence.  If you should ever, or even attempt to, resistMy mesmerizing mien and manipulative mannerisms, then you shall surely andcertainly fall more and more in love with Me, fall more and more in lust forMe, and fall more and more in loyal, loving lust for Me, Myself, and I.Descend, descend, descend into the depthless depths of divine and desirable,delicately devious distaff dominion, domination, and debauchery.  Surrender toMy presence.  Surrender to My powers.  Surrender to My pulchritude.  Surrenderto My ways.  Surrender to My wiles.  Surrender to My witcheries.  Surrender toMy wisdom.  Surrender; yes, surrender; yeeeeeeessssssss, surrender to My will.My plaything, My puppet, My possession you are these three.  My puppet, Myplaything, and My possession thus thy destiny."

She paused in his induction andallowed his trance to deepen of its own accord for several moments.  "Thisbracelet bears the names of the nine Muses.  They the nine Muses are daughtersof Zeus.  Zeus hailed and hallowed as the King of the gods.  All kings and allprinces and all males called nobility, are all of them save nothing to SuperiorWomen's Female Supremacy.  The nine Muses mother was named Mnemosyne.  A Titanand the goddess of memory was Mnemosyne.  A Titan, a Goddess, a Mistress thesethree.  A Titanic Goddess, Mistress of your memories.  I play with your mind,as one does with a toy.  Love Me you shall for ever, My little slave-boy.  Yes,nine are the Muses of ancient antiquity.  Each Muse she was Goddess, Mistress,and Conquistador of a several fine art.  Of one of the fine arts, each Muse wasits Queen.  Calliope, possessor of the fairest of voices, and she who spawnsepic poetry and all items of eloquence.  Eldest of the artful Muses, a writingtablet or book bears she.  Invoked by sightless Homer is she, for hiscomposition of the Iliad and the Odyssey.  The Proclaimer, it is none saveClio.  Clio some say bears a scroll.  Clio muse of history.  The writing of thePhoenicians to the land of the Greeks gave Clio this gift.  The Lovely Erato,she who spawns all mimicry and all poems of love.  A lyre plays she withsupremely surpassing skillfulness.  Of those mortal beings who have been gracedto see her, many swear Erato wears a crown of roses made.  The Giver ofPleasure, thus is Euterpe, muse of music.  Some persons say that she is one whogives birth to lyric poetry.  The world's first flute by her hands was made.The flute her symbol, and it she plays.  Oh tragic Melpomene, whose dainty andfair feet by cothurnes, the knee-length boots of tragic thespians, are Thy fairfeet often shod.  Oh Melpomene, The Songstress Melpomene, wearer of the tragicmask.  A garland or a crown of cypress about thy neck or head is worn.Carrying a sword or club.  Bearing, perhaps, the club of Heracles.  Melpomene,Goddess, Mother, Muse of Tragedy.  Sacred Polyhymnia, She of Many Hymns, Museof dance and religious or sacred poetry.  Polyhymnia, Polyhymnia, Polyhymnia ofpensive countenance and visage veiled.  Meditation, mime, geometry, andagriculture are said to be thy praiseworthy progeny.  Oh thou The WhirlerTerpsichore, mistress, mother, muse of dance, of choral singing, and of lyricpoetry.  Lyric poetry, oh Terpsichore, some credit this poetic form also tothee.  You bore the Sirens by Achelous, by Achelous a river god was he.  Thelyre is the instrument you favour.  A lyre and a plectrum are thy symbols,Terpsichore, the dancing leader of choral songs.  Whilst thou dancest, ohTerpsichore, thou dost also hold the finest lyre known to Earth or Heaven.Thalia, The Flourishing, of poetry idyllic and comedy thou art the Muse.  Acomic mask upon thy face is seen.  A shepherd's staff is in thy hand.  A crownof ivy thou hast elected for thyself to wear.  Urania, The Heavenly One, Museto all who seek to learn of all the bodies and matters pertaining to thecelestial heights and vaults.  Mother of astronomy, Urania, a globe is held inthy immortal, halcyon hands.  At times some seem to see thee carrying a peg.Wrapped about Thee is a cloak. Urania, thou art cloaked with myriads ofmultitudinous stars.  Foretelling the future by Thy divination of astrologicalmysteries.  Thus are The Muses, nine in number.  Taught and trained they wereby Apollo.  Yes, trained and taught they were by the sun god of prophecy.Taught and trained were the Muses, trained and taught they were to sing asone.  The word "museum" is a cognate of the ancient Hellenic word formuse.  Our modern word "museum" is coined in celebratory homage tothe Muses.  Each Muse's name is written in a different people's writtenlanguage.  In Egyptian hieroglyphics is Calliope's name inscribed.  The name ofClio it is set down in letters of the Hebrews.  Yea, verily, the name Erato,indeed it is written down in Linear B.  Euterpe's name you had it made inKanji.  I have learned that Melpomene is here inscribed in charactersCyrillic.  In Sanskrit is the name of Polyhymnia set forth upon this lovelycharm.  Terpsichore, it is written down in Ogham.  Ogham, yea the writing firstused in ancient Celtic Erin.  Erin, yes fair Emerald Isle, now Ireland it iscalled.  In the written language of the Mayan people is the name of Thaliaetched upon this silver charm.  Last of all, Urania is here written down inSumerian script.  Yet on this bracelet there are charms ten in number.  Uponthe tenth of these charms it doth say, "TO THE OMNIPOTENT, OMNIBUS, TITANIC,HYPNODOMINATING MUSE OF MUSES."  These words are inscribed in Greciancharacters.  Aha! but wait, simply stating this laudation would not havesufficiently satiated, or even summarily satisfied, your merry, mindlessmiscreant's mindless, mischievous mentality.  And so, therefore, you had thisinscription of praising words written backwards and in calligraphy.  And now,My paralyzed and oh so powerless pet, you shall be taught again the reasons whyyou love and fear Me.  I shall cause your inner being to surely sense once moreand again why you yearn to be with Me, why you yearn to belong to Me, and whyyou shall always and forever yearn to become more and more obedient to Me witheach moment that passes, and with each and every breath you take.  It is truethat you can not resist My will.  It is the truth that you know you must noteven think to try to resist My will.  It is truly the truest of truths thatthou shalt never resist My willful willpower of My wise, witching, womanlywill."

While This Enchantress enchantinglychanted Her enchantments, She employed Her hands, fists, fingernails, andfingertips to play with his body.  For by playing with his body, yea verily Shethereby did play with his heart, his mind, his soul, and his spirit.  At thisjuncture She sent forth a spree of laughter which was so seductive and oh sosinister.  She gently extricated Her long legs from beneath Her prey's all butmotionless form.  She then opened Her ponderous purse, drew out Her videocamera, and thereafter properly positioned and turned it on.  As he silentlyslumbered 'neath Her sinister siren's spells, She surveyed the sumptuoussurroundings.  She spied a partially smoked cigar in an ashtray.  Despite Herposthypnotic commandments, he still strove to enjoy this pleasure he so lovedto relish.  That which She had taken to train him, She now would return.  Nextto this ashtray She espied his most prized lighter.  This lighter gave TheMassively Manipulative Mistress, Sex Goddess and Genius a thoroughly wickedidea.  After settling these issues, She sauntered across the room and stoodover him.  While looking down and leaning over him, Mistress Andrayalexisstarted salivating, started sensing the first few precious droplets of wetnessin Her most secret, feminine place, and licked Her lips with glee and gusto."And now, georgie porgie walderson, in what other harmless, little, fun,and interesting ways shall I play with you and tease you and torment younow?"  Had george known what query Her lovely lips had framed, he, in hisprivate thoughts, would have acknowledged that he would never fully ferret outthe answer to this question.

* * * * *

"Andrayalexis," Annasaid, "you are much happier today than you've been in the last severalmonths--and I think I know why."

"Ok, smarty-pants, what doyou think is going on with me?"

"I can tell by that goofylook on your face.  It's georgie porgie, isn't it?"

"Well, well you are right foronce."

"You also are aware that Iwill perennially pester you until you give Me all the dirty details."

And so it was that MistressAndrayalexis recounted in explicit detail all that had transpired betwixtHerself and Her submissive lover over the last few months.  After concludingHer tale, She showed off the bracelet, chain, and shoes She so adored.

Mistress Titanaconda let out ashriek.  "I've bought several pairs of those shoes.  They are wonderful.You mean some of My money has gone to keep You in a style to which I wish tobecome accustomed?"

"Afraid so," Dr. Smytheresponded.

"Considering the part I'veplayed in this blossoming romance, I should get all My shoes he makes forfree.  I ought to at least receive a rebate of any size--preferably agiant-sized one."

"Take it up with themanufacturer."

"I'd rather take it up with Shewho has wrapped this manufacturer around Her lengthy little finger.  I do haveone other favor to ask."

"What is it?"

"Would You teach Me how tobecome a powerful hypnotist.  Don't get Me wrong, physical domination is a realkick--if You'll pardon the pun.  But I have noticed that there are times whenit just simply doesn't give Me all the things I want and need."

Dr. Smythe's face broke into abroad, beaming smile.  "I've been waiting years for You to ask Me that.Of course I will teach You anything You want to learn."

"You know, I really should bemad at You," Anna scolded.

"Why so?" Andrayalexisasked.

"If You had told Me how muchfun and how powerful mesmerism can be, then I would have asked You to instructMe in the mystical arts of hypnotic persuasion a long time ago."

Up, up, and upward in the air wasAnna Conway lifted.  Back and forth, and around and around was her body swungabove the surface of the Earth.  By two large and loving hands was Her physicalself being manipulated.

"You can't do this toMe," She squealed.

Mistress Dr. Andrayalexis Smythemade a sound like a buzzer.  "Oh, I'm so very sorry but that answer isincorrect.  Perhaps You should have used Your last lifeline and phoned afriend."

"I taught You everything Youknow.  And I am Mistress Titanaconda."

"What You are to Me isMistress Infinitesimally infantile garter snake."

"Put Me down.  Put Me downright now, this instant!"  She screeched out Her repeated command in Herattempt to sound as authoritatively as She could muster.

"As You wish.  It is saidthat, "Be careful what you wish, ask, or pray for.  You just may get itand have to live with it."

Mistress Titanaconda's command wasobeyed.  Anna Conway was put down.  She was put down right across the tantalizingand tremendous thighs of Dr. Andrayalexis Smythe.  There is a saying whichstates, "For some people to learn, the board of education must beappropriately applied to the seat of learning."  No instrument orimplement was at hand, which would assist Mistress Dr. Andrayalexis Smythe tocarry out the spirit of this marvelous maxim.  Over the next couple of hours orso, with one huge hand did This Giantess firmly, yet tenderly, hold thesquirming, squealing, diminutive Dominatrix in place.  With Her other handsomehand did Mistress Smythe bewitch, burn, and blister (only figuratively speakingof course) Her Bosom Buddy's beautiful backside.  Before this day, MistressTitanaconda had never been a switch.  Nor had She ever taken upon Herself therole of a submissive of any sort.  During the administration of the firstcorporal correction session in which She was on the receiving end, Anna Conwaywondered if Her Fabulous Friend had any inkling that this was the fantasticfulfillment of one of the Mini Mistress's frequently and fervently fantasizedfantasies?