Cloud Nine

by Hypnotic Flower (Soforia) & the Red Guy

‘Fairness??!!’ Greg laughed incredulously, ‘What has fairness got to do with anything? This is business! Listen Lady, you were employed to hypnotise my partner and get him to sign some papers. You delivered, and I paid. There’s no way I’m paying more just because he was hard.’

‘Not hard, difficult’, the hypnotherapist corrected. ‘He was a very difficult subject’.

‘I don’t care if he was impossible!’

‘Look, Mr Wilson-’

‘Greg’ the man corrected.

‘Greg. I just think that this went beyond what I usually do and it’s only fair that I get a little more.’

‘There you go again Steph’-

-‘Stephanie. Doctor Stephanie Nelson’, now it was her turn to be pedantic.‘Look Doc, you hypnotised him. End of story’. Greg paused and moved his gaze from Stephanie’s eyes, slowly down her body. He did not try to disguise his interest in her. ‘If you want to earn some more money… that would be different’. Greg grinned.

‘You don’t mean?’ Even as she spoke the words Stephanie already knew what Greg had in mind.

‘Sure… You’re an attractive woman, I’m not gonna gift you some more money but I’d be happy for you to…… earn it.’ Greg’s wide grin turned her stomach.

‘Forget it!’ Stephanie was outraged, she leapt to her feet, walked to the door of her office and opened it: ‘Get out!’

Greg didn’t move from the recliner where he’d been sitting for the last ten minutes listening to Dr Nelson explain why their original deal was no longer good enough. Greg knew he held all the cards. She couldn’t blackmail him because she’d gone along with the whole scheme. Now here they were, alone in her office after hours. No one to disturb them.

‘Listen Lady, you’re a business woman and I’m a business man, we’re just making a new deal.’

‘You’re crazy.”. Stephanie couldn’t believe the man’s nerve.

‘Not at all’, Greg explained with the casual air of a man used to blackmailing people. ‘You took money from me to hypnotise my partner and get him to go along with some alterations in our business. You did your part and you’re as guilty as I am. In fact, you’d probably get longer in jail than me. Women usually get longer jail terms and I know you couldn’t afford the lawyers to keep you out on bail. It would destroy you.’

Stephanie swallowed hard: he was right.

‘So Doc.’ Greg rose to his feet and began unbuttoning his trousers. ‘How about we play a little game of Doctor and patient?’

Greg’s trousers fell to the ground revealing a huge, erect penis.

It was obvious that Greg thought he looked fantastic. He worked out and his body was in good shape. Admittedly, his cock was considerably larger than most, but it’s size also accentuated its veined surface. Stephanie was repulsed. He looked like a comic character standing there in business attire except for his trousers round his ankles and hard-on.

Stephanie looked away, ‘You’ve got to be kidding!’‘Listen Doctor Nelson, I’ll make you a deal. I’m pretty pissed at you trying to get more money out of me, but I’ll forget all about it. I might even have some more work for you – at a very good rate – but you have to show good faith.’ Greg was grinning again. He sensed he’d won.

‘More work?’, Stephenie raised an eyebrow.

‘Yeah, a little employee problem. I’ll pay you well……. What do you say?’ Taking his victory for granted Greg had already removed his pants, shoes and shocks and was now sitting on the medical couch that stood against one wall of the office, loosening his tie.

Stephanie watched him closely. The fact that he’d chosen to sit on the couch was significant. She was also pleased by the fact that he’d called her ‘Doctor’. She knew that Greg was being sarcastic, showing fake respect, but subconsciously she suspected that he was taken by the idea of sex with a female doctor. She knew all about the various fantasies that haunted her male clients and casual sex with a nurse or doctor was a pretty common fantasy.

‘And this is a once only deal?’ she asked.‘Sure, trust me.’ Greg, now naked, smiled again and lay back on the couch, his cock waving in the air like some grotesque pole as he settled himself back.

Stephanie smiled. Her suspicions were proving correct. Although Greg felt himself to be in complete control of the situation, he was actually putting himself in quite a submissive position. He was naked, she was fully clothed; he was lying flat on the consulting couch, like a patient, while she was standing, the professional in charge. In his conscious mind, of course, the situation was exactly the opposite. She was servicing him: he was dominant because he was calling the shots. He was naked because he didn’t want his clothes messed up. She was dressed and standing because this was all about his pleasure, she was giving and he was receiving.

Stephanie approached the couch and slowly removed her jacket. She looked him in the eye.

‘Come on Doc, I won’t bite’, Greg joked.

‘I’m not about to have sex with you Greg but… I am prepared to help you have the best orgasm of your life if you promise this is the only time I have to do this.’

Greg looked at her suspiciously.

‘You’re a very big man’ Stephanie said with fake admiration, looking directly at his large penis, ‘I’m sure you have great sex, but it could be a lot better.’

‘How do you know?’ Greg was interested and Stephanie’s compliments were putting him at ease, but he still didn’t understand what she meant.

‘Well’, I can teach you a technique for mind and body control that would triple the length of your orgasm. You can teach it to your wife or even use it when you masturbate.’‘Masturbate? I don’t masturbate!’ Greg was suddenly defensive.

‘Greg’, Stephanie said in a slightly stern and authoritative voice, ‘You’re forgetting that I have a doctorate… that’s a PhD on the wall. All men masturbate. You all do it, but some know how to do it properly. Now, if I show you this technique, you must promise I won’t have to do it again. Deal?’

‘Deal’. Greg knew he’d have her do it again, but for now there was no harm in playing along.

Stephanie went back to her desk and pressed a couple of buttons on a small control panel. The lights in the office softened and some calming music began playing in the background. The music sounded like an innocent background track from a store or health farm, but it included hidden subliminal messages that were already encouraging Greg to relax and surrender. He wasn’t aware of it, but the heating was also responding by gradually increasing.

‘Okay’, Stephanie said as she once again approached the couch, ‘now take the pillow from under your head and place it across your groin’.

‘The pillow?! Are you crazy!’

‘Listen Greg’, Stephanie said angrily, ‘I’m not going to fuck you but I’ll show you how to have a better time every single time you have sex – with or without a woman! Do you want to know how or not?’

‘Yeah… but a pillow?!’

‘Don’t worry – I’m not even going to touch you. The weight of the pillow will exert a little light pressure. Just enough for your body to react to as we focus your mind on pleasure. The rest will happen automatically. Now just lie back and relax.’

‘I don’t know’, Greg was feeling uneasy and, sensing his mistrust, Stephanie decided on a little reverse psychology.

‘I know. Why don’t you move back to the recliner and let me show you how hypnosis works. All you’d have to do is sit in the chair and watch while I set a big spiral pattern going on the screen in the corner. It’ll be so easy and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.’

‘Hahh!!’ Greg was triumphant, ‘I knew you’d try to get me the same way you tricked Steve’. No chance.’

‘What do you mean?’, Stephanie looked hurt.

‘Forget it Doc. I’m not watching any spiral pattern, or a candle or even some antique pocket watch your Great-Grandfather left you. No way.’

‘You better leave then’, Stephanie announced.

‘Ahh No. You don’t get rid of me that quick.’ Secure in the knowledge that he’d caught her out, Greg was once again confident in his power over Stephanie.

‘I’ll stay right here and you can finish showing me the technique for longer orgasms.’

‘But you’d be quite safe, I couldn’t hypnotise you as much as Steve. I’d just need you to watch the spiral for a few minutes- ’

‘Doc. Forget it. I know what you’re trying to do and it won’t work. I’m staying right here and I’m not looking at a thing’. With that Greg laid back and triumphantly folded his arms behind his head.

Stephanie’s plan was working. She was confident that Greg’s knowledge of hypnosis did not extend beyond the usual movie clichés and the little he’d learned looking at the sites Steve had been scanning on his computer at work. She’d guessed that he would associate it with obvious things like a spiral and he’d walked straight into her trap.

‘I suppose there’s no fooling you’, she said in mock disappointment. ‘Alright then. Now let me explain this technique. As men approach orgasm they get tense. The closer they get, the more they tense up until eventually they cum and its like a muscle spasm – an involuntary action. They shoot their load and its over… wham, bang, thank you ma’am.’

Stephanie lightly placed her hand on the pillow covering Greg’s cock. Greg took a sharp intake of breath and looked her in the eye. She could feel his erection through the pillow and knew he was getting off on this.

‘The secret to a deeper.. longer orgasm… is to relax. You have to resist the urge to tense up… and just relax.’

Greg moved his left arm from under his head and began stroking Stephanie’s leg as she stood by the couch looking down at him.

‘Ah ah. None of that.’ The doctor chastized.

‘I won’t hurt you Doc’, Greg smiled and let his hand move higher up Stephanie’s leg, trying to discover whether she was wearing tights or stockings.

‘On a scale of one-to-ten, how aroused are you now?’ As she asked Stephanie relaxed the pressure on the pillow.

‘Six’ Greg smiled.

‘Right, and your relaxation is zero?’

‘You’re the doc’, he laughed and inwardly congratulated himself on how funny he was.

‘But if you can resist the urge to tense up… and just relax, then the orgasm will blow you away.’ She increased the pressure on the pillow momentarily and Greg closed his eyes in pleasure.

‘You see, your mind is already heightening the pleasure you receive through your cock. Feels good doesn’t it?’

‘Hummmm.’ Greg was enjoying this. Mostly sex was a rushed event as he nailed his latest conquest. This felt more erotic.

‘If we can get your relaxation to the same level as your pleasure… then your orgasm will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Instead of being tensed up, your entire body will be relaxed and your cum will just naturally flow… and flow… and flow.’ Each time she said the word ‘flow’, her hand lightly increased, then relaxed, the pressure on the pillow.

‘This is that tantric shit, right. Like the singer, Sting?’

‘You’ve heard of it?’ Stephanie’s voice showed some surprise, almost as if she was impressed by his knowledge.

‘Sure… sounds great.’ Greg smiled to himself, this was getting better and better.

‘Alright, now tantric sex involves deep relaxation and long slow breaths. Take a deep breath in…. hold it …. And slowly exhale’.

Stephanie moved to the head of the couch and placed a hand on each of Greg’s shoulders. He looked up at her but she avoided his gaze and looked down at the pillow, watching as it rose and fell with her words.

Disappointed that she wouldn’t look him in the eye, Greg let his eyelids close as he focused on the pleasure.

‘Deep breath in…… and out’, as he exhaled Stephanie exerted a little pressure on his shoulders, helping him sink a little deeper into the wonderfully smooth, comfortable couch.

‘Deep breath in….. and out’.

With each exercise she felt him relaxing more under her touch.

‘Now I know that your pleasure was at six out of ten and by now it’s probably at seven. How relaxed are you?’ Stephanie asked.

‘Hummmm…’ there was a delay while Greg registered the question and found the words, ‘Err, five?’

‘That’s excellent’, Stephanie congratulated, ‘Now let’s start building both your pleasure and your relaxation’.

‘I want you to imagine yourself stretched out now on a big, soft fluffy white cloud. See yourself there with the woman you’d most want to be with… your perfect woman….whoever you want’.

In his mind Greg could see himself lying there with his secretary Jenny – a little brunette with an ass to die for. He’d made a couple of lame passes at her but been rejected. Little did Stephanie know, but her next task was going to be to hypnotise Jenny for him. And there she was, in his mind’s eye, lying next to him, on his big white cloud.

‘Your dream woman is lying by your side and her body is pressed against your cock. Feel the light pressure from her wonderfully soft skin. Perhaps she’s pressing her breasts against your cock…. Or her hands…. Or her pussy.’

Greg’s cock was straining against the pillow as his body registered the pressure and associated it with the mental image that now filled his mind: he was lying in the middle of his cloud, Jenny had straddled him and was grinding her pussy onto him.

‘That’s right’, Stephanie could see the pillow rising with Greg’s cock but could also feel his body relaxing more with each passing second, ‘See yourself, lying there on that big, soft, fluffy cloud with her giving you everything you could ever want’.

Greg’s smile was the size of the Golden Gate Bridge as a deep sigh escaped his lips.

‘Obviously Greg, the more turned on you are… the harder your cock gets. And the more relaxed you are, the bigger and fluffier the cloud becomes..… See yourself now, your cock getting so hard…. And the cloud growing so big, sooo bigggg.’

Greg could see it… Jenny was deep-throating him now and the cloud had become enormous, billowing out in all directions… so comfortable, like a thousand feather pillows.

‘And your cloud is so big and fluffy that it’s getting heavier…. The heavier it becomes the more it starts to drift lower in the sky… drifting down…. Deeper… and deeper. Your cloud is so comfortable, and heavy… you’re so comfortable and heavy…. Drifting down… deeper down… deeper… and deeper.

And your pleasure and relaxation are matched now. No need to think… no need to resist…. Surrender to the pleasure you feel… Just relax and surrender …. Relax as you drift even deeper.’

A moan of pleasure escaped Greg’s parted lips.

‘You feel as though you are drifting into a dream… a dream that is my voice… my voice taking you into a dream… an incredible dream of perfect pleasure…. Deep relaxation and perfect pleasure.’Greg was lost as he felt his cloud sinking lower and lower as his semen began to rise.

Robbed of Stephanie’s leg to caress his hand had initially rested on the couch by his side but now he was stroking himself, lost in his mounting pleasure he had no idea that he was lying on a hypnotist’s couch masturbating as she induced a deep trance. In his mind Jenny was now using her hands to finish him off in the most explosive orgasm he could imagine.

‘Deeper and Deeper… closer and closer’, Stephanie’s voice was little more than a whisper now. ‘And when your pleasure reaches the ultimate level, so will your relaxation…. Yes, Greg…. When your pleasure reaches the ultimate level you will cum, and as you cum your relaxation will reach the ultimate level as you drift into perfect sleep. Perfect pleasure and deep sleep... deep sleep and perfect pleasure.… now!’

Stephanie pushed hard Greg’s shoulders and her command pushed him into orgasm.

‘Yes… Cum now… Cum….’

Greg’s body shook as he violently jerked himself to orgasm. The pillow flew to the side as his cock sprayed semen high into the air, splashing across his belly and the couch.

‘More….. more’.

Greg’s body rocked as each successive orgasm took him deeper into Stephanie’s control.

‘Cum…. and sleep…. That’s right…. Deep sleep now…. sleep… sleep… sleep.’

Greg lay motionless except for the rise and fall of his chest.

Stephanie smiled to herself. She now had complete control of the state’s most successful law firm. She had not set out to achieve this in the start but now that she wielded such power, she would use it well.