Corporate Package


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Corporate Package (part 1)

I knew I had to have him the first time I heard his voice.He had left a message with my answering service requesting an appointment for"relaxation and stress management" and saying he "found my ad veryintriguing".I was a newly trained hypnotherapist and had placed an ad in a hobbyistmagazine targeting those with an interest in remote controlled gliderflying.

There were several reasons for this.The first reason being that I wanted someone who was very analytical andlogical.The second reason was that I had an interest in robotics and control.The third, I wanted a man with an intense imagination.The fourth, well, the fourth was personal, I found flying those planes to besuch an incredible turn on, holding the remote control so tightly in my hands,manipulating the huge plane with just the touch of my thumbs..and of couse, mybody English..I'd be so intently focused on finding just the right lift andeasing plane higher and higher..well, my body would begin gyrating as the planewould begin rising in the spiral of the lift..I could almost see the spiral inmy mind..going around and around and around.. taking the plane to a higher andhigher altitude. You see, I was an enthusiast myself.

Needless to say, I received several hundred calls and was able to beginearning a pretty decent living at this point.My true goal, however, was to find the perfect male slave and I knew this wasthe one I wanted the moment I heard his voice.I was a bit nervous as I returned his call, half hoping he wouldn't be in sothat we could begin that wonderful game known as telephone tag..however..it wasnot to be and, since he had left the number of his direct line with myservice..well , he answered on the second ring...

"Scott Roberts" he said.

"Hello, Mr. Roberts. This is Dr. Stephanie Nelson, of Hypnotherapy Services,returning your call" I said rather breathlessly and somewhat huskily. "You saidyou were very interested in setting an appointment with me and experiencing mystress management relaxation process. I am currently booking appointments nextweek. Is Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon better for you?"

He said. "Thursday afternoon."

I confirmed the time allotment of at least 2 hours for the initial sessionand told him to eat a late lunch so he would be comfortable (& drowsy) whenhe came in to see me.

On Thursday morning, I got up at my normal time. Taking an exceptionally longhot shower and using my new lavender scented shower gel and loofah with smoothand even strokes, I cleansed my body completely.Ahhhhh....the joys of being a woman.Dressing in my favorite silky soft white blouse and SBA suit, that isStandard Business Attire black, I headed down to the office. Today was bookedintentionally light so I would be able to concentrate completely on the upcomingvictim..I mean, client.

Mr. Roberts arrived a few minutes early. As he was filling out the NewClient form, I happened to notice he was single. This was good..for I would havehad to abandon my plans for him had he been married. He was very handsome in arugged yet gentle way, with soft blue eyes, mildly wavy hair and a relaxed easygrin. Physically, he looked very healthy and strong."Mr. Roberts?" I asked.He smiled and stood up. We shook hands. Our blue eyes met and I lookeddirectly into his with intense fascination, focusing all my feminine power intodeeply probing his mind. He was momentarily transfixed. His lips parted slightlyand he hesitated before he replied, "Yes, I am Scott Roberts. Please, call meScott.""I am Dr. Nelson. Right this way, Scott."

He obediently followed me into my office. Good boy, I thought to myself."Would you rather be hypnotized in the recliner or the plaid chair?" I smiledknowingly. "The recliner looks fine." he said.As he sat in the recliner, I told to him to relax for a moment while I lookedover his paperwork.

Unconsciously toying with my pendant, I glanced up at him and realized he hadbeen watching my fingers stroking the crystal dangling loosely on my blouse.He realized I had noticed, blinked a few times and smiled."Seems as though my pendent is catching your eye." I asked."It is very pretty." He replied."Relax, it is not my intent to hypnotize you without your express verbalconsent." I laughed. "You do want to be hypnotized, don't you?", I asked."Yes.""And you want to experience deep relaxation & the stress managementprocess, correct?""Yes.""Good. Also I'd like to suggest that you implement the stress managementprogram for your employees. When you are ready, we will discuss this in moredetail later, but in most cases, it helps build teamwork, boost morale, increaseproductivity & possibly, profits. You'd like increased profits, wouldn'tyou?""Of course, who wouldn't?." He asked.

"Exactly, now as we continue to proceed, I need to make sure I have yourpermission to touch you to deepen the trance..non invasively, of course.""Yes, you have my permission to touch me, non invasively, of course." Hesmiled wrily."Good, you consider yourself a very strong willed individual, don't you?""Yes, I do." He said. His head moving up & down several times."Let's make sure that the strength of your will is working on our behalf.Stand up. Keep your feet together. Arms at your side. Look up at the ceiling.Close your eyes."I stood in front of Scott with my hands on either side of him to catch himwhen he began swaying back & forth.

"Good, now imagine you are standing on a large boat, feeling the warmth ofthe sun on your face, the warmth of the sun on your face and the boat gentlyrocking back and forth, back and forth...the warmth of the sun on your face, theboat gently rocking back and forth,, back and forth..and the more you try andkeep your balance , the harder it is not to allow the swaying of the boat tobegin to relax you. The more you try and keep your balance, the harder it is notto allow the gentle swaying of the boat to begin to relax you.. good...verygood...feels very good to allow the gentle swaying of the boat to relax you,doesn't it.." I said as I watched him sway back & forth."Yes". He said flatly.

"Good, very good, very very good. You are doing great and it feels so goodand the strength of your will is allowing you to continue, as you are continuingto relax, continuing to relax more and more, relaxing more and more, andallowing the strength of your will and me to guide you now, allowing me to guideyou to a very comfortable chair where you can sit down and relax even more.. sitdown and relax even more. You'd like to sit down and relax even more deeply now,wouldn't you, Scott?"Yes."

"Good, sitting down and relaxing even more..sitting down and relaxing evenmore now." I said as I manuevered him gently and easily into the recliner."Relaxing even more now..as even your breathing is relaxing you now....thegentle movement of your chest..relaxing you now...relaxing you more and more.The gentle movement of your chest and your breathing ..together ... relaxing youmore and more.. together....working together to relax you ...working together torelax you as we are working together ... working together as a team... we areworking together as a team..we are a team..working together and relaxing youmore and more...relaxing you more and more..and as you inhale deeply now..andexhale completely and relax..inhale deeply and exhale completely andrelax...relaxing more and more relaxing more and more..in a moment I will snapmy fingers..and whenever I snap my fingers and or say 'Sleep Now'..you willimmediately and completely be deeply hypnotized and go twice as deep as you areright now..twice as deep everytime I touch your shoulder and or say 'Sleep Now'you will immediately and completely be deeply hypnotized ..immediately andcompletely deeply hypnotized..immediately and completely deeplyhypnotized..going twice as deep, twice as easily..and I am going to count to3..and the next time I say 3..you will be mildly aware and open your eyes.1..coming up. 2.....3..open your eyes, mildly aware."

As soon as Scott opened his eyes, I snapped my fingers and said "Sleep Now",applying the same gentle pressure to his shoulder . Immediately his eyes closed,his head rolled to the side.."1.......2.......3." I said. Again, he began toopen his eyes and again I snapped my fingers said "Sleep Now" and again, hiseyes closed and his head fell forward. I repeated the cycle one more time andsaid, "I am going to take you even deeper now and it will feel so good..so goodto go even deeper and you will be so grateful to me..so grateful as you relaxeven deeper..relaxing and gratefully going deeper ..so relaxed ..so gratefulthat I make you feel this way..that I make you feel this way.... feeling sograteful and happy .. happy to .. relax and go into deep hypnosis forme...deeper and deeper .. your mind is so open .. open to my suggestions.. opento my words..as every word is so important now..every word so importantnow...how wonderful it feels to crave my words...how wonderful it feels to obeymy words...crave and obey .. crave and obey.... my words, only my words .. andthe sound of my voice ..so soothing so relaxing..so soothing .. so relaxing andhow wonderful it feels to hear my voice..how wonderful it feels to obey my voice.. hear my voice .. obey my voice..hear and obey..hear and obey .. hear andobey.. my voice ..only my voice makes you feel this good, doesn't it.""Yes, feels so good ... hear and obey." he mumbled.

"Good, Scott..very good..and you know how all my ideas are such good ideas,all my ideas are such good ideas.and you like my ideas...it will seem as thoughyou have thought of them yourself..seems as though my ideas are your ideas..myideas are your ideas..and tomorrow..I will call you with a wonderful idea..you'dlike that wouldn't you?""Yes, like your ideas."

Good, you are doing so well at relaxing, Scott. Whenever you hear me say, 'Ihave an idea' ..your mind will return to this state even if your eyes are open..your subconscious mind will absorb my ideas and make them your own, won'tit?" "Make them my own."

"Good, Scott..In a moment, I am going to help you stand up and I when I do Iwant to again imagine yourself on the boat, gently rocking..going back to thebeginning of the session..your conscious mind forgetting all thesesuggestions..as it will seem as no time as passed whatsoever..nod your head ifyou understand." He nodded.

"After you have been hypnotized by me you will be more efficient andproductive and motivated ... attributing your increased efficiency,productivity, and motivation to our session. You will want to continue to havemore sessions as all my ideas are good ideas and my ideas are your ideas, aren'tthey?"
"Yes, your ideas are my ideas."

"Good, ok Scott..let me help you stand up and imagining you are standing onthe boat, the boat gently swaying back and forth ..back and forth""Back and forth." he said as he swayed back and forth.

"I am going to count up to 5, Scott..at 5 you will be wide awake, feelingwonderful. 1..coming up..eyes and mind clearing....2 coming up body mind andeyes clearing..coming up 3..more and more aware ..4 mind & body reintegratedinto the whole...eyes clear..5 wide awake."

He opened his eyes, smiled and looked at me. "When can we start?""We are all finished for today, Scott." I said as I pointed to the clock."Wow!" he said. I cannot believe 2 hours has gone by..it seems like just afew minutes."

"How do you feel?" I asked. "Wonderful! Really motivated! Thank you so much. I definitely want tocontinue to have more sessions. Call me tomorrow, I think I want to implementthis program for the whole company"

"Terrific, let me give you a packet of information regarding my completecorporate program which encompasses not only relaxation, but other areas of selfimprovement for your employees including cooperative team building techniques.Sound good?"

"Sounds great. Thanks again. Call me tomorrow.""I will." I said. You can be certain of it, I thought.

Corporate Package (part 2)

Dr Stephanie Nelson smiled as her latest patient, Mr Scott Roberts, left heroffice. She smiled a sexy woman's all-knowing smile before smoothing down thelines of her silky white blouse and shooting an admiring look at herself in theoffice mirror. Even in her very professional looking black suit,her form wasclearly very feminine and alluring, and that made the pretty woman smile onlythat much more provocatively. The somewhat "male"cut and design of her suit onlybelied the beautiful female creature it barely concealed, particularly when thejuxtaposition of the conservative suit and her soft curves gave rise to asilhouette that would make any man's heart pound twice it's normal rate! Itwould have done that to Mr Roberts, had Dr Nelson's soothing hypnotic inductionand subsequent hypnotherapy session for the past two hours not relaxed him sodeeply as it did. Not that Scott hadn't noticed Stephanie, as a woman: he did,but he was above succumbing to her charms so easily. Scott Roberts was a drivenman, which is why he had become a patient of Stephanie's to begin with. He wasdriven by two things, essentially: his love of his business and by the masculinepassions he engaged in during his personal time, such as the remote controlledgliders he loved to fly (and in who's hobbyist magazine he had spotted DrNelson's ad in the firstplace).

Scott had trained himself to enjoy his time alone and without much company,and he was especially avoiding the company of women. It wasn't that Scott didn'tlike women: he did. Very much. It was just that he had found they were such anexpense to his personal bottom line. In HIS book, women were a high maintenanceitem which required far more expense, time and (especially) emotional investmentthat he just didn't want to give. Not anymore. Not since he broke up with hislast real love, anyway. Even though it had been several years, Scott stillremembered the pain of that breakup, the shock of suddenly being alone and offeeling unloved, betrayed and abandoned. There were many months Scott spent in ablack Hell of working until all hours as he attempted to run from the cripplinganxiety over his loss, and then only to be followed by days at a time of justlying in bed and staring at the ceiling from the deep abyss of his emotionaldespair. Many sleepless nights had been spent wondering why he bothered tocontinue to even live.

He wondered how on earth he would ever be able to get up out of bed to go towork again. It had been hard, and that long depression which followed the lossof a woman he had loved as deeply as he loved life itself had only served tocauterize the wound and further crystallize his leanings to be a lone wolf forthe remainder of his life. That was, of course, his plan up until now. Until heran up against a crystal of another kind - one belonging to and dangling fromthe slender,white, and lavender perfumed neck of Dr Stephanie Nelson!

It was on that warm, sunny Thursday afternoon in the L.A. area, as Dr Nelsonwas preparing to call it a night, checking her appearance(as women so often do)in the mirror, that Scott was having a vision of his own as he drove home. Hejust couldn't shake how spooky and unnerving it was to have those two hoursglide by as stealthily as they had while he was in session with Dr Nelson. Whycouldn't he recall more details of what had transpired? Why nothing... besidesthat faux "boat trip" she had sent him on? He knew he couldn't have beenstanding there,just swaying, for two hours! What had she done, merely put him tosleep? Had he napped for those lost hours, and THAT was the reason why he nowfelt so good, so rested, and now so ready to take on the world? He did feelgood, but it irked him that yet ANOTHER woman might be getting the better of himwith her femininity, with one of her schemes, and a business scheme, no less! Nowoman was EVER going to take him in business in the way he felt they had in hispersonal life.

Yes, that was it, Scott decided with his usual masculine resolve (and histypical two pounds of energy for a one ounce current event).Yet anothermanipulative woman had tricked him and was going to take advantage of him. Well,not this time! Scott had figured outher game despite her clever use of smoke andmirrors, and was going to put a stop to it , even if her treatments DID seemlike a good idea. ALL Stephanie's ideas sounded like good ideas to Scott, sincehis session with her, but his pig headed maleness and survival instincts had nowkicked in, and he just didn't give a damn! It was just another round in thebattle of the sexes Scott could just not stop fighting in his mind, and so heoverrode his own self (and his new ypnotically installed beliefs) and decided tocancel any future sessions with that blue-eyed whispering witch, Dr StephanieNelson, and that was that!

Stephanie had just gotten to her last appointment that very next day, Friday,and was alone in the office after sending her secretary home early to start theweekend. She was a little sad that she hadn't been able to talk to that handsomeMr Roberts all day, like she had expected to; especially since hypnotizing himto WANT to speak with her as she had done! He had asked her to call him, and shehad - three times -but she could never get his secretary to pass the call on tohim, with her saying he was "busy" and/or otherwise tied up at the moment.. Thissuggested some kind of complicity on Scott's part, and Stephanie was upset andconcerned. She very much wanted this man, this VERY man, for her own purposes."I must be losing my touch..." thought the devastatingly effective and highlyskilled hypnotherapist, as she began touching up her mascara in the mirror inpreparation for leaving her office. She was daintily flicking the little mascarawand through her long lashes when she saw a man's form enter through the openoffice door. She observed, without being obvious by turning her head, that itwas a man in a nice business suit, and that he had paused when he saw her. Sheused her acutely accurate feminine intuition to ascertain that she was safe,judging by his movements and gait as he paused and then approached her.

Stephanie's heart skipped a beat when she picked up the subtle scent of hiscologne as he stopped near her, but still politely outside of her personalspace. He was clearly a gentleman, and his focus was definitely on her. Sherecognized the scent as the very scent Scott Roberts had been wearing the daybefore, and she instinctively knew it was him. Her heart actually fluttered asshe realized he might have one foot out the door, but he had one foot IN thedoor and his eyes were on her -and that was all she needed!

"Why, Mr Roberts, THERE you are!" said a cheerful sounding Stephanie, despitethe circumstances. "I have been trying to reach you all day. We were going totalk, do you remember?". Scott answered solemnly "Yes... well, that is why I amhere, Dr Nelson. I've been thinking, and I think that we should forget aboutyour plan for me, and my employees. For now, anyway. I would like to give this alittle more thought before I proceed." Scott and Stephanie both knew Scott hadlied just to terminate their relationship easily. It wasn't really easy for him,because Stephanie's idea sounded good. All her ideas sounded good. Very good.Almost as if they were his, as her only previous shot at hypnoticallyconditioning him had programmed him to feel. As Stephanie had observed already:Scott had a strong will and a hard head,and it was obvious he was summoning allof that up now to say goodbye to the beautiful hypnotist who was seductivelyprimping in front of the mirror before him. Stephanie knew she had to act fastand right now. Again, she trusted her feminine instincts to know just what to doto entrance him.

"Scott...I mean, Mr Roberts...I understand. I really do, and I am glad yousaw fit to stop by personally and tell me so. Thank you. You are a gentleman.".Stephanie sounded warm, genuine and sympathetic - as she "accidentally" used hisfirst name to make him feel comfortable and personally close with her - thendeliberately correcting herself by calling him "Mr" just to make him feel thathe was in control in a simple business environment. That he was "safe".

Stephanie could tell her ploy to make him feel at ease had worked, judging byhis smug "I am the boss" smile. "Men could be such spoiled little boys, neverknowing what was really good for them" she thought to herself. Stephanie knewwhat was good for THIS spoiled little boy, and for HER as well,and providingthat was well within her abilities. She knew his heart had been injured by somebad romances, and that he really needed a woman like her to "come back" intotrue availabilty. Her plans also included REMOVING him from availability at thesame time as she enabled it. That was because Stephanie was going to savehim...for herself!

Scott was taken aback by how well she took this bit of bad news. There was nocross examination, no whining or heavy handed reasoning, no defensiveness or,worse; offensive reaction at his reversal of plans. This made him feel good, ashe had a feeling he was trying hard to quash: that he really liked this woman.Liked her a lot, but more than that. Much more than that, or anything he hadever felt before. It was almost as if she spoke to his soul, as if she werealready "inside" him- which was much more than just having someone turn yourhead or catch your eye. He was used to that, and could deal with that by neverletting a woman actually "in", but this was, well; different. Scott had had thestrangest feeling about her ever since the session he had the day before whenshe had "tried" to hypnotize him. Poor girl: she had failed (in his mind,anyway). He was certain now that she had just left him to sleep for the session,or some such voodoo, and that he just couldn't quite recall lying down earlier,or standing back up at the session's conclusion. "Hey: sleep is like that, isn'tit?" Scott thought. Scott also knew he didn't want to hurt or offend Dr Nelsonin any way,but he wasn't comfortable with the warm feelings, the deeply personalfeelings he had for her, and he merely wanted an easy note to exit on. That timewas now at hand, and he began to say goodbye. "Well, then..thank you and havegood evening and good luck in your prac...".

Scott's voice trailed off as he saw Stephanie had taken out her compact andturned toward him so as to continue what she was doing while she continued toaddress him. "Well, no harm in listening to her closing words - so long as shewas so determined to say them -and still touching up that lovely face" thoughtScott. That was a big mistake. As big a mistake as a man Stephanie wanted,allowing himself to be alone with her and thinking that she could not, or wouldnot enter his mind and sway him to her will as easily as she was able to make aman stare fixedly at her gently swaying buttocks as she departed a room, withher usual attention riviting flourish of silk as she trailed sweet perfume inher wake. "Men were so...easy!" thought Stephanie, as she prepared to begin herhypnotic induction.

"I am so sorry, Mr Roberts, but it has been a long and trying day, and withmore than a few set backs like this one, and somehow I always feel so muchbetter after I have touched up my makeup... can you understand?". Without pause,the cunning woman answered her own question: "Why of course you can't: you are aman!" she said, not giving the "No..." he was forming with his lips time toescape his mouth. She continued before he could change the subject to somethingless dangerous for him, since this was beginning to become a little too excitingfor the smittenman, and she was becoming a little too attractive to him now forhim to be really comfortable with her. Too late, though: she had his fullattention now, and despite his growing nervousness at how this woman wasbeginning to toy with his sexual buttons, Scott continued to listen toStephanie, his blue eyes locked onto her mesmerizing ones as she prepared forhis surreptitious induction as she would place him into a deep hypnotictrance.

"Well Scott, it is like this: I make a living relaxing people, basically. Imean really: I relax them very very deeply: sortof a guided, controlledrelaxation. Well, you know, don't you? Anyway, this is how I give myself some ofthe same sort of relaxation I give them. This is the same sort of relaxation,for me, that I gave you. The same, it really is the same." Scott wondered whythe repetition. "OK, already: this is the same as being hypnotized, for a woman.The same as being hypnotized." thought Scott. Stephanie continued: "Sure, I loveto make myself look nicer, yes. Pretty. Even sexy - but what I really love isthe gentleness and the soft moments of personal love and attention my putting onmy makeup affords me. You saw me flicking my lashes with the mascara wand whenyou came in. Well, the truth is: I just love really "giving into" it, as itwere, giving in to the feeling. The gentle feeling. The soothing feeling. Justletting go and feeling like a woman and nothing else as I paint away...paintingmyself to distraction, to total oblivion sometimes!". Stephanie let out amusical little laugh that sounded as though it jingled and said "You arealright, you are safe here with me: there is nothing wrong. Nothing you shouldfear. Nothing." The pretty woman continued: Why, maybe a man CAN understand,because I sometimes see it in their eyes when they watch me making up. I seethem look dreamy, distracted, as if watching me sooth myself somehow soothesthem too. YOU look dreamy, Scott, somewhat distracted:maybe you DO understand!Would you mind if I test this theory of mine alittle, before you leave?"

Scott was already feeling fuzzy headed. Stephanie's voice had taken on such asweet, gentle, hypnotic quality that he had lost his train of thought,momentarily. His sex now actually had throbbed in the tight confines of hisslacks as he thought ofthe thrill of this pretty, sexy woman WANTING him towatch her apply her makeup! He hit the makeup fetish/voyeur's JACKPOT, hethought as he mumbled "Um..yeah, sure..ok, I guess.." to her question."Good..good, Ireally appreciate this, Mr Roberts", said Stephanie as she jumpedfor joy in her head. "This is how it goes, then..."

"What I was doing when you came in is a good exercise for a woman, for me, inrelaxation, in letting just letting go, Mr Roberts. I start by letting my headdrop back like this", she said as she cocked her head back slightly, and lettingmy lips part as they would if I were already really relaxed and maybe even readyto drop off to sleep." Stephanie now parted her lips and let her eyes goslightly out of focus as she gazed into the compact as if she were in a lighttrance. With her tiny, sexy little mascara wand at the ready in her long,slender fingers which were tipped with femininely manicured and painted rednails, Stephanie was impossible a sight for a man NOT to keep his eyes lockedon.." Scott was already hanging on Dr Nelson's every word at this point, and sheknew it.

Inside, she let out an excited "YES!" as she observed the early stages ofhypnotic fascination in her hypnotic subject-prey. Oh, how she loved using herdramatic femininity, her voice and charms to overcome men and take them deepinto hypnosis - and how much sweeter it was when it was done surreptitiously! Itfelt so feminine, so seductive, so wicked and naughty to her! "Scott, I justlove the feeling of the little brush, combing through my lashes and leaving thesoft cool mascara behind in it's wake with each stroke. Long, smooth, gentlestrokes...so gentle, so smooth. Every stroke: cool, soft, gentle. Each and everyfeathery stroke is so cool, so soft, so gentle. So soft, Scott. So very gentle.The mascara feels so cool on my lashes as it dries, like a cool breeze washingover me...Cool breeze: pleasant, refreshing, comforting...washing over me. Andas my lashes dry for me, and as they do what I want them to do for me, as theyrespond to me; I just drift, in my mind. Nowhere to go,nowhere to be. Nothing toworry about or think about. Not a care in the world as I drift, as I just driftand relax. Relax and drift. Drift and relax. Nothing to do but let my mind goblank, totally blank. Just let my mind...go. Blank. Blank. Totally blank as Iwait for the next stroke of the wand. I can't wait until the next stroke of thewand. My mascara wand, taking me deeper. Deeper to where I want to go. Intopeaceful relaxation. Total relaxation. peace and relaxation. With the nextstroke of the wand. The next wonderful stroke of thewand...waiting".

With that, Stephanie plunged the little wand back into the tube ofman-ensnaring cosmetic and worked it in and out, loading it up with what was nowher very FAVORITE beauty essential in the world! Returning it to her eyes as shecontinued speaking, she actually painted her lashes before the stunned and nowtotally silent man, now using HIS EYES AS HER MIRROR! He wasfascinated...fascinated... and totally lost in her makeup ritual, now. His mindwas blank, and Stephanie now had him in her world: the world of deep, highlysuggestible hypnosis. "..and as I wait for my coat of mascara to dry for me..."Stephanie continued, "...to CRYS-talize for me. As I just wait to feel the coolagain, for me...the soft again for me... the gentle, for me, for I, Scott, amgentle. I am now so soft, so gentle. I am soothing, now, as my makeup works itsmagic on me...on YOU! Yes, that's it, my sweet man, so kind to watch me, humorme as I apply my makeup for you in this experiment, to see if it relaxes a manas much as it relaxes a woman. And as I wait, so softly for the cool, thegentle... I want to take my lashes, my eyes deeper. Deeper. Always deeper. Iwant them deeper for me, to go deep for me. Go deep for me, very deep for me.Crystallizing on my lashes, tiny black crystals that catch the light like mycrystal pendant does, making my lashes irresistible and impossible to look awayfrom. Making my eyes impossible for a man's eyes to resist. My eyes areimpossible for a man's eyes to resist. My eyes are impossible for you to resist,now, aren't they, Mr Roberts?"

Scott answered with a flat "Yes...impossible to resist...".


Falling ever deeper into the soft black I love so much on my eyes. Soft blacklashes, black and deep, soft and deep with my mascara. Framing my eyes, mylovely blue eyes..." she continued, her gaze now directly into Scott's eyes asshe worked her magic and her magic wand over her lush lashes Her voice was nowtaking on a coaxing and slightly commanding tone as it left the "little girlgiving a makeup lesson" voice behind. Scott's eyes were now glassy, his lipswere slightly parted, and he looked as if he were day dreaming. Unfortunatelyfor Scott: he chose to day dream right into the beautiful blue eyes of a verygifted and attractive female hypnotist - one who just happened to have designson him!

It was time, now, to take herself down with Scott... down into trance;gentle, slow, and together they would sink into a deep hypnotic sleep. He wouldnever even know he was descending because his frame of reference, Dr Nelson, wasright there with him. There was no way to gauge that he was falling, not whilethey were in simpatico like this. It was really alright to just let go andcontinueon...down...down...down with her, wherever she was going. Scott's nowvery glassy eyes were locked onto the pretty painted eyes of the femalehypnotist who was staring deeply now into his, her beautiful woman's eyessparkled with sexual excitement as Stephanie did what Stephanie was born to do:hypnotize a man. She was now going on auto-pilot, allowing her mind to directlylink with his as she used her own self entrancement to make her induction 10times more effective, automatically adjusting to her partner, locking on to hisneeds and vulnerabilities, and taking him deep down into total entrancement withher still at the helm. Stephanie careful replaced her mascara wand in it'slittle container, but not before giving it a playful little kiss of appreciationfor the magic it had worked on her new little boy-toy, then putting it back into her cosmetics clutch. Next, the beautiful woman with the sexy eyes put herfinger tips on either of Scott's temples and began to massage them in light,gentle, slow little circles as she spoke, continuing her powerful induction intodeep hypnosis on him.

"Scott, keep looking into my eyes. I want to show you something. In my eyes.It is a secret women have, a makeup secret that they hide deep within theireyes. Do you see my pupils? Well, look inside them. Deep inside my pupils, mydark, dark pupils. You can see a little flicker of light, yes? A little flickerof light on my pupils. A little flicker of light trying to keep you from knowingthe secret. The secret. The little light wants to keep you from knowing thesecret. The secret. A woman's secret. It is how she chooses her mascara, herpretty eye makeup: to match the black of her pupils, exactly; to show off hersecret, but only as a secret. I want you to be the man to see my secret, but thelight won't let a man in to see. A man isn't supposed to be able to see. Not beable to see inside a woman's eyes, but I want you to come in. Into my eyes. Comedeeply into my eyes. Deeply into my eyes. Deeper. Deeper, can you see? So black,so deep... Can you see inside the black in my eyes, or does the flicker of lightkeep you out? You want to come in, into my eyes. You want to know my secret, awoman's secret, don't you my darling pet?

Keep staring deep, deeper.... as deeply as you can. Let the light sparkle and dance on my eyes: don't fight it.It is keeping you from seeing the secret in my eyes, my darling. Yes,my darling:I want you to come into my eyes, deep into my eyes. Inside my eyes. Lets worktogether, you and I, to get you into my eyes. Lets work together to make thelight dancing on my eyes work for you! For US. Let it hypnotize you, deeply,just as you were with me yesterday. Let it hypnotize you so deeply so that youcan fool it and come into my eyes. You must go very very deeply into hypnosis tofool the light,to fool the light dancing on my pretty painted eyes and to enterinto the black; to come into my eyes and see my secret for you revealed. I canhelp you go under deeper, as deep as you have to go. So deep. So peaceful. Sowonderful to be hypnotized as you look into a woman's eyes,isn't it?

Now, get ready: I am going to bring you into deep hypnosis and into my eyes. I want youto go into deep hypnosis for me, my love. Deep hypnosis for me. I am going totouch you, my sweet: and you will immediately go into deep hypnosis for me. Iwant you to go into deep hypnosis for me so that I can share with you my secret.Just keep looking at the little glints of sparkling lights in my eyes, mypretty, pretty eyes..." Stephanie paused for a moment. She traced her fingertips up and down Scott's strong, and now completely immobilized arms. Up anddown, gently, tracing her painted nails along his arms and stimulating thenerves therein to send him that much deeper into relaxation, into hypnoticsleep, and into total compliance to her and her suggestions to him. This went onfor only a few moments as she surveyed the damage her siren's voice andexquisitely feminine make up ritual had had on him.

Only a few moments, so that she could gaze upon her prey and gloat for joy athis total helplessness as he teetered on the brink of going into deep hypnosisfor her, her silken touch driving him down deeper,even without a word beingissued from her painted lips. Stephanie's prettily lipsticked lips broke into asweet smile as she gazed at the entranced man before her who had just enteredher office with such a hostile intent toward her and for her practise. Well,THAT had changed, and now it was time for him to begin his real hypnotictraining in earnest, and to see for himself just exactly what "smoke andmirrors" can do to a man's mind, his life, when they are wielded by a beautifulhypnotist - that is IF he could REMEMBER any of it! Stephanie smiled at thatthought.

He was going to be her pet, her lover, her boyfriend, her client, hersubject, her slave AND her hypnotic experiment all in one! He was going tobecome addicted to her, but not just to her: to being hypnotized by her, and tobeing hypnotized to be used by her! He was going to be a sexy project that herscientific, curious mind craved as much as her sensual mind craved. She wonderedwhat happens if you take a man and hypnotize him deeply, over and over, day inand day out, every single day? What if much of it was without his knowledge,even? What if much of it were suggested to be forgotten: all his doings for herlost in sweet hypnotic amnesia?

What if he objected to something, and weremerely hypnotized by her to forget or to not mind (what ever)? What if he wereto become addicted to her lavender scented perfume and how she looked in herlovely cosmetics so much that he would even regularly go cosmetics and perfumeshopping for her? Maybe lingerie and shoes too! What if Dr Stephanie Nelson'sbrain child, her hypno-spiral pager she had designed, worked? She could use itto remote control summon, fascinate, and entrance a subject, a SLAVE, all inone!!! All these thoughts raced through Stephanie's keen mind as she tappedScott on the shoulder and said "Sleep now!", using the trigger she had installedin his mind the day before.

For Scott; this was the last thing he would know until Stephanie decidedotherwise, if she ever would. He instantly fell into a deep trance, one thatStephanie would continue deepening over the next couple hours as she conditionedhim further and installed her other triggers deep in his mesmerized mind. Butfirst, she had to lock the door: she did not want to be disturbed, and it wasgoing to be a long night!

Corporate Package (part 3)

Stephanie locked the office door, feeling the most wickedly sexy she ever hadin her life! This handsome man, who had just come to her office to tell her hewas going to discontinue her services, was now deeply hypnotized by her skillfulhand. More than skillful, she was positively artful in the way that she used hersensual cosmetics wizardry and feminine charm to sweep this man off his feet andplunge him headlong into a hypnotic trance before he had any inkling as to whatwas happening to him! She now led her nicely entranced client by the handthrough her front office and into her own private hypnosis chambers. She guidedhim into the center of the room, still holding his strong masculine hand withher dainty one. Stephanie felt as if she were a beautiful witch, returning hometo her lair with spellbound prey in hand and ready to work her magic on him toher heart's content.

Stephanie's luxurious hypnosis suite was really very much a home to her inmany ways. This was because Doctor Nelson loved her work with a passion few inher field would ever know. Hypnosis was like a religion to the pretty Doctor,and she studied it with a passion; practicing what she learned until shemastered it, and not being afraid to try new things - even methods that hadpreviously been discarded by her profession as unworkable. This was preciselythe reason she had chosen Scott. He was culled from her ad in the glider planehobbyist magazine purely because this meant that he was very much into being incontrol of things. He was intelligent. He was analytically minded. That lastpoint usually served as a clear warning signal to savvy hypnotists, because ittended to make for difficult subjects. Persons who would think too much duringthe induction about what was happening, and keep themselves distracted from theinduction in an intellectual analysis of what was going on, rather than justgiving in and allowing the hypnotist to guide them into trance.

Stephanie WANTED a resistant man for her own personal experiment just BECAUSEhe would be a challenge as a tough subject - a subject she was determined tomake surrender to her hypnotic control. Her instincts were right on, asusual.

Nearly from the moment she heard him on the telephone the first time, she wascertain she sensed that particularly aloof response to her ultra feminine voicethat men give when they are on guard with women. She knew, deep down, that Scottwas one of three things. He was either a: 1) perennial bachelor, or 2) a "womanhater" of sorts ( as men TRY to be, but can't, and NEVER with Stephanie!), or 3)a man who had just been burned by a woman and was now "girl shy", consequentlynot currently very receptive to a woman's charms. "Good! A challenge!" wasStephanie's first thought, as her hunch was confirmed during Scott's "NewPatient Form" information evaluation by her. And so, here he was: "Mr Self MadeMan". Mr "I Don't Need Women In My Life". Mr "You Can't Hypnotize Me!". Mr "IDon't Need You". Hypnotized. Deeply. Alone with her in her hypno-office. It wassuch a delightfully heady moment for the pretty young hypnotherapist!

Stephanie left Scott momentarily alone in the center of the room as shewalked to her desk and set the telephone answering machine to "instant pickup".She also paused to remove a small perfume flacon from her tightly packed littlepouch of cosmetic essentials she always carried in the purse she had slung overher shoulder. She smiled somewhat sexily while looking at Scott as she sprayedboth her wrists with the intoxicating lavender scented fragrance and rubbed themtogether. A small *Pssst!* at the nape of her neck came next. She took her purseoff her shoulder and set it on the desk, pausing as she looked into it. With asly but friendly smile that was her trademark, she removed a pager device andthe dainty looking cosmetics clutch she had just put her perfume flacon in.Stephanie's blue eyes now looked rather predatory as she strode back to herprey, carrying the articles from her hand bag, her eyes fixed on his the wholeway. As she approached her latest client, Stephanie began softly murmuring hersweet siren's hypnotic seduction to him.

"Yes...yes...that's it: so peaceful now. So peaceful here. So safe with me.Safe in my beautiful, peaceful hypnotic office," The female hypnotist with theflashing blue eyes walked to the center of the room, her high heels softlyresounding on the carpet, retrieving her prey and guiding him to the sofa whereshe could best work on him. She wanted to be able to sit very near to him inorder to be able to touch him and have him see her face and, especially: hereyes, up close and clearly during her hypnotic programming of him. She placedhim in the sofa right next to the recliner where she had deeply entranced himjust a day earlier, before continuing to anchor his hypnotic state with hermagically feminine voice. "Yes, Mr Roberts.. Yes. You are fine now. Very relaxedand comfortable. So happy to be with me, so happy to be alone with me. So muchalone WITHOUT me. You long for my voice, my words, my instructions. They makeyou happy: happier than you ever remember having been. So happy now. So happynow... So very happy just to hear my voice, my words, and my instructions. Canyou feel it, my dear man? Can you feel being so happy to go into deeep hypnosisfor me?"

Scott was so deeply entranced that her words were the only thing between himand total unconsciousness. "Yesss.." he said, trailing off.

"You...make me soooo happy, so very happy. Your voice, it..", but Stephanieinterrupted her subject with a reassuring "Yes, happy my sweet man, as youcontinue to go into deeep hypnosis for me...". Her pretty powdered face was nowmere inches from his, and she was barely able to restrain her smile at the greatjoy she felt in capturing this masculine specimen as decisively as she justdone. She now bored deeply into his male psyche with those gorgeous hypnoticblue eyes which had hypnotized many a man before today, looking deeply intoScott's soul. Stephanie enjoyed the moment, feasting on this man with herwomanly gaze in much the same way she had when she first greeted him in heroffice the day before, only much harder now, now that he was fully under herspell. Stephanie's gaze was so powerfully intense that it actually bombardedScott's mind with a sweet almost pain-like sensation as it pierced hisconscious, then his subconscious, and then finally delving into his very soul!The aggressive young woman mercilessly continued taking him deeper, and deeperstill, into her tender hypnotic spell of submission.

"Yes...yes... You understand PERFECTLY! I am so proud of you! So very proud!You are doing wonderful, simply wonderful! Now Scott," said the now somewhataroused Doctor Nelson, "I noticed you were...staring at me when you came into myoffice today, just now. Why was that? Tell me why you stopped short andjust...stared at me." Scott immediately began to breath a little harder, andmoved slightly. She had hit a nerve, a block, and he was frightened. She knewshe had to be careful now, and anchor her prey's trance firmer. immediately.

Reacting quickly, the skilled hypnotherapist's fingers reached for Scott's face,trailing her cool painted nails backwards over his cheeks towards his temples sothat the cool smoothness of her immaculately polished red fingernails wouldsooth and relax him immediately. "Shhhh, my darling man, shhh....its ok to tellme. You WANT to tell me. You know I can help you. You know that I will continueto TALK to you, and you want that very much, don't you? I WANT to know why youwere looking at me, and you WANT to tell me why too, now don't you?" cooedStephanie as she looked deep into his eyes while sitting heartbreakingly closeto him. "Yes...yes...Dr. I.." stuttered Scott, but Stephanie stopped herentranced subject in mid sentence as she began to run little circles around histemples with her long, slender fingers, driving him yet deeper into hypnosis asit relaxed him more. "All your thoughts are vanishing, my darling man. All yourthoughts are gone. Gone. Gone now. All you hear is my voice. My voice has BECOMEyour thoughts, and you have nothing to fear from me. Nothing.

Am I not just a beautiful, intelligent woman, while you are such a big strongman? How could you possible fear me? It is so safe, so peaceful here, and youfeel so good when you obey me..please me, and do as I say, now don't you?" AsScott answered a weak "Yes." Stephanie began to work both his earlobes betweenher thumbs and forefingers, gently kneading them and sending powerfullyrelaxing, sleep inducing impulses directly into his brain via the nerve bundlesresiding there. Scott's breathing was back to normal: even slower and deeperthan before, and his face was now calm. Her lavender perfumed wrists were byeither side of his face, so that her intoxicating scent filled his head as hedrifted away on her sweet voice once again, this time never to return.

She had him, and she knew it. Stephanie even knew her perfume was now beingdeeply associated with her hypnotic hold over him permanently in his mind. Thatwas precisely the reason she had reapplied her spellbinding fragrance justmoments before: just to make her personal hold over him that much greater andthat much more sexual in nature. He would now tell Stephanie everything andanything she wanted to know to facilitate her enslavement of him. She knew whatquestions to ask and how to ask them, that much was certain. This was herspecialty, and ask away she did.

Before Stephanie was through with her expertinterrogation of her newest client, he had told her all about watching herearlier while she had been applying her makeup, and why he had. How it hadalways turned Scott on to see a woman paint her beautiful face with her socarefully chosen and ever-so pretty cosmetics that women use to look so lovely,and use to attract men to them. She even learned what qualities it was that helooked for in women he was most likely to fall for, not that what he wanted nowand before today would much matter anymore. Not since he was being prepared tobe thoroughly conditioned via hypnosis, anyway! Stephanie's own special brand ofhypnosis, so powerful that it could amount to a near total brainwashing of hismind. Doctor Nelson was going to decide what qualities Mr Roberts would look forfrom now on in a woman: the qualities SHE would teach him were important tohim!

Stephanie was having a hard time catching her breath: this was EXACTLY whatshe had been looking for! She couldn't believe her good luck. Her instincts hadbeen right on, as usual, and her first prospect turned out to be "just what theDoctor ordered"! Now it was time to get to work. Stephanie reached into hercosmetics clutch and removed a very small, square tubed lipstick. It had a shinysilver case and a cute little red heart on the end of the cap. The name of thelip color was "Pyro", by Hard Candy, and it was one cute little man-stopper inStephanie's book. As a matter of fact: it was her very favorite lipstick forseduction, when she was in an "evil seductress" sort of mood!

"Scott, darling, I want you to watch this." said the jubilant brunette hairedhypnotist. Stephanie waved the exquisitely feminine looking lipstick capsulebefore his eyes. "It's a lipstick: MY lipstick! My prettiest RED lipstick! Howlovely it is, isn't it?" Once Scott's eyes were locked on the tip of Stephanie'sdeadliest cosmetic, she began her final phase of this particular hypnoticinduction. Hypnosis by cosmetics: a new one, even for Stephanie, who had triedthem al! "Now, Scott; I want you to watch what I am going to do now. I am goingto apply my lipstick to my lips. I am going to apply my red, red lipstick to mylips." she repeated (as she did with most hypnotic commands for their maximumeffect on her subjects).

"As you watch the lipstick, my deep red lipstick, glideover my mouth, making my lips deeper and deeper red, I want you to go that muchdeeper and deeper into hypnosis for me. Deeper and deeper into hypnosis for me,as my lips grow redder and redder: do you understand?" Scott gave a weak"Yes..." as his glassy eyes moved from Stephanie's perfectly made up blazingblue ones and trailed slowly on down her prettily made up face until they werelocked on her already red stained lips. Stephanie slowly began to paint hermouth with her Pyro Red lipstick as she gazed into Scott's glassy eyes, onceagain using them as if they were a little compact mirror. That point was notlost on the provocatively smiling witch, as she thought how lovely it was toconvert a man into being one of her very own little makeup accessories, holdingmirrors (or serving as one), and otherwise being ever so obedient to hercosmetic application needs!

Stephanie actually looked much less excited than she really was at thismoment, as she began slowly dragging the deliciously perfumed red head of thebeautifully erotic lipstick across her lush mouth. Her heart was now poundinghalf out of her chest, actually making area between her breasts of the whitesilk blouse she was wearing slightly bounce to her heart's adrenaline enhancedbeat, as if blowing in a gentle breeze. She was positively ecstatic at howScott's hypnotic programming was going on only the second session he hadundergone with her so far. It was a true testimonial to her abilities as ahypnotherapist, as well as to her charm and cunning as a woman. It was time tofinish this hunk of a man off.

He was HER man now, and it was time to close the deal.Stephanie knew she better do it before her predatory instincts got thebest of her and she ravished him right then and there. There would be time forthat later. One day. Maybe. What was important to the Doctor now, was her"experiment". She needed to get her subject conditioned to have her at the verycenter of his little universe. Starting with the center of her upper lip,Stephanie's fingers arched up and out to the left corner of her sensuous mouthwith the little silver tube, immediately and perfectly filling in her lip linewith the rich red color.

She then repeated the same mesmerizing motion of herhand with the right side of her mouth, immediately filling in her lip entirelywith the creamy red color. Very much like her varied style of hypnoticinduction, she continued to alternate movements: painting the left side, thenthe right side of her pretty mouth; back and forth, back and forth, all thewhile Scott continued his descent into the loving arms of Stephanie's wickedlyirresistible hypnotic spell. It wasn't until she had done this several times andsaw that Scott was following her movements just as she had instructed him to,that she began to murmur deepening instructions to him as she finished paintedher lips to his (and her!) total distraction.

"Scott, isn't it wonderful? Isn't it lovely? To watch a woman paint her face,her cheeks, her eyes, her lips... just for you. Just to make you notice her. Tomake him want to look at her and not be able to look away. To NOT be able tolook away?", she instructively cooed as she used her free left hand to run thoseever-so soothing little circles around his right temple and massage his earlobe,deepening her control over him unbelievably effectively.

"Yes... Yes... Sleep, my pet. Deep, deep... sleeeep. Deep, deep... sleeeep. Deeper and deeperrrr,under my control. I want you to go into deeep hypnosis for me!" she purred,before pausing with her lipstick on the ready as if to say: "If you aren't underas deep as I want you now, I'll just paint my lips until you ARE, young man!"There was no need for that, she observed with a BEAUTIFUL red-lipped woman'spainted smile: he was totally entranced and ready for her next phase.

Once that she was certain he was in a total somnambulistic trance, Stephaniebegan going about installing her post hypnotic commands and triggers directlyinto her captive man's subconscious mind. "Now, my darling: I want you to listencarefully. I am going to give you some suggestions. Some things you will notforget. Suggestions you will not forget and that you will do for me withoutfail. A couple things you will do for me, but you will NOT remember my havinggiven you the instructions to do them, only that you will do them as if theywere your own ideas.

You will only remember them deep, deep in your subconsciousmind, but NOT in your conscious awareness, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?". Scott's eyeswere barely open, his conscious mind had been gently, painlessly put to sleep bythe whispering witch. "Yes, Doctor Nelson.", a helpless Scott replied."Yes...what, my sweet? I want you to tell me now what it is that you will do forme." she commanded sternly. "I will not remember that you gave me suggestions ofthings that I will do - only that I will do them without fail." answered Scott,flatly. "Good...good...very, VERY good!" said a beaming Stephanie, her freshlypainted mouth lighting up her entire face as she sexily twirled her lipstickback into it's tiny tube and put the cap back on it, setting it on top of hercosmetic bag's contents and visible in her open handbag. "Here is what you willdo, my darling:

One: You have decided to continue your hypnotic sessions with me. You willneed your hypnotic sessions with me. You will LOVE your hypnotic sessions withme. You will even dream of your hypnotic sessions with me, and dream ABOUT me. Iwant you to think of these wonderful, wonderful sessions any time you aresexually excited, my love.

Do you understand?" Scott answered his lovely tormenter that he didunderstand.

"Two: You will wear this pager I am going to give you. I see you don't wearone, but you will now! Whenever you receive a page that has a phone numberfollowed by two zeros, you will know that it is me, and that the zeros are... MYEYES!" Stephanie smiled broadly at her own sexy imagery and cunning. "You willIMMEDIATELY become calm and go into a trance as you press the recessed redbutton on the pager three times, rapidly, like this." Stephanie depressed thered button three times in rapid succession, and a blue spinning spiral appearedin the alpha-pager's LCD window.

A blue spiral, the color of my hypnotic eyes appears like this..." Stephanie said, as she held the pager before herhypnotized prey's eyes. "Look into the spiral, my darling. Look deep into thespinning spiral and remember how deeply hypnotized you are right now. THAT ishow hypnotized you will be whenever you look into the spiral in the future. MYspiral, my blue spiral will command you into deep hypnosis as if I were therewith you, my love. This same spiral you will also now see emanating from my eyeswhenever I COMMAND you to look deeply into them! In either event: when you lookinto my eyes because I tell you to, or you look into the pager's spiral because

I have paged you: you will IMMEDIATELY go into a DEEP, DEEP, hypnotic trance forme; DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME, Scott?". Scott most certainly did understand, and hispants throbbed a "Yes" to the beat of his heart - much to a now happily blushingStephanie's glee! Scott also answered that he understood, with a simple "Yes.",and Stephanie smiled sweetly as she proceeded to finish their session.

"I am going to hypnotically "burn" all my commands to you deeply into yourmind, Scott, my darling. I am going to do it with a kiss! I am going to kiss youon the mouth just once with my magically lipsticked red lips, and you will NEVERbe able to forget my commands or disobey me, do you understand?" Scott said,again, that he did. With that, the beautiful Stephanie Nelson put her warm handsaround Scott's head and pulled him in for that spellbinding kiss to seal hisfate and bind him hypnotically to her forever. Stephanie kissed Scott deep andlong, letting his mind fill with the taste and scent of her lipstick. When shewas done with her witch's kiss, she carefully wiped her lipsticked kiss gentlyfrom his lips with a tissue, and then awakened him after a little reinforcing ofhis amnesia instructions to remember nothing of their session later.

Stephanie awoke Scott with a standard "count to three and you are awake"ending of a trance. They chatted for a bit afterward, and Scott asked, nearlypleading, if he could have an appointment with her as soon as possible, tellingher he was free at 3PM the following day. Stephanie reluctantly agreed to seehim again, even on her day off "just to help him finish his research" and to bebetter able to make up his mind as to if he wished to continue seeing her, orconsider using her services for his firm's employees. Stephanie excused herselffrom her hypnotic suite to go get her appointment book.

Doctor Nelson announced that she was writing 3PM into her appointment bookfor Scott to see her tomorrow as she walked. Appearing to look at what she wasdoing, but not really looking at all at the appointment book. Stephanie was, inreality, watching Mr Roberts and wondering if she could wait that long tohypnotize him again! Perhaps a test of the pager would be in order now? Yes...She had had a feeling he was ready for being summoned to her out of the blue,and made up her mind to test out her hypnotic conditioning of her new slave. The3PM appointment would just assure him that all was well, normal enough... but hewould see her much sooner than that! "He is SUCH a good little subject:hypnotic... and otherwise!", thought a suddenly lusty feeling Stephanie.

They concluded their meeting with a businesslike handshake and parted waysfor the evening. She sent a somewhat confused Scott on his way moments later. Heleft immediately after that friendly handshake with the professionally convivialDoctor Nelson, thanking her for her time and understanding of his situationbefore leaving. Wasn't he going to tell her something to the effect of: "no morehypnosis sessions for me!"? What had happened? What could she have said that wasso convincing as to have left him now doing completely otherwise than was hisoriginal plan when he came to see her? Why did it now seem to be the rightthing, the best thing, and the ONLY thing to do: seeing her tomorrow at that 3PMappointment he had just made? "Oh well, what could it hurt?", he thought, as hewalked to his car and drove home for the night...

Corporate Package (part 4)

Scott was going about his routine for the day, en route to the grocery storewhen he heard his pager go off. "I... I have a pager now?" was the thought thatcrossed Scott's mind as he prepared to answered it's melodious little chime. Howcould he have put it on this morning and not had it cross his mind that it wasstrange he was doing that SINCE HE DIDN'T OWN ONE!!! Scott found he merelyaccepted the idea that "he did NOW!", and then thought of Stephanie and vaguelyrecalled her gifting him with it. "Sweet girl, BEAUTIFUL eyes..." thought Scottas he pressed the "Recall" button and saw a phone number.. followed by twozeros! Immediately, Scott pulled over and parked the car. This was important, heknew, at some level of consciousness. It must be: his heart was pounding out ofhis chest! Scott's thumb went to the recessed button and reflexively pressed itthree times. The spirals appeared and shone in his wide eyes. The world driftedaway, more like SHOT away, as the spirals and the sound of his memory ofStephanie's sweet, soothing voice filled his head. "Around and around...aroundand around... pretty spirals, like her eyes.. like her lovely blue eyes.."thought Scott as he drifted into deep trance. He had one mission: to continue togaze into the spiral displayed on the pager, and call that number with thelovely "eyes" after it on his pager.

After fumbling sloth-like for the mobile telephone and dialing the number hecouldn't get out of his head, Scott reclined in the seat of his luxury car andgazed deeply and intently at the spirals as he waited for an answer at the otherend. He didn't have to wait long. A lovely woman's voice, HER voice was waitingfor him. "Scott... are you ok?" Stephanie asked. "Yes, Doctor. I am fine." camea dreamy reply. "What are you doing right now, my love?" the musical voice ofthe woman asked the man she knew she had deeply hypnotized at the other end. "Iam...looking at the spirals... in your eyes...on my pager..." answered a druggedsounding Scott. "Excellent! You have made me so proud! So very proud! Scott, Iwant you to drop whatever you are doing and come to me now. Come to me. Come toyour pretty hypnotherapist. You want to see me. You need to see me. You MUST seeme! Do you understand?". Scott answered that he did, and Stephanie smiled as shethen gave him her home address and talked him up and out of his trance. "Youwill not remember that i summoned you, Scott: only that you called me back whenI paged you just to ask how you were doing. YOU asked to see me. I gave in toyour pleading and said ok - just this once - is that clear? Scott answered thathe understood and would comply before Stephanie awakened him from his deepsleep. In moments, he was on his way to be by her side.

Scott arrived at Stephanie's home barely a half hour later. His heart waspounding as he walked to the door.

Scott knew, at some level, this beautiful woman was good for him and caredfor him very much. Even though his mind knew, somewhere, that she toyed with herhypnotic abilities and power over him, he knew there was something there. Somecaring. Some attraction. He certainly felt attracted to her now! The stunningwoman answered the door and smiled warmly at her gentleman caller, inviting himin and closing the door behind him. How could he be frightened of such adelicate and delicious lady: 5'6", attractive, and with a lovely brunette headof soft, silky hair? Still, as he stood before her in her home's hallway, hetried to avert his eyes from hers. He knew, somehow, what would come next. Heknew, in the back of his mind, that whenever he would find himself strangelycompelled to go to Stephanie out of the blue like this, that there would be anintimate moment or two with her, and then the cooing followed by the darkness.He knew this, at this moment, now, somehow. That he would have, and had alreadyhad, no memory of events for periods of hours with her. Even the memories herecalled were, very strangely distant feeling and impossible to focus onsharply. In an instant, it hit him: was it that the memories were false! Was shehypnotizing him, and for what, to do what!?!? He had to get awy from this woman,and quickly!

It was too late. Stephanie stopped sexily painting her lips and applying herfavorite red lipstick in the hallway mirror and turned to face him. Her gaze hitScott the same moment as the entrancing perfume she had just applied to her neckwafted it's way to his senses. Scott was immediately aroused and dizzy to thepoint of wanting to sit down as he tried to look away from the spellbinding blueeyes that seemed to float above her sensuously bright red lips - lips which hadalready begun to murmur the words to the trance induction that would once againclaim his mind for her.

"Look at me, Scott!", Stephanie's shimmering red lips commanded. "Look intomy eyes, you CANNOT resist me! LOOK AT ME!" Scott's eyes traveled up from thefloor, where they had just been nervously racing..hiding from her. Up her blackhigh heeled pumps to her fine meshed stockings. Up her slinky silk dress andlithe form to settle momentarily on those oh-so erotically painted lips beforelocking onto her eyes, just as she had willed him to. Stephanie smiled as shesaw his eyes seem to go blank, his lips part in full hypnotic relaxation, as hebegan his fall into her lustrous eyes. "Yes, my sweet... yes.... Sleep. Sleep.Sleep. Deep, deep, sweet sleep. I want you to go into deeeep hypnosis forme."

By now, Stephanie had closely approached her effectively rehypnotizedsubject. His eyes began to flutter closed as she placed her perfumed wristsalong side his freshly shaven face and began to massage his earlobes again, todeepen his trance. "Oh, no, no: not yet! Don't close your eyes YET, my sweet! Itis not time! I want you to go deeper for me. MUCH deeper. Deeper into trance.Deeper into ME, as I am going to go ever deeper into YOU!". Scott couldn't closehis eyes now, and stared deeply into the blue hypnotic eyes of Doctor Nelson. Hesighed a near gasp as he plummeted into deep hypnosis at the sight of herhypnotic eyes up so close to his. Stephanie was wearing her new hypnotic spiralcontacts, but Scott didn't know that. He would have seen spirals in her eyesanyway. Stephanie was pretty sure he would have, but wanted her first test ofthe hypno-pager display and the transference of the sight of the blue spirals toher eyes in his mind to be a very powerful memory for her prey. It was, andScott was taken as deeply as she needed him to go in less than a couple minutesof massaging his earlobes and gazing into his eyes with her prettily painted andprepared-for-hypnosis ones. He was hers, once again.

"Oh, Scott... what times we will have! What wonderful times!" Stephanie saidas she tossed her perfumed hair as she swirled on her heels like a happy schoolgirl and picked up her clutch. Shooting Scott a glance she playfully said"DEEPER NOW!", and smiled at the slight movement of his head, as if he werestruck by something. She felt like the "Annie Oakley of Hypnosis" as she openedthe door for them and brushed his ear with her red lips as she murmured "Everdeeper, my pet. We are going on a date, and you will remain deeply hypnotizedand under my control the entire time, do you understand?" "Yes, Doctor" was thereply and that made Stephanie smile her prettiest red-lipped smile at him. "Oh,Scott! I could just gobble you up! Right now, though, we are going shopping!Doesn't that sound like fun? Your lovely Doctor Nelson wants to go try on somenew perfumes and maybe model some new makeups for you, would you like that?"Scott answered with a simple "Yes.", and Stephanie took him by the hand and ledhim out to her car.

The entire drive to the Mall saw Stephanie murmuring to passenger Scottvarious instructions and deepening scripts as she used the passing road beforehim to focus his attention on and be fascinated by. He was going to need to lookalert, awake and normal in the stores, but was going to remain deeplyhypnotized. Stephanie wanted his input as to what perfumes and makeup schemeswould give her the most control and power, as a woman and as a hypnotist, overhim. These were things he was not likely to share were he not hypnotized. He wasalso going to be TREATING her today to the very tools of his sexual and hypnoticenslavement, so best he be hypnotized to relieve any pain and inhibitions there,too, was Stephanie's take on the subject!

Upon arriving in the lot, Stephanie told Scott to turn and look into herlustrous blue eyes. The hypnotic spirals worked their magic as the prettyhypnotist suggested to her prey that he now become more vibrant and awakelooking - but continue to be held under her hypnotic control, ever deepening tothe sights, sound and scent of her. She then walked, hand in hand, with her big,strong hypno-man into the mall in search of those feminine beauty essentials menare so uncomfortable (and even frightened) with.

Stephanie led Scott through the maze of counters festooned in little bottles,jars, crystal decanters and applicators. A woman's paradise of scents andsights. Occasionally pulling an "Annie Oakley" on him, and suddenly turning andwhispering "Deeper. MORE compliant!" into his ear when no one was looking turnedDr Nelson on, and left Scott unable to rouse himself and escape her hypnoticgrasp. The afternoon would be spent as she willed it to be, that was nowcertain.

The Christian Dior counter saw a beaming Stephanie experimenting with thebeautifully gold encapsuled "Dioriphic" lipstick line, blush and various ways ofdoing her eyes. The handsome young makeup artist who was applying her shadow forher was a doll, and Stephanie wouldn't have minded enslaving HIM to come overand do her makeup for her every morning, and when she had a special date orouting to go to. How nice to have your own little makeup artist at yourdisposal! "Too bad he is gay.." thought Stephanie with a little pout, as hereyes drifted up to Scott's. "But HE'S not!", she thought with a smile and as shefixed her hypno-spiraled eyes on her mesmerized lover. Scott's eyes immediatelylocked onto hers and his head made that little rush-like jolt back - almostimperceptible, except to Doctor Nelson, who was looking for it. She knew thatmeant he was lost in her spell and was going NOWHERE until she told him hecould!

The makeup artist finished with his hand in the air, femininely holding theshadow applicator in the air as he asked Stephanie what she thought - by way ofcomplimenting himself and saying "Perfect!". Stephanie looked in the large ovalshaped silver mirror on the Dior counter and was shocked at how hypnoticallysurreal her eyes looked! She looked like a hypnotic siren in full "mesmer mode"from a movie! Her eyes now PERFECTLY matched her shadow and liner, with hervibrant splash of blush on the apples of her cheeks and hyper red lip colorbalancing the entire effect out to a nice, calm, 150 megaton blast! A radiantand very excited Stephanie looked away from the mirror with an "I LOVE it!Scott?", as she looked at her trophy boyfriend.

Scott's head again swayed backslightly, as if hit by a small version of that grassy knoll magic bullet (orwherever magic bullets come from - in this case they came from her EYES!), andhe gasped another sigh before telling her she looked "So beautiful..." and"Breathtaking. I can't look away.". Stephanie smiled a sexy woman's smile andreplied "Of COURSE you can't look away, my darling!" before looking back at the(immune) gay pretty boy and saying "Wrap it up!". After Scott had purchased the$88 of makeup treats for his newly beloved, they migrated to the perfumecounter, with Scott carrying the pretty little bag with the woman's face on itthat said (in BIG red letters) Makeup Madness Sale `99. Scott was seeminglyoblivious to the humiliation he normally would have felt if he were to carry aflagrantly labeled makeup kit for a woman through a crowded store. Actually, thebaseball player physique of his, and the accompanying male ego would have seenhim flatly refuse and such request.

Stephanie knew this and smiled back at him as she shot a "Deeper..." over hershoulder. Bulls eye!

Stephanie stood at the counter looking at all the little bottles of perfume,as she mused whether she could make her new love actually try on a woman's scentor not! Ah, another time... Right now: it was time to find JUST the right potionto use on him. Scott sniffed obediently as Stephanie offered him strip afterperfumed strip to sniff, before finding the one that seemed to make him losehimself in one long inhaling of it through his nose. Eyes closed, head rockingslightly back as he inhaled, Stephanie's expert eyes spied the telltale relaxingof his jaw and slight parting of his lips which indicated the scent hadoverpowered his senses and actually deepened her hold over him because she wasthe one holding the strip.

Stephanie picked up the atomized and sprayed some onher neck, on either side, and told the salesgirl "I'll take it - what is itcalled?". "Oh, this is a new one, called "Hypnotic Poison", Miss", replied thesalesgirl as she looked into Stephanie's eyes for the first time since they hadbeen at the counter. The pretty salesgirl's eyes showed shock and her lipsparted at the combination of her words of "hypnosis" and the effect of gazinginto Stephanie's obviously hypnotic eyes. "Yes.." Stephanie cooed. "Youunderstand. Please wrap it up and I will have my pet, here, pay you for it."smiled a suddenly diabolical looking Doctor Nelson.

The pretty young girl did as she was told. EVERYONE did as they were told bythe mesmerizing Doctor, including Scott, as he dutifully paid the hefty pricefor the flacon of Hypnotic Poison. The salesgirl couldn't take her eyes off thecouple, and studied Scott carefully as she rang up the purchase and bagged theexpensive perfume. Was this woman a... was he....what was she wearing thosehypnotic contacts for?", thought the college girl as Stephanie deliberately lether hear a whispered "Deeper.." as she catlike rubbed her perfumed face againstScott's, marking him with her scent and expertly leaving a slight trace of herlipstick on his collar. The salesgirl was entranced, herself, by the time theyleft her there, open mouthed and wide eyes as she stared at the exiting couple.Stephanie smiled and thought, "Gee: I wouldn't have minded having my ownpersonal perfume valet, either!", as she gave her hips a little extra sway andput her hand on Scott's neck to give him a little trance deepening massage.

Once they were at the mouth of the store, inside the mall, Stephanie toldScott: "I have to go now, I have things I need to do. You have been WONDERFUL!SO gentlemanly, so gallant! Thank you SO much for my new makeups and perfume -Iwill certainly make SURE I wear them for you!". Stephanie smiled at her littlejoke of irony before continuing. "Scott, I want you to remember only that we hada lovely time together, that you saw me in whole new light: as a beautiful,sensuous and interesting woman that you simply ADORE spending time with. I wantyou to remember that you INSISTED on buying me all these lovely gifts, and thatyou felt so wonderful, so warm, so happy doing that for me. Making me happy, yousee, means everything in the world to you, Scott, do you understand?" Scott said"Yes, Doctor Nelson" as he fell into those eyes of hers. "Scott, darling, I wantyou to call me Stephanie from now on, and I want you to continue to have warmfeelings about today, about me, about gifting me and being with me. I want youto catch a cab back to my place for your car, but not before you go shopping forone more little item for me. I need a new hypnotic crystal pendant, my love, andyou are JUST the man to pick out a nice effective one for me! I want you to shoparound, and find for me the one that has the MOST power over you, thatfascinates you the most by drawing your eyes in and tying up your mind with thebeauty and complexity of the lights and colors within. Will you do that for me,and give it to me as a surprise gift the next time I summon you?". Scott insuredher that he would, and received a very, very light kiss from her lips on his asa reward before Stephanie finished tuning her selective memory and amnesia holdover him and departing as he came to. With a mission.

To please her.

Corporate Package (part 5)

Scott walked out of the Mall and flagged a cab. He hopped in and toldthe driver where to go for his car. Scott stared out the window as theydrove. He thought of how wonderful it felt to please Stephanie. He couldn'twait to get her the Crystal Pendant she had requested he pick out.He didn't know why in just a few days he had become so attracted to her.But, then it felt so right to be with her and he loved the feelings he feltwhen he was with her. He smiled and thought to himself that it didn't matter.It must be the right thing because it left him feeling warm and fuzzy inside

As they drove through downtown he was looking out the window, watchingthe sun glistening off the storefronts. He was caught by a flicker of deepBlue light that made his head snap back. His will was gone his head spinningfilled with Stephanie's eyes and words. He had the cab driver stop andwalked toward the Blue shimmer. Feeling it drawing him in, as Stephanie'seyes drew him deeper and deeper into her warm control. He looked in thewindow at the Pendant hanging and twirling in the sun. He stared and feltits power draining his will. He knew Stephanie would love it. He walked intothe store. As he left with it in his hand, He could feel its power growingover him. The cab dropped him off at his car and he drove home. He thoughtto himself how lucky it had been that he had met Stephanie and how wonderfulit felt to be with her.

When he got Home he went to his dresser and took the pendant out of thebag and held it in front of him. He watched the light as it flickered offthe many facets and thought of Stephanie's eyes staring into his and startedto drift. It felt so relaxing and warm drifting deep into the depths of thependant. Scott could almost feel Stephanie there with him. He looked in themirror and saw her Red lipstick on his ear and thought of her painting herlips in the hall. And her *Eyes* Blue spirals taking him deeper and deeperinto her total control. Arousing him with her power, her control, and theway he felt with her. He couldn't wait to see Stephanie again and to give her the pendant.

Stephanie left the mall feeling aroused with the power and control shehad over Scott in such a short period of time. She knew he would become avery obedient as their time together grew. She wanted to call his pager again.Just to hear him say the words, "I'm looking at the spirals in your eyes".But she would have to wait. She needed to take care of a few things first.She got in her car and drove home. Stephanie lived in the country on an oldplantation. The buildings on the property were in very good condition forthere age. But were vacant except for Stephanie and her staff,(they were all hypnotic slaves of hers) who lived in the caretaker's house.

She was planning to have Scott come to visit but wanted everything to bejust *Perfect* for his arrival. When she walked up to the door, there weretwo boxes on the porch. They were from "The Erotic Hypnotic Boutique",and Mistress Valerie's Slave Den, she smiled with a devilish smile andcarried the boxes in. She couldn't wait to open them. She opened the firstone and pulled out a wall mirror and remote control button. She walked tothe guest bathroom and took down the old mirror and hung the new one in itsplace. She pushed the remote and a Blue spiral swirled slowly to its center.Pulsing Blue and White twisting deeper and deeper into its center. As shewatched she felt its power and switched it off. She thought how she couldn'twait to show Scott. She opened the other box and looked inside. She smiledonce more thought about calling Scott but closed the box and got ready forbed.

Stephanie awoke aroused with the thought of Scott coming to the house.She knew he would want to come. But she had one appointment before she couldpage him. She thought of how the spiral would deepen her control over himhow she would make him crave her control and submit to her "Feminine Power"and beg to be with her always. But that would have to wait. Business beforepleasure, she smiled. She got dressed and headed to the office. David waswaiting at her office when she got there. "Hi, you must be David" she saidsmiling,"you're early". "I like to be on time" said David and followedStephanie in.

You're here for the "Corporate Package" aren't you she asked."Yes I am, just want to take the stress out of my life and have no worriesfor a while." "Oh I think we can help you forget all of that." Stephanie saidlooking deep into his eyes. Watching as his eyes widened and stared backdeeply into hers. "Shall we get started" she smiled. And watched as his headdid that little snap, back into place. "Oh yes Dr. of course I musthave drifted of for a second ... Sorry" David said and followed herinto her office. "That's OK" she smiled, "you relax easily and it willhelp you get into the program much quicker." Stephanie took David inand gave him the choice of the couch or recliner. He took the reclinerand Stephanie started to work her Black Magic Hypnosis on him.

"David, I want you to take a deep breath in and hold it, then let it outslowly letting your stress flow out with the warm air. Breathe in and letyour stress out. Breathing deeper and deeper with each breath. Your bodyslowing down finding that soft warm safe spot to drift. Drift into my words.My words that relax you and remove the stress you have built up. Releasingthe worries. How do you feel David, she asked?" "Wonderful" said David dreamily."Good you are doing just perfect." He was under twice as quick as Scott waswith half the work. She continued with the induction taking him deeper anddeeper down. Releasing all his stress and his worries, just as she hadpromised. She would remove one more thing at no charge for him, his willto resist. Her feminine power and control grew over him. He fell deeperand deeper under her control craving her every word. Aroused by her eyes,submitting to her will and needing to obey her every command.

He would want to please her just as Scott did each time his pager wentoff. Stephanie smiled and put a battery in the new pager. David was her newpet and she was going to train him to come when she called. There was goingto be another trip to the mall very shortly to see just how well DavidObeyed. She took out her Red lipstick and on his way up from his deepseductive slumber. She sealed his fate with her seductive Red burning kiss.Watching as he quivered to her soft lips on his. She marked his collarjust as she had marked Scott's as she listened to the soft moan ofsubmission coming from his parted lips. She brought David out of thetrance setting all his triggers and deepening her control. She gave himthe pager and told him about the spirals and her eyes. When David cameout he thanked her and said he had never felt so good and so relaxed.Stephanie said Thank you and set another appointment for him the followingweek. But he would see her before that. She Smiled."See you next week David."

After her appointment she called Scott's pager. She waited for thephone call. Watching to see if he would beat his old time. Smiling knowinghe would. Scott returned her call and she told him to meet her at heroffice. Stephanie walked to the window and watched as David unlocked hiscar and climbed in. She picked up her phone and dialed his pager and hernumber followed by two 0's. He looked at the pager and pulled his car tothe curb. Her phone started to ring. Stephanie started to smile when shesaw David's number on the caller ID. Stephanie answered her phone."How are you David?" "Fine" Dr. David said dreamily. David parked his car andreturned to the office. "Hello David", Stephanie smiled, "how are you feeling?""Wonderful" Dr. David said. "Good boy" Stephanie smiled. "Look into my eyes andfeel yourself drift. Drifting deeper and deeper into that warm safe placewhere my voice leads you. Down deeper and deeper into my control.David I need to know how deep you are. Give me a number from 1 to 10 1 isnot deep and 10 is the deepest" said Stephanie. David managed a muffled "9"and stared deeply into Stephanie's eyes. "Very Good David. I want you to doexactly as I tell you to do you understand David" she asked. "Yes Dr.", heanswered in his flat voice. "Good boy, I want you to call me Mistressinstead of Dr. when you are under this trance do you understand David?Yes Mistress, he replied his eyes still locked on hers. I also want youto return to this deep deep state of trance whenever I say the words. Cometo Mistress Stephanie My Pet David. Do you understand." "Yes Mistress.""Very, very good David." Stephanie smiled and became aroused at the thoughtof her control over David. She couldn't wait for Scott to arrive. To seewhich of her pray would fall the deepest for her.

Scott knocked on the door and Stephanie answered. "Hello Scott, whatbrings you here, she smiled." "Your eyes Dr.." "Yes I know" she said.And stared into Scott's wanting eyes. She had devoured his will in a singleglance. "Scott I need to know how deep you are. Give me a number from 1 to 101 is not deep and 10 is the deepest" said Stephanie. Scott stared deeplyinto Stephanie's eyes, "8" he said. "Good boy", Stephanie was so aroused ather control. She couldn't decide who to command next. She picked Scott.He needed more work then David. He was harder to break but he would be at10 when she was through and want to go even deeper. She picked up someheadphones and handed them to David. "I want you to listen to my *Blissful*voice while I talk to Scott." "Yes Mistress", David put the headset on.Stephanie told David to listen to her voice and wait for her next command.She turned back to Scott and took out her Silver Little Red Heart lipstick.She walked seductively toward him. "Do you remember this Scott.""Yes", he said looking at the lipstick in Stephanie's waving hand.Following it with his wanting eyes. She could see the trance deepening inhis eyes as the cosmetic did its work.

With every swipe of the lipstick Stephanie applied to her lips Scott'smind was wiped of his own control and replaced with Stephanie's.Stephanie asked Scott how deep he was now. "10" ,was his reply. His eyesliquid pools of want and need for Stephanie to command. "Scott", she said."I want you whenever you are this deep into trance to call me Mistress.Do you understand." "Yes Mistress", he said drifting deeply on her words."Goood boy", as she capped the Red drug. "I want you to remember how deep youare right now. I also want you to return to this deep deep state of trancewhenever I say the words. Come to Mistress Stephanie My Pet Scott. Do youunderstand." "Yes Mistress." His eyes fluttering as her words deepened histrance. Scott was lost in her deep web of control and Stephanie knew it.But now he would go deeper and deeper until all he would want was to beunder Stephanie's control and be commanded by her wishes. Stephanie was soaroused at this point she could feel her own wetness building. She neededto take Scott to the point of no return and this made her wetness evenhotter. She leaned over to Scott and whispered into his ear. "How deep willyou go for your Mistress Scott." "As deep as you wish, he moaned." "Very goodScott" she continued and watched as he squirmed as her breath floated intohis waiting ear.

Stephanie looked to David he was sitting staring blankly with a smile onhis face. Stephanie took the headphones off David. "How was my voice David?""I am in Bliss Mistress", his eyes glazed and wanting. "Good boy, I am soooglad you liked it. I have some other recording you may like too."Stephanie giggled and put the headphones back on David. She handed a set ofheadphones to Scott. "Your turn my pet." "Yes Mistress", Scott put them on satin the other chair. Stephanie left the room to get some things ready to gohome. She was going to bring her new pets to see where there Mistress lived.Where all her wishes would be fulfilled. She smiled and walked down thehall. When she returned. Stephanie took the headphones off her new pets.She had Scott and David stand together for her next command. "I want youboth to come to my house. Where you will feel the need to look at myMirror that is in the bathroom. You would both like this idea don't you?"Stephanie beamed as there came a simultaneous "yes" from the two."Good boys. I want you both to come out of your trance and follow meto my house. When you get out of your cars you will follow me to the house.Do you understand?" "Yes" in unison was the reply. Stephanie felt the shiverof control wash over her and grinned. "When you get into the house Scottwill need to use the bathroom. Scott will go then David you will feel theneed too. I will bring you both out of trance now. As I count from 5 to 1and you will return to your normal selves. Remembering the need to go tomy house with me. Stephanie counted setting her triggers as they came out.5 starting to awake. 4 feeling eyes start to open stretching. 3 more andmore awake remembering all I have told you. 2 feeling refreshed and awake.1 all the way awake and feeling perfect."

"Scott this is David, I don't think you two have met." They shook hands and looked puzzled at each other notknowing how the other had gotten in without noticing. "How would you twolike to see my New Mirror at my house?" Stephanie smiled knowing the answer.

David and Scott walked out with Stephanie and drove to her house. When they arrived Scott asked to go to the bathroom. Stephanie pointed it out and walked to the bar and switched on the remote. She put a CD in the player next to the remote. It was titled Fem Basic. She smiled and turned to David. "Come to Mistress Stephanie My Pet David." "Yes, Mistress," his eyes glazed. "I want you to answer some questions for your Mistress." "Yes, Mistress." "When you answer each question you will feel more submissive and aroused. Your trance will also deepen. Wanting to sink deeper and deeper for your Mistress. Releasing your mind to me so I may shape it. You can feel it slipping down as I talk to you. Spiraling into a Blue swirl. When you are in the Blue swirl you will want to do whatever you here you will obey without question. You will submit without thought. You will want to obey your Mistress more and more as you surrender you will to me. Do you understand my pet?" "Yes, Mistress I will obey." "Good pet, very very good."

"Have you ever thought of being a woman David?" "Yes Mistress." "Good boy submitting more to me now. I want you to try and be a woman David, You will do this for your Mistress won’t you." "Y...yess Mistress," David stuttered out. "Very Good my pet you can now feel the female hormones filling your sack and spreading through your whole body. It feels so good to submit, to be so feminine to obey. You can feel your muscles shrinking, softening. The female hormones are filling each one. Can you feel this happening David?" "Oh yes Mistress I do," David said in a very feminine voice. "Very very good, you are doing just perfect." David was so aroused he was starting to tremble. Shaking and moaning in his now feminine voice. Stephanie was getting aroused too. Her panties were getting very wet. "Very good my pet." Stephanie slipped out of her panties to let her wetness breathe. She was becoming more aroused with each command David followed. "I want you to dress and act like a woman at all times from now on when you are in this trance. You will become more submissive and more feminine each time you enter trance. The deeper you go into trance the more you obey the more you obey the more you are aroused. The more you are aroused the more feminine you become. The more you wish to please your Mistress. Isn’t this right David?" "Oh…oh yes Mistress, yes let me please Mistress. In due time my pet. In due time." Stephanie laughed aroused with her power. Aroused at her control over David’s submission and transformation.

It was going to be Scott’s turn next when she finished with David. She could tell David wasn’t going to take long. She smiled and went to her bed and opened the box on it. She pulled out a Hot Pink collar with Mistress Stephanie’s Slut Denise engraved on it and handed it to David. "Do you know what this is David" she asked. "Yes Mistress." "It is not just a collar David but my ownership of you do you understand." "Yes Mistress" David lowered his eyes. Good boy . "You do want to be owned by me don’t you." "Oh yes Mistress" he whimpered. "Yes I knew you would," and she handed the collar to him. "Put this on to show who owns you and kneel to your Mistress." David fastened the clasp with a click. And knelt to Stephanie’s feet. "Good pet. Such a good girl. Sooo obedient and so aroused to submit to me. Aren’t you David?" "Oh, Yes ….Yes Mistress." "Good little slut. From now on when you ware this collar you will become Denise. My little hot slave slut. Do you understand." "Yes Mistress." "What is your name slave?" Denise was his reply. "Yes Denise. My little slave slut. What is your name Slave?" Denise again came from his lips in almost a whimper "Yeesss Denise, time for you to go take Scott’s place and listen to your Mistresses sweet words. And Obey all her commands and wishes. You do want to do this don’t you my little slave slut." "Yes Mistress…." Stephanie smirked knowing Denise would never be David again. Stephanie walked to the remote and switched it off. She turned the CD off too. She opened the door to fined Scott staring blankly at the Mirror. Come with me Scott. His gaze fell on hers as she sucked the last bit of his will from him with her Blue Eyes. He followed her out. She told Denise to go in and look at the Mirror and Obey her wishes. Denise walked in and shut the door.

"How do you feel Scott." "Soft, silky, smooth," he said in a very feminine voice. "Good you have listened so well and for being such a good listener I have a present for you." She reached into the box and pulled out another collar. This one was Bright Red. It was inscribed Mistress Stephanie’s Toy Cindy, and handed it to Scott. She had him put it on and made sure he knew his place at her feet and his new name When she finished taking Cindy down to her submissive bottom and ten times farther. She brought Denise back out and sat them both in front of her. "You are both so happy aren’t you my pets?" "Oh yes Mistress," they both said in there most feminine voices. "You are both eager to please your Mistress aren’t you." "Yes Mistress"both whimpering with anticipation. Good Girls. "It is almost Play time and you will get to please your Mistress very soon. You do so crave to please me don’t you." "Oh, Yes Yes Mistress," both pleading to Stephanie. "Yes my Pets Soooon." Stephanie patted both there heads.