A Dance of Enchantment

Synopsis: A man is hypnotized by the ruby in a belly dancer's navel. Standard Disclaimer: Not to be read by anyone under 18 years of age. It is my fantasy and I hope you enjoy it.
(administrata: please note that the phrases "Relax ... and go into deep hypnosis for me" and 'Hypnotic Silken Web' are used with the kind and gracious permission of Soforia the Enchantress. In fact this story is also Reverently, Devotedly and Humbly dedicated to Soforia the Enchantress since the idea for it came from a posting of hers to the HypnoDomme list.)

I was out of town on business and decided to eat at a local Lebanese restaurant one night; especially since I had seen the add for 'Zyphoria The Enchantress'. The picture of her eyes and face were magnificent and the add warned that 'You will be mesmerized by her'. I was somewhat surprised when she came out because she was 40+ years old, but still in excellent shape. Her long, silky, jet black hair cascaded past her shapely, full hips. She picked me out to be the 'Sultan' for her dance and wrapped her perfumed, silk veil around my face. In a very commanding but sultry voice she ordered me to watch her bracelets - they were hypnotic - and then her hands ... her fingers. They were bedecked with huge, glittering rings with many different colored gems in each and her 2" long nails were a brilliant, dark ruby red. They guided my eyes towards her gently undulating navel which had a huge ruby in it. At her suggestions I could not look away from it. After several minutes, she left and danced briefly at the other tables. All I vaguely remembered was her soft, soothing voice telling me to just keep watching the ruby and relax ... relax ... relax.

Knowing how protective and jealous of their women the Lebanese men are I was very pleasantly surprised when a young lady came out, introduced herself as Zerina and said "Zyphoria awaits you. Come!" I couldn't tear my eyes away from watching the provocative, almost hypnotic sway of her full hips, or the hypnotic swinging of her hair. She then imperiously gestured for me to enter Zyphoria's dressing room and followed me in.

No sooner had I entered then Zyphoria commanded me to sit and gestured to a chair in the middle of the room. She leaned over and brushed her lips lightly over mine as she wrapped her perfumed silk veil around my face and neck again; offering me a delightful view of her full breasts. Zerina, stood behind me; her soft, silky, perfumed hair draped over my ears, neck and shoulders; her finger nails lightly tickling my neck thru her hair.

"Watch my hands!" Zyphoria commanded as she stood up. As I obeyed, she purred in a soft, soothing yet sensual voice "As you watch my hands you are becoming very, very relaxed. Just watch my hands and relax ... relax ... relax" several times as she waved her hands back and forth, flashing her rings and finger nails in my eyes as she did so. Finally stopping them on either side of her beautiful, bejeweled navel. She started to gently, suggestively undulate.

"That's it now. Just watch the ruby ... watch the entrancing ruby ... you cannot take your eyes away from the ruby ... just watch the ruby and listen to my voice ... watch the ruby and listen only to my voice. You cannot look away from the ruby! Your eyes are growing heavier and heavier but you cannot look away from my beautiful, entrancing ruby. Watch my ruby and r-e-l-a-x ... watch my ruby and r-e-l-a-x ... r-e-l-a-x ... more and more relaxed ... eyes growing heavier and heavier ... heavier and heavier.

"Just keep watching my ruby and listening to my voice ... eyes growing heavier and heavier ... feel the wonderful relaxation flow through you as you watch my ruby and listen only to my voice. Every word I say relaxes you more and more. Every movement of the ruby relaxes you more and more. Every word that I say relaxes you more and more ... every word I say makes Your body grow heavier and heavier ... heavier and heavier. Every movement Of the ruby makes your eyes grow heavier and heavier ... heavier and heavier ... more and more relaxed".

That wonderful, incredible, irresistible voice then relaxed the different parts of my body (well, all but one!) and Zerina caressed and stroked each place as Zyphoria mentioned it. But I couldn't look away from that fascinating, enchanting bejeweled navel!

"As you watch the ruby, you feel yourself relaxing into hypnosis ... melting into hypnosis .. relaxing and melting ... relaxing and melting. You just want to watch the ruby, relax and go into deep hypnosis for me don't you. That's it ... just watch the ruby ... relax and go into deep hypnosis for me. Deeper ... deeper ... deeper. Soooooo Deeeeeep now.

"You are now in a deep trance. At the count of three you will close your eyes and go even deeper asleep ... even deeper into hypnosis. One ... deeper ... deeper. Two ... deeper and deeper still. One! Close your eyes! Deep Sleep! Deep Sleep!" And she snapped her fingers loudly with each of the 'deep sleep' commands. As much as I wanted to keep looking at her, my eyes slammed shut and I went into deep, deep hypnosis.

She then ordered me to kneel in front of her. "Open your eyes slave but remain deep asleep. Open your eyes but remain in deep trance. Look at my ruby slave! You cannot look away from it!" She stood in front of me, no longer dancing for me. My eyes locked onto her ruby. Zyphoria's fingers gently stroked my temples, thru Zerina's hair, as if pulling me towards her. Zerina was drawing her fingers up from my throat, around my ears and then forward towards my temples also.

"Eyes growing heavier and heavier ... heavier and heavier. You're entire body is sooooo heavyyyyyy ... sooooo reeeellllaaaaxxxeddddd. Surrendering completely to me ... surrendering completely to deep, deep hypnosis. Just keep gazing at my ruby ... relax ... and go into deep hypnosis for me. That's it ... just keep staring at my ruby ... melting deeper and deeper into hypnosis ... relaxing more and more ... going deeper, deeper, deeper into hypnosis. Just relax ... and go into deep hypnosis for me won't you. That's it ... go deeper ... go deeper."

Without realizing it, I had been swaying towards her; subconsciously responding to those erotic strokings. Suddenly my face was in her silk covered woman-hood! As soon as my faced touched the silk, she snapped her fingers loudly and, in a very commanding tone of voice, ordered "Deep Sleep! Deep Sleep!" My eyes again slammed shut as I buried my face in her lush woman-hood and sinking, melting even deeper into her silken, hypnotic web.

"Prostrate yourself before Your Goddess!" she commanded, and I quickly obeyed. She then sat down in a throne-like chair and signaled Zerina to come and sit next to the throne. I didn't catch the verbal or visual trigger, but suddenly Zerina was in a deep trance herself, cuddling against Zyphoria. "Come! Worship my feet slave!" Zyphoria commanded. I gladly crawled over and started to kiss her elegant feet.

She then ordered me to stand-up and 'Freeze!'. She then leaned over and whispered something to Zerina. They both stood up and stripped my clothes off me. They tickled and kissed and carressed me thru and with their soft, silky, sensuous hair while they stripped me. "Did you enjoy that slave?" Zerina asked. "Yes!" I enthusiastically answered.

She then slapped me. "You are ALWAYS to address me as 'Mistress' and Zyphoria as 'Goddess' do you understand slave?" "Yes, Mistress" I correctly replied. "That's better slave" she told me with a light kiss. "Did we give you permission to enjoy being disrobed by us?" "No Mistress" I replied. Zyphoria then said "You must be punished for doing something you were not granted permission to do. Our word is Law slave!" Zerina then ordered me to go over and lie down across Zyphoria's lap. My toes and fingers just touched the floor thrusting my bum into the air. Zerina swirled her across it several times and Zyphoria tickled and caressed it thru the hair. "Nice punishment" I thought. "You will find this very stimulating slave! You will enjoy and desire more and punishment!" Zyphoria told me.

Suddenly Zyphoria's hand whacked my left cheek and then my right one very forcefully. She spent the next 10 minutes or so alternating cheeks and also alternating whacks with tickles and caresses. I found myself getting more and more aroused as she spanked me. I found myself enjoying the spanking more and more the longer it went on. I knew I would need to have my Goddess and my Mistress punish me more often. During all of this, Mistress Zerina kept swinging her hair over my bum.

They then ordered me to kiss their feet and thank them for the spanking.

I knew I was their's forever!!!