Bound for Life

by Hypnotic Flower (Soforia) & The Red Guy

‘How do you feel?’

The hypnotist smiled at the man. They were seated next to each other on a large leather couch in his office.

He shook his head and tried to understand what had just happened.

‘I.. well. You hypnotized me?’

‘Yes. I hypnotized you.Would you like me to do it again?’

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(Twenty minutes earlier)

‘Listen, maybe this isn’t such a good idea.’

He looked down at his wrists and ankles, all tightly bound to the arms of his executive’s chair with simple strips of padded velcro.

‘I’d be happy to fix up a meeting with the relevant Vice-President, I’m sure she could find you a slot in the schedule.’

‘Now, now Richard. No changing your mind, you said you’d let me give you a little demonstration’.

‘Yeah but Doctor Nelson, this isn’t how I do business.’This was rapidly turning into the strangest day of Richard Denton’s life. An hour earlier he was in a meeting with his top legal team trying to find an answer to a threatened case that could have closed down his TV shopping channel. Now he was strapped to his own chair by a woman who wanted to hypnotize him!

Dr Stephanie Nelson explained, ‘Stephen and Greg told me that you’d agreed to meet with me and so it would be very unprofessional of you to back out now’. As she spoke Stephanie drew the blinds and swivelled Richard’s chair so that it faced the desk, where she was now seated, legs crossed, looking down at him.

‘I know what I said, but this is getting a little strange.’

‘No stranger than finding that you’ve been evading taxes for the last ten years’, she said with a smile.

‘Hey, I never admitted that we’d done anything wrong… I simply agreed that the documents could be misinterpreted-’‘Misinterpreted?’, Stephanie laughed.

‘- misinterpreted, and that some people might think we’d not been wholly up-front about certain financial settlements.’

‘Well Stephen and Greg seemed to think that the evidence was pretty damning and, since you agreed to our conditions, I’d say they were right.’ Stephanie was still smiling, confident that she was already in control of the situation.

‘What I don’t understand is why they agreed to drop the case so long as I’d meet with you’.

‘Let’s say that they owed me a favour’, replied the hypnotherapist.

‘It must be some favour’, Richard laughed, ‘but seriously lady, are the straps really necessary? I mean, what if someone comes in?’

‘Richard’, Stephanie was suddenly more serious, ‘you know very well that noone will come in. You gave strict instructions that we were not to be disturbed. Your phone will not ring. Your door is locked. You agreed to give me your undivided attention for an hour.’

‘Yes but if you want to place a product line on our channel I’m not the guy to see’.

‘Richard, you are exactly the guy to see. You own the channel. Once I’ve demonstrated how wonderful my products are, I’m certain that you’ll personally supervise their marketing and sales on an international basis. You might even do it free of charge, as a thank you to my law firm for not pursuing the case…. And as a tribute to me.’

‘It would have to be some product!’ he exclaimed. ‘But come on… if it’s so great… why the straps!’

Stephanie sighed a little, as if preparing to explain something to someone who really should know better.

‘Well, when we first met I made you a proposition: we’d drop the case if you agreed to let me show you the power and pleasure of hypnosis. Part of my expertise is reading people. You are a very busy man. Always rushing from one meeting to another… never taking a break. I want to ensure that you realise that you have no alternative but to stop moving for a while. The velcro bands are perfectly safe and comfortable, they simply restrain you and will help you to concentrate.’

‘Well I think you read me wrong… I’m not into bondage.’

‘I know’, said Stephanie with a smile, ‘I’d have used cuffs or rope if you were. I’ve looked into your past and I examined this office. I think I know what you’ll like.’

‘Oh yeah, and what’s that?’ Richard was worried but also intrigued.

‘You want to feel safe and secure.’

‘Is that all?’

‘That’s all.Your whole life you’ve been chasing money and success… trying to prove that you’re the best. You never really had a childhood: sent away to boarding school, always striving to be top-of-the-class; millionaire by your 24th birthday. You never had time to relax, and just enjoy being safe, and secure… and loved for who you are.’

‘I get plenty of love’, Richard smirked.

‘No, you get plenty of sex. Hangers on and prostitutes supply sex, not love’, she corrected.

‘Hold on… you think you’re gonna make me love you?!’

‘Silly boy.’ Stephanie chastised, ‘Let’s just say that I’m going to make you feel safe and secure.’

‘I feel just fine – and stop treating me like a child.’ Richard was used to being in control and didn’t like the lack of respect.

‘But Richard’, Stephanie continued, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like a child? To take a break from all your responsibilities and all the stresses? To just relax and pretend that all that matters is being warm and safe and secure. All tucked up in your own private heavenly space of peace and pleasure?’‘Well, I’m sure that’d be great’, Richard lied, ‘but we only have half an hour left and I’m afraid I’ve changed my mind. You can call your lawyers and tell them the deal’s off.’

‘Richard, Richard… be a good boy and let me explain. We can’t stop now, the demonstration has already begun.’

‘Begun?’, now Richard was worried.

‘Look’, Stephanie searched inside the large bag she’d brought with her, ‘these goggles fit completely over your eyes and flash hypnotic lights. Even with your eyes closed, the light patterns set up a rhythm that your brain registers and copies. The correct pattern automatically triggers brain wave patterns similar to those you produce naturally when you’re asleep. A few minutes watching the pretty patterns, and listening to my voice, and the client is ready to do whatever I say. It’s a marvellous product. ’

Richard braced himself, ready for the goggles to be fitted. To his surprise, Stephanie replaced them in her bag and pulled out a long blue crystal pendent, suspended on a thin gold chain. She held it out for Richard to see.

‘But this pendent is even more powerful’, she smiled.

Richard looked at her, puzzled. If the goggles were an infallible method of hypnosis, why had she put them away?‘You see Richard, the goggles are scientific and practical, but the pendent is altogether more beautiful and more personal. You’re a very important person. You’re very special to me and so I want you to know how wonderful hypnosis can be. I think you’ll understand better if I explain the pendant’s power and show you how much more warm and pleasant it can be. And you want to feel safe and secure and taken care of. I don’t want to block your vision with nasty goggles, I want you to see me and my crystal pendent. Together we’ll help you to enjoy all the beauty and pleasure that hypnosis can bring.’

As Stephanie talked about the pendent, Richard’s gaze naturally shifted to the object of conversation. It seemed to be turning slowly, reflecting little specs of blue light into his eyes.

‘It’s such a beautiful crystal’, Stephanie continued, ‘It was given me by my Aunt. She was a rather mysterious woman who had lots of gentlemen admirers. It was as if they’d do anything my Aunt asked. You see its shape is perfectly crafted to reflect light in a particular way. A lovely, relaxing, rhythmic pattern.’

Richard’s face was slightly illuminated by the specs of blue passing in front of his eyes. Stephanie could see his facial muscles relaxing already.

‘Those wonderful flashes of blue that pass before your eyes…. Over and over again…. Over and over again. An endless stream of light… like gentle blue waves washing over a beach. Waves that wash over you again and again….. again and again. And it’s so easy to relax and settle into the pattern. As the blue light washes over you… you can feel yourself relaxing… relaxing.’

Richard felt like he was getting a little drunk… a little detached. He blinked his eyes and shook his head. He looked directly at Stephanie but her gaze was fixed on the pendent and so, without thinking, he too returned his gaze to the crystal.

‘And the patterns of light keep on washing over you… waves of relaxation that wash over your entire body… over … and over again. Over and over again. And as the waves of relaxation wash over your body… and as the waves of light pass over your eyes… it’s only natural that your body relaxes more and more… it’s only natural that your eyes grow tired… and heavy…. And sleepy.’

Richard was blinking more rapidly now.

‘It’s only natural to feel sleepy. Blue light has a powerful sedative effect. And the pendent is so easy to watch… and my voice is so easy to listen to… so easy to let your eyelids droop lower and lower… as my voice helps you to relax even more.’

Richard felt wonderful but his whole life had been a battle to win, a battle to be best. He was losing his sense of control and that couldn’t be right, he had to fight. He tried to look away from the pendent but his eyes wouldn’t move. Suddenly he was scared. Summoning all his will, Richard shifted his head, pulling back only a fraction, but it was enough to lift his eyes from the pendent.

Stephanie was amazed at the strength of his will but none of her surprise showed. Still holding the pendant’s chain in her outstretched right hand, she lent forward slightly and gently cupped the side of Richard’s face with her left hand. It took only the slightest movement to direct his eyes into hers.

‘My poor sleepy boy’, she whispered and smiled. ‘It’s getting very hard to concentrate isn’t it? Hard to keep watching…. It’s hard to concentrate when you’re feeling so dreamy and sleepy. Let me take care of you now. Let me take control.’

Richard couldn’t help but return Stephanie’s smile. He stared helplessly into her eyes and realised that they were the same soft blue as the crystal. Even though he wasn’t looking at the crystal directly he was aware of it in his peripheral vision, constantly reflecting a steady stream of hypnotic blue specks of light across his face.

‘You’re such a sleepy boy Richie… such a very sleepy baby.’

With all his might Richard tried to fight, he summoned every last bit of energy and began to speak, wanting to announce that he wasn’t sleepy, that he wasn’t a baby!


Before he could say another word, the hypnotist raised her left hand to her lips and lightly kissed the finger tips, as if ready to blow a kiss. Swiftly she placed her finger tips to Richard’s mouth.. silencing any further speech and ending all resistance.

‘Shhhhhh…. Shhhhhhh my sleepy baby. Don’t speak… don’t think…. Just let go and give in… Let go and give in. Every thing is slowing down now… slowing down and slipping away. Slowing down and slipping away.’

As the hypnotist’s fingers touched his lips, Richard’s lips pursed in the gentlest of kisses. His eyes, barely open, gazing ahead.

As she saw him return the kiss Stephanie felt a rush of power and sexual excitement. It always thrilled her to seduce a new slave but this was especially erotic, even for such a skilled and experienced hypnotist. She had always wanted to take a man while tied to a chair, and Richard’s valiant attempts to resist were heightening her own pleasure. She could see the battle raging in his mind: a battle between his life of dictating and leading, in conflict with the unknown but growing pleasure of slipping away on her seductive words.

‘Look my sleep boy… Look, even the pendent is slowing down’

With incredible grace and gentleness, Stephanie once again turned Richard’s head, this time directing his gaze back at the pendent. The pendent now rotated more slowly than before.

‘See how the pendent is slowing down…. Slowing down… and going deeper… and deeper.’

As she spoke she began lowering the pendent, drawing Richard’s gaze still lower, towards her breasts.

‘Soon the pendent will come to rest… Yes, wonderful rest. And you, my sleepy baby, will also rest. When the pendent comes to rest between my big firm breasts, your eyes will close down completely and you will drift into a deep sleep. Down… Down… deeper and deeper. So very sleepy now… so ready to let go and give in. That’s right. You’re such a good boy. Doing exactly as I say, letting go and giving in to the wonderful sleep that my voice is bringing you. Such a sleepy baby… feeling like a warm blanket of sleep is gently enfolding you now, wrapping you up, safe and sound in a snug, contented, peaceful dream of total surrender.’

Richard’s jaw had fallen slightly open as his head tipped further forward. Through his blurred vision he could just see that the pendent was about to come to rest between Stephanie’s breasts. She had pulled her blouse apart a little more now and he had a wonderful view of her milky white breasts cupped in a silky lace bra.

‘Deeper.. and deeper… and ready to slip into complete surrender…. Just for me….’

Richard was lost. His thoughts were gone. He simply followed along with the siren’s lullaby. Waiting for permission to sleep. After what seemed like an eternity on the brink, the pendent finally came to rest between Stephanie’s breasts and he heard the whispered command, ‘Sleep. Sleep now my sleepy baby. Deep, deep asleep. Deeper down sleep, sleep just for me’ And she waved her hand magically before his eyes as though she were a sorceress casting a spell over him.

Richard’s eyes closed and his head slumped forward, his chin resting on his chest.

Quickly Stephanie moved from the desk, gathered together her belongings and removed the velcro that had kept Richard tied in place. All the while she maintained a steady lullaby of instructions to take Richard into the deepest depths of her control.

‘Deeper down, deeper down, deeper asleep. Deeper and deeper asleep. Deep, soft hypnotic sleep. Deep, deep asleep now. Deeper down and deeply asleep. Deeper down and more deeply asleep. Sleeping for me and only for me. So deep and going deeper with every breath. Deeper with every gentle exhale, deeper with every word I say.’

Finally, with all her belonging safely tidied away, Stephanie was ready to complete Richard’s training. She sat on the large sofa that was placed against a wall of the office and addressed the entranced CEO.

‘Richard, you are now my deeply hypnotized slave. You will do anything that I ask. In return you will be permitted to worship me. You will dream of me often and you will listen to my instructional tapes frequently. When you masturbate you will fantasize about being hypnotized by me. Your greatest desire and your greatest pleasure will be to hear me say “Richard, sleepy baby, come to Me”. When you hear me say the words “Richard, sleepy baby , come to Me” you will instantly return to this deep hypnotic sleep. A deep sleep of obedience and pleasure. Do you understand?’


‘Good boy. You may now awake. Wide aware now, wide aware and feeling wonderful’.

Richard’s head jerked upright and he rubbed his eyes. Quickly he looked around the room, curiously he looked at Stephanie. ‘What, how…?’

Stephanie smiled. ‘Come here please.’

Still looking unsure of his surroundings the CEO stood and walked over to the couch. The doctor patted the seat next to her. Obediently, Richard sat down.

‘How do you feel?’

‘I.. well. You hypnotized me?’

‘Yes. I hypnotized you.Would you like me to do it again?’

Richard stared silently for a second. The old Richard would have run to the door and called security. But all the security he needed was here with him on the couch. The beautiful hypnotist offered all the love and care he could ever need. He heard his own voice whisper an answer, ‘Yes’.

‘Richard, sleepy baby, come to Me’.

With a sigh of pleasure and fulfilment the man slumped forward. Stephanie cradled his head on her breasts and contemplated the next step in her plan.