Frequently asked questions

What is hypnosis?

Briefly, hypnosis is a focused state ofconcentration in which the critical faculty is bypassed so that the subconsciousis more receptive to suggestion. Hypnotism is the study or act of inducing hypnosis.Hypnotherapy is a treatment program using suggestion and reeducation of thoughtbehavior towards the desired outcome of the client.

How does it feel?

As a client's attention would be drawn away from the outside world, relaxation becomesmore prominent. Attention is directed to the inner self whereby guided imagery, creativevisualizations, symbols, metaphors, direct, and indirect suggestion are used inconjunction with the client's stated request and desire for change.  Hypnosis isusually described as an altered state of consciousness, focused attention, deeprelaxation, a peaceful, calming sensation.

Can I be hypnotized?

Anyone who wants to experience hypnosis can be hypnotized. I havefound that some people who have previously been told they couldn't be hypnotized weren'thypnotized simply because they were too curious about the experience to let go &experience it!; Once there initial curiousity has been satisfied, they are then readyto let go & experience deep trance. Hypnosis may be used in manysituations including: decreasing the perception of pain, such as with back pain, burns, orchildbirth, decrease stress and symptoms often associated with stress. The veryfirst session is usually used to see how well a person can accept suggestions. Thetherapist and person then set goals for each session. There are several tests that arecommonly used to see if a person is a good candidate for hypnosis.

Can I control you?

Only if you want to be controlled!  Seriously, no one can make you do in hypnosisanything that you don't want to do.; I get so many questions about how stagehypnotists "get" their volunteers to do those "things".Remember, that's what they wanted to do! Get up there & havefun! Have an excuse to let down their hair and play! It is important towork with a trained hypnotherapist.